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health trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company guide


Trade leads health and medical products

Description: We are leading and professional manufacturer of
synthetic chemicals.
Camptothecin Derivatives:
7-Ethyl-10-Hydro-Camptothecin (SN-38),
Topotecan Hydrochloride,
Irinotecan Hydrochloride,
ABATRA Synthetic Chemicals:
Aceclofenac, Alendronate Sodium, Aniracetam, Acetohydroxamic Acid,
Carvedilol, Celecoxib, Docetaxel, Etidronate Sodium, Meloxicam,
Naftopidil, Nifedipine, Milrinone, Ornidazole, Oxaprozin, Pamidronate
Sodium, Ramifenazone HCL, Stavudine, Stavudine intermediate I, II,
III, Terbinafine HCl, Topiramate, Troxipide.

Description: company is devoted to designing and production of Health
Care items for eight years and specialized in Foot sole massage
products. 'Healthy feet, healthy body.' Our version is to spread seeds
of health over the world.

Description: We are manufacturer & exporter of salt crystal lamp [solt
krist'l lamp] also known as salt lamp or salt lamp, candleholders (tea
light holders) and bath salt crystals. Beautiful, millions of years
old, salt rock crystal, enhance your well being & improve your health.
Nature's own air ionizes. Contact us for the best FOB Karachi prices.

Description: We are an ISO 9002 and EN46002 certified export oriented
condom manufacturer in Malaysia. Our condoms are manufactured in
accordance to client's standard such as ISO 4074: 2002, EN600: 1996,
WHO 1998, and NF.
Our best selling condoms are:
1)Plain condom 2)Profile/Anatomic condom 3)Ribbed condom 4)Dotted
condom and others. We also manufacture medical latex probe covers.
We are currently manufacturing OEM brand of condoms for clients.

Description: We are the manufacturer of medical disposable items, our
main production line are: PE disposable glove, Suction catheter kit,
Heated moisture exchanger (artificial nose).

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter and we are over 15
years of experience in the various kind of disposable non-woven
products. Our products can for medical, industrial and personal use.

Description: We offer pharmaceutical grade of glucosamine sulphate
(sodium) 250mg& 500mg capsules, chondroitin sulphate capsules 200mg
plus glucosamine sulphate 250mg capsules and chondroitin sulphate
400mg capsules. All are produced under WHO's GMP standard and assayed
with validated analytical methods.

Description: Company started in 1980 and has grown rapidly to become
a leading manufacturer in disposable safety and healthcare products
with sales in more than 46 countries and totaling of approximately 550
employees with building area up to 18, 500 square meters.

Description: We are specialized professional manufacturer and exporter
of dental floss picks, cotton buds, cotton ball, brush picks, and wet
tissue. Our products cover from personal hygiene, baby use, dental
care, cosmetics use to household use, export globally wide, especially
OEM orders.

Description: Company's main business is the design and manufacture
of mask. We also accept OEM for overseas company. Excellent quality,
best design and low cost make our products being very competitive in
the market.

Description: We are supplier of six layer face mask on regular basis.
the best for the cleanest and purest air.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of Wabove items in China.
And hope set up a lasting business relationship with you. Our mainly
dealing following two series products:
Medical Equipments:
A. Wheelchair series basic type, aluminum type, function type
D. Wheelchair with commode, commode chair, commode wheelchair, commode
chair & walker
E. Stick, arm crutch, crutch.

Description: Our response has been a new series of products in a lower
price range. We are offering new respirators, eye protection, head
protection, hearing protection, fall protection, and work gloves. All
of these bring you Quality at very competitive prices. We have
added many of these as a standard products which can now be shipped
from stock.

