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chemicals trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory


Trade leads chemicals

Description: We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of BOPP film
(packing and tape grade)and BOPP packing tape in jumbo roll and
acrylic water/solvent glue in China. With nearly 30 successful
experience and low cost, we are sure to serve you with best quality
and prices.

Description: One of the leading Mfr. & Exporters of Cardanol.
We look forward to your requirements.

Description: Available Phthalocyanine Pigments directly from
Manufacturer. No Agent, Trader in between.
Pigment Blue 15.0 ( Alpha Blue)
Pigment Blue 15.3 ( Beta Blue)
Pigment Green 7
Useful for printing ink, paints, plastics masterbatch, textile
emulsions manufacturers.
Very competitive price. Assured of quality & consistency in material
with post technical service.

Description: We are the manufacturer of UV Adhesive branded called
Nocraf. It's our own brand. This product is commonly used in
optical lens, optical pick-up, cameras lens, games station, watches
and etc. Besides, adhesive, we are also distribution for heating
elements, lubricants and grease and process temperature rings.

Description: Guar gum, printing thickner, adhesive, binder, khadi, cm
tkp gum, finishing product, fabric softner, blanket adhesive,
footwear adhesive, thickener, softener.

Description: We introduce us, as manufacturing and exporting Reactive,
direct, solvent, disperse dyes and organic pigments. We will provide
you the best competitive price and good quality.

Description: We invite representations from importers of powder
coatings to act as our overseas representatives / channel partners
country wise with exclusive rights for marketing of our high quality
powder coatings at globally competitive rates thru patented resin
We are a leading manufacturer of powder Coatings in India with a
capacity of around 5000 MT. we are one of the two companies globally
who has got the unique advantage of backward integration of pure
polyester resin manufacturing .
We have a range of around 750 products in Pure polyster / hybrid/pure
epoxy/ metallics/ textures/structures/antiques etc matching to
RAL/PANTONE standards.

Description: As one leading foreign trade corporation located in the
middle of China, we mainly deal in petro-chemicals, pharma-chemicals,
phosphorous chemicals, plastic, rubber products, organic and
inorganic chemicals including dyestuff, inks, paints, pigments and
intermediates. Etc. Our strong items: paraffin wax, sodium benzoate,
benzoate acid, lithopone, calcium chloride, zinc oxide, zinc
chloride, ammonium chloride, EMD and so on.

Description: We are the largest manufacturer and exporter for ammonium
persulphate, sodium persulphate, potassium persulphate, sodium
bromate, potassium bromate and sodium bromite in the north of China.

Description: Taiwan's largest plastic pail manufacturer, often
referred to as the "Pail King". We are also into plastic injection
molding, experienced in the used of various engineering plastics for
molding products with stringent requirements.

Description: 1.Popular item, fashion style
2.Fit for chain store, gift, and promotion.
3.Long-lasting, easy install.
4.Export over 15 x 40'container per month.
5.Welcome OEM/ODM order!!

Description: Please permit us to take a couple of minutes of your
precious time to introduce our products to you. We are the leading
sealant manufacturer in China. Our products are designed for
construction, auto, shipping container making industries, including
acetic/neutral cure silicone sealant, structural silicone sealant, PU
foam filling agent etc.
It would be appreciated if you could let us know what kind of sealant
you need. Catalogue covering our product range together with prices,
delivery, terms and other related information will be sent to you at
our first time.

Description: We are supplier of lubricant, industrial and engine oil.
You are kindly requested to inform us on your detailed inquiry such as
quantity and delivery term.
Related list products:
1.Automotive Gear Oils
2.Circulating Oils
3.Compressor Oils
4.Diesel Motor Oil
5.Gasolin Motor Oils
7.Hydraulic Oils
8.Hydraulic Oils (High viscosity)
10.Machine-Tool Way Oils
11.Neat Metal Working Oils
13.Refrigerator Oils
14.Rolling Mills Oils
Delivery Term FOB/CFR.

