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chemicals trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory


Trade leads chemicals

Description: We are Chinese producer and exporter of dyestuff, organic
pigment, intermediates and silane coupling agent.

Description: We are manufacturers of lanolin anhydrous and wool grease
and based in India, for exports in Europe we are looking at you, we
stand for quality and service give us a chance to show our product
which we want to supply.

Description: We'd like to introduce ourselves as the leading
manufacturer and provider of various chemicals especially in
pharmaceutical products. We are the subsidiary company of China Energy
Conservation Investment Corp. which is a large scale State-owned
enterprise with 3.6 billions capital. We are willing to establish
business relationship with your company and see if there is
opportunity for cooperation.

Description: We are very strong, competitive & have a very good offer
for acetic acid to sell any qty but not less than 1FCL at a very
special price. Enquiry from your end is welcome. Quality very good.
Serious buyers only enquiry if possible with firm bids, firm qty &
shipment schedule
Payment: L/C at sight.

Description: We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves a reputed
mines owner, processors and manufacturer of various grades of
Bentonite powder for last three and half decades. We are supplying our
various grades to number to well known companies in India and abroad.
If you are dealing in business of bentonite powder than i draw you
kind attention to the following few lines. For oil well drilling
purpose we are manufacturing bentonite powder as per OCMA-DFCP-4
(SEC.3 & SEC.6) AND API GRADE(Section-13). For drilling mud and pile
foundation, KM under brand name ‘INDOGEL' processes Bentonite
which has excellent gelling properties providing consistent quality
conforming to OCMA AND API specification. Its higher yield values and
lower filtration loss cause reduction in its consumption to a very
appreciable extent. It is an excellent suspending agent and a hole
sealer. INDOGEL is also used in the slurry trench method for
construction in-place structural concrete walls and foundation where
its excellent viscosity and fluid control characteristics help to
ensure trench dimensional uniformity and verticality properties which
are critical in structural application. INDOGEL also facilitates the
use of low solids slurry systems which help to ensure the accuracy of
placement and strength of the concrete which is injected into the
Production of these items are being done under the guidance and
supervision of highly qualified and technically trained staff. We have
been supplying our products to several reputed organizations to meet
their requirements for the last three and half decades to their utmost

Description: We are very strong, competitive & have a very good offer
for aluminum sulfate 17% non ferric to sell any qty but not less than
1fcl at a very special price. Enquiry from your end is welcome.
Quality very good. Serious buyers only enquiry if possible with firm
bids, firm qty & shipment schedule
Payment: L/C at sight.

Description: We are very strong, competitive & have a very good offer
for ammonium chloride with anticaking agent to sell any qty but not
less than 1fcl at a very special price. Enquiry from your end is
welcome. Quality very good. Serious buyers only enquiry if possible
with firm bids, firm qty & shipment schedule
Payment: L/C at sight.

Description: 1. Solvent Red 8, 23, 24, 52, 111, 122, 135, 146, 149,
179, 196, 197
2. Solvent Yellow 14, 16, 21, 33, 56, 77, 82, 93, 114, 163, 176
3. Solvent Orange 54, 60, 62, 63, 86, 105
4. Solvent Violet 11, 13, 26, 28, 31
5. Solvent Green 3, 5, 20, 28
6. Solvent Blue 35, 36, 70, 78, 104, 122
7. Solvent Brown 43
8. Solvent Black 27, 34.
9. Vat Red 15, 41 and etc.

Description: We are leading exporter from India of rice (Basmati and
Non Basmati) and detergent powder. We can offer both rice and
detergent powder at very competitive rates.

Description: We are glad to introduce ourselves to you as the biggest
manufacturer and exporter in China in line of Chlorinated Paraffin,
our products gains a high reputation by overseas customers all along.
In 2002, our exported amount reach 4000M/T.
1.Chlorinated Paraffin 70%
Chlorinate Content: 68 - 72%
Moisture: 0.5% max
Softening Point: min 95 degree centi
Heat Stability index: 0.3%
Appearance: white or light yellowish powder
Size: 95% through 40 mesh
2.Chlorinated Paraffin 42
Appearance: Light yellowish Liquid
Chlorine Content: 40 - 42%
Specific Gravity: 1.14 min
Acid Value: 0.07 Mg KOH/g max
Heat Decoposition: 120 degree centi.
Quantity: 1 x 20' FCL / 18MT
Packing: 250kg iron drum.

