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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

Taiwan manufacturers

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Magtech Magnetic Products Corp. - Manufacturer of permanent magnets and ferrite cores in Taiwan. Products include ferrite magnets, rubber magnets, rare-earth magnets and alnico magnets.

Major Science, Co.Ltd. - Manufacturer of electrophoresis systems, fermenters, incubators and some products for biotechnology in Pan-Chiao City, Taiwan.

Mao Chia Metal Co. Ltd. - Taiwan sheetmetal manufacturer with 40 years experience, providing services including design, prototype, hard tooling and volume production.

Mau Tai Machinery Co. Ltd. - Taiwan based manufacturer of food and agricultural machines, including cans and drinking equipment, fruit sugar concentrator, garlic selecting, cover removing machine, and vegetable clearing conveyor.

Megatone Electronics Corp - Manufacturer of remote controls, timers, resistors, and sub-assemblies. From Taiwan.

Mei Darl Li Duster Co. - Taiwan manufacturer of housewares and cleaning accessories.

Mei Ker Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of transformers, choke coils and coil winding machines, in Taiwan.

Mental Enterprises Corp. - Manufacturer of lighting fixtures. From Taiwan.

Micro Accessories Taiwan Ltd. - Manufacturer of computer cables, wire harnesses, connectors and accessories.

Ming Cheng Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturer of fiber preparation machinery for the textile and nonwovens industries. Opening, blending, mixing, cleaning systems and process controls.

Monica Leather Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of belts, garment accessories and small goods, from genuine leather. English and Chinese.

NeoTech - A manufacturer of speaker cables in Taiwan with product information.

Neuar Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of precision machinery, mainly EDM eroders, utilising CNC technologies. Also offers conventional spark eroding machines.

Nichibo Taiwan Corporation - Manufacturer of specialty DC motors. Uses include automobiles, home appliances, electric tools.

Nimatsu Taiwan Corp. - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of sporting goods including balls, bags, snow boards, boxing, and table tennis equipment.

Nisuma International Ltd. - Manufacturer of carbon steel balls, stainless steel balls, chrome steel balls, bearing balls, plastic balls and grinding media in Taiwan.

Oimo Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of wet and dry wipes for hygiene and cleaning applications, filtration media and medical products, from spunlace fabrics. Some technical information.

Okuwa Technology Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of automatic production equipment for passive components including test systems, power regulator and furnaces. From Taiwan.

Olilia Enterprise Co., ltd. - A Taiwan based manufacturer, specializing in electric scooters, gasoline scooters, electric bikes.

Pacific Microelectronics Inc - Manufacturer in Taiwan, accepts OEM orders for the production of printed circuit boards.

Pack Leader Machinery Inc. - Taiwan: manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling machinery and equipment.Top labeler, side labeler and wrap around machines.

Pactronix Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of fly back transformer test systems in Taiwan. Inverter test systems, F.B.T. test systems, and plastic capacity tests.

Palifull Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier of beauty and hair equipment and accessories in Taiwan.

Panijas Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of plastic and metallic zippers and sliders. Also, tapes, braidings and cords.

Pengs Ying Tchin Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of monitors, power supply equipment, and other related products. Located in Taiwan.

Pheecom Technology Corp. - Manufacturer and exporter of wireless LAN networking equipment, based in Taiwan. Includes news, support and product information.

Photo Dr. Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of cold laminators and films, as well as ink jet materials.

Power Master Enterprise Co Ltd. - Manufacturer of high and low frequency and voltage coil transformers. From Taiwan.

Power Master Technology Company Ltd. - Taiwan based designer and manufacturer of DC to AC inverter, DC to DC converters, and UPS. Product catalog with technical specifications.

Power Supplies - Manufacturer of external power supplies, AC/DC power supplies, Asian China Taiwan Original Equipment Manufacture & designer

Powercom USA - A UPS manufacturer in Taiwan.

