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health trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company guide


Trade leads health and medical products

Description: We're a leading and professional manufacturer &
exporter of green tea extract and pure EGCG (-epigallocatechin
gallate) in China. Products include: green tea polyphenols extract,
green tea powder, instant tea powder, catechin, etc.
Now, we can supply pure EGCG(99%min, by HPLC) in bulks.
The quality is guaranteed and the price is competitive.

Description: We hope to find our message in best of health. We are
manufacturer of standard quality following surgical instruments: -
Surgical instruments:
1. Operating Knives, Scalpel Handel and Blades
2. Operating Scissors, Dissecting Scissors, Dressing Scissors,
Bandages Scissors etc...
3. Thumb Dressing Forceps
4. Tissue Forceps
5. Splinter Forceps
6. First Aid Sets
7. Spatula, Dircetors and Probes
8. Needle Holders
9. Suture Instruments
10. Plaster Instruments
11. Mouth Gags
12. Tongue Forceps and Depressors
13. Trocars
14. Amputating Saws
15. Dressing and Sponge Forceps
16. Hemostatic Forceps
17. Ligature Forceps
19. Towel Clamps
20. Retractors
21. Bone Holding Forceps
22. Orthopedic Instruments
23. Bone Cutting and Bone Rongeurs
24. Thoracic Instruments
25. Tracheal Instruments
26. Intestinal and Stomach Instruments
27. Rectal Instruments
28. Kindney Instruments
29. Gynaecological Insturments
30. Obstetrical Instruments
31. ENT Instruments
32. Sterlizing Insturments
33. Stethoscopes US$ Each Double Head
34. TC Instruments
35. First Aid Kits Following information are about our customer
satisfaction plan. Re: Prices: Our prices are most competitive and
rock bottom Re: Delivery: Usually within 4 to 6 weeks Re: Warranty:
We are fully responsible for any technical fault in our instruments.
Re: Quality: We are GMP qualified, CE Mark registered and ISO9002
certified, Ministry of Health approved. Re: Samples: Required
samples are sent as free of cost for evaluation and comparison.
Kindly advise us which items are of your interest. We wish to
establish good business relation with you.

Description: Our company exports diabetic equipment and test strips
like accu-chek, precision, one touch etc.

Description: Devoted to designing and production of Health Care
items for eight years and specialized in Foot sole massage products.
'Healthy feet, healthy body.' Our version is to spread seeds of
health over the world.

Description: We are the manufacturers of mercurial sphygmomanometers
in ABS body under the brand name 'PERFECT' in India. We are the
first in INDIA to manufacture sphygmomanometers in ABS body. It is a
sleek, light weight mercury B.P. apparatus used for measuring the
human blood pressure accurately. It has a edge over its counterpart
aneroid B.P. apparatus in being more accurate and free from false
air pressure.

Description: We are pleased to introduce our selves as a leading
manufacturer and worldwide exporter of surgical / dental
instruments, manicure / pedicure implements, technical tools and all
sort of shears / scissors etc. If you are interested kindly see our
website and select the items of your choice so that we could give
you its competitive prices, best quality, better delivery schedule
and submit to you a samples for your approval.
We can also be produce according to the customer own
design/specification. If you like you can send us photo/sample or
specification of any product. We shall make its counter sample and
submit to you for your approval.

Description: We can provide the followings in good quality and large
1. Glass bifocals. Including white and photo-gray round-shape, flat-
top and curved-top, semi-finished and finished ones.
2. Blanks for white and photo-gray round-shape and flat-top
3. Glass single visions. Index=1.523, including hi-index 1.7 with
high cylinder, white and photo-gray sphere (with/without cylinder)
and coated ones.
4. CR39 single visions. Including normal CR39 and coated and
hardened CR39. Index=1.499, 1.56
5. CR39 round-shape bifocals
6. CR39 and glass lenticular lenses, with / without cylinder
7. Kesai single visions and bifocals.