Description: We are a manufacture of phosphoric acid 85% both
technical and food grade and other phosphate, such as MAP, MKP, DAP,
our products are mainly exported to all over the world, our price are
also reasonable. We will offer you upon receiving your inquiry.

Description: We are leading Trade House of INDIA in the field of
chemicals and solvents, have made our presence felt in the
pharmacutical/bulk drug, paints and inks, flexi packaging, dyes and
food processing industries in the recent past.
We have pleasure to take this opportunity to offer you the following
products at most competitive price;
1. Ethyl Acetate
2. Acetic Acid (Glacial)
We request you to please let us know your requirements for the same.

Description: My company products contain: tooth tungsten carbide (for
shoe-making), chemical sheet for toe puff, hot melt adhesive, uv
absorber and light stabilizer for polyurethane, adhesives in shoe
manufacture and for floor, conductive PVC flooring adhesive, The Resin
for picture paper (for inkjet prints).

Description: A professional manufacturer for resin, epoxy, silicone
compounds, PU, polyurethane, UV, lubricant, instant glue. adhesives,
fixed, potting, encapsulant, insulatant, sealant, casting, heat sink
compound, coating, doming, mold making.

Description: As for us, we were established in 1992 and now being the
leading professional manufacturer and exporter of Inorganic Bromide
series products in China.
Especially in ammonium bromide, sodium bromide, potassium bromide,
lithium bromide, manganese bromide, calcium bromide, zinc bromide,
magnesium bromide, hydrobromic acid etc. having 5500 metric tons
outputs and nearly 2500tons for exports. such as Japan, America, UK,
Middle East, South Africa, Korea, Europe, India, England, Canada etc.

Description: We can supply acid dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes and

Description: We are one of largest exporter of Calcium Chloride in
Supply: Calcium Chloride Dihydrate 72%/74%/77%;
Calcium Chloride Anhydrous 90%/94%/96%;
Powder/Flake/Granule, Industry/Food grade/BP grade.

Description: A large company in the fields of agricultural products
processing and pharmaceutical. As the ISO9002 certified company, our
products sell well more than 100 countries. Presently our main
products for export Citric Acid, Starch Sugar, Lysine, MSG, Fuel.
We firmly believe that it will satisfy your need. And we also export
agency products form other manufacturer. We hope to make a business
with you.

Description: ISO registered company and one of the largest company
which mainly handle kinds of chemicals. After establishing in 1974, it
has developed itself with import and export volume of more than usd500
million annually. Our products are include food and feed additive,
water treatment material, Pigment, intermediate of organic and pharm,
Inorganic chemicals, such as potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, isolated
soy protein, l-malic acid, sodium erythorbate, agr agar and so on. We
offer the most innovative products based on our wide experience and
knowledge of the sectors we are addressing to. You may rest assured
you will get fully assistance from our side not only on the price, but
also on our specialized service.

Description: Designated manufacturer of the State Bureau of Coal
Industry, and the member unit of the Executive Council of Chinese Coal
Conveyor Belt Association. It mainly produces the "Guangtong" Brand
PVC, PVG full core, high intensity and fire-thwarting conveyor belts
at various levels, and the elastomer-plastic products as well, which
have passed through the ISO 9001 Certificate of Conformity of Quality
System and granted the "Owner Operation Rights of Import and Export

Description: The most professional and biggest soy isoflavone
manufacturers in China, supplying various kinds of soy isoflavones
with different specifications. Our main products include 10%~80% soy
isoflavone, water-soluble isoflavone, natural genistein and so on.
10%~80% soy isoflavone Water-soluble soy isoflavone Natural genistein.

Description: Producer of thiocyanates in China - ammonium thiocyanate,
sodium thiocyanate, potassium thiocyanate, calcium thiocyanate, and
activated carbon.