Description: manufacturer of disposable dust masks. Major products:
Disposable dust mask: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, with and without valve, (CE
Disposable dust mask: P1, P2, P3, with and without valve (QAS
Disposable dust mask: N95, N99, with and without valve (NIOSH

Description: We are manufacturer a wide range of "surgical, dental,
manicure, hollow ware and scissor of all kinds". Our products are
produced to meet the quality assurance standards of the medical
industry in Europe, North America, Asia and the rest of the world.
We has been producing surgical instruments since 1985.
Our success depends on developing new products. For this purpose,
shall invest in research and development. Our customer's success is
our success. We shall give priority to meet customer's needs.
We believe that continuous growth and learning of our employees is
essential for success. Therefore, we shall provide adequate training
to all of our employees and encourage them to work towards
fulfilling their potential.

Description: We are a cGMP Certified (Approved By The American FDA),
ISO-9002 Certified and CE Mark Certified Company. We are
manufacturers and exporters of fine quality general surgery
instruments, dental instruments, manicure & pedicure instruments,
tattoo accessories and veterinary instruments. We are looking for
buyers for our products and agents to sell our products on
commission basis.

Description: Who GMP manufacturing facility for
1) Sildenafil Citrate 100mg and
2) Tadalafil (Cialis) 20mg
Any quantity. Lead time 2 weeks. Payment in USD.

Description: We are innovative electronical products developer,
manufacturer & exporter supporting for reseller in their native
marketplace. The headquarter was established in 1993 with the goal
on excellent lifestyle of people.

Description: We can supply you dry safed musli – chlorophytum
borivilianum (natural revitalizer) with foll specs: contents of
safed musli – chlorophytum borivilianum – natural
Fibre- 34%
Saponins 2-17%
The saponins and alkaloids present in the plant are the primary
source of its significant medicinal properties.
Safed Musli is a wonder gift of nature to mankind. Safed Musli is
the main ingredient in Chawanprash (the most popular largest sold
health tonic and revitalizer for all ages). Safed Musli is a natural
revitalizer - will in the due course replace most popular Sex and
potency chemical product ‘Viagra’. Safed Musli (Indian
Aphrodisiac) well-tested, age-old, Indian botanical wealth if taken
properly along with Aswagandha (Sanskrit translation to English -
Horse Power) combination of these two is a very powerful alternative
and bio-revitalizer and immediately provides a natural solution
without side effects. A combination of these two along with other
herbal extracts will form a very powerful potency and health
additive in providing an immediate alternate choice much cheaper
than the market products We can provide all the raw materials for
converting and fractionalizing the required powder strength. If
coated granules are required we can also supply the same.

Description: We proudly inform you that we are manufacturers and
exporters of surgical, dental, orthopedic, manicure, cutlery and
scissors of all sorts with prime quality.
It is ours family business and we are engaged in this business from
the last 32 blooming years and we are providing fine and nice
quality and best service to ours existing customers.
You can check to us by the visiting of ours home page and here you
will find the complete range of ours products which we are exporting
to ours existing customers from the last many years. Once you send
us any type of inquiry we will offer you the best price, fine and
too nice quality and best & best service.
We will wait for yours very best and nice reply with delight full

Description: Manufacturers/ traders/ exporters & suppliers of all
kind of perfume & fragrances like atomizer spray perfumes, dab-on
perfumes, room fresheners (sprays), roll-on perfumes (cologne based/
no ethyl/m. alcohols or harsh solvents & chemicals) perfume bags
with sockets for air conditioners/blowers/car fresheners/aerosols
and many more items.

Description: Manufacturers & exporters of laboratory, surgical,
dental, veterinary, manicure, beauty care, pedicure instruments,
appliance, cutlery, pliers, tools and scissors of all sorts.
We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers and exporters
of surgical dental laboratory veterinary instruments, scissors,
tweezers, collin & grave speculums, dental scalers, knives, pliers,
BP handles, bone chisels, retractors, uterine sounds etc., being
produced in our various manufacturing units. Due to modernization
and addition of new machinery recently we have increased production
for these items many folds, and are currently looking for new
customers and distributors for our products.
We use selected raw material, our quality is goods, and our prices
are very competitive.
If you are interested in any of the instruments, and feel fit to
handle our line of economically priced instruments, with better
quality / price ratio, for rapid expansion of business, please let
us know, with your current requirements for the instruments and your
company profile. samples, (scissors, vaginal speculums browser)
catalogues, CD catalogues, leaflets and personal visit of our
representative can be arranged on request.

