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food trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory


Trade leads food

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Description: Weight-loss product--This product is different from any
other slimming products you have knew. It is soft plaster, stick to
navel at each night. It contains pure Chinese medicines and can not
only achieve slimming quickly, but also can eliminate the source of
fat. Since this product sold very well in Southeast Asia countries, we
are encouraged and hope to let all women in the world get benefit from
this product.
Tomato Paste---28-30 Brix, 36-38Brix, Green Food, International
Standards, Lycopene----6-36% content. We employ special extraction
technique to get lycopene from tomato. Competitive price, Large scale
of supply.

Description: Dried and powdered vegetables and fruits.

Description: I like to inform you that our company is one of the
biggest food producer and exporter company in Izmir-Turkey. We have two
factories which produce tomato paste/ aseptic tomato paste and canned
vegetables in Balıkesir and Kınık. Our annual capacity
of production is 35.000 tons of tomato paste, 50.000 tons of other
canned products (vegetable, fruits and ready to eat meals). We have
been doing export to all the countries round the world, primarily to
European countries. Besides we have an important at the interior
Turkish markets. Our factory has TS-EN ISO 9000 QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEMS
certificate and FDA registration number.
Our aim is to increase our exportation to Europe continuously.

Description: We are factory located in China, weproduce egg noddles,
rice vermicelli, rice marcoroni, biscuits, pie, cakes, patoto chips,
Shanghai noodles...snack food. All our product are nicely packed as we
locally supply to top mega supermarkets & chain dept stores.
We now direct sales. Our price is very cheap due to cheap labour cost
in China. We look for serious buyer from your country. We can email
digital photo & quotation.

Description: I offer 5 ton potatos for $ 15000 (US Dollars)
Quality= White color
Average Weight of each potato= 180 Grams
shipment from Karchi port Pakistan
If any importer wants to contact.. mail me.

Description: The new fresh 2003 crop Huaniu apple is coming to Chinese
market. We estimate this year will have a good harvest. It's much
pleasure to share this pleasant with you!
Welcome any inquiry from serious buyers on this item. Meanwhile we will
provide high quality goods and our best price for reference.
You are also noted New Red Star apple and Fuji apple can supplied from

Description: We are looking for suppliers who can supply HEINEKEN and
BUDWEISER beers in 330 & 500 ml Cans and bottles at competitive prices.
We are looking for a long term business relationship. We can place
handsome orders. Payment by LC only.

Description: North Indian tea (assam & darjeeling) & south Indian,
nilgiri tea (bulk tea, packet Tea, caddy, cheslets & tea bags). We are
one of the leading company in India, exporting tea & coffee to all over
the country.

Description: It is our constant endeavor to source, ship prepare the
finest ethnic food stuff that customers will feel proud to lay on their
tables. We recognize the need for authentic Asian food products from
buyers around the world, Due to our emphasis on high quality & our
ability to fulfil customer requirements in the short notice we have
become dependable in the International market.
Our products
Agricultural products
Wheat, pulses, food dried,
Vagetable dried, sugar,
Tea, cooking oil, ghee,
Gram whole, barley whole,
Rice basmati, & all other sort of rice,
Cottonseed oil.
Wheat flour
Maida, suji
Bran/ chookerm.

Description: We are supplier of canned vegetables and fruits namely
canned pineapple/ananas, young corn, cream style corn, kernel corn,
bamboo shoots, dried/dehydrated pineapple (as snack) and ready to eat
rice in easy open can. WE have been supplying to many countries in
Europe, Middle East and New Zealand for more than a decade of
professional handling and production. Drop us a line of your
requirement so that we can furnish you with an official quote.

Description: We have established in 1970, our major products are common
noodles, instant noodles, healthy noodles, royal jelly. Our products
are of the best quality and very popular, healthy necessary for human
life. Offer health foods JC-101 cellophane noodles, JR-103 rice sticks,
JC-105 Chinese noodles, JS-107 soba noodles, JH-109 healthy noodles JH-
111 health noodles, JH-113 healthy noodles, JI-119 instant rice sticks
(in bag), JI-121 instant rice sticks (in bowl), JH-203 royal jelly, JI-
123 vegetarian meal braise in soy sauce noodles, JI-125 red scallion
dry meat, JI-127 Chinese sauerk raut beef.