Description: Manufacturing & exporting around the globe since 1976,
for wide range of dental, surgical instruments and scissors. with
the continuous growth now also manufacturing hollowware and manicure
items. We are Exporting high quality instruments at globally
competitive prices. We are "ISO 9001 Certified" "CE Marked" "cGMP"
and "Arch of Europe awarded firm" looking for Importers,
Distributors and Wholesalers around the globe for our quality

Description: Elegance Brand Adult Diapers / Nappies.
Designed for medium to severe incontinence, Elegance adult diapers
are composed of non-allergic cotton-feel cover sheet, ultra
absorbent pad, micro-embossed waterproof plastic back sheet, leak-
proof barriers, and double re-fastenable tapes.
We are interested in serious requests for at least one 40' container
(i.e. 900+ cases).Our affiliates also produce such hygiene
disposables as feminine napkins and panty liners.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of excellent quality
surgical, dental instruments, t.c. instruments, manicure products, and
all kinds of scissors.
Established in 1980, we are master in the field of all Kinds of
Surgical & Dental Instruments and Manicure Implements. Due to Modern
Machinery, skillful labor and experienced staff our quality is very
ISO 9002/EN 46002 Certified "CE" Marking Approved and also Approved by
F.D.A USA for cG.M.P standard.
We can provide you quick delivery & finest quality at very competitive
prices. We shell give you guarantee for the best quality of our
instruments and ability against any rust.

Description: Powder Free latex Gloves
Sizes (L/M/S)
Packing: 100pcs/box - 10 boxes/ctn
FOB Malaysia Port.

Description: The Power Herbs 100%Natural Food Supplement in capsule the
best prevention against diseases if taken on a regular basis.
Philippines 1st herbal products accepted & promoted in anaheim,
California U.S.A. Because it detoxifies and cleanses toxic deposit from
the body everyday; it strengthens and enhances the immune system; it
lowers down cholesterol level in the blood and neautralizes the fats in
the body; it reduces blood sugar level and restore pancreatic function;
it is useful in burning sensation wounds and skin disorder; it
activates the nucleus of body cells and rejuvenates youthfulness; it
helps the liver to efficiently neutralize toxins and contributes to
overall well being, and increases stamina.

Description: The best healing herbal health tea (Anti-Acid Neutralizes
intestinal gases).
Ingredient(Pimpinella Anisum), no artificial colors, no artificial
flavors, no preservatives 10 Tea Bags per box expiration February 2005.
The Natural Anise healing TEA is made of high quality imported
Aniseeds, dried and processed to make a healthful drink. It is good for
intestinal gases and colic. Aids digestive process. Increases milk in
lactation. Antispasmodic, carminative, expectorant and stimulant.
To prepare: Put one teabag into a cup. Pour fresh boiling water, leave
the tea to infuse for 1-2 minutes or boil one teabag in 2-3 cups of
water for several minutes.

Description: We are manufacturers of USFDA certified Latex Examination
Gloves & have CE marking for non sterile gloves. We also manufacture
surgical gloves to US FDA Standards. We are an ISO 9002/EN46002
certified company with quality certificate ANSI/ANQC Q9002 from RWTUV
Germany. We have exported to Africa, US, & CIS countries.

Description: Sell surgical suture with best price.
A professional manufacturer and exporter of surgical sutures in china.
The main products are covering catgut, silk, nylon, polyprolene,
polyester. We hope to be your best suppliers in this field with best
price and stable quality.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of
Taiwan Sexy Adult Toy & Erotic Toys and are enjoying an excellent
reputation through eighteen year business experience. Especially
welcome OEM & ODM service.
If you are interested in the above mentioned product and would like to
have more information please visit our website.

Description: We have excellent hair oil which can change the white hair
to black hair, stop and prevent hair falling and grow hair on bald head
with in three months. It costs(for three months course)only $300.

Description: I supply hormones:
Finasteride USP25
Packed in 5kg Aluminium tins
Methylprednisolone BP93/USP24
Packed in 5kg Aluminium tins
Waiting for interested company's inquiry.

Description: We are trading company specializing in exporting natural
health products i.e. natural home spa - 100% natural soup, body scrub,
bath salt, massage oil and bath gel.

Description: Plz. send me details how u help me to arawe our company
products in international market.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of
all types of surgical, Dental, Manicure, Opthalmic, endoscope, T.C.
instruments and all sorts of Scissors. We want to check our price and
samples just once. We are sure that you will like the quality of the
samples as well as prices. We make special offers to our customers, if
you have any requirement of and kind of surgical/dental, manicure,
ophthalmic, endoscope, t.c. Instruments and all sorts of scissors. We
can offer very competitive prices.
1:- We will provide samples free of cost by normal post parcel.
2:- We will make replacement in case of any defective instruments.
3:- All our stainless steel instruments will be having rust-free
4:- All our instruments carry workmanship guarantee.
5:- Order will be dispatched within 3 to 4 weeks.
We will accept payment by L/C or in Advance by T.T.
Thanking you and hoping for your contact soon.

