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chemicals trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory


Trade leads chemicals

Description: We are a leading soda series products manufacturer in
China. The products include more than 40 kinds, among which such
leading products as Soda Ash, raw salt, bromide, melamine, calcium
chooride, and sodium nitrate rank the first in same trade in the
country in terms of the indexes of scale, returns and market shares.
There are more than 20 kinds of products have been certified by the
ISO9000 series international quality system certification. The
products are well sold al over the country and exported to over 30
countries and regions. The foreign exchange earning volume through
exports having been reached forty million US dollars per year.

Description: All requirements of diethyl phthalate, all types of
xathates and surfactants manufactured in India to the exact customer

Description: Specialist supplier of a variety of chemical products.
Tati??s growth areas are in organic & inorganic chemicals, pigment
chemicals, fluorine chemicals, electro-plating chemicals and feed &

Description: Mainly produce Fluorescent Pigments, TGIC.

Description: Supply thiourea dioxide. Allow us to introduce
ourselves as the manufacturer of Thiourea Dioxide, which is an
excellent substitution for Sodium Hydrosulfite, and used as deinking
and bleaching agent for paper and textile industries. We started to
produce Thiourea Dioxide in 1983, our annual capacity is 2700mt.
Over 80% of our products were exported to Europe, America and South-
east Asia. Being the earliest and largest TDO manufacturer in China,
our products enjoy high reputation in the world market owing to its
uniform and excellent quality. We achieved ISO9002 quality system
certification in 2000.
Thiourea Dioxide: 99% Min.
Thiourea: 0.1% Max.
Moisture: 0.05% Max.
Sulfates: 0.17% Max.
Iron: 10 ppm Max.

Description: Mainly produce Fluorescent Pigments, TGIC.

Description: Supply thiourea dioxide. Allow us to introduce
ourselves as the manufacturer of Thiourea Dioxide, which is an
excellent substitution for Sodium Hydrosulfite, and used as deinking
and bleaching agent for paper and textile industries. We started to
produce Thiourea Dioxide in 1983, our annual capacity is 2700mt.
Over 80% of our products were exported to Europe, America and South-
east Asia. Being the earliest and largest TDO manufacturer in China,
our products enjoy high reputation in the world market owing to its
uniform and excellent quality. We achieved ISO9002 quality system
certification in 2000.
Thiourea Dioxide: 99% Min.
Thiourea: 0.1% Max.
Moisture: 0.05% Max.
Sulfates: 0.17% Max.
Iron: 10 ppm Max.

Description: High quality powder coatings at globally
competitive rates thru patented resin technology We are a
leading manufacturer of powder Coatings in India with a
capacity of around 5000 MT. we are one of the two companies
globally who has got the unique advantage of backward
integration of pure polyster resin manufacturing. Besides our
technical director holds patents on polyster resin technology.
We have a full-fledged R& D lab for constant product
upgradation & innovation and customized product development.
After establishing ourselves in the domestic market in India
we plan to come a big way in exports. Our products are of high
quality, meeting international standards/specifications at
globally competetitve rates. We have more than 500 shades in
Pure polyster / hybrid/pure epoxy/ metallics/
textures/structures/antiques etc. Enquiries invited for
Overseas representatives / Channel partners globally specially
for Middle east, CIS Countries, Srilanka and African countries
where huge export potential is identified. Trade enquiries are
also invited from bulk importers/ users.

Description: We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of
oleo chemicals in China, the main products include: fatty
amines, fatty acids, glycerine, quaternary ammonium salts and
their derivatives, such as: coco amine; tallow amine; lauryl
amine; stearyl amine; oleic acid; glycerine; ditallow dimethyl
ammonium chloride, hydrogenated tallowalkyl, etc.

Description: Powerful anti-aging system, which was invented lately,
Belle Masque facial massager and Anti-Aging Skincare Cosmetics
manufactured in Korea, Masque is the electric device which radiates
heat and far infrared rays, which warms up the face skin and
eliminates wastes, together with penetration of far infrared
rays to activate skin cell metabolism and cell regeneration.