Description: We would like to take the opportunity to introduce
ourselves as one of the leading Exporters of the below product from
Sudan, consists of the following: -
1. Hibiscus Flower (KARKADE).
2. Arbic Gums.
3. Semsem White Seeds.
4. Any other seeds crop.
We can assure you the finest quality at the most competitive prices
and the best of service.
We look forward to serve your esteemed organization and hope for a long
and healthy relation.

Description: We are manufacturer specialized in bottled/ mineral/
purifier water production line. Welcome to contact, and we can offer
the best price with best quality.

Description: We are trading in sugar confectionery like as bubble gum,
candy, toffee, jiuces, jams etc. If you are interested so please inform
us as any hasitate for more information.

Description: We are please to introduce ourselves as one of the
leading and a very old established i.e. 0ver 80 years old company
engaged in production and sale of dyes, food colours and food
flavors. We have a proper manufacturing setup, a dedicated workforce
and required regularity approvals from the concerned authorities.

Description: We offer arabica coffee beans from India. Buyers are
requested to contact us with their requirements. Accordingly we will
quote our price.

Description: We are one of the biggest exporter of pomegranate juice
concentrate in Iran. We are currently exporting almost to all

Description: We manufacture a wide variety of high quality wheat
flour for bread, noodles, biscuits, cakes and steam buns. We are
committed to supplying consistently high quality flour of various
grades and providing the highest level of technical back up to all
our valued customers and users.

Description: Canned pineapple
Canned Baby Corn, Kernel corn, cream style corn
Canned bamboo shoots
Thai rice, ready to eat
Dried/dehydrated fruits
Canned Tuna
Canned Sardine
Coconut milk
Tropical fruit cocktail.

Description: CHEERS is a natural herb based concoction which Far
East people have used for over a thousand years to inhibit and/or
alleviate the after effects of drinking alcoholic beverages.
Now this prime remedy of mother nature becomes available to
international consumers worldwide through our new CHEERS, a health
drink developed to protect drinkers by decreasing alcohol
absorption, increasing hepatic metabolism, inhibiting post alcoholic
consumption symptoms and effects and practically freeing people who
drink CHEERS from hangovers.
Such CHEERS are seeking for collaborations with overseas
distributors in order to promote this brand new to the world of
alcohol lovers but health conscious.

Description: We can supply black pepper MG1, Cardamom, Cashewnuts,
dried & fresh Ginger, and many other food products. We also act as a
buying agent for any product from India & provide necessary services
for importers all over the world. We can carry out inspection on
behalf of importer, and necessary documentation can also be done.

Description: We product sella, pusha basmati rice. Over products
qualities are better than other rice production. Its length
approximately 1.65mm and breath 1.70mm according annlisis of SGS
laboratary (Delhi), India. Its polish is also bright and attrective.
Our production capacity is 25 ton per day. We also member of Apida.

Description: We are the exporters of spices, seed spices, spices powders
& spice mix, coir products, gold jewelry & garments from India.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of canned (button)
mushrooms with the plant capacity of 300 tonnes/annum. Offers are
invited to buy Button mushrooms and intention is a long term

Description: We are seeking who are interesting import to export our
product such as: Natural & Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa

Description: We are the largest Corn starch deeply processing enterprise
in China and passed the certification of ISO9002 international quality
system. We wish to do exporting business with customers from all over
the world. Our output of corn starch for paper making and foodstuffs is
over 1060000mts, oxidized starch is 100000mts(for paper making),
cationic starch is 50000mts, Corn gluten meal(feed additives) is 100,
000mts, corn gluten feed is 100000mts, Inositol is 1200mts, corn syrup
(liquid glucose) is 120000mtns, corn oil is 35000mts.

Description: We are looking for importers for our product range as
- Unique 4-in-1 instant coffee with agaricus extract
- Unique 2-in-1 organic grade rooibos tea with agaricus extract
- New & healthy agaricus tea
- Edible camellia oil(better than olive but slightly lower price)
Thank you and we welcome further queries from interested parties.

Description: We are the marketing arm of a leading manufacturer
exporter of a wide range of synthetic dyes (food colours) conforming
to strict eu norms. We seek reputed customers/importers of these
products which include tartrazine, sunset yellow, carmoisine ponceau
4r, amaranth, brilliant blue FCF, etc. including blended food
We shall be happy to respond to specific queries and assure our
customers of our prompt attention at all times.

Description: Largest manufacturer of buiscuits, candy & dry cell
battery. We serve our customers by quality products with competitive
Description: We offer fresh dates from Iran at an unbelievable price
and quality. Contact us for more info.