Description: We can offer J&J Baby Shampoo - 200 ml bottle and J&J Baby
Soap-150 gms "Made In India" if interested then please contact us.
The rates are reasonable with speedy deliveries.

Description: We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of
the leading manufacturer / exporters of pharmaceuticals formulation,
bulk drugs, herbal medicine and OTC rang of products. We have exporting
our products for past 15 years to several countries. Recently we have
developed one unique Toothpaste for Alcohol + Tobacco Users & Smokers,
this toothpaste is protecting against mouth cancer (ORAL CANCER), this
toothpaste is for those people who is smoking or drinking the alcohol
or chewing the tobacco. It also contains all other function that are in
the normal toothpaste. This toothpaste contains 2 (two) active
ingredients, one is Bowman-Birk Inhibitor (BBI) and other one is
Phosphatidylcholine-75% (PC) form Soybean.

Description: Our newest USB IonizerAir cleaner has:
* Keep off almost disease harm freedom.
* Offer more Ion to fresh & Healthy air 7-11.
* As cooler function of notebook.
* USed in home, office or car freedom.

Description: We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as real
manufacturers/suppliers of all kinds of surgical, dental, manicure,
orthopedic, orthodontic, veterinary instruments and scissors all kinds,
which we are already supplying to our worthy customers in abroad market
in huge quantity.
Our firm is fully equipped with modern machinery, having skilled
craftsmen and technical advisors. We have our own
tempering/planting/testing/passivation facilities in our factory,
beside our firm is well renowned in abroad market in the maintaining of
quality standard on most competitive prices.
We request you to please let us know your interested or fastely selling
instruments in your market, so that we could send you some samples
along with our most attractive/handsome prices for your kind

Description: We are manufactures and exporter of quality surgical,
manicure, pedicure, T.C. (tungsten carbide) instruments, veterinary,
hollowware & all type of scissors (tailoring, barber, fancy).
We are exporting these goods through out the globe for the last two
decade. Our prices are reasonable and our quality is conforming to
international standard.

Description: Digital clinical thermometer offer. We manufacture and
export digital clinical thermometers, flexible thermometers, baby
thermometers, women's basal thermometers. F d a approved and ISO 9001
Manufacturing capacity: 400, 000 pcs per month. Can also make in
customer's brand name. We also manufacture forehead strip thermometers.

Description: The following equipment are available for export form
India. All these products are having excellent specifications and
superior quality and international standards.
1. Computerized Stress Test Systems
2. Computerized ECg machines
3. Ambulatory Bp machines
4. Event Recorder
5. Holter Recorder and Analyser
6. Digital EEg machine
7. Video EEG machine
8. Pulse oxymeters
9. ECG monitors
10. Multipara monitors
11. Spirometers
12. SPO2 + NIBP monitors
We are looking for importers for these machines those who are
interested please contact us.

Description: We have a special interest in opening a connection with a
top-ranking company specializing in health products and
pharmaceuticals. So, we have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to
you as a specialized company in the Omega 3 fatty acids in Korea. We
can offer you a wide range of concentration and EPA/DHA ration products
in bulk. Please refer to our web-site, where include details about our
company and products. We hope to establish fine business relations with
partners in this field.

Description: We feel much pleasure to offer you our quality Products as
subjected above. Our Manufactured goods are well reputed for best
quality, low prices, efficient performance and prompt delivery.
We feel much honor that we have the registration of ISO 9002 the number
of which is 0012021-A and also got GMP Certificate from FDA, USA. We
assure you that our this registration will be a milestone in our
business transactions with your gracious house.
We welcome your fresh enquiries and we can send you Samples on demand
for your kind persual and expert opinion.

Description: We specialize in researching, developing and manufacturing
bulk pharmaceutical products, intermediates, veterinary products and
Main Items: Chlortetracycline HCL BP2000/EPIII
Chlortetracycline HCL USP24 (U.S. FDA approval)
Chlortetracycline Feed Grade (Powder and Granular type)
Gentamincin Sulphate BP1998/USP24
Gentamincin Sulphate Cp2000
Cyclosporin A USP24
7ACA / Kanamycin B /Cefazolin
Ceftazidime for Injection / Ceftriaxone Sodium for Injection.

