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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

Taiwan manufacturers

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Isotech Products Incorporated - Taiwan manufacturer of office stools and chair accessories.

Itoerh - Taiwan. Manufacturers of underwear for women, from cotton, lycra, polyamide, and tactel.

Jag Powersports - Jag Powersports is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of scooters and ATVs.

Jaker Electric Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of load break switch, power fuse mounting base. From Taiwan.

Jalino Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of buttons and snap fasteners for the garment industry, from plastic materials and metals. Also, eyelets, rivets and clothing accessories.

Jaung Yuann Enterprise Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of stainless steel welded pipe and tube. Taiwan.

Jeesoon Terminals Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of terminals and connectors. From Taiwan.

Jemfa Group Co. - Electronic bristle dartboards manufacturer in Taiwan.

Jey Sun . - Taiwan. Manufacturer of shoe hardware, eyelets, buckles, hollow rivets, leather hardware, bifurcated rivets, hardwares for garment and stationery, ornaments, and metal buttons.

Jia Yuan Electrical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of stepping motor, synchronous motor, hystersis motors, brushless motor, timer, AC/ DC gear motor, gear boxes and other components.

Jim Way Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of conveyor belt components. Taiwan

Jiming Power - Taiwan ac adaptor manufacturer, exporter. Manufacturer of AC adaptors, transformers, power supply, battery chargers. Customer designs are welcome.

Jin Yih Shyang Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of cross flow fans for electric and electronic applications. Based in Taiwan.

Jinninge Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of motorbike cam shafts, automobile camshafts, shift fork, gasoline and diesel engine parts, shift gear drums and rocker arms. From Taiwan.

Jiun Jang Textile Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of industrial rigid and stretch mesh fabrics, from polyester, polyamide and PVC.

Jojomo Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of Konnyaku root products, a high dietary fiber, non fat, and low calorie diet food; also fruit gums and candies. World wide sales.

JoyKu Corporation - Manufacturer and Exporter of Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Thermowells and Needle Valves. Located in Taiwan.

Jumbo Computers International - Features this computer peripherals manufacturer's broad product line. Located in Taiwan.

Jy Leh Industrial Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of mechanical and computerized flat knitting machines.

Jyi Ta Fu International Co., Ltd. - PCB manufacturer, up to 12 layers. Site lists capabilities and company overview. Taiwan.

K and M Plus Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of downlight, reflector, glass shade and lighting components from Taiwan.

K-Chance Sewing Machine Development Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of flat bed chainstitch, cylinder bed coverstitch, lockstitch straight button-hole, chainstitch button sewer and overlock machines.

Kant Lace Enterprise Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of regular and stretchable lace fabrics for intimate apparel and formal clothing, from cotton, viscose, polyamide, spandex and blends. Detailed product catalogs. English and Chinese.

Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, coolers. Also offer heat treatment process.

Kee Jia Wood - Wooden home furniture manufacturer. Taiwan

Keng Chyuan Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of high frequency welding machines. Based in Taiwan.

Kentai Machinery Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of saw blade grinding machinery.

Keyconn Technology Corp. - Terminal block and connector manufacturer for oem and odm companies. From Taiwan.

Kiang Jiang Electric Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of electric bulbs. From Taiwan.

Kien Well Toy Industrial Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of air spring and gas hobby guns. Includes product photos and contact information.

King Touch Inc. - Taiwan. Women's sweater manufacturer.

King Yao Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of a variety of saw, shear and cutting blades. Also, stamping tools and files.

Kingknit Machinery Co.,Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of circular knitting machinery including single, double and terry knit machines. Offers custom assembly and spare parts solutions.

Kingship - Manufacturer of electronic weighing scales in Taiwan.

Kinston Enterprise Co. Ltd. - Taiwan based manufacturers of ball valves, Y-strainers, gate, globe and check valves.

Kit House Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of cutters, leather cases, gift set, stainless steel tube, lighters, cigar accessories and giftware. Taiwan.