Description: Complete-stabilized Zirconia bead. Character: Real
density: 5.9\Bulk density: 3.6\Hardness: 7 mohs. Using range:
Vertical, horizontal high-speed pin mill, good effect for high
viscosity material. Linear speed 25 m/s. Features: 10-20 times longer
life than fusion-method Zirconia, increase more than 40% of the
production efficiency. Without break and blowhole, it is very well-
accepted in many foreign enterprises for several years.
Partial- stabilized Zirconia bead.
Character: Real density: 5.9, Bulk density: 3.6, Hardness: 7 mohs.
Using range: vertical, horizontal high-speed mill, Linear speed 25
m/s, for grinding of high viscosity material. Features: 5-7 times
longer life than fusion-method zirconia, increase more than 30% of the
production efficiency. Without break and blowhole.

Description: Choline Chloride 50-75%Min.are produced by our own
factory, its output is 28, 000MT yearly which is the biggest producer
in China so that we can supply them to you at most competitive Price.
Choline Chloride 50-70%Min.are solid form with different Carriers/Base
such as Corn Cob, Silica, each packing is in 25kg bag, 15-16MT for its
Corn Cob can be loaded per 1x20'FCL; 18MT for its Silica Base Can be
loaded per 1x20'FCL; Choline Chloride 70-75%Min. are Liquid, each
packing is in 230kg plastic drum. 18.4MT for Liquid can be loaded per
1x20'FCl. For details you are welcome to contact us. We are ISO9002
Certified company ( its number is 1300/20018290 DD Aug., 10, 2001),
42-002-2105 is Duns number for our company, you can contact your local
Dun & Bradstreet for our company's Stand and Credit. Besides we can
supply various chemicals such as magnesium oxide, dicalcium phosphate,
tylosin tartrate/phosphate, robenidine, zinc bacitracin, citric acid,
ammonium bicarbonate food grade, phosphoric acid, isonicotinic acid,
maltodextrin, sodium benzoate, glucose, sodium tripolyphosphate,
ammonium persulphate, potassium bromate, lithopone and etc at
reasonable price, if you need others, please feel free to visit our

Description: 1)Copper Sulphate Pure L.R./Tech./Monohydrate,
2)Ferrous Sulphate Pure/L.R. Monohydrate,
3)Ferrous Sulphide Lumps/Sticks/Powder,
4)Ferric Sulphate Powder,
5)Ferric Sulphate 40% Solution w/w.

Description: We are specialized in developing and manufacturing many
kinds of plastic products, mainly for daily uses. One of our major
series are many kinds of gardening helpers, those labels, ties, etc.
also we have various gardening wires. Do invite your interest.

Description: Our company is in the first place to produce polyamide
film in China. The film which is produced on our two production line
is in the lead in quality, quantity, science and technology. To
improve the properties of polyamide film, we introduce production line
from U.S. This production line adopts a technology of casting film on
both leteral and longitudinal direction. Products from this line have
been improved in mechanical properties and lowered thickness tolerance
and basically comply with the DuPont Standard and have strided for
international market. We can supply you with 6052 polyimide film with
a thickness of 0.025-0.075mm and width of 16-1000mm. We have already
sold our polyimide film to Singapore, U.S, Russia, India Korea.

Description: PME (Propynol ethoxylate) CAS No: 3973-18-0.
Appearance: Clear colorless to yellowish liquid.
Assay: 98% min.
Density: 1.01~1.04 g/cm3 (20C).
PH: 6.0-7.0.
Application: Leveling agent, brightener.

Description: As one of the leading manufacturer in China, our company
specializes in produce and trade on Chemicals, Pharmaceutical raw
materials and intermediates.
Polytetrafluroethylene RESIN CHC-1
Purity: Test plate is white and of homogeneous impurity.
Tensile strength, MPa ≥ 27.4
Elongation, % ≥ 300
Bulk density, G/L 300~450 
Particle size ,(Retention% FROM 65MICRON SCREEN ≤ 15
Moisture, %: ≤ 0.04
Melting point, ℃: 3275
Normal specific gravity: 2.13~2.19
Thermal instability index: ≤ 50
Electric strength, KV/MM ≥:   100
Package and storage: This product is filled in two-layer plastic bags
with rigid drum.
Outside, vibration should be avoided during transportation. It should
be stored 24th under 22-25℃ before sifting and pressing.