Description: We are the manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel
surgical, orthopedic instrument, dental instrument, gynecology
instrument, scissors of all sort, but we are maintain our specialty in
retractors & mouth gags instrument.
Importers and distributors are requested to contact for free of cost
samples and catalog to the test of quality at the very competitive
price. We are confident that you will really find us your perfect
source of supply. Awaiting your response, and remain with all the best

Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of magic magnetic
plasters which are used for the treatment of ache, mammary disease,
hypertension and asthma; we also produce plaster of paris bandage;
orthopedic casting tape; ultrasonic coupling agent; calculus-
discharging instrument and industrial permanent magnet.
Our Magic magnetic plasters are the creative integration of traditional
Chinese acupuncture therapy and modern magnetic technology, and have
proven good medical effectiveness worldwide. The plaster is pasted on
acupuncture points or painful area. This is called painless acupuncture

Description: Interdental beush, dental floss, medical brushes with
the "brush-heads", etc, to be supplied if your any kindly request,
and as one of the leading producer in Korea, and the good prices
with the immediately shipments will be given you if your order.

Description: At present, I am in a favorable position to arrange
shipping supplies of the following:
Turmeric powder @ USD 1200/-.
Bay leaves @ USD 1200/-.
Tribulus Terristris whole herb @ USD 1425/-.
Tribulus Terristris fruits @ USD 1895/-.
Tribulus Terristris extract powder 20% @ USD 12, 000/-.
Senna leaves @ USD 990/-.
Vinca rosea leaves @ USD 1895/-.
Sarasaparilla root @ USD 2395/-.
Stramonium leaves(Datura) @ USD 1765/-.
Soapnut(Sappindus mk) @ USD 750/-.
Cyperus Rotandus(Nut Grass) @ USD 750/-.
Valerian root @ USD - on advice -
Winter Cherry root @ USD - on advice -
Chiratta herb(Gentianae) @ USD 2575/-.
Neem oilcake meal (organic manure)@ USD 330/-.MT/FOB
Wheat Bran, mash or pelleted form @ USD 99/-.MT/FOB
Each per MT/CF your Country. If you have any interest in the above,
let us have your esteemed orders for your requirements along with
payment advice.
Rice: Let me know the quality you require whether raw or boiled,
approximate quantity, your target price, port of destination etc.

Description: This is an extended line which includes: skin
scrubbers, multi-functional machine, more than 50 items can
accommodate your requests.
Features: Removes black marks, Removes pimples, Removes acnes,
Removes wrinkles by massage, Removes stratum corneum.

Description: The available sizes are 95mm, 75mm, 65mm, 55mm, 45mm.
The size indicates the diameter of the electrode. We also supply
45mm by 45mm square electrode that usually comes with a 40mm by 40mm
adhesive conductive gel pad.
*Highly durable and flexible
*Negative of Cytoxicity, Skin Sensitization, Acute Cutaneous
*Water and Conductive gel can be applied to increase conductivity.

Description: We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as leading
manufacturers worldwide of high quality Calcium Salts and Mineral
Gluconates conforming to all International Pharmacopoeias viz. BP /
USP / EP / JP. Our plants near Bangalore in South India are WHO GMP
Certified, ISO 9001:2000 Accredited and shortly awaiting Certificate
of Suitability from EDQM, France. Our products are exported to over
30 countries around the world.
ˇCalcium gluconate. Ferrous gluconate.
ˇCalcium lactate gluconate. Potassium gluconate.
ˇZinc gluconate. Manganese gluconate
. Magnesium lactate gluconate. Calcium glubionate.
. Magnesium gluconate. Calcium lactobionate.
ˇCalcium gluconate low bacterial endotoxin - suitable for
ˇCalcium gluconate (e.p) 2002 monohydrate.
ˇCalcium gluconate 2002 for injections(injectable
ˇCalcium bromolactobionate (hexahydrate).

Description: We are wholesalers of all types of medical and surgical
products involved in medical and surgical fields and day care
procedures like syringes, disposable gloves, butterfly needles,
polydrapes, etc.

Description: Our company always watch customer, s interest and
providing of surgical, dental, manicure instruments & scissors of
all kinds in hi-quality as per ISO 9001 EN 46002 regulations. If any
customer receive a trial supply, then match our quality with others,
always like to make a good decision to work with us regularly.
Inquiry for any instruments strictly treated as most urgent test our
services by asking any demand of samples.