Description: We are manufacturer of natural and synthetic massage
articles (back strap, mitt, pilling gloves and etc.) Our natural
line consists of 100% natural sisal, loofah and cotton massage
articles, and our synthetic line consists of massage articles made
of composition of polyester and polyethylene yarns. Balmy naturel
massage articles serves for human health and beauty. Daily massage
applied to body by BALMY regulates the blood circulation, relaxes
the nerves, removes the dead skin cells, so your skins remains young
and healthy for a longer time. Our natural products line consist of
100% natural sisal, loofah and cotton massage articles; synthetic
line consists og massage articles made of composition of polyester
and polyethylene yarns.
More details about our products you may find in our web site. We
must emphasize that our capabilities can go far beyond the standard
items found in our production range if special products are needed.
Please also be informed that our product samples and price list can
be sent to you upon your demand. We are quite certain that you will
be attracted by our high quality products with competitively low

Description: We introduce ourselves as one of leading manufacturer
and supplier of disposable protective clothing and disposable
medical products in China. Such as Disposable overalls, Isolation
gowns, Lab coats, overshoe, over sleeves, disposable face masks,
non-woven swabs.

Description: Sell: Reishi micron powder, Cordyceps micron
powder, Aloe whole leaf micron powder, micron powder
pulverizer. We are high and new technique companies that professions
produce the super and tiny micron powder in material in Chinese
herbal medicine.
We can export our micron powder to other country.
1 Reishi micron powder, reishi spore, brocken reishi spore,
;>99%brocken, Reishi spore powder capsules(micron powder)
Report for analysis of brocken reishi spore:
Polysaccharide---------- 0.90%
We will help to keep your health at optimum level, to improve the
overall immune system, and to regenerate the balance of the body. It
has great medicinal effects on tumor, cancer, neurasthenia, high
blood pressure, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, bronchus asthma, etc.
To serve it regularly will benefit your beauty and prolong life.

Description: We can offer you variety of herbs, natural essential
oils and extracts from India such as herbal extracts for medicinal
purposes, herbal extracts for cosmetics, sterlised herbal extracts,
bath and massage oils as well as all medicinal herbs of Indian
origin. If you are interested than please contact us.

Description: We specialize in manufacturing and selling sex toys and
have a 10-year history in the business. We are the only professional
manufacturer in this industry legally registered and approved by the
Chinese government to manufacture, sell, and export sex toys.
We possess a first-rate production base consisting of two automated
manufacturing facilities with a combined daily production capacity
of over 10, 000 units.
Our designs labs are staffed with experts in a variety of hi-tech
fields and are capable of rapid and innovative product development,
allowing us to introduce up to 2 new products per day.
Our bargain basement priced sex toys met all international standards
of quality and we offer customers the opportunity to purchase
exclusive ownership of unique products.

Description: Specialized in the production of various magnetic
products, available from parts to finished products which including
support belt, man's auto belt, insoles, wraps and plaster, magnet
message ball, pillow, mattress, cushion, bracelet, hand ring,
necklace, finger ring, ear clips, hand chain, watch chain, earrings

Description: This is a leading eyewear manufacturer from Wenzhou
China who is very famous for her fashionest designs and most
competitive price in the world.
We can supply you with:
1 Sunglass: Metal and plastics, fashion designs and some branded
sunglasses knockoffs.
2 Optical frame: Man style, lady style, unsex and kids frame which
is made of High-nickel, Monel, Memorial metal and Titanium, of good
qulity at favorable price.
3 Reading glasses: with fashion case, and all power degress
4 Further more we also can offer OEM service.
Please be sure, right here, the right factory and the person, you
have been seeking for, please just feel free to contact us for the
further details about our factory and products.

