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chemicals trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory


Trade leads chemicals

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of detergent powder.
Specialize in small packing also 35 gm.

Description: We are involved into manufacturing of dye intermediates
and for globalizing its necessary to attain (demand >>> supply.)
List of our products
1) 4, 4-diamino sulfanilide (dasa)
Cas No. 16803-97-7
Purity: 95% Min by HPLCIimpurity: 0.12% (in dil HCI) 0.18% (in alk.)
2) 4, -4 diamino diphenylamine - 2-sulphonic acid (f.c. acid)
Cas No. 119-70-0
Purity: 92% Min by N.V.Impurity: 0.2% Max
3) 4, 4- diamino benzanilide (DABA)
Cas No. 785-30-8
Purity: 98% Min by N.V.Impurity: 0.2% Max.
4) Vinyl sulphone ester of acetanilide (para base VS)
Cas No. 26672-22-0
Purity: 95% Min by N.V.Insoluble: 05% Max.
Cas No. 117-61-3
Purity: 70% Min by N.V.Insoluble: 0.30% Max.
6) Vinyl sulphone ester of ortho anisidine base (OAVS)
Cas No. 10079-20-6
Purity: 95% Min by N.V.Insoluble: 0.50% Max.
7) P-amino phenyl azo salicylic acid (papas acid) Brownish Orange
wet cake
8) Orthonitrotoluene parasulphonic acid (ONTPSA)
Cas No. 97-06-3
Purity: 70% MinLight Brown color powder
9) Para phenylene diamino ortho sulphonic acid (PPDOSA)
Cas No. 88-45-9
Purity: 90% MinGrayish White powder
10) Ortho tolu dene 4 sulphonic acid (OT5SA)
Cas No. 618-03-1
Purity: 85% MinPinkish Brown color powder
11) Orthotoluidene 5 sulphonic acid (OT5SA)
Cas No. 98-33-9
Purity: 97% MinLight Grey color powder
12) 2- Nitro aniline 4-sulphonic acid (ONAPSA)
Cas No. 616-84-2
Purity: 80% MinGolden Yellow dry powderInsolubles: 0.2%
13) Ortho toluidene 5 sulphonic acid (OT5SA)
Cas No. 98-33-9
Purity: 97% MinLight Grey color powder
14) 6-Nitro 2- amino phenol 6 sulphonic acid (6-NAPSA)
Cas No. 96-93-5
Purity: 80% MinInsoluble: 0.2% Max.
15) 4-Nitro 2-amino phenol (4-NAP)
Cas No. 99-57-0
Purity: 60% Min Insoluble: 0.2% Max.
16) 2-Amino phenol 4- sulphonic acid (OAPSA)
Purity: 90% MinInsoluble :0.2% Max
17) 6-Acetylamine 2- aminophenol4-sulphonic acid (6-ACETYL OAPSA)
Cas No. 40306-75-0
Purity: 90% Min by N.V.Insoluble: 0.20% Max.6-NAPSA 0.10% Max
18) 4 Amino dipheyl amine 4-sulphonic acid (4-ADPSA) Purity: 90% Min
by N.V.
19) P-Amino azobenzene 4-sulphonic acid (PAAB 3:4 SA)
Cas No. 102-23-8
Purity: 90% MinOrange dry powder
20) P-Amino azobenzene 3:4-sulphonic acid (PAAB 3:4 DI-SA)
Cas No. 101-50-8
Purity: 80% MinReddish Violet dry powder
21) Vinyl sulphone ester of para cresidine base (PCVS)
Cas No. 26672-22-0
Purity: 94% Min by N.V.Insoluble: 0.5% Max
22) Ortho toluidine base (ot base)
Cas No. 119-93-7
Purity: 60% Min by N.V.
23) Meta uriedo aniline meta amino phenyl urea (MUA)
Cas No. 59690-88-9
Purity: 65% Min by N.V.Insoluble: 0.1% Max
24) 2-Nitro-4-amino dipheyl amine 4-sulphonic acid (2-NADPSA)
Cas No. 135-11-5
Purity: 75% Min by N.V.Insoluble: 0.3% MaxDimer 1.5%
25) 3-Nitro-4-amino diphenyl amine 4-sulphonic acid(3-NADPSA)
Purity: 80% Min by N.V.
26) 4-Nitro-4-amino diphenyl amine 2-sulphonic acid (4-NADPSA)
Cas No. 91-29-2
Purity: 60% Min by N.V.Insolubles: 0.30% MaxPPD 0.50% Max
27) 4-Nitro 2-amino phenol 6-sulphonic acid (4-NAPSA) Purity: 70%
Min by N.V.Insoluble: 0.20% Max
Cas No. 121-47-1
Purity: 98.5% Min by N.V.Insoluble: less then 0.1%Iron Content :<100
ppm Sulphanilic Acid :<0.5%
Cas No. 90-51-7
Purity: 90% Min by coupling.

