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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

South-Korea manufacturers

  Web www.asiaprofile.com

Korea Iyasaka Machinery - Manufacturer of brake testers, exhaust gas analyzers, headlight testers, 2-post and 4-post lifts and static vehicle road test equipment.

Korea Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd. - Various synthetic rubber manufacturer with production capacity of 388,000 metric tons per year; produces thermoplastic elastomer and latex.

Korea Materials and Analysis Corp. - UV-visible, NIR, fiber optic spectrometers, thin film measurement system, flow injection analyzer, and chiral columns from manufacturer in Teajon, Korea.

Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation - Manufacturer offering banknote engraving, watermarking, security fibers and threads, and security inks. [Korean, English]

Korea Polyol Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of polyether polyol, ethoxylates, polyethylene glycol, and ethanolamines.

Korea Samik Corporation - Manufacturer and exporter of engine parts: pistons, rings, liners, and bearings.

Korea Stainless Steel Co. - Manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel pipe.

Korea Storage Battery Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of lead acid batteries. Includes an informative data section on battery replacement, inspection and care.

Kosung Spindle Co. - South Korea. Manufacturer of spindles for covering machines.

Kumha Tools Ind. Company - Korea. Manufacturers of carbide and diamond tipped cutting tools and circular blades. English and Korean.

Kwang Myung Fastener Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of sew-on and pressure sensitive hook and loop tapes, from polyester. Also, hair accessories. Custom manufacturing services. English and Korean.

LG Korea Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer, exporter and importer of lead-acid automotive and industrial batteries.

Marksman Jeil MTech Co Ltd - Korea. Manufacturer specializing in dot peen marking systems. Machines use a computer controlled needle or stylus to permanently indent a part with a mark. Site includes machine photographs and dimensioned drawings.

Mibo Optical Ind. - Eyewear manufacturers in Korea supplies optical frames and sunglasses using various materials.

Mijung Industries Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of raw white and green polyester staple fiber for nonwovens production, from recycled PET resins. Also, polyester films and industrial pumps. Detailed product information and specifications. English and Korean.

Miki Trading Company - Manufacturer of fashion wigs and accessories. Located in Korea.

Mimun Corporation - Manufacturer of optical frames in Korea for over 17 years.

Modern-Tex Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of metallic yarns from aluminium covered, precision slit polyester film. Also, metallic yarn covered polyester and viscose filament yarns. Detailed description of manufacturing process. Technical specifications. English, Korean and Spanish.

NeoFidelity - Korea manufacturer specializes in digital audio signal processing such as digital power amplification, surround and DSP programming.

Pacific Zipper Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of zippers and sliders for apparel, luggage and bags, and recreational product applications, from metal and plastic materials.

Packor - Korea. Manufacturers of shopping bags, giftbox and paper packaging products.

Pan Asia Paper Co. Pte., Ltd - Korea. Multi-national manufacturers and distributors of partly and fully recycled newsprint and ground wood paper. English, Korean, Chinese and Thai.

Plustape - Manufacturers of self adhesive tape, acrylic foam tape, protection film and sealing materials in Korea.

RayPower Korea - Manufacturer of solar power generation system and BOS parts. Korean language version also available.

Rio Textile Corp - Korea. Manufacturers of polyester yarn, sewing and embroidery threads, filament and viscose rayon yarns.

Roser - Manufacturer of lightweight stone coated steel roof tiles. Korea

Royal Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of manicure and pedicure implements and sets located in Seoul, Korea. Offers custom imprinting and packaging options for retail display.

SMR - Korea. Manufacturers of automatic spreading machines and related machinery for the garment industry.

SWAK. Spinners and Weavers Association of Korea - Korea. Trade organization for local manufacturers of yarns and fabrics. Information on Korean manufacturing facilities, production volumes, and import and export data. List of member companies.

Sam Chang Textile Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of corduroy, taffeta and oxford woven, coated and uncoated fabrics for back packs, tents and high-performance sportswear, from polyester and caprolactam. Detailed product catalog. English and Korean.

Samjin Corporation - Manufacturer of outfitting, flanges and block in the field of shipbuilding. Also, plant facility for off-shore including design, manufacturing and turn-key installations. Korea.

Samu Chemical Ind Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of various finished veterinary medicines and feed additives in Korea. Feature company and product information. In Korean and English.

Samwoo Tension Co. - South Korea. Manufacturer of ceramic parts, winders, tension devices and yarn tension regulators for textile machinery.