Skincare cosmetics are the revolutionary invention to treat skin
troubles and reverse age of the skin minimum 5 years. This anti-aging
effect is very surprising to eliminate spots and blemishes, together
with slimming face contour by lipo-dissolving and draining agents,
which is rated the most effective and strong among anti-aging skincare

Description: A key enterprise with a long history in Chinese
cproduction. It has solid technique strength and complete examining
and measuring facilities. It has been honored "Second-class National
Measurement Unit" and "China Famous star Enterprise".
The leading products have won a lot of prizes for high quality, issued
by the City, the Province and the Ministry and have won "Famous Brand
Products in China".

Description: The Patented Invention of Age-Reversing FIR
Beautifier Masque: The effectiveness of Masque has been
testified and verified officially that it is effective and
innovative invention to improve the health and beauty of the
face skin, efficiently eradicating wrinkles, brown spots,
freckles, and obsolete cells together with scrutinized
inspection of product safety and performances, and the product
was patented such from Patent Bureau. Belle Masque is the
world first patented beautifier facial massage masque.

Description: Key enterprise with long history in the line of China
rubber machinery. Our main products include: hydraulic press for
tyre, plate vulcanizer products, banbury intensive kneader,
tow-roll mixing mill, rubber extruder machine, and other
rubber machineries.

Description: We are the Quality manufacturers of Iron (III)
Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex (IPC) / Ferric Hydroxide
Polymaltose Complex in India offering both in liquid & powder
01) Paracetamol.
02) Diclofenac sodium
03) Diclofenac potassium
04) Cetrizine hcl
05) Tinidazole
06) Fluconazole
07) Glipizide
08) Tizanidine hcl
09) Brimonidine
10) Zinc picolinate
11) Chromium picolinate
12) Alendronate sodium
13) Chloroehtoxy acetamide

Description: We export bottle-grade PET chips and synthetic

Description: We are looking for importers who buy caustic soda
flakes on regular basis. We offer caustic soda flakes packed
in poly lined hdpe bags, manufactured in large indian chemical
plant. we will offer very competetive prices with timely
shipments. L/c will be directly on manufacturer.

Description: As a main manufacturer we are in a strong
position to supply the following products: Paranitrotolune,
paretoluidine, paranitrobenzoic acid, nitrocellulose, aniline,
nitrobenzene, DNT, TDI, salicylic acid, diphenylamine,
metaphenylenediamine, BLE antioxidant, salicylic acid and
phosphoric acid.

Description: Manufacturer of quality cosmetics with
competitive prices. We are a leading cosmetic manufacturer in
Thailand. Our main lines of products are nail care, skin care,
perfumery, compact powder, lip care, and cosmetic accessories.
Our products have been exported to the U.A.E., Dubai, Saudi
Arabia, Jordan, Yemen Republic, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Syria,
Armenia, and Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Fiji,
New Zealand, and Panama. Our main export markets are in Middle
East and Asia. Our main export products are Kelly Pearl Cream,
Kisron Crown Compact Powder, Kelly Nail Polish, and Perfumes.
We also produce products under the customers' own brand names.

Description: Are you distressed from the aging signs? Enlarged skin
pores, fine and deep wrinkles, loss of firmness and slackening of
facial contour, loss of essential moisture, dark spots, dull and
shadowed skin tones. -- Erase every sign of aging on your face; Belle
Trio skincare treats the skin ultimately and helps reverse the aging.
-- Why should it be called Natural Therapy for the Beauty? Because
it's Age-Reversing Skincare Solutions invented by the philosophy of
"Back to the Pure Nature”

Triphosgene (CAS NO:32315-10-9)
Apperance: white crystal
Melting Point:79-83
Drying Weight Loss: 0.5%
Acidity: 0.1%

Description: We are looking for customers/importers /traders all over
the world for importing following compounds: Potassium Zirconium
Fluoride, Ammonium Zirconium Fluoride, Fluozirconate Acid, Zirconium
Carbonate, Zirconium Acetate, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zirconium Oxide

Description: We specialized in export:
Tung oil. Gum Rosin, Pine oil. Cubic Zirconium & Synthetic Stone.
Turpentine oil. Disproportionated Rosin. Zinc Oxide.
Titanium dioxide. Terpineol, pinene, Lithopone. Brassylic acid.
Dihydromyrcenol. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate. Corundum, Synthetic
Sapphire, Spinel, Ruby. etc.
Pls contact us if you are interesting in above products.