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the
largest manufactures for disperse dyestuff in the world, and we also
produce cationic dyes, reactive dyes sulphur black BRN, indigo and
textile auxiliaries

Description: We are pleased to read your esteemed company on website
and know some of you. We would like to take this opportunity to
introduce ourselves to you.
We are professional manufacturer and exporter in researching and
developing acrylic. We take up the area of 70, 000 square meters and
have over 300 employees. Further, we manufacture sundry acrylic
boards of colors and specifications (the thickness avail for
2~50mm). The raw materials PMMA are imported from the international
famous manufacturers. All the equipments belong to the latest
advanced international ones and we adopt the most advance
technologies around the world. Our acrylic is widely applied in the
bath products, handcrafts, advertisements (fascia, light box and
shop signs), decorations, lighting (such as lampshade) and other
circles. As an acrylic specialist with many years of history, we
possess rich experience in researching and marketing acrylic.
Moreover, we also own a stern quality control team. Due to our
unique acrylic products, outstanding reliable quality and best
service, we are the first firm in China to have been authorized ISO-
9001 certificate by BSI company of Britain for acrylic industry. Our
products are well sold in the big and medium cities in China, at
meantime, into Euro-American and Southeastern regions. We will
provide our high-tech products with best quality to our clients all
over the world.

Description: We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to
introduce the above products and service to your esteem company.
As our parent company in Taiwan is one of the faithful manufacturer
and exporter, and have been running in fields of high-quality Epoxy
Resin & Hardener for many years. Our main markets are Hong Kong,
Mainland of China and South East Asia.
In order to give better and more efficient service to our valuable
customers in South East Asia, we have established a branch office in
Kuala Lumpur.
Kindly browse through our website to find out more of our products.
We would be pleased to answer any of your questions and provide
quotes on any orders or arrangements. We look forward to hearing
from you soon and stand ready to provide you with our quality
We also supply polyurethane resin, silicon, hot melt road marking,
high-quality cyanoacrylate adhesive and other chemical materials.
Other than chemicals materials, we do supply key chain accessories
and machinery for emblem industries. Please do not hesitate to
contact us if you require any information.

Description: We would like to inform you that our company;
Our Products:
Profile stabilisers
Pipe stabilisers
Injection moulding stabilisers
Cable/flexible stabilisers
Liquid stabilisers
Masterbatchs for polyolephines
Lead stabilisers
Metallic soaps
If you are interested in to our products, pls do not hesitate to
contact us.

Description: We have been working as indenting agent in various line
including pharmaceutical raw materials and chemicals. We have good
relations with leading importers at our end who wants to import
their requirements through us. At present we have requirements from
different customers of following items:
1- Citric acid monohydrate quantity 1 FCL.
2- Monosodium glutamate quatity 1 FCL.
3- Sodium saccharine 10-20 mesh quantity 10-15 m/t.
4- Rubber accelerator m, dm, d & ZDC quantity each 5 m/t total 1
5- Parafin
6- Carbon black 1 FCL.
7- Paraffin wax 2 FCL.
8- Slack was 2 FCL.
We therefore request you to please quote your most rock bottom
CNFC3% Karachi price to enable us to ask with customers to open l/c
at sight in your favor.
Thanking you for your close cooperation and look to your valued
Offers with interest.