Description: Long established manufacturer & exporter of a series of
blood pressure monitor and gauge as of the year 1975 with strong
circulation over 30 countries worldwide.

Description: We are a manufacturer of health instruments in Taiwan.
For the past 30 years, we have been supplying all kinds of health
instruments to our domestic market and also to various markets
abroad and enjoying a good reputation. We always emphasize
manufacturing, and designing high quality products for our clients.

Description: The available sizes are 95mm, 75mm, 65mm, 55mm, 45mm.
The size indicates the diameter of the electrode. We also supply
45mm by 45mm square electrode that usually comes with a 40mm by 40mm
adhesive conductive gel pad.
*Highly durable and flexible
*Negative of Cytoxicity, Skin Sensitization, Acute Cutaneous
*Water and Conductive gel can be applied to increase conductivity.

Description: Producer/exporter of outclass stainless steel medical,
beauty instruments and scissors. Having complete manufacturing facility
under quality certifications ISO 9001, cGMP and CE.

Description: We are involved in the manufacturing of top quality
surgical and dental instruments and are exporting to our prestigious
customers throughout the world. We manufacture instruments in a highly
Quality Control Environment and use CNC machines under the supervision
of highly qualified professionals. We also have a fully equipped
Quality Research Lab. to control the quality of instruments at each and
every step.
So please let us know your specific requirements in this line. If you
need any information about our products please contact with us.

Description: We export used/ new medical equipment and tools from Japan
to Bangladesh, Myammar, Vietnam. The uniqueness of our service we
provide installation and maintenance service with Japanese related
expert for the medical machinery. We are looking for importer from
Asia, Africa and North America.

Description: We are national level corporation engaged in the
international trade business in the fields of pharmaceutical and
related products. Eg: pharmaceutical raw material, Pharmaceutical
equipment, and chemical raw material: koji acid. If you are interested
in our products, please contact with me free.

Description: Would you be interested in adding our 100% pure herbal
organic soap and pure virgin coco oil to your product range?
Manufactured in the Philippines, the soap base is coconut oil and added
with different essential oils like citronella, root of vetiver, lemon
tree, patchouli, etc. Also fish oil and natural collagen from seaweeds
as moisturizers.
Also, our new product is 100% pure extra virgin coconut oil. Excellent
for health and beauty. Pls email for more info on this.

Description: We specialize in manufacturing and selling sex toys and
have a 10-year history in the business. We are the only professional
manufacturer in this industry legally registered and approved by the
Chinese government to manufacture, sell, and export sex toys.
We possess a first-rate production base consisting of two automated
manufacturing facilities with a combined daily production capacity of
over 10, 000 units.
Our designs labs are staffed with experts in a variety of hi-tech
fields and are capable of rapid and innovative product development,
allowing us to introduce up to 2 new products per day.
Our bargain basement priced sex toys met all international standards of
quality and we offer customers the opportunity to purchase exclusive
ownership of unique products.

Description: We manufacture herbal/ayurvedic medicines. No side effects
and result oriented. We have medicines for control and treatment of all
types of Cancer, AIDS, asthma, diabetes, psoriasis, heart problems,
blood pressure, lung problems, all skin diseases and loy more.

Description: We are the manufacturer of medical disposable items, our
main production line are: PE disposable glove, Suction catheter kit,
Heated moisture exchanger (artificial nose).

Description: We purchase the items in relation to eyeglasses lens,
Contact lens and so on from various famous domestic manufactures and
export the items to oversea firms. I'm trying to find more good buyers
and this content is the great chance to have a good business
relationship with you and us very long period from now on. If I have
the chance to place your orders, We do our best to supply the best
quality, price and delivery time as below. 1. First Order: 2% discount
of the estimated sheet. 2. FOB Price term: L/C (the first order and if
you want), T/T(within 30days after shipping date) 3. Delivery: within
30 days after confirmed order(by air) And if you have any inquires,
please feel free to contact me.