Description: We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of
oleochemicals in China, the main products include: fatty amines, fatty
acids, glycerine, quaternary ammonium salts and their derivatives,
such as: coco amine; tallow amine; lauryl amine; stearyl amine; oleic
acid; glycerine; ditallow dimethyl ammonium chloride, hydrogenated
tallowalkyl, etc. Please visit our website for more informations.

Description: Yellow phosphorus (P4: 99.96% min / AS: 150ppm max)
USD880/mt,FOB Huangpu phosphoric acid: (H3PO4:85% min / AS: 50ppm max)
USD310/mt,fob huangpu long-term and bulk supply available.

Description: Powerful anti-aging skincare system invented in this 21st
century, Belle Masque facial massager and Anti-Aging Skincare
Cosmetics patented and manufactured in Korea as world new FIR bio face
massager and bio-medicinal herbal skincare,

Masque massager is rare beauty care which radiates biogenetic far
infrared rays and warms face to eliminate wastes and penetrate FIR
rays to activate skin cell metabolism and regeneration. Meanwhile,
pure natural skincare cosmetics are the revolutionary invention to
treat skin troubles and reverse age of the skin, such as brown & black
spots and blemishes together with lifting & slimming face contour by
lipo-dissolving and draining agents, which is rated the most effective
and strongest among anti-aging skincare cosmetics.
The most important function of Belle Duo system is synergistic effect
between facial massage masque and anti-aging skincare, to say, deep
penetration of effective bio elements and nutritive up to dermis and
subcutis, and double elimination of wastes and poisons.

Description: We wish to introduce ourselves as a quality manufacturer
of Zinc Sulphate and Micronutrient Fertilizers in India since 1990.
Our plant is located in Uttar Pradesh 120 kms. from New Delhi. To know
more about us, please visit our website.

Description: The biggest manufacturer of electrolytic
manganese metal in Asia. We specialize in manufacturing and
exporting electrolytic manganese metal in flake/ powder / lump,
we export them over the word and win the customers at the best
quality price and services, if you are interested in our products
or have any question and requirement. Don"t hesitate, contact me
please. I"d like set up a long-term specifications: Mn99.7%min C
0.04%max S 0.05%max P 0.005%max, Fe+Se+Si 0.205%max.

Description: Our company has always been active in exporting
pharmaceutics materials, herbs, plant & animal extracts, food &
feed additives, and general chemicals. Our company had been
originated from Liangyungang Chemicals, Medicine and Healthy
Products Imp.& Exp. Corp. China, which has been famous for LYG
MEHECO. Owing to high quality, competitive price, prompt delivery
and satisfactory service, we have established friendly
relationship with hundreds of customers and won great reputation
all over the world. The annual turnover is up to 60 million US
dollars. With China entering into WTO, our company has achieved
ISO9001 certification. At the same time we have successfully
explored other lines, such as toys, textiles, electronics &
electrical, industrial suppliers and etc.

Description: We are manufacturers and suppliers of sodium
chromium and Barium chemical compounds. We have become a name to
reckon in the field of chromium chemicals such as sodium
dichromate, basic chromium sulfate, yellow sodium sulfate and
barium chemicals.

Description: Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5)
CAS No.: 1314-56-3
Specification: analytical pure, chemical pure
Excellent product quality--high activity, powder shape,
considrable specific gravity and the content is larger than 98.7%
,arsenic is less than
0.0015(15PPM),reduced substance is less than
0.01,the content of impurity is within the international
standard. Polyphosphoric acid (PPA)

Description: Urea N. 46% available for sale. Quantity: 12, 500MT
to 300, 000MT, in Bulk, on C&F basis, against fully funded
irrevocable and confirmed single LC, payable 100% at sight.
Origin: Russia/Ukraine/CIS/seller's option.