Description: We are a manufacturer of PET chips. There are four
kinds of PET we can offer. WP56151 IV:0.79-0.83dl/g main
application: mineral water WP56152 IV:0.86-0.90dl/g main
application: CSD one piece bottle WP56153 IV:0.78-0.82dl/g main
application: heat setting(hot filling) pet WP56155 IV:0.82-0.86dl/g
main application: oil bottle. Our machines are introduced from
Italy, and we adopt USA DOPUN technology. We have received a
favorable response from our clients about our products.

Description: The limited company gathers the development, research
to manufacture, produce to the integral whole's cosmetics company,
and look for cosmetics abroad buyer.

Description: We are manufacturer of reactive dyes, having capacity
of 120 ton/month.

Description: Made in Japan chemicals are available.

Description: Taiwan's largest plastic pail manufacturer, often
referred to as the "Pail King". We are also into plastic injection
molding, experienced in the used of various engineering plastics for
molding products with stringent requirements.

Description: 1.Popular item, fashion style
2.Fit for chain store, gift, and promotion.
3.Long-lasting, easy install.
4.Export over 15 x 40'container per month.
5.Welcome OEM/ODM order!!

Description: Glass bead for road marking and for preening and
blasting as per BS 6088, AASHTO M247. In addition, we can produce as
per the customer’s standard.

Description: We are engaged in the export/import business of various
items like chemicals, agriculture, food grains, textile, etc. I am
interested in getting information from parties for import export of

Description: We are a environmental engineering company, water
treatment & effluent treatment chemicals are available for sale like
FeSo4, lime, aniscalents for RO membranes etc and can deal in any

Description: We offer consultancy services in field crop production on
a turn key basis, specialized in the sourcing, registering, marketing
agrochemicals from China. We supply our partners various agrochemicals
and chemicals intermediate with high quality and competitive price.
95% Min. Glyphosate Tech.62% Glyphosate Ipa Salt
41% Glyphosate Ipa Salt 98% Ammonium Salt Of Glyphosate
720 G/L 2, 4-D Amine Salt, 98% Min. 2, 4-D Acid,
96% Pendimethalin Tech.40% Paraquat Sl.
95% Quizalofop-P-Ethyl, 95% Mcpa tech.
Acetamiprid Cartap
Carbofuran Chlorpyrifos
Imidacloprid Para-Methyl
Malathion Acetamiprid
95% Amitraz
Benomyl Thioplanatemethyl
Carbendazim Chlorothalonil
Mancozeb Captan
Amicarthiazol Chlorflurecol
Chlormequat Chloride Ethephon
Flumetralin Gibberellic Acid
Mepiquat Chloride
Methyl-Bromide Methyl Bromide98%+2%Chloropicrin
Aluminium Phosphide
Chemical intermediate:
98%N-(Phosphonomethyl)Iminodiacetic Acid (Pmida)
99% Para-Benzoquinone (P-BQ)
Pharmaceutical intermediates:
D(-)-p-Hydroxyphenylglycine D(-)-p-Hydroxyphenylglycine Dane salt
P-Hydroxyphenyl Acetamide P-Hydroxyphenyl acetic acid
Methyl DL-p-hydroxyphenylglycine DL-p-hydroxyphenylglycine
Folic Acid P-(2-methoxyethyl) phenol

Description: We are one of leading exporters specialized in chemicals
and pharmaceutics in China. If you have inquiries, please feel free to
contact me and we will do our best to meet your requirements!

Description: Our company is a specialized company in producing tear
tapes & heat sealed BOPP films. Which are widely used in packing of
cigarettes, cosmetics, medicines, audio-visual products and ect.
Now certificated ISO9001, ISO 14000 and ISO18000, all of our products
are high in quality and lower in price.

Description: Offer acid dyes, disperse dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes,
calcium hypochlorite, and condom etc.