Description: One of leading manufacturer of sanitary napkins, panty
shields, feminine pads in China. Pls visit our website.

Description: Established in year 1985 in Taiwan, we started as a
designer and manufacturer of medical equipment accessories including
electro-pads, conductive adhesives, gels and wires. After years of
development, we now also produce unique TENS units, EMS and Medium
Frequency Therapy units which have widely been acknowledged by all of
our customers in the fields of professional medical care, beauty
treatment and home health care.

Description: We are ready to penetrate into oversea market and now
searching and gladly welcome overseas distributors.
We are one of the oldest and leading companies of health and beauty
care product in Thailand. Established since 1892 as a retail pharmacy
with our famous Arrow-Struck Snack Trademark. We have developed and
expanded tremendously from importing medical and cosmetics products to
manufacturing, marketing, and distribution network for health and
beauty care products. One of our prestige products, St. Luke's Prickly
Heat Powder has gained its popularity not only in domestic market, but
also the oversea markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong
Kong, Taiwan, Middle East countries and many more.

Description: Our main products are: blood lipoid-reducing power of red
yeast rice. The functional red yeast rice contain aminobutyric acid,
which can lower Blood Pressure. The aminobutyric acid is 30mg/g in red
yeast rice. Of course it also contain Lovastatin. And the content of
lovastatin is 0.4-2%.The other content is Monacolin-Na (Lovastatin-Na).
It is water soluble and heat stable. It has less side effects and
better lipoid-reducing effect, being two times more as effective as the
lovastatin. The Japanese scientist, Endo, found that the lovastatin
sodium has the effects of preventing cholelithiasis, benign prostatic
hyperplasia and antitumorigenesis. Also it can decrease the index of
cholesterol formation, improve the degree of benign prostatic
hyperplasia, reduce tumor proliferation and lengthen one life. Our
product have no citrinin and have varies of hydrolyzed amino acid.

Description: Established in year 1985 in Taiwan, company started as a
designer and manufacturer of medical equipment accessories including
electro-pads, conductive adhesives, gels and wires.
After years of development, we now also produce unique TENS units, EMS
and Medium Frequency Therapy units which have widely been acknowledged
by all of our customers in the fields of professional medical care,
beauty treatment and home health care.

Description: Our company is the leader of Health-care appliances
manufacturer in Taiwan, especially expert in Far infrared Health-care
products and Ionizer products.

Description: A manufacturer of Thai herbal toothpaste with green tea
leaf & guava leaf extract (konzaa brand). We welcome the potential
distributor/wholesaler of our products. Our goal is to meet and keep
customers for long run and therefore, we work with you to meet and
exceed their expectation. We guarantee that you will satisfy with our
products' quality, price and on-time delivery.

Description: Our company specialize in producing massage appliance,
wooden massage tables, metal massage tables and chairs, the products
are folding and portable, their height can be adjustable, which have
gain great reputation in oversea market.

Description: Sell all kinds of massage product, supply health care
massage product like massage cushion, massage chair, massage shoe,
blood circulation equipment, foot massager etc.

Description: 100% Japanese owned company with factory in China.
Specialize in dry and wet wipes manufacturing. These includes,
toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner, household wipes and office
Other cleaning products such as patented high fiber duster and mop.
Using state of art machinery with innovative Japanese technology.
Supply to both International brand and OEM manufacturing.