Prime View International Co., Ltd. - Prime View (PVI) - TFT-LCD manufacturer, Taiwan. AV applications for Digital and Video Camera, Portable TV, DVD. Industrial instrumentation, automotive GPS, Car TV/entertainment, Auto PC.

Printx Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturers of handbags. Also, cosmetic bags and gift items.

Pro-data International Corp - Manufacturer of wire harness assemblies, telephone, computer, audio,and video cable and accessories. Taiwan.

Procoil Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of power inductors, choke coils, transformers, EMI core, Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn cores and chip inductors. From Taiwan.

Pronic Electronics - Manufacturers of rocker switch, push switch, toggle switch, slide switch, and inlet socket. UL, CSA,VDE recognized amongst others. Based in China and Taiwan.

Protech Wheel Industry - Taiwan manufacturer of alloy wheels.

Pu Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of tennis & badminton rackets, golf shafts. Compression molding/ blowing molding. 1K-3K-6K Woven Graphite, aramid, glass and hybrids.

QBAS - Manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of masks, fins, frozen shrimp, and shrimp extract with factories in Taiwan, El-Salvador, Vietnam. Includes product description and contact information.

Queen Jen Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of automotive bearings, parts and components from Taiwan.

Racquettechnic Development Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of tennis, squash, badminton, beach tennis, and paddle rackets and racket string. Includes photos, product description and contact information.

Readers - Designers and manufacturers of housewares, lighting, giftware and ceiling fans. Located in Taiwan.

Red Deer Machinery Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of textile machinery and accessories, such as elastic yarn warp trimmers, automatic control warp trimmers, FDY, POY swifts, hydraulic tensioners and reels.

Reliant Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of diesel engines and truck spare parts. From Taiwan.

Rhythmyx Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of pro audio equipment in Taiwan. Product line includes mixers, equalizer, crossover, sampler unit and special sound effect machine.

Ron Feng Precision Industrial Co. Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturers selection of grinding equipment. Includes bench and floor universal tool grinders, as well as turning tool and drill bit and tap grinding models. Site provides detailed product information.

Royal Formosa Tiger Industrial Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of motorcycle connecting rods. From Taiwan.

Ruen Yuan Knives Industry Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of machine knives, industrial tool grinders, and knives.

Sam Camping Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of camping tents with factories in China and Taiwan.

San Jose Navigation Inc. - GPS hardware manufacturer in Taiwan. Products include GPS antennas, GPS receivers and DGPS antennas.

Sanshoseiki Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of vibratory parts feeders and frequency controllers. Contains product illustrations. Taiwan.

Santec Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of circular knitting machinery including computerized jacquard, single and double jersey, interlock and rib knitting machines.

Satimaco Industries Co.,Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of standard and customer aluminum extrusion in AL6061, 6063, T5 or T6 temper, and fabricated metal parts from aluminum and steel.

Sencera Company Ltd. - Manufacturer of shock, tilt, gas and humidity sensors from Taiwan.

Sendy Electronic Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of resistors, capacitors, ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, cooling fans, and switches. From Taiwan.

Seven Universe Industrial Co., Ltd - Experienced gas ignition manufacturer/exporter in Taiwan. Manufacturing in Taiwan and China. Supplies Taiwan-made stoves and water heaters.

Shan Feng Foods Industrial Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of different flavors of noodles; yam, green tea, blue-green algae and whole wheat.

Shanpu Limited - Manufacturer of push button, tactile, toggle, rotary, and key lock switches, and indicators. Based in Taiwan.

She-Lung Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. - Scooter manufacturer from Taiwan.

Shern Dian Electric Corp. - Manufacturer of starters, contacters, overload relays,twist lock plugs, and auxillary contacts. Based in Taiwan.

Shiaopaitsai Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer in Taiwan of cosmetics, skin care and beauty products, offers product descriptions and pricing.

Shih Keh Enterprise Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of woven ribbons, cords and tassles.

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation - Manufacturer of electrical components for the automotive, motorcycle and industrial market. From Taiwan.

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