Description: 1. Specific Gravity at 15.6/15.6 Deg.C 0.7950
2. Alcohol Content as Ethanol 99.65% W/V
3. Alkalinity Nil
4. Acidity asacetic Acid 0.0012% W/W
5. Residue on evaporation 0.1010% W/W
6. Aldehvde Content as CH3 COOC H5 Nil
7. Copper as Cu Nil
6. Methyl Alcohol Content Passes the Test
8. Test for Fuel oil content Passes the Test
9. Ketones as Isopropyl alcohol and Tertiary
Butyl Alcohol Nil.

Description: Manufacturing with sell jasmine concrete and absolute
oil. The production equipment is advanced, produce in batches, the
annual production capacity of the products can reach 4 tons of Jasmine
concrete, 2 tons of jasmine absolute oil.

Description: We are manufacturer-exporter of following products.
01. Caustic soda flakes /prills
02. Caustic potash flakes
03. Liquid chlorine
04. Hydrogen peroxide 50%
05. Chloroform
06. Potassium carbonate
07. Phosphoric acid.
Should you have any enquiry for the above products, pl.feel free to
contact us.

Description: We are manufacturer of various tin compounds. If you have
requirement of specific tin compound kindly contact us.

Description: We offer Bulk Pharmaceuticals (API) manufactured at best
cGMP standards from India. The undersigned is a chemical engineer and
has over two decades of experience in the same line. Some of the
products that can be supplied are as follows: metronidazole,
trimethoprim, sulphamethoxazole, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin,
ibuprofen, dextropropoxyphene, atenolol etc. All the products will
meet as per BP/USP/EP specifications.
We can supply the samples for your approval with MSDS and have Third
party inspection before despath. The unit price will be very
competitive, depending on the product and volume the lead time for
supply can be given.

Description: We are the first and biggest manufacturer of the hot
stamping foils in China. Our products can be transferred on the
surface of the plastic product just as PS picture frames, PVC wall
panels and ceiling panels...etc. we have hundreds of patterns for the
choice of customers, for example: gold colour, silver colour, wood-
grain, marble-grain.
Nowadays the hot stamping foils are well received by many
manufacturers of picture frames and PVC wall panels and ceiling panels
in the world.

Description: Focus on the R&D of nano-structured titanium dioxide in
sunscreen, antimicrobial, anti-static and photocatalysis. The company
has set up production bases both in Shanghai & Shenzhen, and one
overseas office in Toronto, Canada. Now we are seeking for
If you are interest in nano material, please feel free to contact me.
Products Include:
Nano TiO2, rutile, used in sunscreen, UV-block paint;
Nano TiO2 anatase, used as photocatalyst & antimicrobial;
Ag+ compounded anatase TiO2, used as antimicrobial;
Anatase TiO2 sol;
NaZr2(PO4)3/Ag for anti-bacteria

Description: We are exporter of such medical teaching models as
anatomical models, histology and embryology models, acupuncture
models, pathological nurse models, gynecology & obstetrics models,
medical jurisprudence models, histology models etc. Chemical products
are our main items as well, if you are interested with our products,
let me know!

Description: We cordially welcome the old and new friends all over the
world to discuss businesses, make friends, and enclange contacts with

Description: We are in the professional market of the chemical
products. We are handling citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, vanillin,
activated carbon, epoxy resin solid, sodium benzoate, sodium
glutamate, synthetic camphor powder dab-6, ammonium chloride,
potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, potassium carbonate, potassium
bicarbonate, potassium sulphate and etc.

Description: The main products of this plant are as follows:
1. The plastic assistant agent serier;
Light Stability Agent 2002
Ultraviolet ray absorbent UV-531
Antioxidant 1425
Antioxidant 3114
Antioxidant 1222
2. Medicinal intermediate substance series:
Medicinal benzoic acid
Medicinal sodium benzoate
Medicinal Salicylic Acid
3. Agricultrual medical intermediate:
Paratertiary clo.

Description: We are writing you in the hope of establishing business
relations between us. We have been exporter of organic chemical
products for many years. The main products are para-, ortho-, meta-
nitrotoluene、2, 5- dimethyphenol、2, 4-
hydrochloride、doxazosin mesytl、phloroglucin and so on.
Our products are in conformity with ISO9002 and have obtained
Certificate of Conformity of Quality Assurance System Certification.
Now we enclose the catalogues for your reference. Please contact us if
you are interested in these. We would be glad to offer best service.