Description: We are manufacturer of tahini, halawa and sesame,
sesame oil. Production 10 tons/day.

Description: We are a group of growers & exporters of fresh fruits
and vegetables whose cold storages and packaging houses are based in
the middle-north of Turkey. Having our own packaging factory,
enables us to supply the produce pack according to wholesale (in
bulks) or supermarket requirements.

Description: We want to offer dried tomato packing in 10 kg box.
If you are interest in import don't hesitate to contact with us. We
will give all information what you need about price and quality.

Description: We manufacturing sugar boiled confectionery since 1985.
We are a franchise of The Ravalgaon Sugar Farm Limited and Joyco
India Ltd. in India. We also manufacture candies for Walt Disney in
India. In addition to this we export confectionery under our own
brand to Middle East and African Countries.
We are interested in exporting our products.

Description: Our company is a professional manufacturer exporter of
outing camping products. As a genuine manufacturer, we can provide
you high quality camping and picnic equipments at most competitive
price. Our main products include patio heaters, turkey kits,
barbecue grill, broadheads, etc. We can also source for you series
of outdoor necessities such as canvass folding chairs, camping
tents, etc.

Description: "***" Brand Nisin is a high-efficient, non-poisonous,
safe and no side-effect natural food preservative, which is also
complied with agricultural Standard --NY/T392-200e for Green food
additive Criteria”.

Description: Manufactures and exports high quality of acesulfame
potassium (acesulfame K, Ace-k, A-K, E950). The energy is 0 KJ/g. It
is suitable for diabetics. Acesulfame potassium is extensively used
in carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages, ice-cream,
confectionery, desserts, gelatins, chewing gum, fruit nectars, fruit
preserves, marinated fish, beverage concentrates, marmalade & jam,
toothpaste & mouthwash, tabletop sweeteners, baked goods,
pharmaceuticals, dairy products, and pickled vegetables etc.

Description: Brand Indian Pickle (hot and spiced) (premium variety)
400g X 20 in sea worthy carton Rs 450 per carton FOR Mumbai.
Brand five star Indian pickle (hot and spiced) (commercial variety)
400g X 20 in Sea Worthy Carton Rs 330 per carton FOR Mumbai
Validity: 30/11/2003
Shipment: Within 3 weeks of confirmed commercial order in writing.
Variety: Mango/Mixed/Lime/Chilli
Payment: 25 % advance along with order 75 % against Delivery
Other products: tooty fruity (papaya fruit preserve), vermicelli,
mango chutney, curry paste, papad.

Description: We take this pleasure & introduce our company as an UK
based company with branch offices in Emirates, South Africa, Egypt &
Pakistan. Marketing a well integrated range of mass-market consumer
& industrial products.
We hold 19 years of experience in international merchandising &
monitoring quality shipments, offering world wide ports.
Accumulating the experience in the business, the company is
steadily expanding its export to worldwide ports.
We treat our customers, disregarding the quantity of shipment, with
sincerity & justice. We believe our success can only be achieved
when our customers are satisfied. We therefore not only sell, but
also provide first-hand market & the right information to help our
valued customer make decisions.
Some of our products are mentioned below:
Product Details Origin
1)Rice White- long grain Pakistan
(All types) India
2)Sugar Icumsa 80-100 India
EEC2 Europe
3)Cooking Oils Palm Oil (20kg) Egypt
(Jerry Cane)
4)Full Cream Milk Powder Milk Fat: (26%-28%) ------ (maximum)
5)Skim Milk Powder Milk Fat: (0.25%-1.5%) ------- (maximum)
6)Tomato Paste Cans & Bottles U.A.E
7)Wheat & Wheat Flour All Grades --------
8)Wheat Bran -------- Pakistan
9)Match-boxes Small size: (50 matches) Pakistan
Large size
10)Confectionery Items -------- Pakistan
11)Soft Drinks Pepsi & Coke cans: --------
Fruit juices (range of flavors)
We take quality as a personal affair.
We ensure that every shipment delivers the right- quantity, right
product at the right time.

Description: We are the producer of dried apricot in Malatya, where
the most quality and produce most amount apricot in the world, not a
company or middleman. It will be the first experience for us to
export if we work together. We want to a direct contact with you...
We can provide all kind and quality of dried apricot.
And also we can provide what amount you want and it will be
cheapest for you because of we're the producer.