Description: We are a high tech firm in fine chemicals field. After
our hard work, We have developed the production line of anhydrous
piperazine (3000tons/year), triethylene diamine (800tons/year), 2-
cyanopyrazine(600tons/year), β-ethoxy ethylenediamine
(5000tons/year) and ethoxy piperazine (600tons/year). With rich
technical force and equipment, precision test instrument, our product
have got appraise and well sold in the world. We are the high tech
firm of Henan, quality reliable firm, contract stress and credit obey
The anhydrous piperazine, triethylenediamine and 2-cyanopyrazine, A
high tech product of Henan province.

Description: Largest producer of barium and strontium salts in Asia.
Now this company become a state-owned large scale chemical industry
and is the important base of producing and exporting of Barium and
Strontium salts in China, it is named as “China Barium salts City” by
the same industry. Products are very popular in over 60 countries and
regions as well as the domestic market.

Description: We can buy and sell following items any time.
1. Virgin/prime plastic resins
PE, PP, PS,, POM, PMMA, TOTM, master batch etc.
2. Recycled and off grade plastic resins
PVC, PET, EVA, ABS, POM, nylon 6 or 66, etc.
3. Films & sheets: PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PET films and others.
If you are in position to sell or buy any of above products please
feel free to contact us any time.

Description: We derive immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as
leading manufacturer and exporters of acid dyes from India having
already established our name in the global market by supplying
quality products. Since you are importing these products, we take the
opportunity to offer you the best acid dyes available in the global
market. Considering your ultimate requirement of acid dyes we would
like to mention below our product list for your selection and sending
us the letter of intent to enable us to send you our full corporate
Acid dyes
(1)Acid Brown 75 (2)Acid Brown 83 (3)Acid Brown 97 (4) Acid Brown 98
(5) Acid Brown 106 (6) Acid Brown 121 (7) Acid Brown 349 (8) Acid
(9) Acid Brown 355 (10)Acid Brown 402 (11)Acid Brown 434 (12)Acid
(13) Acid Red 119 (14) Acid Black 210 (15) Acid Black 234.
Our main & strong product is Acid Black 210.
We also manufacture direct and reactive dyes.
We eagerly look forward to your immediate response.

Description: I am as an Australian citizen and now establishing a
company in China. Our company is located in Yantai city, Shandong
Province, China. Where is on the southern bank of Bohai Bay. Here is
2Km away from International port. With convenient transportation and
communication. Here is 10hrs away to South Korea and 14hrs away to
Japan by ships.
We have a very strong research team in pharmaceutical intermediates
area and we are able to develop new pharmaceutical intermediates as
soon as receive your order. We also look for a Joint venture partner
who is interested in investing there. We are able to invest land plant
building and so on.

Hong Kong
Description: Company which is handling with exporting of all kinds of
disposable items. Our mainly export goods scope as follows:
1.LDPE and HDPE gloves
2.LDPE and HDPE aprons & bibs & capes
3.LDPE sleeves
4.LDPE shower caps and shower curtain
5.LDPE and CPE table cloth
6.LDPE rain poncho and bonnet
7.LDPE ICE bags
8.LDPE/CPE/non woven shoe cover
9.Non woven caps
10.Non woven gowns
11.Non woven beard cover and other
Non woven products.
12.Household gloves and vinyl gloves
13.Disposable toilet seat paper cover
14.Disposable glasses protector 15.aprons on roll bags and
vest carrier bags on roll 17.8 fold star bottom garbage bags on roll.
OEM are welcome.

Description: We can supply 90%, 95%chondroitin sulfate (bovne,
porcine, chicken and shark), and our annual output has reached
450tons. We could provide with you very competitive price. If you are
interested in it, please send e-mail to me. We will reply to you as
soon as possible. Or if you need any other raw material, your inquiry
is welcomed.

Description: We are one of leading cosmetic manufacturer in China and
now developing our company and expanding our foreign market.