Description: Specializes in the researching, manufacturing and trading
environmentally-friendly pesticide, both in technical and formulation
As the sole registered professional manufacturer and exporter of
fenoxycarb in China, our company currently has annual producing
capability of 150mt fenoxycarb technical and 500mt related formulated
products. With state-of-the-art production equipment, sophisticated
testing instruments, experienced and motivated team and a complete
quality-assured system, our company has successfully developed and
applied a formulation series of fenoxycarb into forestry protection,
public health pests control, crop protection, stored grain protection
and etc, which are now widely promoted and employed in our domestic
market. Due to our superb product quality, competitive price and our
honest dealings, our fenoxycarb and related formulations have been
exported to America, Europe, south-east Asia and several regions
throughout middle-east.
Our company also manufactures and exports acetamiprid, bromoxynil
octanoate, cyanazine??pyriproxyfen and related intermediates as 4-
phenoxy phenol, 2-chloro-5chloromethyl-pyridine, chloroacetic, methyl
chloroacetate, amiline, acetoacetanilide, n-methylaniline, ortho-
toluidine and etc.
With the aim of developing environmentally-friendly pesticide and
establishing green families, we have a keen desire to have an
extensive cooperation with friends worldwide on the basis of honest

Description: La r?f?rence en mati?re de solutions de traitement de
surface. Plus de trois ann?es d'exp?rience, en THAILANDE, 32 en
une cr?ativit? constante, l'expertise technique, la flexibilit?, la
r?activit? de nos ?quipes... La bijouterie, la joaillerie,
l'orf?vrerie, l'?lectronique, la micro-?lectronique font appel ? nos
services pour notre ma?trise de l'ensemble des proc?d?s conventionnels
et l'apport de techniques innovantes en mati?re de traitement de
surface comme l'automatisme et l'informatique.

Description: Now available in small & bulk quantities of following
Triethylamine trihydrogenfluoride
Poly pyridinium hydrogen fluoride
Tetrabutylammoniumfluoride(TBAF)-trihydrate & 1M THF Solution
Tetraethylammoniumfluoride(TEAF)-trihydrate &.1M Acetonitrele
For any amount of requirement please contact us.

Description: We are among leading manufacturers and exporters of food
colours/lake pigments and blended food colours from India.
Our products: tartrazine/sunset yellow/carmoisine/ponceau4r/brilliant
blue indigo carmine/allura red etc....
We can offer very competitive prices to our buyers.

Description: We can supply you thiourea 99% min at our best price of
usd685/mt FOB China, and thiourea dioxide 99% min at USD1140/mt FOB
China. If you want our best price, we have a condition that we have
your best payment terms such as T/T 10% payment before shipment and
CAD 90% against documents or Irrevocable LC 100% payable at sight by
first grade bank. If you are really interested in our products, we
also can have a negotiation via my email, maybe you will get some
surprise, thanks very much in advance.

Description: We are exporter of
Sodium monochloroacetate (SMCA)
Monochloro acetic acid (MCA)
Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC)
Can meet your demand at the best rate with early delivery.

Description: We are specialized in producing the series of vitamin C
products, such as vitamin c, vitamin c phosphate, coated vitamin c.and
also yeast extract, flocculant (chitosan), polyether defoaming agent
If you are interested in our products, we could begin like old

Description: We established in January, 1979, is a leading foreign-
trade corporation in Jiangxi, we has invested two plants in Zhejiang
and Jiangxi province in 2000 that is specializing in developing,
manufacturing and exporting pharmaceutical raw materials and
intermediates. Our products including:
No. Name No. Name
01 6-Methylprednisolone USP 13 Oxymetholone
02 6-Methylprednisolone Acetate USP 14 Stanozolol
03 6-Methylprednisolone Hemisuccinate USP 15 Finasteride
04 6-Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate USP 16 Testosterone Cypionate
05 Nomegestrol Acetate 17 Norethandrolone
06 Gestonorone Base 18 Normethandrolone
07 Gestonorone acetate 19 Trenbolone acetate
08 Gestonorone Caproate 20 Trenbolone
09 Mifepristone 21 Allylestrenol
10 Melengestrol Acetate 22 Ethylestrenol
11 Androstanolone 23 Drostanolone propionate
12 Mestanolone
If you have interest in our products, please feel free to contact me.

Description: Fungicides: hexaconazole, tebuconazole, triadimenol,
triadimefon, diniconazole, flutriafol, bitertanol.
Insecticides: imidacloprid, acetamiprid, methomyl.
Plant growth regulators: paclobutrazole, uniconazole.
Acaricide: pyridaben.
Technicals and kinds of formulations.

