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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

Hong Kong manufacturers

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A.B.C. Wig Factory - Manufacturer and exporter of wigs, hair extensions, toupees and accessories based in Hong Kong.

A.P.C.S. (Hong Kong) Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of foldable suitcases, from synthetic fabrics.

A.T.F. Industries Co. Ltd. - Cap manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes baseball caps, sport caps, radio caps, stylish hats, and sun visors.

AMF Enterprise - Hong Kong manufacturer of premiums and corporate gifts including writing instruments and golf items.

ASA Scooter China Limited - Hong Kong-based manufacturer of scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, and electric vehicles.

Accutone Technologies - Manufacturer of telephony headsets with inbuilt amplifier, transcription and dictation headsets, loud speakers, microphones, and earphones. Based in Hong Kong.

Acewear (Hong Kong) Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of EVA sandals, leather slippers and shoes.

Akei Plastic Machine Mfy Ltd - Manufacturer of standard and automatic blow moulding machines, also manufactures moulds and bottles. Hong Kong.

Alan Handbags Mfy, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of handbags. Also, cosmetics and travel bags.

Alexsin Fashion Mfy., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of formal and business fashion wear.

All Rich Enterprises Limited - All Rich Enterprises Ltd is a leading fashion accessories manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

Allied Max Industrial, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of buttons, toggles and buckles for the garment industry, from corozo, horn, genuine and imitation shell materials, pearl, coconut and wood. Also, printed labels and badges from plastics.

Amco Industries Co Limited - Manufacturers of baby products, bags of all kinds and artificial finger nails in Hong Kong.

Anton Hill Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of corporate and school uniforms.

Apollo Garments, Ltd - Garment manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

Aragon Hong Kong Limited - Exporters and manufacturers of sports, casual, promotional, and children's clothing as well as sport and travel bags.

Arays - Hong Kong manufacturer for luxury road, racing and OEM aluminum alloy wheels, and chrome wheels. Design, drawing, mould making are also performed in-house.

Article Limited - Manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Products range from children shoes to infant booties.

Artsco Industrial Co - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of back packs, sports, travel and utillity bags.

Artstar - Hong Kong.Manufacturer and exporter of ladie`s handbags of all kinds and materials.

Asia Partner Industrial Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of various handbags.

Asialuck Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of sports, shopping, school and utility bags.

Asian Silks - Vendor offers silk pajamas, robes and scarves imported from manufacturers in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Aspac Floral Foam Company Limited - Foam manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes wet floral foam, dry floral foam and floral accessories.

Atecs V&A International - Manufacturer of home theaters, amplifier, receiver, and DVD and VCD players. Based in Hong Kong.

Atlantic Development Co Ltd - Hong Kong and China based manufacturer and exporter of mountain bike, freestyle and children's bikes. Also, exports electronics.

Aurora Time Enterprises Limited - Hong Kong based watch manufacturer. Offers automatic, mechanical, quartz, world-time, skeleton and pocket watches.

Azon Corporation - Manufacturer of inkjet media, paper, film, color graphic media, lager format media, indoor media, and outdoor media. Based in Hong Kong.

BTL - Telephone equipment manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

Beauti-Fur - Hong Kong. Manufacturer and wholesaler of fur, coat, jacket, shawl, mink, fox fur, rabbit fur, muffler.

Beauty Bond, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of zippers for the garment industry, from metal and plastic materials. Also, PVC labels and patches, and buckles.

Benson Feather Enterprise, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of goose feather and down filled continental quilts and pillows. Also, jacquard and dobby woven cambric, twill and satin pillow cases and quilt covers. Custom manufacturing services. English and German.

Benz Products Company - Cutter blades manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong makes kitchen cutter blades, utility cutter blades, stainless steel blades.

Best China Corp. Ltd. - Manufacturer of tents, camping equipment, kites and sporting goods. Based in Hong Kong with factories in mainland China.

Best Product Enterprises Limited - Manufacturer, exporter and agent specializing in car sun shades and accessories, advertising premiums and promotional gifts. Based in Hong Kong.

BestGain Textile Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Export arm for Chinese manufacturers of hand and machine embroidered, printed and lace table linens and bedding products, and collections of home textiles, from cotton, linen, viscose, polyester and blends.

Beston (HK) Ltd. - Hong Kong time equipment exporter and manufacturer.

Bigkind Ltd. - Apparel manufacturer from Hong Kong, factory located at Shenzhen, China.

Bildung International, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of collections of luggage and travel bags.

Blessing Headwear Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of caps, sunshaders and floppy hats, from cotton.

Bobolink - Speaker manufacturer and exporter from Hong Kong.

Bonic Time Int'l Ltd - Watches and clock manufacturer in Hong Kong.