Description: Kindly introduce ourselves as one of the biggest
professional chemical manufacturer in China.
Our capacity of Triphosgene (CAS NO:32315-10-9) is more than
3000tons this year, will be 5000tons next year, and enjoy high
quality(purity:≥99.5%) and competitive price. We hope to
have an opportunity to co-operate with you. We can provide sample
for your check if necessary.

Description: We are exporter Iranian the best quality caustic
soda with competitive price in the region, please contact us for

For the ceramic paint, rubber, rubber, and plastic industries and a
coating for welding rod, and as protective slag for continuous steel
casting as stuffings in chemical. Packing: in plastic woven bag of
about 25/50kgs net or in 1m/t bag/as required

Description: We are leading and professional manufacturer of synthetic
Camptothecin Derivatives:10-HydroxyCamptothecin, 7-Ethyl-10-Hydro-
20(S)-Camptothecin (SN38), 9-Amino-Camptothecin, 9-Nitro-Camptothecin,
Topotecan Hydrochloride, Irinotecan Hydrochloride,
Synthetic Chemicals:
Aceclofenac, Alendronate Sodium, Aniracetam, Acetohydroxamic Acid,
Carvedilol, Celecoxib, Docetaxel, Etidronate Sodium, Meloxicam,
Naftopidil, Nifedipine, Milrinone, Ornidazole, Oxaprozin, Pamidronate
Sodium, Ramifenazone HCL, Stavudine, Topiramate, Troxipide

Description: We introduce ourselves as an importer of waxes like
paraffin wax, micro crystalline wax, montoun wax, carnauba wax,
residue wax, slack wax and candelilla wax from various countries like
Japan, Germany, Iran, Brazil, China, and Spain.

Description: We are chemical product manufacturer and exporter. Now it
is our chemical product list: melamine, cyanuric cid, sodium,
dichloroisocyanurate, tichloroisocyanuric acid, analgin, sodium
bromate, potassium silicate, sodium, bromite, silicate, metasilicate,
fumatic acid, nitric acid, c5/c9 petroleum resin, silica gel, sol.

Description: Company specializes in producing natural vitamin E,
phytosterol, stigmasterol, etc in accordance with FCC standard.
Applying the latest technology and equipment of molecular
distillation, the company has built a state-of-art Producing line to
produce 150MTS natural vitamin E, 100MTS phytosterol, 900MTS methyl
fatty acid, 10MTS stigmasterol, 0.3 billion Vitamin E pill from
vegetable oil per year.
1. Natural vitamin e oil:30%, 50%, 60%, 70%
2. Natural vitamin e powder:30%, 50%
3. Natural phytosterol 90%, 95%
4. Natural stigmasterol 85%, 90%.

Description: One of biggest manufacturers of fluoride chemical such as
PTFE resin, refrigerant(R22etc), hydrofluoric acid and fluoride’s
salt. We have obtained ISO9002, ISO14001, ISO10012 certificates.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading
manufacturer and exporter of s.o.dyes. We are having more that 20
years of experience in this business. We are manufacturing and dealing
with different kind of reactive, direct, solvent, basic dyes and
pigments. Presently we can offer you the under mentioned high quality
-Cold brand
-Hot brand
-Direct dyes
-Reactive dyes bi functional
-Acid dyes
-Direct light fast dyes
-High exhaust type
-Solvent dyes.

Description: One of the main suppliers of zinc compounds. The
production flow is automatically controlled to assure stability of
quality, have earned USA TUV ISO 9002 registered firm. The production
flow is automatically controlled to assure stability of quality, Main
products have germanium tetrachloride(GeCl4), zinc chloride(zncl2 ),
active zinc oxide(zno)(zinc white), zinc sulfate(znso4), zinc
carbonate(znco3 ), zinc ammonium chloride, zinc acetate; products have
a much lower content of heavy metals. Moreover for product lines to
complete with optical fiber, so expect manufacture silicon
tetrachloride (sicl4)99.

Description: We are one of professional manufacturer and exporter with
many years experience specialized in all kinds of plastic bag, such as
t-shirt bag, garbage bag, ziplock bag, flat bag etc. We are in
position offer competitive price on highly quality.