Description: We are please to provide the products we manufactured
listed below, please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry:
Pharmaceuticals: CAS No.:
Ribavirin (FDA, cGMP, ISO) 36791-04-05
Inosine (GMP, ISO, Kosher 58-63-9
L-Proline (GMP, ISO, Kosher) 147-85-3
Adenosine (ISO, Kosher) 58-61-7
Guanosine (ISO, Kosher) 118-00-3
L-Valine (ISO) 72-18-4
1, 2, 3, 5-Tetra-O-Acetyl-Ribofuranose(TAR or D-Ribose) 13035-61-5
Food Additives
Disodium 5'-Inosinate(IMP) (Kosher, Halal, ISO) 4691-65-0
Disodium 5'-Guanylate(GMP) (Kosher, Halal, ISO) 5550-12-9
Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotide(IMP+GMP)(Kosher, Halal, ISO)IMP+GMP
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) (ISO) 142-47-2
Mixed MSG and I+G.

Description: Hi-tech surface processing at anticorrosion service
center. We develop to enhance the anti-corrosion capability of metals
to save the environmental protection.

Description: As a leading exporter of Silvichemical products, we can
offer you such as gum rosin, turpentine, pine oil, activated carbon,
forest flavor and fragrance, as well as other chemical products and
packing materials. Please kindly visit our to get more information
about sunny rosin.

Description: Our company is the largest manufacturer of chromic acid/
sodium dichromate and anatase/rutile titanium dioxide in china.
The capacity of chromic acid is 30000mt/year and tio2 is 25000mt/year.
We export 50% of our products to USA or other country every year!

Description: Colloidal silica: we are a leading producer of colloidal
silica 30% & 40% sodium, potassium or ammonia stabilized. We have
product with particle size as small as 5 nm or as big as 30 nm.
Material can be shipped in FCL loads or small lots of 1MT.

Description: Retention aid for paper industry: we are producing
retention aid suitable for paper industry. Our price is economic &
product comparable with the best in the world.

Description: Magnesium Nitrate: We are the largest producer of
agriculture grade of magnesium nitrate. The product is used as a
foliar spray or in drip irrigation.

Description: Calcium nitrate: We are a leading producer of high purity
calcium nitrate suitable for coagulation, Biotechnology or laboratory

Description: AntiSkid agent for paper industry: We produce antiskid
agent used in the paper industry.

Description: We take the pleasure in introducing our firm to you as
the leading manufacturer and exporter of photoluminescence products.
Main product:
1. The photoluminescent pigment
2. Photoluminescent plastic master batch.
3. Photoluminescent printing ink
4. Photoluminescent paint
5. Photoluminescent sign
6. Photoluminescent film (PVC sheet)etc. Now the products of the
company have already widely used in the following fields: police, fire
fighting, electric power, traffic, architecture, railway, ship,
aviation, military establishment, people's air defense project,
industrial arts, tourism, electrical appliance and so on.

Description: We're able to supply oxalic acid anhydrous on regular,
long-term basis. Please contact us for details if you're interested.

Description: We are manufacturer specialized in specialty disperse
dyes. Our main stable quality disperse dyes list as following:
Red-343 (Red F-3BS) Red-86 (Red R3L) Blue-301 (Blue S-3G) Blue-
165(Blue BBLS) Blue-165: 1(Blue BGLS) Blue-165: 5, Blue-165: 2, Blue-
148(BlueS-3RT) Blue-257 (Blue 3R-SF) Blue-183(Blue SE-2RL) Blue SD-5R
Blue SE-B Blue-366 (Blue CR-E) Violet-63(Violet S-3RL) Violet-
77(Violet S-4RL) Black S-2BL YELLOW-211, YELLOW-119, YELLOW-114 etc.
final products and press cakes.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading
manufacturer and exporter of S.O.Dyes. We are having more than 19
years of experience in this Business. We are manufacturing and dealing
with all kind of reactive, direct, solvent, basic, disperse dyes and
pigments. Our products includes all series of direct, reactive, acid
solvent and disperse dyes & pigments. We are giving utmost care at
each and every step of manufacturing and the products are checking at
our laboratory at every stage of manufacturing. So, We can assure you
the Quality of the Product as International Quality.