Description: We are Chinese professional enterprise specialized in
manufacturing & exporting of chemical materials.
We have superiority on these chemicals:
Calcium chloride, sodium sulphate, sodium metabisulphite, zinc
sulphate, manganese sulphate, potassium nitrate, sulfamic acid, formic
acid, phosphate chemicals (such as: STPP, DAP, MAP, MKP, TSP, Sodium
hexametaphosphate, ect).
Wishing we can continue to cooperate at Chemical.

Description: We are offering basic chromium sulfate at very low

Description: We are ISO standard factory specializing in following
products with high quality and competitive price:
Manganese carbonate;
Manganese dioxide, etc.

Description: Ammonium persulphate
Assay 98.5%MIN
Active oxygen 6.91% MIN
Chloride and chlorate 0.001% MAX
Manganese 0.00005% MAX
Iron 0.0005% MAX
Heavy metals 0.0005%MAX
Moisture 0.10% MAX
If you are interested in the product above mentioned, you can contact
us freely.

Description: Potassium persulphate
Assay 99.0% MIN
Active oxygen 5.86% MIN
Chloride and chlorate 0.02% MAX
Manganese 0.0003%MAX
Iron 0.001% MAX
Heavy metals 0.002% MAX
Moisture 0.15% MAX
Free acid 0.10%MAX
If you are interested in the product above mentioned, you can contact
us freely.

Description: Potassium bromate
Purity 99-101.0 %
Loss on drying 0.1% MAX
Insoluble in water 0.01%MAX
Bromide 0.04%MAX
Ferrous 0.01% MAX
As 0.0001% MAX
Heavy metal (by lead) 0.0005%MAX
Sulfate 0.01% MAX
Chloride 0.0005% MAX
PH 6.5+/-0.5
PACKING: N.W. 50kg drums.
If you are interested in the product above mentioned, you can contact
us freely.

Description: Sodium bromate
Purity 99.7% MIN
Loss on drying(105&#8451;) 0.1%MAX
As 0.0002% MAX
Chloride 0.02% MAX
Bromide 0.04% MAX
Sulphate 0.01% MAX
Ferrous 0.0005% MAX
Heavy metal(Pb) 0.0005% MAX.
PH 6.5+1.5&#12288; &#12288;
Packing: N.W.25kg or 50kg bags, 50kg fibre drums
If you are interested in the product above mentioned, you can contact
us freely.

Description: Sodium bromite
Assay 60-80
Relative Density 1.28-1.30
Active Bromine 142-180
Appearance yellow transparent liquid
PH 13-14
PACKING: N.W. 25kg plastic drum.
If you are interested in the product above mentioned, you can contact
us freely.

Description: We have our own foreign trade right and enjoy good
reputation. 90 percent of the products are exported to about 30
countries and areas including America, Europe and East-south Asia.
It is a big state-owned enterprise. has now become a group of
specializes in manufacturing chemical fertilizer, chlor-alkali
industry, disinfectant chemicals and pharmacy etc. We have over 10
subsidiary company The group covers 120 million square meters, one
4000-meter-long special railway and a farm of 2.3 thousand mu. There
are over 3000 employees (including 400 technicians) working in the
group. It possesses 500 million RMB of fixed assets and it has over 20
kinds of chemical industry products.
Our main products are:
Ammonium persulphate (annual output: 6000mt)APS
Sodium persulphate (annual output:3000mt) SPS
Potassium persulphate (annual output:3000mt) PPS
Sodium bromate (annual output:1000mt)
Potassium bromate (annual output:1000mt)
Sodium bromite (annual output:1000 mt)
We will hold the principle of reputation as basis, customer as first,
and sincerely welcome the friend from abroad and at home to made
business co-operation and mutual development with us.