Description: Backed by over 20 years of experience, we specialize in
manufacturing high-quality optical frames, reading glasses and
optical parts. The materials used in production are memory titanium,
monel, stainless steel and nickel-silver. With imported advanced
machine and well-educated employee, we can produce all sorts of
glasses at very competitive price. Over these years, our products
(especially our memory titanium frames) sale very well in Europe,
American and Middle East. New models are available every month in
our factory. We can also open new models according to our customer's

Description: Here we are introducing natural viagra which is
replacement for synthesis viagra, it is most valuable and highly
demanded by the world at present, its demand is very high and
unlimited to supply, we are one of the leading suppliers of its dry
and wet herbal products on demand.
If you are interested we are ready to send our project report and
samples immediately to you, please confirm your opinion immediately.

Description: Our main products are: cuticle nipper, nail nipper,
tweezer, scissors, file. Made of stainless steel with gold, nikel or
grey coat. We can supply in a range of designs and size wide enough
to meet you requirement. Beside, we also make products as your
Our company’s main objective is to establish a good and long term
business partnership with our clients through reliable services and
competitive prices with the best quality of our products
Your orders or your own requirements are welcomed. More detailed
information and quotation are always available for your interests.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our
product or need more information.

Description: We are manufacturing and exporting company of Surgical
Instruments based in Pakistan. We are in this line of business for
more than one decade and have an excellent reputation amongst our
clients due to our consistent better quality products, most
competitive prices and timely deliveries.
We are certified by ISO-9002, cGMP and EN46002 and are working under
the rules and regulations set by these quality assurance systems. We
offer our services to meet your requirements of all types of T.C
fitted instruments, forceps, needle holders, scissors, manicure /
pedicure articles, scalars, scalpel handles etc.
We are confident that you will appreciate our services and will find
our source most dependable, efficient, everlasting and beneficial for
your organization. You are requested to kindly spare some of your
valued moments and visit our web site which will give you an idea about
the range of our products. Please let us have your detail of
requirements which will enable us to quote you our most competitive
prices for your consideration & approval. Free samples can also be
provided for quality check if required. Assuring you best of services
all the times and hope to hear from you soon which will enable us to
proceed further.

Description: Face masks for protection from airborne diseases.
Material: Meltblown polypropylene filter, B.F.E. 98% Up. Three layer
nonwoven collation
Colour: Green or Blue
Size: 1st - ppsb - 16 gsm
2nd - PTeltblown pp, 20-25 gsm
1st - ppsb - 30 gsm
Ear loop dental face mask.
This product is standard 3 ply and 2 ply mask that is both cost-
effective and comfortable.
Material: Spunbond polypropylene, 3ply
Colour: Green or Blue
Size: Approx. 180 mm x 90 mm.

Description: We offer two brands baby diapers, Joyful And
Onlem, And We are committed to producing high quality products,
complying with worlwide accepted standards applied to baby diapers.
Our products packaging included labels in English, Arabic, French,
Russian, Rumanian And Turkish And We offer competitive prices
combined The highest quality standards.

Description: Export of nail care products such as nail files,
brushes, clippers and corkscrews.

Description: Buy viagra and generic viagra and xenical.
Packaging: blisterpacks, bottles or bags of 5.000 tablets.

Description: We take an opportunity and feel pleasure to introduce
our selves as Manufacturer and Exporters of Surgical, fishing pliers
and manicure Instruments of all kind. We are Manufacturer & Exporter
of Surgical, Manicure all sorts of fishing pliers Instruments since
1960. We have Experienced and Trained Workers. Our goal is to provide
quality goods at competitive prices .Let us know your requirements
and leave the rest upon us.

Description: We are manufacturers of herbal medicines including
ointments and other products. Listing of products can be provided on
request. We are interested to export our products to other countries
as there is no registration for herbal medicines.

Description: We are a leading Manufacturers and exporters of herbal,
siddha, and ayurveda products. We have a very big research team with
approved, tried and tested products available with all
certifications and research approvals.

Description: We are manufacturer of surgical items including Mani
cure item and Gloves of all kind. We also deal in trading of Sports
goods, Leather jackets and Rice.

Description: We are exporter of surgical, dental instruments and
wishing to export our quality made instruments to part of world.