Description: Reclaim rubber and tyre dust.

Description: We are a leading Chinese professional manufacturer
/exporter of potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, calcium nitrate,
ammonium chloride.
If you are interested, pls feel free to contact with us. We are in a
strong position to supply you with above mentioned products on regular
basis. Welcome your firm offer for more details.

Description: We can provide Iron oxide black and manganese products in
large quantity and competitive price. If you are interested, do not
hesitate to contact us.

Description: Acetic acid, nitric acid, oxalate.

Description: We are professional manufacturer specialized in all kind
of plastic bag with our own factory for many year in China. T-shirt
bag, garbage bag, ziplock bag, handle bag etc is our main products. If
you are interested in our products, please feel free and contact us. I
am sure we are in position to offer good quality at competitive price.

Description: We like to established trade relations with your goodself
with our excellent reputation in Pakistan can arrange multimillion biz
on regular basis, pls forward us your rock bottom CFR per ton Karachi
port price.
Caustic soda solid
Caustic soda flakes
Caustic soda pearls
Paraffin wax semi refine color white 1.5% any origin prefer China,
Titanium dioxide anatas and rutile grade
100-200 tons phenol 99%
5 FCL sodium cyanide 99% or 98% at USD 860 CFR
Looking your urgent reply via fax or email with complete details
packing, specification, origin, QTY/FCL etc.

Description: Hi-tech surface processing at anti-corrosion service
center. We develop to enhance the anti-corrosion capability of metals
to save the environmental protection.

Description: Our factory is largest producer of calcium lactate in
northwest China. It is a Hi-tech enterprise specialized in producing
lactic acid series products by using microbe ferment technique, and
main products is calcium lactate with annual output 1000 tons, if you
are interested in them, pls contact us for detail information.

Description: We are a professionally managed pharmaceutical company
focusing on developing and exporting pharmaceutical intermediates. We
need distributors for the following product:
NN Di methyl amino ethyl chloride HCL
2, 2 chloro ethoxy ethanol.

Description: We are one of leading cosmetic manufacturer in China and
now developing our company and expand our foreign market.
Hope you can take time to visit them and would be even grateful if you
found our products meet your interest. Also we can specially make the
product for you as per your sample and special design.

Description: We introduce ourselves, as manufacturer's and exporters
of direct dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, solvent dyes
(oil soluble colors) pigment powders, vat dyes, food colors
And lake colors. We are exporting our products to Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Peru and all European
countries, subjectularly, mainly Italy, Netherland, Germany
and Belgium. We are approved ISO 9001:2000 company, by ICS (reputed
international certificate body) and having Halal certificate for all
our food colors and lake colors products.

Description: We can provide Kmno4 (chemical) in powder form with
packing whatever you desire to import from India. Send us your
requirements and packaging details for further dialogue.

Description: We are professional manufacturer for raw material of
powder coating, mains are epoxy resin, polyester resin, epoxy curing
agent(TGIC, gloss reducing agent M68 and so on). We also can supply
other kind of chemical products, such as: caustic soda, melamine,
trimellitic anhydride, pine oil... Please be free to contact me for
further information if you are interested in.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of chrome oxide green,
if you interested in this item, pls kindly contact me! Be sure you
will get high quality and best price products.
Cr2O3: MIN99.2%
Moisture: 0.2%max
Water Soluble Salt: 0.3%max
Oil Absorption: 15-25%
Covering power: 15-25%c
Covering power: 15g/m2 max
Residue(thru 325mesh, 45um): 0.3%max

Description: We are manufacturers-exporters of adhesives, wax
polishes, metal finishings, antiquing products, ultramarine blue,
cleaner/detergents, liquid detergents.
We are also manufacturers-exporters of Wooden and Iron Handicraft.

Description: Our company mainly produces the edible calcium carbonate,
pharmaceutical calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, plastic-used light
and ground activated calcium carbonate. Those can be used as calcium
agent in medicine, health care and food industries and as functional
filling and strengthening agent in paper, plastics, rubber, paint,
printing ink, wire and cable industries.