Description: We are exporter of Nescafe and other Nestle products
in Indonesia. Being established in 1998, Brazilian Nescafe, Canadian
Nescafe, and Indonesian Nescafe become the main products we handle. We
also export other consumer goods and home supplies, such as: soaps,
detergents, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo. Most of them are from
Cussons, Unilever, Johnson Johnson products.

Description: You are interested in vegetable oil has been brought to
my attention. We are one of the biggest manufactory of special type
of vegetable oil in China. We specialize in plant oil.

Description: The products we export: corn starch, corn malt syrup,
corn gluten meal (feed additive), corn gluten feed, inositol,
modified starch (used in paper industry), corn oil etc.

Description: We are the leading cocoa processor from China,
specialize in all types of cocoa products in bulk quantity. Our
products line include natural cocoa powder, alkalized cocoa powder,
cocoa butter, cocoa cake, etc.
Kindly tell us your detail request for our firm quotation.

Description: Indica Long grain rice with broken level at 5, 10, 25,
35% and Jasmine at 5 10, 25% is available on spot dealing.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with following conditions
1) Port discharge
2) Quantity for one ship
3) Contracted quantity or annual demand
4) Company information
Broker, trader or end user is not problem for us.

Description: First please let us introduce ourselves to you:
We're the only manufacturer and exporter of natural tea-flavored
sugar free chewing gum all over the world. Our series chewing gum
contains six flavors: green tea, black tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea,
Kuding tea and Osmanthus tea. Now we launched two flavored chewing
gum: Green tea and Black tea. All chewing gum have been certified by
I believe the unique flavor and the clinically proven health
benefits of tea will make *** a popular brand in the market and
could make significant contributions to your profit. Hope we could
establish long-term business relationship based on mutual beneficial

Description: We have captive resources of supplying the following
frozen fishes (whole round) in quantity, quality, commitment and at
a competitive rates, without any interruptions. Cuttle / sole /
ribbon / conger eel / indian mackerel / yellow fin tuna / skipjack
tuna / king (seer)fish / blue montain crab / three spot crab /
croaker / pomfret / etc.
We assure you our best professional services will be rendered to you
at all times with due promptitude. We look forward to establish a
long-term mutual business relationship with your esteemed

Description: Professionally managed business house at Chennai,
India. Our business includes Herbal exports and pulses trade.
In addition to the above, we are involved in large scale STARCH
import from Thailand, Brazil & Vietnam. We import and supply to
major textile and food industry all over India.
Our product strength are very bright color, no odor, high paste
(viscosity), starch 90%, moisture 13% good for long time storing.
As we import in high quantity and quality we can offer you best &
competitive price for bulk orders.
Please feel free to ask for samples and price quoting your
requirement and long-term arrangement.

Description: Importer, exporter and distributed in Thailand. Our
products have been distributed in domestic markets and exported to
several countries. We continually develop our products to the higher
quality and to satisfy customers requirements. Our products such as
dried fruit, snack, fish sauce, oyster sauce, sweet chilli dipping
sauce, Besides of being a producer chemicals for food additives such
as Sweetener, tapioca starch, modified starch etc.

Description: We are introduce our selves the manufacturer of
diclofenac sodium, diclofneac potassiu, diclofenac diethylamine,
diclofenac free acid, nimesdulide, glucosamine sulphate (2kcl),
glucosamine hydrochloride, aceclofenac bp, phenylbutazone,
chlrozoxazone, cinnarizine, diclofenac resinate(in potassium&
sodium. If you are interested please call upon us for most
competitive price and prompt services.

Description: We could supply strawberry, blackberry, apple, pear,
peach, apricot, grape, and carrot, cabbage, burdock, spinach, melon,
onion, garlic, etc. The style of the products could be processed
entirely upon our customer requirement such as frozen, fresh-
keeping, mix, etc.
The output is 30, 000 mt per year, the taken area of our factory is
over 100, 000 sqm, the built-up area is 60, 000 sqm, the staff is 2,
200 including 200 technician and personnel. It has convenient
communication -close to Qingdao Harbour for only 100 km, Yantai
harbour 130 km, airport 80 km and telecommunication condition. We
have passed through haccp, iso, fda certificate etc.

Description: We are manufacturers of Madras papadoms - papads. We
produce these in a hygienic environment. We are currently supplying
to UK. We specialize in vacuum packing for retaining the shelf life
of the product with more freshness. We produce only the first
quality. We also produce 20mm disc sizes.