Description: We are one of leading talc producers in China, please you
are welcome to visit our web site, then you will find some materials
you need.

Description: Tattoo your body from head to foot
Body tattoo kit includes: tattoo powder (8 colors), pattern mold
stick, glue, and soft-hair brush. Powder color and patterns are
possible to be developed at customer's request.

Description: We introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers &
exporters of safety matches in our country. We manufacture all types
of safety matches from small box to big kitchen matches.

Description: We are an ISO 9001 certified chromate chemical
manufacturer and exporter in China with almost 30 years of
experience. Our product line includes chrome oxide green, chromic
acid and sodium bichromate - dehydrate. Interested parties can feel
free to contact me.

Description: We offer 100% steam based charcoal activated carbon,
with no chemical additives. Our activated carbon is safe for use in
foor processing. Other applications include: recoloration,
purification, absorption or impurities over wide range of products
including: water treatment, medicine, wine, glucose, MSG and other

Description: Our tile glue has a ten years sales history in Taiwan,
it is highly recommended by the Taiwanese decorating fraternity. Our
product SP-301 is specially made for PVC floor tiles, it's the
number one brand in Taiwan with top sales records. SP-301 has also
passed the CNS inspection and is favored by tiling operative.

Description: Taiwan's largest plastic pail manufacturer, often
referred to as the "Pail King". We are also into plastic injection
molding, experienced in the used of various engineering plastics for
molding products with stringent requirements.

Description: We know your company from internet, glad to get in
touch with you. We write this email to you with the hope of
establishing friendly business relationship with your company.
Our company is a big chemicals exporter in China. We mainly deal
export of chemicals. Our newly rebuild factory manufacture cobalt
salts, nickel salts, manganese salts, stannum salts. and so on.
Except these, we are specializing in the following 5 fields, namely,
pigment chemical, fluorine chemical, organic acid chemical, flame
retardant, water treatments.
The following is our quotation about cobalt salts, nickel salts,
manganese salts, stannum salts. Products:
The following prices are quoted on FOB China Main Port basis.
Cobalt Acetate 99% Co 23.5% USD9500/MT
Cobalt Carbonate Co46% USD9450/MT
Cobalt Chloride Co 24% USD2910/MT
Cobalt Sulfate Co21% USD5710/MT
Cobalt Oxalate Co 31% USD6900/MT
Copper acetate (Cupric acetate) Cu(CH3COO)2. H2O USD1655/MT
Cupric Oxide USD1677/MT
Cupric Carbonate basic CuCO3Cu(OH)2XH2O USD1786/MT
Cupric sulfate CuSO4.5H2O USD610/MT
Cupric Chloride CuCl2.2H2O USD1345/MT
Cupric pyrophosphate USD2000/MT
Manganese carbide(electric grade) USD995/MT
Manganese chloride Anhydrous USD1475/MT
Manganese chloride 4H2O USD732/MT
Manganous nitrate (solid) 99% USD1080/MT
Manganese carbide (industry grade) USD287/MT
Nickel Acetate USD3250/MT
Nickel Carbonate 47% USD5900/MT FOB CMP
Nickel Nitrate USD2555/MT FOB CMP
Nickel Sulfate 22% USD1876/MT FOB CMP
Stannous chloride USD3640/MT
Stannous chloride anhydrous USD4700/MT
Stannous sulfate USD4850/MT
Stannous pyrophosphate USD8200/MT
Potassium stannate USD5700/MT
Stannous oxide USD7250/MT
Stannum oxide USD7100/MT
Stannum bisulfide USD9600/MT
The above products are manufactured by our factory and they are
controlled by our professional staffs. We assure we can supply the
superior products to you. Also we guarantee we can supply the goods
with good quality all the time(as good as the samples).