Hong Kong
Description: We are wholesaler and distributor of sundry merchandise
with direct China factories contact and many years of experience!
Our products include ladies purses, backpacks and sports bags,
shoes, premium items, etc. We have clients all over the world,
including South America, Africa, Europe, Canada, and the United

Description: We are the leading latex condom manufacturer in
Malaysia with ISO, EN and USFDA 150 (K) certifications. We can offer
various type of latex condom. It can be untested, tested or OEM in
bulk or consumer pack and seller brand (securex).

Description: Product: PUFFONLY™ - A Proven Chinese Herb Treatment
for Genital Wart.
Objective: Searching for Distributors/Wholesaler
Product Description:
PUFFONLY™ is a highly effective viricide made from selected natural
Chinese herbs using world-leading supercritical fluid extraction
techniques for the treatment of Genital Wart.

Description: We manufacture and export dental, surgical, orthopedic
implants and manicure instruments. We are looking for the
importers/agents/distributors for our products.

Description: We can supply to you Tongkat Ali Water Soluble (99%)
Finest Pharmaceutical Grade Available in the Market (HPLC)
100: 1 Pure Extracts, Others Dilution Ratios can be arrange.
Packaging 1 kilogram per bag, applications: herbal formulations
tableting/ capsules/ liquid, additive for beverages ie
coffee/capucino, health food, sport energy drinks ie cans, bottles
and packet.
Available tests: solubility test, heavy metals, microbiological,
clinical reports for efficacy, HPLC profile. Known for natural
testosterone booster available in raw nuriceutical powder and

Description: Company has developed an innovative home healthcare
instrument. The Personal-Colposcope allows women to complete regular
2 minute cervical self-exams from the privacy of their own home.
As you are interested, please visit our website and contact us for

Description: Elegance Brand Adult Diapers / Nappies
Designed for medium to severe incontinence, Elegance adult diapers
are composed of non-allergic cotton-feel cover sheet, ultra
absorbent pad, micro-embossed waterproof plastic back sheet, leak-
proof barriers, and double re-fastenable tapes.
We are interested in serious requests for at least one 40’ container
(i.e. 900+ cases). Samples are sent during quote process.
Our affiliates also produce such hygiene disposables as feminine
napkins and panty liners.

Description: Private Brand Sanitary Towels / Feminine Napkins
"Private"-brand Clip Extra Thin and Clip Regular sizes are
distinguished by a soft and non-allergic cotton-feel coversheet,
adhesive backing, and side-clip panty guards that offer maximum
protection and extreme comfort.
Clip Extra Thin feminine napkins are individually wrapped. All
Private brand products are packaged in regular or giant-size PE bags
with transport / disposal bags included.
We are interested in requests for at least one 40' container (1800+

Description: Freshdays Panty Shields / Liners
Freshdays panty shields come in anatomic and G-string shapes, with
an adhesive strip on waterproof plastic backing to keep liners
securely in place. These products are ideal for minor discharge,
light feminine incontinence, and extra protection with tampons.
Anatomic shape panty liners are available straight or folded /
individually wrapped. All Freshdays products are packed in
attractive duplex boxes.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters
of Taiwan sexy adult toy & erotic toys and are enjoying an excellent
reputation through eighteen years business experience. Especially
welcome OEM & ODM service. Our goods are the best quality goods, the
beauty, the exciting and elegance of our designs coupled with the
unique, romantic & sexual should appeal to the discriminating
We are sure that you will not only be quite satisfied with our
services and the excellent qualities of our goods but the
competitive price.
By the way, you will be interested to hear that we have recently
developed a lot of new products (as we always keep developing new
Products) those are selling very strongly on the home market.
Because of its success in this country, we thought there might be
have sales potential abroad.

Description: Boswellia extract 400mg each tablet, 10tablet in a
blister packing, Anti Rumatc.

Description: We would like to introduce our company as leading
manufacturers & exporters of all kinds of beauty care (pedicure &
manicure), scissors, surgical & dental instruments, optical pliers,
etc since long. Due to our extensive arrangements & long experience
in this field, we assure of professional quality products at highly
competitive prices.

Description: We have the following products, which are CE certified
under the quality assurance system of ISO9001.
1) 3 & 12 channel ECG Holter system of 24/48/72 hours.
2) PC-ECG system(resting 12 lead ECG with vector)
3) Multi-function PC-ECG system (Resting ECG systems with Nine
4) ECG treadmill/ergometer exercise stress test system
5) Telemetry ECG monitoring system with 8 beds and 2 channels
6) ECG network information system (ECG-NIS, it is free)
7) Personal ECG monitor
8) PC-ECG simulator (can be worked with our simulator software)
9) 24 hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system.