Description: As an old and experienced exporter and supplier in
chemical lines, our goal is not only more profit, but also market
expanding and good reputation. We have established a regular
channel, freight channel, transportation warehouse including re-
packing, loading, etc. Timely shipment, high-quality products and
perfect packing are the base of our business. Meanwhile, our price is
quite reasonable, we can compete our price, packing and service with
any other suppliers. All steps and request from our customer is
reasonable and important, that is the principle we have adhered to all
these years. we are now cooperating and supplying our products to
countries of USA, Australia, NewZealand, Spain, Portugal, UK, Greece,
France, Italy, Finland, Norway, Germany, Suisse, Turkey Egypt, Oman,
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, and some of agents and
partners are famous companies in the world. We are not a big and
company at moment, but our principle is "do by heart and responsible
for all promises.
Now we have some latest price for chemicals as follows CIF EMP PORT.
For more details, please give us your inquiry.
Calcium Lactate FCC 80% USD1210/MT
Calcium Lactate USP 85.0%-90.0% USD845/MT
Calcium Propionate FCC USD950/MT
Calcium Stearate Technical USD809/MT
Cobalt Acetate 99% Co 23.5% USD9175/MT
Cobalt Carbonate Co 46% USD12450/MT
Cobalt Chloride Co 24% USD7610/MT
Cobalt Sulfate Co21% USD4710/MT
Cobalt oxide Co 71% USD15000/MT
Cobalt Nitrate USD7100/mt
Cobalt oxalate USD9850/mt
Cobalt Sulphamate Soluton USD9767/mt
Copper acetate (Cupric acetate) Cu(CH3COO)2.USD1555/MT
Cupric Oxide USD2020/MT
Cuprous oxide USD3000/mt
Cupric Carbonate basic CuCO3Cu(OH)2XH2O USD1750/MT
Cupric sulfate CuSO4.5H2O USD760/MT
Cupric sulphate anhydrous USD1500/mt
Cupric Sulfate Basic USD2250/mt
Cupric Chloride CuCl2.2H2O USD1280/mt
Cuprous chloride USD1780/mt
Cupric nitrate USD945/mt
Cuprous Iodide USD30000/mt
Cupric bromide USD6050/mt
Cuprous bromide USD6980/mt
Cupric pyrophosphate USD2200/mt
Cupric hydroxide USD10000/mt
Cupric oxalte USD3880/mt
Cupric sulphide USD1520/mt
Nickel Carbonate 47% USD5200/MT
Nickel Nitrate USD2455/MT
Nickel Sulfate 22% USD2950/MT 21% USD2520/mt
Nickle sulfamate USD3520/mt
Nickle fluoride 34% USD3850/mt
Nickle chloride 24% USD2660/mt
Nickle acetate 23% USD3320/mt
Nickle fluorborate USD9650/mt
Methyltin mercaptide USD4980/mt
Potassium stannate 38% USD6000/mt
Stannous chloride (anhydrous) 60% (Sn) USD4680/mt
Stannous chloride(dihydrate) 97%content USD3880/mt
Sodium stannate 42% USD3850/mt
Stannic dioxide 99% USD6500/mt
Stannous oxide 99% USD6800/mt
Stannous methanesulfonate 50% USD4550/mt
Stannous Flouroborate 20.3% USD3840/MT
Stannous Sulfate Specification: 54.5% USD5088/MT
Stannous pyrophosphate 99% content USD8800/mt
Stannous sulphide 98% USD11080/mt
Stannous octoate USD4000/mt
Zinc hydroxide stannate 99% USD8450/mt
Zinc Stearate Technical USD898/MT
Manganese carbide (electric grade) USD895/MT
Chromic Acid Flake USD1476/mt
Specification:(%) 1. Purity 99.5min 2. Purity 99.7min
Flouroboric Acid 40% USD 890/MT 50% USD 958/ MT
Lead Flouroborate 28.0%min USD2580/mt
Lead Methane sulphonate (electronic grade) 52% USD4052/mt
Methane Sulphonic Acid
70% USD 1886/MT 99% USD 3564/mt
Silver Nitrate 99.8%min USD76580/mt
Dimethyl Disulfide 99.5-99.68% min USD1650/mt
We can also supply all kinds of electronic material and electroplating
chemical material and all electroplating surface treatment additive
and all kinds of fluorides chemicals for electroplating.