Description: Sell hydroquinone: grade: photo grade and ind. grade.
Appearance: white nedle or powder crystal;puirity: 99.5-101.1pct
Melting point: 171-175DC; solubility: up to standard
Residue on ignition: 0.05pct.max; heavy memtal(Pb): 0.002pct max.
Iron (Fe): 0.002pct max.

Description: Sell manganese dioxide: formula: MnO2
Superior grade: MnO2: 91min.
Standard grade: MnO2: 90min.
Usage: main raw material for producing zinc-manganese dioxide,
alkaline-manganese dioxide and lithium-manganese dioxide batteries.

Description: Sell mangangese carbonate: formula: MnCO3.
Grade: soft magnetism grade/industrialgrade/feed grade.
Use: the material and fodder additive of electromagnet ferrite,
ceramic glaze and as well as micronutrient fertilizer.
Our products is good in quality and competitive in price

Description: Offers:
1-Chloroethyl Chloroformate(50893-53-3),
2, 2, 2-Trichloroethyl chloroformate(17341-93-4),
2-Phenylethyl isocyanate(1943-82-4),
4-Nitro benzyl chloroformate(4457-32-3),
4-Nitrophenyl chloroformate(7693-46-1 ),
4-Tolyl isocyanate(622-58-2),
Benzyl chloroformate(501-53-1 ),
Bethanechol chloride(590-63-6),
Cyclohexyl Isocyanate(3173-53-3),
N, N'-Carbonyl diimidazole(CDI)(530-62-1),
Phenyl Chloroformate (1885-14-9),
Vilsmeier reagent(3724-43-4),
Z-L-Valine NCA( 158257-41-1),
( + -) 1, 2, 2, 2, Tetrachloro-ethyl chloroformate (98015-53-3),
4-Toluene sulphonyl isocyanate(4083-64-1),
Carbonyl Bis Caprolactum(19494-73-6),
1-Chloroethyl Isopropyl Carbonate (98298-66-9).

Description: Are you searching high quality polypropylene bags with
competitive prices to import? So, AJS is true address for you. We are
able to produce PP bags in every size and quantity. Please do not
hesitate to contact us to get further information about our products.
We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Description: We'd like to introduce an innovative product. GY-90 Scale
removal for stainless steel. It is designed to eliminate the scale
easily only 5-20 minutes withour expensive treatment machines or
complicated and dangerous acid-cleaning process of high temperature.
GY-90 is the best suggestion without any high temperature to take
replace of traditional hydrofluoric acid treatment to be effective and
fast for removal scale problems.

Description: This company is a professional waterproof heat-resistant
material manufacturer. The main product lines include water-based PU
resin, water-based polymer rubberized asphalt waterproofing glue epoxy
resin floor material, elastic cement, cement mortar reinforced

Description: We introduce ourselves as citric acid manufacturer, we
could supply citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous, sodium citrate,
with good quality meet with BP or usp standard and favorable price and
condition. If our products is in your interest, please contact us.

Description: We want Cobalt Metal in Flakes 99 % purity for import in

Description: We take this privilege to introduce our ourselves as one
of the largest & leading mineral supplements and Fine Chemicals
manufacturer. We are exporting our following products to looking
catering demands for in National and International Pharma Industries
for our strengths in quality, reliability and reproducibility.
Ammonium adipate
Beta-d-glucose pentaacetate
Calcium citrate usp/fcc
Calcium d-saccharate usp/ saccharate)
Calcium gluconate ip/bp/ep/jp/usp/fcc(oral & inj.)
Calcium glubionate
Calcium glycinate
Calcium lactobionate usp/fcc
Calcium lactogluconate
Calcium peroxide fcc
Cobalt gluconate
Chlorobutol nf.
Chromium picolinate
Copper di sodium edetate.
Copper gluconate usp/fcc
Copper glycinate
Di-sodium calcium edetate usp/fcc(calcium di-sodium edetate)
Ferric citrate
Ferrous fumarate ip/bp/usp/fcc
Ferrous gluconate ip/bp/ep/usp/fcc
Ferro glycine sulphate