Description: Now, we offer all kinds of frozen vegetables and fresh
vegetables. The quality of products all accord with the requirements
of FDA and MAFF.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as the producer
and exporter of olive, olive oil and natural olive oil soaps in
Turkey. We manufacture all types of olive oil and possess the
necessary means of exporting to all over the world. Our company has
been running business since 1950’s and known to be one of the most
reputed companies in the industry.
We would be more than happy to supply you with any types of olive
oil (extra virgin, virgin, refined, olive-pomace). We can serve
these types in glass bottles (250ml., 500ml., 750ml., 1000ml.), in
tins (3lt., 5lt., 10lt., 18lt.), in 190 kg. drums and in bulk.
Upon request, we could supply black and green olives in various
types of packaging such as; glass jars, PET plates and tins.
Please contact us for further details and prices.

Description: We offer the following products.
Dried morels mushrooms (morchella conica)
Dried round morels mushrooms (morchella rotunda)
Any interested firm contact us we will be give him full information
of qualities and prices.

Description: We have been producing and exporting fruit flavored
lollipops in Turkey, since 1988. We are looking for lollipop
importers all over the world. Our quality is good with competitive

Description: Here is distributor of import food in China. We have
three years experience of distributing imported food (chocolate,
biscuit, candy, pasta, ...) in Eastern China. We are lookin for new
food products.

Description: I basically have Over 5 Years of experience in
Commodity Trading/Cashew Processing and 3 years of experience in
inspection of export cashew kernels and container stuffing.
Presently involved in identifying/supplying raw cashew nuts from
African countries and organizing export orders for cashew kernels
mainly for Panruti market. Have done huge quantities of cashew
kernels for domestic market viz. Delhi, Gujarat and also do export
inspections and certifications for many exporters in panruti.
Currently operating my own firm mainly catering to Panruti market
for their raw cashew nuts and marketing their cashew kernels to the
domestic and international markets. Sourced some quantity of raw
cashew nuts of Indonesian origin and done exports of cashew kernels
to Singapore markets. Inspecting export cargo and issuing quality
certificates is another service rendered by me to panruti exporters.
I will be able to source quality panruti cashew kernels for
singapore, USA and European market standards. My contacts are
Only limited to reliable and reputed exporters. I can assure you
reliable business from panruti on a long term basis. To start with
i can straight away offer you the following business for Aug/Sep
Grade: W320/W240(one full container each grade)
: w320&w240(mixed) one full container
Terms: Irrevocable sight L/c for 100% of the invoice value.
Inspection by any independent inspection agencies.
Price: 1.66usd for W320 & 2.07 USD FOR W240(FOB INDIA)
Hope this business venture starts with this and continues for a long

Description: Virgin Coconut Oil, undeodorized, unrefined,
unbleached. Cold-Processed. First-pressed from choice, fresh, mature
Philippine coconuts.

Description: Meat, dairy products, Indian basmati rice, coconut
rafters, and all types of food products.

Description: One of the leading exporters of basmati rice & spices
from Pakistan. We are an ISO certified company which is managed by a
team of professionals in their respective areas. Our client base is
in quality conscious markets like Europe, Canada & USA.
Our production facility is located near Lahore and have latest
version of Rice processing machinery installed. The processing &
packing activities are performed under hygienic conditions. Rice is
processed according to International standards. We supply Basmati &
Non-Basmati varieties entire to the client satisfaction. Brown,
Parboiled & White rice of said varieties is our production line. We
look forward to receive trading inquiries.

Description: We have recently launched our brand of popular potato
crisps called 'Kracks' for which we require distributors in Africa.
Interested parties may contact.

Description: We are the leading producer of honey and pine nuts in
Turkey. Honey types: natural pine forest honey, flower honey.
Time being flower honey in net 300 kgs barrels 2x20 feet sea cont.
ready to shipment, crop 2003 Euro 2, 55 CIF European port.
Pine honey seaqson will be start around 15 Sept. 2003.
Plus, we can supply Pinenuts in cleaned and as pine cone too.
Please do not hesitate to contact with us for more information.

Description: We are in the business of processing and supply of
preserved Gherkin in brine, Acetic acid and natural alcoholic
Vinegar in bulk. We can also supply preserved silverskin onion in
We can suply Mago and other pulp and juice. We can supply natural
vinegar, synthetic vinegar in bulk and consumer packs.