Description: We understand that you are active in leather processing
industries in Italy & we are in a position to supply the following
product's such as:
Myrobalan -extract (spray dried powder / milling powder)-
Hydrosable vegetable tannin extract
Altan - combined vegetable & mineral tannin extract
Vegetan -condensed type vegetable extract
All the above three products are vegetable tannin extracts & India
exports major part to all over the world.
Oxalic acid
Oxalic Acid is used as a component or intermediate in the
manufacture of dyes, salts, esters and chemical products, for the
formulation of metal polishes, ink and wood cleaners, for processing
textiles, paper, and rubber for the purification of crude natural
gums in the bleaching and tanning leather, and also in the removal
of rust and stain in water cooled systems, especially car radiators.
Physical Appearance : White crystalline powder
Purity Min % : 99.50
Sulphate Contents Max ppm : 500
Sulphated Ash Max % : 0.02
Chlorides Max ppm : 20
Magnesium Max ppm : 10
Iron Max ppm : 10
Heavy metals (As Pb) Max ppm : 10
Nitrogen Compound Max ppm : 10
Potassium Max ppm : 5
Sodium Max ppm : 10
Calcium Max ppm : 20
Packing : 25 Kg.Nett HDPE Bags.
Dimethyl Sulphate
As you are also in the field of dyes. We take the liberty to present
a very good product used in pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Dyes (VAT),
Catronic Dyes.
We are already exporting to various countries in the world like,
Japan, Taiwan, Korea, USA & some parts in Europe.

Description: We are the company driven by Professionals with high
education background & sound experience as well as exposure to
International Trade since 1986. The Executive has manufacturing
experience of Dyestuffs (Reactive, Direct & Acid) right from 1975.
With relevant backbone we are offering variety of dyestuffs
(reactive, direct, acid, basic, solvent & food)from ready stock as
well as from customized manufacturing as per quality requirement of
the customer.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer/exporter of potassium
salt series of products mainly include: potassium nitrate, ammonium
chloride, calcium nitrate.
Welcoming your inquiry for above captioned product if you are in the
marker for them.

Description: We specially produce pearl lustre pigments. This is an
inorganic pigments made by Mica coated by TiO2. Oxen pearl lustre
pigments are widely used in many industrial fields such as plastics,
coatings, printing inks, cosmetics, synthetic leathers, package
printings, etc. There are more than 130 types and colors available
for choice. The quality of oxen pearl lustre pigments can be up to
the top European brand.

Description: We are supplier and exporter of petroleum by products
such as bitumen, RPO, foots oil, DOP and slack wax in Iran. We
welcome any enquiry in the fields of products mentioned and wait for
your response in your feedbacks.

Description: We produce anastrozole/ androsterone/ androstenone/
androstenol/boldenone base/cialis/boldenone undeclynate/conjugated
one propionate/flunitrazepam/letrozole/mesterolone/methenolone
lone/nandrolone decanoate/phenylpropionate/oxymethelone/
pregnenolone/sildenafil citrate/spironolactone/stanolone/stanazolol/
propionate/undecanoate/trenbolone acetate/trenbolone base/trenbolone
cyclohexylmethyl carbonate/.

Description: We are manufacturer of house-hold Detergent powder and
soaps. The detergent powder is washing machine friendly (Matic),
contains coconut oil, soft on hands, low suds.

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturers
of Solvent dyes, Pigments and Food colors in Tarapur, Mumbai.
We manufacture full range of colors and also manufacture custom made
colors for various applications.
Due to our consistency in quality, we are able to deliver our
services to big companies around the globe. We will be pleased to
have your enquiries.

Description: We manufacture masterbatch used in plastic industry.we
can offer you most competitive rates.

Description: Manufacture and supply plastic products. We introduce
ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of plastic products.
Our main products as follows: plastic pallets, plastic tray, plastic
box, plastic tank, plastic transport box, plastic wastebin/dustbin,
plastic poultry containers, plastic shopping basket, plastic kitchen
basket, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel
free to contact me.

Description: We are the leading manufacturer in China with ISO 9001:
2000 certificated, specializing in producing and marketing: Ammonium
thiocyanate, Sodium thiocyanate, Potassium thiocyanate, Calcium
thiocyanate, PMDA, Anthracite Filter Media, Benzensulfonic Acid,
Taurine and Polyvinylpyrrolidone series with Pharmaceutical grade
and industrial grade(such as K15, k17, k25, k30, k60, k90 ext.).
Our products are gained good reputation for the highest quality and
competitive prices.