Description: Hi-tech chemical enterprise, engaged in scientific
research, production and sales, mainly on electronic chemicals, fine
chemicals especially pharmaceutical intermediates including: P-
Methoxybenzaldehyde Benzaldehyde p-Tolualdehyde Solid phosgene(BTC)
Natural vitamine E Fish Oil EPA/ DHA Tetramethylammonium
hydroxide(TMAH) Tetramethylammonium hydroxide(TEAOH)
Tetrabutylammonium hydroxide(TBAOH) Choline hydroxide.
Lithium Hydroxide (Special for cell production) Dimethyl carbonate
DMC) Vinorelbine ditartrate D-tryptophan L-tryptophan Allanton
3, 5-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde P-Methoxybenzaldehyde
Benzaldehyde p-Tolualdehyde Solid phosgene(BTC) Dimethyl carbonate
(DMC) Tetraethylammonium Bromide 4-Ethylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid
trans-4-n-Butyl cyclohexanecarboxylic acid
trans-4-n-Pentylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid 5-Chlorovaleryl Chloride
N-Ethyl-3, 4-Methylene Dioxy Aniline 3, 4 - Methylene Dioxy Aniline
m-Xylylenediamine Trimethylamine (TMA).

Description: Hi-tech Spring is a newly built manufacturer of Dimethyl
Carbonate in China with a capacity of 10000t/year.

Description: Our company is a professional enterprise which is
engaged in research, development, production and export of steroid
products. As a company we consistently strive to distinguish ourselves
from competitors in terms of service, price and quality. Hunan Steroid
is committed to meeting not only the customers" needs of today but
also those of tomorrow. We look forward to building a partnership with

Description: We are one of the biggest bag producers and exporters
in China. We established our production base in 1976 and has formed
a company group. Our factories could rank the top position for the
turn-over of the bags in East Asia. We now have more than 400
circular looms for the bag production. We specialize in the
following bags:1). Bags for industrial use: these kind of bags are
normally used for packaging industrial materials such as salt,
chemicals, flour, minerals, grain etc.

Description: We are one leading suppliers of chemicals such as
Tetrahydrofuran (THF), 1, 4-Butanediol (1, 4BDO), Potassium
Hydroxide (KOH) and Soyabean oil fatty acid in international market.
We are committing to satisfy our customers with lowest quotation,
excellent quality and best service. Hope to enjoy a opportunity to
cooperate with you.

Description: We are quality-oriented manufacturers of reactive/
direct/ acid dyes from India. Our products are manufactured under
strict quality assurance systems. We solicit enquiries from
prospective buyers of these products.

Description: We are suppliers of superior desiccants like desiccant
Silica Gel, both white (non-indicating) and blue in bags of 2 gms, 3
gms, 5 gms up to 250 gms or in bulk as per requirement.
Also, we supply superior quality adsorbent/desiccant activated
alumina spheres having better characteristics of adsorption, surface
area, pore volume and mechanical strength. Particle size of these
Activated Alumina balls is of 3-5 & 5-8 mm diameter. Surface Area
M2/gm(min): 360.Adsorption Capacity at 300 C and 60% RH by Wt.
In addition, we also supply silicon rubber both 75 mm x 3 flat type
and 'p' seal type, silicon sealants, molecular sleeves.

Description: We are the largest exporters & traders of paraffin wax,
rubber processed oil and petroleum products. Kindly please free to

Description: We are prime manufacturer of wood finishing products,
metal surface treatment chemicals and industrial thinners. Ours is
an ISO 9002 certified company.
We are supplying our following products to Multi National Companies
and EOUs throughout the country:
Samsung, Whirlpool, G.E.Motors & many more)
We claim that our products are at par in quality as compared to any
international or local brand and assure you that we will provide you
the services to your satisfaction with most economical and user’s
friendly products.

Description: We export industrial salt (NaCl). PLEAse find below the
details of the salt.
Industrial grade
Nacl 98.5% (ondry basis)
Moisture 3.0%
Ca 0.16%
Mg 0.08%
So4 0.45%
Insolubles 0.4%
Packing: Bulk.

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