Description: Cold pressed safflower oil - 100% pure & natural.
No heat/ no chemicals/ no additives. Unrefined. Simply filtered.
This oil is mechanically cold pressed at below 50 deg. C to avoid
damage to the oil. This results in low yield but produces the best
oil for you.
Our product range includes sesame oil, flaxseed oil, peanut oil &
mustard oil.

Description: We are a professional supplier of confectionery, now
some new designs of jelly pop, lollipop, gummy candies for kids etc,
we can also manufacture according to your request. And we supply
canned food/fruit, like canned water chestnut, mushroom, pineapple,
mandarin orange.

Description: Currently, we are able to supply instant lingzhi
powder, which is usually made into instant lingzhi coffee, mini.
Order 200 kg.

Description: We would like to offer you our products of: (powdered
soft drinks, concentrated liquid drinks, ready to drink juices,
baking powder and vanilla powder) all these products are available
in competitive.

Description: Here comes an introduction of our Company. We are
exporter base company settled in Pakistan. We are the one of leading
company in Pakistan. We are exporters of:
1. Pure white crystle sugar
2. Basmati rice having extra ordinary quality.
3. Dry fruts
4. Pure spices
5. Herbs
as well.
We are already export our pure products in:
1. Denmark
2. Manila
3. Philipines
4. Norway
5. Canada
as well.
We are member of "EPB" (EXPORT PROMOTION BEURUE) and member of
Quality of our products is cause of our fame and hallmark. For more
details please contact without any hesitation. We will appreciate
your enquiry

Description: We are looking for distributors/agents to market our
unique instant coffee (with agaricus extract) and herbal tea.
Interested party please email or fax.

Description: Nutri-Dri Foods is your source for the freshest dried
fruits and vegetables! Our crops come straight from the fields and
brought to our licensed commercial kitchen, where they are
Our products are worth buying!
Each of our products has good texture, long shelf-life, and has no
chemical residue or any preservatives.
Nutri-dri: natural solar dried products
Dried naturally by the energy from the sun
100% natural, healthy, and in most cases are medically beneficial
Available in variety of flavors and ready-to-use
BFAD Certified and recognized
Termed “CLEAN” in the industry because of our high hygiene
We do not add anything in the processing of our products.
Advantages of nutri-dri foods:
Increase Nutritional Value by 5 - 8%
More concentrated flavor, texture and aroma
Retains the natural color of its fresh version
Clean hygienic preparation
No spoilage and wastage
100% Natural and Organic
Longer shelf life thus economical
Ready-to use, thus reduces preparation time in the kitchen.

Description: Offers selective tastes, flavors and natural
colors which provides to show your life style by adding to the
dinner tables exciting specialties.
We are at your disposal with our products' high quality and our good

Description: Headquarter is located in Istanbul and our factory is
very close to the ULUDAĞ mountain in Bursa and we are the group
companies. We provide spring water and mineral water from natural
sources and produce our products by using latest technology with
high quality and unchangeable mineral structure.
In addition to this, our products are suitable with the health and
hygiene standards and offered to the consumers. We are developing
continual all the products with AR-GE Dep. For this reason, You can
supply superior competition with above-mentioned in market.

Description: We are a experienced supply of confectionery in China
for years and have exported worldwide, now some new designs of hand
decorated jelly pop and cake decoration of different flavors and
sell good, please contact us for more information and welcome your
inquiry at your early time.

Description: We now have 2x20fcl of French green beans for sale,
grade on, 6.5mmm in diameter and 7cm in length, 800gx12/ctn, contact
us if you need and we will offer more information, rush or it might
be late.

Description: Potato chips in canister packaging like Pringles
offering USd 8.50 FOB China, FDA approved, taste almost like
Pringles. Looking for distributors in various countries.
Unbelievable price! If you have quantity of 2 40fcl per month, i can
lower by usd$0.10.

Description: We are mainly handling of Korean Ginseng & Red Ginseng
products and now expand our markets to overseas countries. If you
want to know more information on our products, you may contact web
pages at your convenient.
For more information, please be advised of our main handling items
as below:
. Ginseng & Red Ginseng Root
. Red Ginseng Extract
. Ginseng / Red Ginseng capsule / powder
. Honey sliced with ginseng / red ginseng
. Ginseng Candy / Chocolate / Gelly
. Red Ginseng Drinks
. Red Ginseng Tablet
. Others
In the meantime, we'd like to know your company information further
and to know whether you are interested in our products.
We believe that we are able to offer high quality ginseng products
with competitive prices to our customers and would like to make a
good relationship with you.

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