Brilliant Enterprise Co. - Hong Kong manufacturer of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

British Michael R Dan.1962 (Hong Kong) Internation Fashion - China. Manufacturer of several denim products for men and woman.

Bunch O' Fun - Manufacturer of rubber stamps, ink pads, Asian paper and other craft supplies. Located in Hong Kong.

Cavotec Hong Kong Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier of crane and automation equipment: cable reels, flexible cables, slipring columns, cable chains, plugs / sockets, crane controllers & industrial elevators.

Central Textiles, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of stretch and core spun yarns, from cotton, spandex and blends. Also, woven fabrics. Searchable product catalog, with technical specifications.

Chan and Sons Tailor Ltd. - Hong Kong custom tailor and manufacturer offering men's custom-made shirts, suits and tailoring as well as custom tailored clothes for ladies.

Chap Fung Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of buckles, zippers, bag handles, hangers, badges and hooks.

Chemineer Int Ltd - Manufacturer of solder masks, solder paste, legend inks and specialty products for the printed circuit board industry. Based in Hong Kong.

Chempac Hong Kong - Manufacturer of house detergent, hair care product and skin care product in Hong Kong.

Chemtax Industrial Co., Ltd. - Hong Kong. Manufacturer of flat knitting, dyeing, sock and hosiery machines. Products also include boilers, fabric inspection, cutting machines and monitoring systems.

Chen Lung Leather Goods Manufacturing Ltd. - Bag manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplies leather bags, organizers, handbags, backpacks, computer briefcases.

Cheung Sing Mfg, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of alloy and polyester buttons for the garment industry. Also, a wide range of clothing accessories.

Chi Sing Metal Manufactory - Metal product manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

China Exporter Net - Contact information for manufacturers and exporters from China, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan.

China Hong Kong Manufacturers Company - Manufacturer and exporter of artificial plants.

Ching Che Enterprises Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of ceiling lanterns, floor, and table lamps with traditional paper or bamboo strip shades, located in Hong Kong.

Chinquant Trading Ltd. - Ceramic tableware manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

Chun Sing Handbag Manufacture Fty - Handbags manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong supplying quality pvc handbags,school handbag,ladies handbag,casual handbags and sport bags.

Chun Yip Co - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of back packs, travel, sports and utillity bags.

Click Technology Limited - Manufacturer of high frequency, power, linear and SMD transformers; wave filter. From Hong Kong.

Common Ways International Ltd. - Manufacturer of CD, VCD, and DVD players, portable CD and mp3 players, VDF display, and DC micromotors. Based in Hong Kong.

Concentric Industrial Company - Hong Kong manufacturer specializing in labels as well as distributor of printing machines.

Crito Technology Co. - Manufacturer of pocket, credit card size, desktop and handheld calculators. Based in Hong Kong.

D & A Electronic Neon Light Ltd - Experienced,neon sign manufacturer in Hong Kong specializes in beer/beverage signage.

D & D Zipper, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of zippers and sliders, from metal and plastic materials. Detailed product catalog.

D.I.Engineering Company Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of water purify system for industrial, household, light industry use, as also produces air purify system, water analysis system and filter cartridges. From Hong Kong.

DS Co, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of back packs, travel and sports bags.

Daily Fund, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of cosmetic bags, travel bags and computer cases.

Dailywin Group - Watch manufacturer in Hong Kong.

Dart International Garment, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of ski wear, casual wear, jackets, parka's and fishing gear.

David Artificial Flowers Ltd. - Manufacturer of polyester artificial flowers in Hong Kong.

Dickson Circuits (H.K.) Limited - Manufacturer and exporter of PCBs in Hong Kong. Product includes single sided boards, double sided boards, multilayer boards. Site lists capabilities, equipment lists, and photos tour of factory.

Displaytech Ltd. - Manufacturer of standard and custom LCD's, LCD character and graphics modules, and custom LCD and turnkey assemblies. From Hong Kong.

Doriano International, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of women's wear.

Dreamland Products HK Ltd - Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter of toasters, coffee makers, ovens, juicers, and blenders.

Easerich Industrial Ltd - Thermometer manufacturer includes kitchen thermometer, clinical thermometer, glass tube thermometer, wine thermometer, galileo thermometer, color change thermometer, hygrometer. From Hong Kong.

East Bloom Industrial Ltd - Hong Kong-based mobile phone accessories manufacturer.

Eastcolight Limited - Hong Kong based educational manufacturer and exporter of small telescopes and microscopes.

Ego Tins Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong of gifts tin and packaging tin.

Elan International Inc. - Representing a Hong Kong based manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Specializing in gold boards for ultrasonic and thermalsonic wire bonding.