Description: We manufacture ball valves & valve balls, material mainly
in stainless steel.
Our Feature:
Excellent testing facilities: the testing equipment in our house are
excellent that you are not able to find in other Taiwanese suppliers'
house...even not be able to find in the broad Mainland China.
ISO 9001 & PED: We are qualified by ISO 9001. Besides, PED
Cetification is following up and active by May, 2004.
Machine Parts OEM Projects: With excellent inspection equipment, we
are doing well with giant companies on OEM projects, both for valve
OEM and machine parts.

Description: I know your esteem company through internet so approach
you in the hope of establish business relations with you.
We are a professional manufacturer of brake hose 3.2mmx10.5mm make
accordingly to SAEJ1401 standard for automobile and motorcycle
Hydraulic brake.
Except brake hose, we are able to produce any brake hose
end(fittings)and assembly accordingly to drawings or samples.
Up to now, our products have exported to 26 countries and China
domestic OEM market. For more details, pls be kind to visit our
Should our products are your interest, pls do not hesitate to reply me
for more information or picture.

Description: Our Corp. is specialized in managing the carbon(graphite)
series products, especially:
(1) We can supply the series-connection type graphitization
Its typical properties are stabler during the use. Our Corp. is the
first Corp. in China which can supply this kind of electrodes in large
quantities. The specification we have: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20".At the
beginning of the next year, we will also can supply: 22", 24", 26".
(2) The Graphite Electrodes (RP, HP, UHP) (Diam.55mm - 600mm). The
length of Diam.100mm & 130mm we can achieve 1900+/-100mm.
After common research of many years, we have manufactured a kind of
products - resistant oxidative impregnation graphite electrodes, the
consumption of this kind of electrodes is less 10-20 than the regular
(3) The Carbon Blocks, its thickness we can achieve 35mm, its length
we can achieve 1800mm - 2000mm.
If you are interested in the above carbon (graphite) series products,
please contact us, we will give you a satisfied reply within 24 hours!

Description: We introduce ourselves as one of the leading
manufactures, producers and exporters of phosphate products,
especially food additive in China. Our products are enjoying good
qualities and have high reputations both at home and abroad.
Our company has been certified ISO9001: 2000, IQNET & STAR-K KOSHER
certificate. Our products as follows:
phosphoric acid, STPP, SHMP, SPP, MAP, DAP, MSP, DSP, MKP and DKP.both
If you are interested in, please inform us, we will offer you the best
price. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

Description: We are a manufacturer of pharma-grade cyclodextrins
(beta, alpha and gamma) on a large commercial scale basis from our
cGMP plant and are interested to sell our cyclodextrin products on
bulk basis and consider appointment of qualified distributors. Our
cyclodextrin products would be ideally suited for use in personal care
and cosmetics products, as pharmaceutical formulation to improve drug
solubility and bioavailability, as flavour encapsulation excipient and
in food industry as stabilizer.

Description: We are dealing in biochemicals, and animal base products.
Bile salt, pancreatin, liver ext. Beef ext. Pepton etc.

Description: Iran representative of talc.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of
castor oil derivatives from India. Our is an ISO 9001:2000 certified
company located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India. We can offer the
following products with quality and competitive prices.
1. BSS/BP/FSG Castor Oil
2. Hydrogenated Castor Oil
3. 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid
4. Ricinoleic Acid
5. Methyl 12 Hydroxy Stearate.

Description: Our company is a group company with 3 factories and 2
trading company. We are specializing in producing all kinds of
reactive dyestuff and also dealing with other kinds of dyes and
auxiliary. Your specific inquiry will be appreciated.

Description: ISO9001 certified company, specialize in manufacturing
sodium percarbonate (2Na2CO3. 3H2O2) with 20, 000MT/year.
As new oxygen bleaching agent, sodium percarbonate is a
multifunctional raw material for detergent. It provides powerful
cleaning, bleaching, stain removal, sterilizing, deodorizing
capabilities. Meanwhile, it is eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable,
and replacing sodium perborate and chlorate.