Samyoung Chemical Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of textile finishing agents, surfactants and dyeing intermediates. Detailed product information and specifications. English and Korean.

Samyung Metal Ind. Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of steering and suspension parts-ball joints, tie rod ends, control arms, stabilizer links, rack end, trailing link, lateral links. From Korea.

San Young Nonwovens Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of resin impregnated carded fiber webs for embroidery backing, garment interlining and home textile applications. English and Korean.

Sang Ho Silk - Manufacturer and exporter of neckties, accessories, and scarves in Korea.

Sang Young and Co., Ltd. - Wig manufacturer and exporter. Operates two factories in China and Korea.

Sannaedle (Korea) - Manufacturer of linear array fingerprint sensor, pc-keyboard, mouse, door-lock, time& attendance, access control and other associated goods.

Sechang Corporation - Korea. Manufacturer and exporter of knitting machine needles, parts for water and air jet looms, and parts for glove knitting machines.

Seo Am Coba Co. Ltd - Manufacturer of phosphorous copper and silver based brazing alloys. Includes technical data sheets. Korea.

Seoan Elecronics Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of quartz crystal and crystal oscillators including TCXOs, VCXOs, and high frequency ECL oscillators. From Korea.

Seroun Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of heater power controller, motor soft starter, solid state controller and SSR, power supplies and pulse timer. From Korea.

Shin Han Industries, Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of woven and plastic film labels and tags for the garment industry.

Shin-il Machinery Co Ltd. - Korea. Manufacturer and exporter of CNC machine tools and equipment. Also interested in importing broad range of industrial and processing machinery. Site includes details of CNC line and list of required import items.

Shine Metal Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of stainless steel wire, wire rope and welding wire in Korea and certified ISO 9002.

Shinshin Chemical Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of artificial leather fabrics for bags, belts, upholstery and garments, from nonwovens synthetic fiber substrates, and foam and textile backings.

Songwon Industrial - Manufacturer of polyurethane resins and additives including, stabilizers, plasticizers and lubricants. Korea.

Specter Korea Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of hot stamping foil for graphics, picture frames, wood and MDF.

SunStar - Korea. Manufacturer of SWF brand industrial embroidery machines, industrial sewing machines and motors.

Sung Chang Textine Machine Co. - Korea. Manufacturer of various knittng machines such as high pile circular, flush fabric, single jersey, fleece fabric, interlock and rib knitting machines.

Sungwon Electric Co. - Manufacturer of electrical insulating materials in Korea.

TMC System - Manufacturer of layer and pullet cage systems, disk feeding systems, watering, egg collection, ventilation system, control products as well as egg grading and packing equipment. Located in South Korea.

Taiyoung - Manufacturer of monitor, computer and LAN cables in Korea.

Telenetpia Co., Ltd. - Korea-based manufacturer of wireless headsets working with Mobile Phones.

Three-K Korea Co., Ltd - Halogen bulbs manufacturer in Korea.

Toray Seahan, Inc - Korea. Manufacturers of spunbond fabrics for civil engineering, agriculture, hygiene disposables and technical applications, from polyester and polypropylene. Also, polyester films and filaments. English, Korean and Japanese.

Transtech Korea Inc - Korean manufacturer of iron-on caviar bead heat transfers.

Twohong Life Inc. - Manufacturer and retailer of WaterBeetle and SpeedJet scales, load cells, and barcode equipment. Product overview, downloadable manuals, and brief company history. Based in Korea.

Union Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. - Medical equipment manufacturer in Korea producing electro surgical units, medical laser, and patient monitors.

Unique Corp - Korea. Manufacturers of iron-on rhinestones, nailheads, hot-fix crystals, metal studs and heat transfer motifs for the textile and apparel industry.

Videotek Korea Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of video, and unusual small cameras.

Woojung Industrial Co. - Korea. Manufacturer of laminating, circular loom, automatic bag sewer, press and banding machinery.

Worltech Inc. - Manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness and coating thickness gauges, and flaw detectors. Korea .

YBS Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of plastic, polyester and metal zippers for the garment industry.

Young Woo Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of thermobond, fusible and non-fusible interlining fabrics for the garment industry, from polyester, polyamide, cotton, viscose and blends. Also, woven interlinings and garment accessories. English and Korean.

Zentec Corp. - Manufacturer of easy to use booster cables. Located in Korea

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