Description: Our company is leader of produce calcium carbide in the
northwest of China (Baotou City Innr-Mongolia, China). We can
produce best quality and lowest price of calcium carbide. The
"DOUBLE RINGS" calcium carbide is enjoy high report. The Size: 0-
25MM, 25-50MM, 50-80MM, 80-120MM. Gas Yield: 295L/KG MIN. If you
feel interest, don't hesitate, please contact us.

Description: We are a professional supplier of a full range of
Molybdenum chemicals and could offer Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate at
competitive price with high quality. Please find specifications as
followings, Mo 39.5% min. Cl 0.005% max. SO4 0.02% max. NO3 0.005%
max. PO4 0.001% max. NH4 0.01% max. Heavy metal (Pb) 0.001% max.
Water Insolubles 0.01% max. Packing: In 25kg polywoven bag.
Interested parties please don't hesitate to contact us. Any
information from you is much anticipated.

Description: We can offer acid black 210 also known as luganil black
NT of BASF, also we can offer DASA and intermediate for making Acid
Black 210. We can offer dyes for leather, ink, silk printing and
also recently developed flouroscent dyes for fur industry.
Acid black 210 - equal to luganil black nt of basf, acid red 88 of
high solubility, acid orange 3 - c.i.10385, acid brown 75 -
c.i.34905, acid red 119.
Coomassie bordeaux V - ICI.
Also we can offer acid brown 282, acid yellow 49, acid yellow 194,
acid blue 113, salt free acid black 194, salt free acid black 210
for making liquid dyes and dyes for fur dyeing.

Description: Dear sir, we are exporter of all kinds of
pharmaceuticals and hope to introduce our products to your market
with your help. We have been in the field for more than 20years.You
are welcome to inquiry at any moment for any products you are
interested in. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

Description: We are a company working in the field of chemicals and
produce the PE coating material used for the internal lining and
external coating of piping systems in chemical plants, power plants,
seawater intake line, etc. and have proven to be superior in
chemical resistance and long-term use.

Description: We are ISO standard factory specialing in following
products: hydroquinone, manganese dioxide, manganese carbonate, iron
oxide black, L-Cystine, L-Tyrosine, L-Leucine, Benzaldehyde, Benzyl
chloride, NPK component fertilizer, UREA, etc. Our products is good
in quality and competitive in price.

Description: We are mfg of acid orange 7, acid red 18/88, acid
yellow 17/36, basi brown 1/4 & di paper yellow 4. With the plant cap
of 200 mt/mth.

Description: Company is a professional in melamine with various
purities and melamine table ware with bright color, smooth surface and
various types.

Description: As a chemical distributor of China we can offer you as
follows: natural methanol fcc, natural propanol fcc, natural butanol
fcc, natural isobutanol fcc, natural l-2-methylbutanol fcc, natural 3-
methylbutanol fcc, natural isoamylalcohol fcc, natural acetic acid
fcc, natural propionic acid fcc, natural butyric acid fcc, natural
isobutyric acid fcc, natural 2-methylbutyric acid fcc, natural d-2-
methylbutyric acid fcc, natural isovaleric acid fcc, natural heptanoic
acid fcc, natural hexanoic acid fcc, natural octanoic acid fcc,
natural valeric acid fcc, natural decanoic acid fcc, natural ethyl
acetate fcc, natural propyl acetate fcc, natural butyl
acetate fcc, natural isobutyl acetate fcc, natural 2-methyl butyl
acetate fcc, natural isoamyl acetate fcc. And most of products have
Kosher certificate, iso or GMP certificate.

Description: We supply sodium molybdate dihydrate at competitive price
with reliable quality: Mo 39.5%min. Na2MoO4.2H2O 99%min. Cl 0.15% max.
SO4 0.5% max. NO3 0.02% max. PO4 0.005% max. NH4 0.05% max. Heavy
metal 0.002% max. Water insolubles 0.01% max. Packing: In 25/50 kg
ploy woven bag.

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