Description: We are a new factory of calcium carbonate, will produce
sizes from 6 mic. Up to 60 mic. very good quality and specifications
according to customer' needs and with high international standards.
We are planning to start exporting in 8 months time. We have great
supply to last us more than 100 years. so, we are seeking good and
long lasting importers. We offer a very good price for regular
customers. We are seeking agents all over.
Looking forward to receive your inquiries as soon as possible to
enable us to plan our production.

Description: We are manufacturers of aerosol sprays we deals in
insecticide sprays, air freshener, silicon sprays and other we also
deals in chemical powders we want to export our goods All over the

Description: Specializing on the sales and marketing of the
advanced chemicals, especially Peptide and Amino Acid. Compounds with
large scale and high quality are the main products in most of the
configuration, the main products include: octreotide, sermorelin,
goserelin, leuprorelin, calcitonin, eptifibatide, thymopenin, ghrp,
lypressin, oxytocin and etc.

Description: Potassium zirconium hexafluoride
Ammonium zirconoium hexafluoride
Sodium zirconium hexafluoride
Hexafluozirconat acid
Zirconium oxychloride
Zirconium carbonate
Zirconium acetate
Zirconium sulfate
Zirconium hydroxide
Zirconium oxide.

Description: We can supply: indole-2-carboxylic acid; indole-2-
carboxylic acid ethyl ester; indole-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester

Description: We introduce ourselves as one of the leading
manufacturers &exporters of synthetic food colours, lake colours,
cosmetic colours, toiletry colours, pharmaceutical colours, colours
for flavors.
Due to our consistent quality we have been successfully marketing our
products in India since last 10 years. Timely delivery, competitive
prices & customer satisfaction have enabled us to establish our
business through out the world.

Description: Our company is one leading manufacturer of disperse dyes
in China. We manufacture over 50 items of disperse dyes and middle
products-Dyes presscake. We export them to about 40 countries. such as
Japan, Korea, India, Egypt, USA, South Africa, as well as west Europe.
If you have any interest in our products, please do not hesitate to
contact me, I will try my best for you.

Description: We feel very glad to introduce ourselves as we are
manufacturer & exporter of ultramarine blue since 1949, we produce
ultramarine blue in industrial grade laundry grade, synthetic grade &
also we can produce quality as per buyers specification. Our packing
details are: loose 50-25kg HDPE bags, pouch pack 20gm to 1kg, box pack
30gm to 1kg, & also we can supply packing as per buyers demand.
Delivery terms: 30 days of confirmed order.
Payment terms: L/C at sight.

Description: Company is manufacturer and supplier of wax
rolls, wax products for textile industries, autoconers and spinning
mills in India. We have been manufacturing and supplying the demand
for their specialty wax rolls for many years. The company was founded
by techno crates with special inclination to produce the quality
products for modern and sophisticated spinning mills for their yarn
waxing through various latest autoconers.

Description: Our co. is a specialized factory which products super
glue. The product, cyanoacrylate adhesive, expoxy-dhesive, aluminium
tube packing, have an amazing new quick bonding power of multi-purpose
against wood, plastic, ceramic, rubber, metal, glass etc. They are
exported many countries such as America, Austrilia, Iran, France,
Germany, Thailand, Philippines, Russia and so on.

Description: Our company located in Indonesia is a high grade
Detergent manufacturer. Our oversea market are Australia (merlbourne),
Papua New Guinea and Africa. Currently we have intensive negotiation
with some buyer from Philippines, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Description: Turkish mining company supplies natural bentonite
and zeolite and serves to our customers with 39 minefields in
Turkey since 1978. Were seeking for enterprising
partnerships to act on Zeolite culture.