Elite Industrial Group - High volume turnkey manufacturer of telecommunications, wireless communications, office products and personal electronic appliances. Located in southern China. with engineering teams in New Jersey, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai.

Emperor Metal Button Manufactory, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of buttons, rivets, eyelets, snap fasteners and additional accessories for the garment industry, from metal.

Environmental Technology Concept Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of electronic ballast, based in Hong Kong.

Eosine Knitting Factory Limited - Hong Kong. Manufacturer and exporter of knitwears for men, boy, ladies.

Eternal Elegance International Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers and exporters of bedding products, children quilts, cushions, slippers, face towels, and bath towels.

Eternal Era Company Limited - Children's garment manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes children's wear, baby wear and children's underwear.

Everwell (Hong Kong) Limited - Manufacturer of a range of watches.

Excellent Technology Co. - Scientific and industrial lab manufacturer and distributor located in Hong Kong.

Far East Bosan Industrial Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of artificial flowers, foliage, trees, plants and garlands. Based in Hong Kong.

Far East Hat and Bag Factory - Hats and bags manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

Fashion Link - Manufacturer and exporter of knitwear from Hong Kong

Fashion Week - Hong Kong. International trade fair for Asian manufacturers of apparel, footwear and clothing accessories.

Fong Hua Candle Products Co - Candle manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Crafted & decorative seasonal candles, gift sets and basic candles with fragrances.

Foretalent Development Limited - Household products manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplies a variety of products including cosmetics, ink jet printers, outdoor furniture.

Fortune Union Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of buttons, tapes, trimmings and buckles for the garment industry.

Forward Industrial Co - Manufacturer of relays. From Hong Kong.

Fujisho Company Ltd. - Manufacturer of household items including storage devices, shelves, laundry sorters, magazine racks, and shoes racks. Located in Hong Kong.

Fuluen (Hong Kong) Enterprise Co Ltd - Manufacturers and exporters of CD cases, floppy disk cases, coat hangers and other plastic products.

Gara Plastic Products Factory Ltd. - Manufacturer of plastic toys and premium items in Hong Kong, exporting directly to customers in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Garlenin Knitting Factory - Hong Kong. Sweater and knitwear manufacturer. Can offer OEM production.

Gary Company - Jewelry manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes glass bead products, anklet, bracelet, necklace and plastic ornaments.

Gearing International Ltd - Gear manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplies plastic gears

Globalink Marketing Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong of personal care, shoe care and first aid kits, brushes, household products and accessories.

Globstar Telecom (Hong Kong) Ltd. - Manufacturer & exporter of cellular phone and telecom accessories such as housing, antennae and batteries.

Glory Power, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of a name brand range of baby diapers and wipes, and sanitary napkins. Also, private label services.

Gold Mountain Aluminium Factory Ltd. - Hong Kong manufacturers of aluminum alloy extrusions for the building materials and industrial sectors.

Golden Hawk Manufactory Ltd. - Hong Kong based manufacturer and distributor of watch and timepiece products for over 20 years. Requires Flash.

Golden Year - Hong Kong. Manufacturer and exporter of plastic buckles, catapult cordlocks, cordends, handles of travel bags, luggages, clothes and mobile phone accessories.

Golden-Key Scientific Technology Company - Manufacturer of pocket sized fish finders, diving communicators and wireless fish finders. Located in Hong Kong.

Good Fortune Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited - Manufacturer of alarm clocks including travelling and quartz alarms.

Good Youth Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes cordless, standard, display phones and caller ID.

Goodwill Trading Co - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of caps and straw hats. Also, bags, t-shirts and fashion accessories.

Grand (Worldwide) Ltd. - Hong Kong based musical instrument manufacturer and exporter selling band instruments, stringed instruments including electric violins, and guitars.

Grand Sight International Ltd. - Manufacturer of housewares including picnic baskets, candle holders, wooden photo frames and rattan furniture. Located in Hong Kong.

Great Dragon Biochemcials Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of herb extracts, nucleic acids, indoles, amino acids and pharmaceuticals or related products from Hong Kong, China.

Great Faith Artcraft Manufacturing Ltd. - Artificial flower and plant manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.

Great Trend Ltd. - Casual and sports footwear manufacturer and exporter based in Hong Kong.

Great Wall - Manufacturer and supplier in Hong Kong of optical microscopes, binoculars and telescopes.

Great World Corporation Limited - Leading Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter in of quality video games and related accessories.

Greatex International, Ltd. - Hong Kong manufacturer of Gilco customizable screen printing and stencil making machines. Includes a product catalog and inquiry forms.

Greenland - Hong Kong based watch manufacturer. Creates watches for promotion, business and private labels.

Gulf Industrial LTD, Hong Kong - Manufacturer of architectural and builders hardware including hinges and lever knobs

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