Description: We introduce ourselves as the leading Indian
manufacturer of life saving medical disposables in the specialities
of urology, gastroenterology, gynaecology and radiology.
Our products are:
Urology: double j stents, PCN catheter, PCN catheter with needle,
malecot catheter, suprapubic catheter ureteral catheter, urethral
dilator set, ureteral dilator set, fascial dialtor set, nottingham
one step catheter, cutting electrode stone basket, stone grasper,
guide wire etc.
Gastroenterology: NBDC catheter, billiary stent, slerotherapy needle
etc. Radiology: PCN catheter, malecot catheter, suprapubic catheter etc.
Gynaecology: IUI catheter.

Description: The world initiates --Treat ED and wells up the spring
cave and inputs the active factor from the foot heart
JODO is extracted from Chinese and Thai natural herbs by means of
modem techniques. It is the first product ever achieved in the 21
century solely extracted from natural herbs. It vitailzes sexual
glands, hence effectual erection, Suitable for people who have
physical, psychological, or aging erectile dysfunction, people with
sexual difficulties, and people who want to increase their sexual
capacity. Proper exercises would enhance the results of the product,
as effective substances would commendably advance through the bodil
Suitable for:
1: People with medical, physical, psychological, or aging erectile
2: People with sexual difficulties and those who want to increase
their sexual capacity.

Description: We are one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in
India. We would like to offer our bulk drugs like:- Dicylomine
Hydrochloride BP, Rofecoxib & Chlorzoxazone USP for Exports.

Description: Our main business is the design and manufacture of mask. We
also accept OEM for overseas company.
Excellent quality, best design and low cost make our products being
very competitive in the market.

Description: We have processed our local mushroom products and
export ed to foreign country since 1998.Our health and medicinal
mushroom products main market is in Japan, USA, Europe and South
Africa. We produced following mushrooms: maitake (Grifola frondosa)
powder and extract, Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) powder and extract,
Agaricus blazei powder and extract, shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
powder and extract, Hericium erinaceus powder, also we processed
whole dry mushrooms, canned mushroom, sliced mushroom, salted
mushroom. We used electric machines to dry our products and used
high technology to process mushroom powder and extract. We have
built new factory to process our mushroom products. We also built
mushroom farm by ourselves. So we can control our mushroom products
quality, SO2, Heavy metals. We used natural water and free chemical
material to cultivate our mushroom. Our mushroom products is natural
food, Green foods, No any environmental pollution foods and free
chemical. Another reason we are located in Chinese original mushroom
growing place. So we can supply high quality and best price mushroom
products for our new and old customer from China and foreign

Description: We offer our purely herbal formulation for revitalising
sexual power/better erection/longer duration/stamina in male and
libido/sexual urge enhancer & this also helps in breast development /
firming in female. These products being of purely herbal ingredients
do not have any side effects and are very safe even for persons of
advancing age who like to enjoy sexual pleasure. This product do not
need any medical prescription and can be taken as a food supplement
before the sexual act. Normal dosage is 2 capsules about 1 hour
before the sexual act, preferably with warm milk or else with warm
water / tea /coffee, but not anything cold.
Both the products are of pure natural ingredients which help in
sexual stimulation and increase sexual desire in male & female
without any side effects.

Description: Water proof bed sheets and pillows for hospitals and
hotels. We export water proof bed sheets and pillow covers for
hospitals and hotels and households (suitable for children and old
people who have no control on urinating). Product suitable as bed and
mattress protector, can be boiled 700 times on high boiling
tempretures in ordinary washing machines. Product made of; Face: 80%
cotton + 20% elastic, bottom: rubber coating, colors; white, blue and
light purple. Export offer for quantities 2000 and above, contact us
on email pls, thks.

Description: Manufacture & export for aneroid sphygmomanometers &
thermometers & stethoscopes & syringes & infusion sets & gloves &
etc. with high quality. (CE mark) and best price on FOB ShangHai from

Description: We are selling all prescription medicine against
prescription from India. Products are from Leading Indian
pharmaceutical manufacturers with high quality at a very competitive
price. We can also supply against prescription Sildenafil Citrate in
all strengths (viagra formulation) manufactured in India, which are
wee accepted by Indian Medical Profession. Kindly send us your
enquiry for required medicine. Supplies will be made through FeDex

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