Ko Chien Electric Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of portable massagers, massage chairs, health care equipment.

Kohhue Electronics Company Ltd. - Manufacturer of a range of electromechanical switches, relays and terminal blocks. Based in Taiwan.

Kuang Huei Metal Industrial - Taiwan manufacturer of extruded aluminum shells for electrolytic capacitors.

Kuang-An Glass Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of bent and flat tempered glass.

Kunnex Incorporated - Manufacturer located in Taiwan and China of electric toothbrushes, hair clippers, trimmers and shavers.

Kupo Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of stands and grip equipment for television, motion picture and photography. Taiwan.

Labau Technology - Labau Technology Corp. is a Taiwan manufacturer of laser barcode scanners.

Labelmen Machinery Co., Ltd. - Taiwan: manufacturer of automatic label printing machines, automatic roll silk screen machines, laminators and label applicators.

Lai Advance Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of insulation foam board, extruded polystyrene foam board, and polyethlene foam sheet. Taiwan.

Laiyue Industrial Co., Ltd - Magnesium and zinc alloy die casting manufacturer located in Taiwan.

Landsfair Technology Corporation - Manufacturer of magnesium alloy die casting parts for 3C industries including notebook computer frames. Based in Taiwan.

Landway USA - OEM ODM manufacturer of sports goods specializing in inline skates, skateboards and protective equipment with factories in Taiwan and China.

Lang Shih Electric Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of flash lights, dead lamps and camping lights. Based in Taiwan.

Leader Electronics Inc. - Manufacturer of switching and linear power supplies, adapters, transformers, SPS, USPS, chokes, coils, ferrite core, battery charger and travel charger. From Taiwan.

Lee Chi Enterprises Co. Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of bicycle components including brakes, suspension seats and handle bars.

Lee Yih Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturers large scale and small scale NC servo guided laser cutting machines.

Legion Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of push, slide, rocker, and rotary switches. UL and CSA approved. Based in Taiwan.

Lih Joen Speed Meter Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of speed meter, fuel(sender) unit, tacho meter and movements meter for motorcycles. From Taiwan.

Liket Registors Corporation - Manufacturers resistors, ceramic rods, passive components and cuting type registors in Taiwan.

Likoe Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - Manufacturer of knife for metal industry, rubber, plastic, industries.

Ling Luh Electronics Co., Ltd. - An OEM manufacturer in Taiwan making transformers, AC/DC adaptors, power supply and chargers.

Linson & Bright Industries Corp. - Taiwan. Manufacturers with focus on pneumatic power and hand tools. Includes impact wrenches, grinders, sanders, and spray guns. Additional lines include air compressors and benchtable wood saws.

Liu Chiao - Taiwan. Manufacturer of footwear, such as beach sandals, EVA beach slippers, flip flops, and pool shoes.

Longine Precision Industry Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of micro parts, motor parts, precision shaft, long shaft, leader screw, CNC automation lathe.

Lovely Bird Co. Ltd - Manufacturers of wire cages and accessories for birds and small animals. Taiwan, China.

Lucre Star Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of mufflers, exhaust systems, catalytic converters and related OEM and aftermarket parts. Factory located in Taiwan.

Lumicube Electronics - Manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and modular connectors, also providing value-added service and OEM/ODM projects development. Taiwan.

MEC Imex Inc. - Manufacturer of electrical cord sets and cable assemblies. Headquartered in Taiwan.

MTH Hobby Products - Taiwan manufacturer/developer of balsa-constructed RC model planes and gliders, foam planes, RC car parts, tools, and accessories.

MachineSources.com.tw - Introduces machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan for machining centers, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, and such

Magic Power Enterprise Ltd. - Manufacturer of home appliances, sewing machines, and cookers. Based in Taiwan.

Magmate Taiwan Ltd. - Manufacturer of flexible magnetic products including sheeting, extrusions, flexible steel paper

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