Description: We specialized in developing and manufacturing many kinds
of plastic products. One of our major series are various gardening
tools, namely are plant labels, adjustable ties, pegs, twist, plant
supporters, and various gardening wires.

Description: Our company specializes in producing cysteamine HCL and
all kinds of pigments, cysteamine HCL is used to manufacture
ranitidine and cemitidine and cosmetics raw material and feed additive
and chemical agent, pigment is used in paint and printing ink and
pigment printing and rubber and plastic and stationary and so on.

Description: We glad to introduce ourselves reputed Largest
manufacture in India as under product.
1. 1, 3-phenylenedaimine-4-sulphonic acid. (CAS no: 88-63-1)
2. Aluminium chloride (Anhydrous) (CAS no: 7446-70-0)
We assure you of our product most competitive rate.

Description: Very nice to note that you are importer of sodium
silicate. We are one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of
sodium silicate and sodium metasilicate in china with iso9002
certificated. Our company produces annually 10, 000-12, 000 tons of
sodium metasilicate, 8, 000 tons of sodium silicates and certain
amount of customized product.
Pls kindly note our product specification
1.Sodium Silicate Powder
RM-2.0 RM-2.3 RM-2.8 RM-3.0 RM-3.2
Modulus M 1.90 ~ 2.10 2.20 ~ 2.40 2.70 ~ 2.90 2.90 ~ 3.10 3.10 ~ 3.30
Na2O, % 26.0 ~ 28.0 23.0 ~2 5.0 20.0 ~ 22.0 19.0 ~ 21.0 18.0 ~ 20.0
SiO2, % 51.0 ~ 53.0 53.0 ~ 55.0 56.0 ~ 58.0 57.0 ~ 59.0 59.0 ~ 61.0
Bulk density, g/ l 550 ~ 700
Particle size 90% through 60 mesh
Other products include 1.8-3.2M (modulus) sodium silicate powder,
potassium silicate powder and potassium-sodium silicate powder, all
readily available upon your request.
2.Sodium Metasilicate[ Specification ]
Product name Na2O% SiO2% Fe % Non-soluble in water % Whiteness%
Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate 28.0-30.0 27.0-29.0 ≤0.05
≤0.30 ≥75
Sodium metasilicate nonahydrate 20.0-22.0 19.0-22.0 ≤0.05
≤0.30 ≥75
if you have have any query, pls contact us without hesitation, and we
will give you the rock bottom price for you.

Description: We are leading manufacturer of BOPP in China. Our main
products include plain BOPP film, matte BOPP film and heatsealable
BOPP film which is widely used in adhesive tapes, printing and
lamination. The thickness ranges from 15microns to 37microns.

Description: We are leaders (in Turkey) in producing and exporting
cotton slippers for hotels, hospitals, saunas, swimming pools, airline
companies and for promotion products! If u are interested in buying
just inform us and we will send u specific details as well as price

Description: Please quote your most competitive prices for 420kgs
fluxing meglumine BP vet CPT Tehran transfer.

Description: The largest manufacturer of the persulphates in the north
of China. Our primary products are the ammonium persulphare, Potassium
persulphate, sodium persulphate, potassium bromate, sodium bromate,
Sodium bromite. We have strong technology power, advanced management
system and perfect inspection system. Our products are in good quality
with competitive price.
We have got ISO9002 certificate, 60 per cent of our products is
exported to about 30 countries and areas cover South-east Asia, Europe
and U.S.A and enjoy good reputation. We have abundant experience on
the export business, and we'll offer our best products and services to
Assay 98.5%MIN
Active oxygen 6.91% MIN
Residue after ignition 0.02%MAX
Chloride and chlorate 0.001% MAX
Manganese 0.00005% MAX
Iron 0.0005% MAX
Heavy metals 0.0005%MAX
Moisture 0.10% MAX

Assay 99.0% MIN
Active oxygen 5.85% MIN
Chloride and chlorate 0.02% MAX
Manganese 0.0003%MAX
Iron 0.001% MAX
Heavy metals 0.002% MAX
Moisture 0.15% MAX