Description: company is a Canadian-Sino joint venture located in
Shantou, Guangdong, China. It started its business from
1995 and is booming since then. It is a Hi-Tech enterprise which
combines scientific research, new products development and
manufacture of molecular biological products. Main products are
reagent for clinical and family diagnosis. HCG pregnancy test has
got FDA since 1998 and its quality is still improving. Other
quality products like LH Ovulation test, HBsAg, Anti-HBs,
Anti-HBc, HBeAg, Anti-HBe, Anti-HCV, M-T HCV, Antisyphilis,
Anti-Gonorrhea, Anti-HIV1/2, AFP, and different tests for Drug
Abuse etc. All our membranes are directly from Canada. Until now
David Biotech has share 70% mainland China in this field and exported
throughout the world. It has exported to various countries and areas
in the world.

Description: We are one of the leading Wireless Technology
manufacturers and exporters in Taiwan. Our groups are not only
keeping improving the existing products but also put quite a lot of
manpower and material resources in the development of Wireless
techniques and New Products. Recently we have finally established to
complete the project. Called *Baby MINDER* To parents their hand is
most efficient and reliable tool for baby body temperature. But
during the night when parents went to sleep. Purpose of this product
- BABY MINDER is designed to be worn on children 24 hours a day
and to keep parents next door or down stair informed instantly.
There is no need for them to be on the alert around the clock.
The advantage of BABY MINDER is beyond the reach of other
thermometers (such as, ear thermometer, electronic thermometer)

Description: We are the exporters of herbal beauty and health
products. shampoo, hair oils, face creams, henna powder, skin
lotions, herbal medicin for the constipations, indigetion, piles,
joint pains, and solution fpor many other problems.

Description: Our main products including cosmetic brush set, nail brush
and gift brush etc.
We have a professional manufactory which specialized in all kinds of
hair products, such as cosmetic brush; nail brush painting brush and so
on. Our goods have get a great welcome for it's elegant appearance with
fashionable style.
"Credit is first, customer is uppermost" is our principle. For further
information, Welcome to visit our and advise us which item you take
much interest in. We sincerely hope that we can have the honor to serve

Description: Volume:1, 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 60 ml
Needle:18-26G, 5/8 - 1 1/2 inches, belver point: 10-15 grade.
Quality: CE, ISO
Mini order: 1x 20 FCL
Packing: poly bag or blister packing.
An enterprise granted by State Drug Administration for the products of
disposable sterile medical device series. The main products are series
of disposable syringes and injection needles, disposable infusion sets,
scalp vein needle and other medical supplies.

Description: Established in year 1985 in Taiwan, we started as a
designer and manufacturer of medical equipment accessories including
electro-pads, conductive adhesives, gels and wires.
After years of development, we now also produce unique TENS units, EMS
and medium frequency therapy units which have widely been acknowledged
by all of our customers in the fields of professional medical care,
beauty treatment and home health care.

Description: We are a high tech firm in fine chemicals field. After our
hard work, We have developed the production line of anhydrous
piperazine (3000tons/year), triethylene diamine (800tons/year), 2-
cyanopyrazine (600tons/year), &#946;-ethoxy ethylenediamine
(5000tons/year) and ethoxy piperazine(600tons/year). With rich
technical force and equipment, precision test instrument, our product
have got appraise and well sold in the world. we have established
scientific management and complete QC system. We are the high tech firm
of henan, quality reliable firm, contract stress and credit obey firm.
The anhydrous piperazine, triethylenediamine and 2-cyanopyrazine, A
high tech product of henan province.

Description: Established in 1996 with fixed capital RMB2000, 000. There
are 300 employees working together entirely. Furthermore, it
occupies3000 square kilometers. Contriver also is accredited as an
ISO9001+ENIS013485+MDD entity.
Main products of comprise various thermometers, and relevant products
such as pedometers, kitchen scales and thermometer modules install on
the clocks.

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