Description: We are comprehensive company, which deals with various
kinds of rubber products and plastic products, including rubber mat,
rubber sheet, crumb rubber, EPDM granules, rubber fender, rubber
mudguard, rubber tubes, rubber belts, rubber tyre, rubber tube, rubber
gasket, rubber tile etc. All in excellent quality and competitive
price. We have many customers in USA, Europe, Australia, South east
Aisa, etc.
Whatever you need, we'll try our best to help you with the principle
of customer first, credit first in mind. please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Description: Our unit is 100% export oriented unit of all basic dyes
in powder and liquid form. We would like to inform you that we are
pioneer in manufacturing in dyes. For the past 25 years we have
established good reputation in international market, we have been
exporting this product successfully to U.S.A., Taiwan, Germany,
Argentina, Mexico, Italy etc in Europe, Africa and many other
countries. Our product quality/samples have been approved & accepted
by many companies in International Market.
In case you have any requirement or need to evaluate our product
sample please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to have long
term business relationship with your esteemed organization and Also we
are forwarding our new product list to your Persual please arrange to
check it and inform your comments.

Description: The largest barium and strontium salts manufacturer and
exporter in Asia. Total capacity of Barium and Strontium salts is over
200000mts, products export to over 60 countries.
Our main business is export products as following:
1. Barium carbonate (99.2%min)
2. Barium sulphate precipitatedate (98.5%min)
3. Barium nitrate (99.3%min)
4. Barium chloride (powder& dihydr 99.2%min)
5. Strontium carbonate(98.5%min)
6. Strontium nitrate
7. Strontium chloride
8. Sulphur
9. Sodium thiosulfat
10. Thiourea
11. Ammonium bicarbonate (foodstuff, 99.2%min)
12. Natural barium sulphate (mesh 400-800)
13. Melamine (99.8%min)
and other chemical products.
If you are interesting in the above, pls connect us and we will give
you the best offer and the best service and that we will create a
strong business relation.

Description: We produce zinc oxide for different specification and
Zinc Oxide 99.7% Industry Grade
Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical Grade(USP23)
Zinc Oxide Direct Method 99.5%
Zinc Oxide Direct Method 99.0%
Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical Grade(BP98)
Good quality and service, exact shipments, will provide to you. Any
interested buyers can contact with us and more details and samples
are available to you.

Description: We are a larger industrial water treatment chemicals
manufacture in china, our product including HEDP, ATMP, PBTCA, HAMP,

Description: Over 200 customer-focused engineers working to bring
superior product and service solutions to industries and consumers
around the world. As a leading Natural vitamin E and Phytosterol
manufacturer in China, company specializes in producing Natural
Vitamin E, Phytosterol, Stigmasterol, Methyl fatty acid etc in
accordance with FCC standard.

Description: We offer tin tetra chloride, application glass coating,
pharmaceuticals and various other industries. Genuine buyers please
contact with quantity, destination port, for our best offers and

Description: This corporation is a leading trading corporation in
Henan and has business partners all over the world. Its traditional
export commodities include industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical, bulk
drugs, medicines & raw materials, light industrial and so on. In
addition, we adopt the business practice including introducing
foreign investment, processing with supplied components.

Description: Isovanillin 99% fob shanghai usd38/kg. Menthol crystal
fob shanghai usd12/kg.

Description: Our company is one of the largest manufacturers of
disperse dyes in the world. We have series of regular dyes for
dyeing and printing, also we can produce dyes according to the
samples of the clients. We in the meantime produce certain
quantities of acid dyes and reactive dyes. We hope establish
business relationship with importers of dyes in the world
with mutual benefit.

Description: We are ISO standard factory specializing in following
products: Hydroquinone, manganese dioxide, manganese carbonate,
iron oxide black, L-Cystine, L-Tyrosine, L-Leucine, Benzaldehyde,
Benzyl chloride, NPK component fertilizer, UREA, etc. Our products
is good in quality and competitive in price.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of photoluminescent
pigment in China. The photoluminescent pigment is made from rare
earth elements through a high-tech process. It absorbs light for
about 10~15 minutes and then emits a visible light for more than 12
hours in the dark. It is free of radioactive and toxic materials and
it is chemically stable. It can be added into paints, inks, plastics
and other synthetic materials to make them luminescent.

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