Assay 99.0% MIN
Active oxygen 6.65% MIN
Chloride and chlorate 0.005%MAX
Ammonia 0.05% MAX
Manganese 0.0001% MAX
Iron 0.001%MAX
Heavy metals 0.001% MAX
Moisture 0.05%MAX

Potassium bromate
Purity 99 % MIN
Loss on drying 0.1% MAX
Insoluble in water 0.01% MAX
Bromide 0.04% MAX
Ferrous 0.01% MAX
As 0.0001% MAX
Heavy metal (by lead) 0.0005% MAX
Sulfate 0.01% MAX
Chloride 0.0005% MAX
PH 6.5+/-0.5
PACKING: N.W. 50kg drums.

Assay 99.7% MIN
Loss on drying(105℃) 0.1% MAX
As 0.0002% MAX
Chloride 0.02% MAX
Bromide 0.04% MAX
Sulphate 0.01% MAX
Ferrous 0.0005% MAX
Heavy metal(Pb) 0.0005% MAX
PH 6.5+/-1.5   
PACKING: N.W.25kg or 50kg bags, 50kg fibre drums

Assay 60-80
Relative Density 1.28-1.30
Active Bromine 142-180
Appearance yellow transparent liquid
PH 13-14
PACKING: N.W. 25kg plastic drum.
If you are interested in the products above mentioned, you can contact
us freely.

Description: We are leading import and export department of Iranian
petrochemical Industry Group, which is a great-sized chemical
enterprise in Iran. We can export the following fertilizes with
competitive prices:
Urea-n46 (prilled & granular) bulk and bagged
Ammonioum nitrate 34.5%

Description: We offer all varieties of talc, calcide, redoxide
clinically etc all mesh available please contact for further details.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a rising export
organization involved in international trade. We deal in organic/
inorganic chemicals, Parma raw materials, Rubber chemical, Rubber, dye
intermediates, agro-chemicals and other miscellaneous chemicals.
Company believes in concept of Global Village, our dynamic marketing
team is ready to connect the world with our best service. Quality and
best service are the weapons to cope the world. We follow ISI
We are one of the export houses in India. We represent the leading
manufacturers of these items in India.
We believe that your company imports items the items we export. We are
interested in expanding our trade with your company.
We shall be glade to send detail literature/samples of items that may
be of interest to you, on hearing from you.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of
acid dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes & intermediates in India.

Description: May we introduce ourselves as one of leading manufacture
of methyl salicylate, salicylic acid, bon acid in china, and have been
engaged in this area for 30 years.
Our products as follows:
1) Salicylic acid: three grade(technical; sublimed; medicinal).
8000MT/per annum
2) Methyl salicylate: BP98/USP24 7000mt/per annum
3) Bon acid: 98% min, Refined grade: 99% min.7000mt/per annum
4) Salicylamide: USP24, 98.0-102.0% 800mt/per annum
5) 4-(Diethylamino) Salicylaldehyde 98.5% min.150mt/per annum
We guarantee to provide high quality products and dependable services
at the best price in China. Welcome inquiries form you!

Description: As reputed manufacturer and exporter of anabolic steroids
and hormones, we have years experience both in raw materials and
finished formulations. We guarantee 100% safe and prompt delivery.

Description: Leading dyes & dye intermediates exporters since 1964. We
have medium scale toll manufacturing facility in India with Hero Dye
Chem Industries for various Aroma Chemicals (geranyl nitrile, geraniol
ex palmrosa, geranyl acetate extracts & menthol crystals). Our
products have a wide range of use in processing and finishing of
manufactured products. Our products are meticulously tested, are of
the highest quality, and their effective productivity is unmatched in
the Industry.

Description: Taiwan's largest plastic pail manufacturer, often
referred to as the "Pail King". We are also into plastic injection
molding, experienced in the used of various engineering plastics for
molding products with stringent requirements.

Members only:
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