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chemicals trade leads - Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory


Trade leads chemicals

Description: Oxadiazon, as one of our agrochemicals, is widely
welcome around the world for its best quality as well as competitive
price. Should you got interest in oxadiazon, please feel no
hesitation contacting us. Any of your inquiry about it will be
highly appreciated and treated formly.

Description: We are the first-ranked polyurethane machine
manufacturer for demanding PU casting, Pouring, filling or bonding
tasks in S. Korea.
Many Korean manufacturers have substituted Italian or German
Polyurethane machines with ours, because of good quality and
competitive price.
So we are pleased to expect that our machine could give you an
opportunity to enhance your Polyurethane products in price & quality
Our PU Machine Products can be well applied to produce a various
flexible and rigid PU products with adjustable mixing ratio, mix
head, viscosity, output range, etc.

Description: A sourcing firm with an India wide network. Our business
is prepared to assist professional buyers from around the world to
source dry/processed herbs, herbal & ayurvedic products, essential and
aromatic oils at a very competitive prices.
We are well established in the respective market having strong
relations with basic producers & end-users on global scale with an
extensive knowledge of our range of products and their usage. Our
Strength is a specialized focus on buying and selling our streamline

Description: We are manufacturers & exporters of following products
for last many years
Metanilic acid, di ethyl meta amino phenol (demap), resist salt,
Pigment blue 15:0, 15:1, 15:3, 15:4
We have 3 manufacturing units in India to produce above products.
All our products are qualitatively comparable with multinational
standards but are offered at a competent price. Having fairly high
production capacities we are interested to develope more markets and
solicit enquiries for any of the above products so that we can send
our best offer along with company brochure, specification sheets,
samples etc.

Description: We are one of the leading silica gel manufacture of
China, please feel free to contact with me if you are interested in
A, B, C type silica gel, silica gel blue, silica gel yellow and
desiccant. We will supply our best price and quality for you and
your clients.
Hope to build business relationship with your esteemed company in
near future!

Description: Choline Chloride 50-75% Min. Are produced by us, its
output is 30, 000MT yearly, We are ISO9001: 2000 Certified company
(its number is 1300/20018290 DD.
Aug., 10, 2001) with 42-002-2105 of DUN & Bradstreet Number for our
company, so that we can supply them to you at most competitive
Price, for details please feel free visit our web.

Description: May we introduce ourselves as one of leading
manufacture of methyl salicylate, salicylic acid, bon acid in china,
and have been engaged in this area for 30 years. We sure that you
will be quite satisfied with our services and excellent qualities of
our goods.
Our products as follows:
1) Salicylic acid: three grade(technical; sublimed; medicinal).
8000mt/per annum
2) Methyl salicylate: BP98/USP24 7000mt/per annum
3) Bon acid: 98% min, refined grade: 99% min. 7000mt/per annum
4) Salicylamide: usp24, 98.0-102.0% 800mt/per annum
5) 4-(diethylamino) salicylaldehyde 98.5% min. 150mt/per annum
If you require them, please feel free to contact us for good
quality, prompt delivery and very competitive price. We are sure to
meet your requirements and expectations to your full satisfaction.

Description: We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to you with
a view to building up business relations with you. We are one of the
reliable supplier of paraffin wax from China and specialized in
exporting of paraffin wax, which includes series semi refined and
fully refined paraffin wax.
We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit us.
If you are interested in our any product, please ask for details,
we’ll give you our lowest quotations and try our best to comply with
your requirement.

Description: As leading manufacturers of various petroleum
specialties since past fou decades, we can offer white petroleum
jelly BP/USP, liquid paraffoms, petroleum sulfonates, various waxes
like paraffin/micro/ bees & emulsifying waxes, aluminium rolling
oils, industrial lubricants like rust peventives, cutting oils,
greases etc & specialty mineral oils.

Description: We are a large-scale economic entity with exclusive
technology of producing high-new scientific and technological
products of polymeric aluminum ferric chloride sulfate (PAFCS).
PAFCS is a new product of high-efficient water treatment chemical
invented in recent years, which polymerizes a proper amount of PFS
and introduce an appropriate amount of synergistic agention SO42-,
based on the high-efficient water treatment chemical PAC. It is a
high-efficient, fast rate, low cost, no poison and safe inorganic
high-efficient water treatment chemical. Compared with traditional
PAC(S), ALSO4(l), PAS(l), PFS, PFC and so on, the use amount of
PAFCS can be greatly reduced and the cost is very low. This product
can reach the purification standards while other agents can not
resolve, especially some difficult problems of water treatment such
as lowering heavy cloudiness and decoloring.

Description: Complete plant and machinery for manufacturing
synthetic staple fiber. Such as polyester staple fiber, acrylic
staple fiber, polyamide staple fiber, polypropylene staple fiber,
vinylon, staple fiber, and so on.

Description: One of largest manufacturers and exporters listed in
Shanghai stock exchange in phosphoric industry with P4 production
capacity 90000 MT per year and 15000 MT phosphoric acid per year and
140000 MT STPP per year.
Our current offer: Yellow phosphorus--USD1050/MT FOB China port
Phosphoric acid TG.--USD315/MT FOB China port
Phosphoric acid FG.--USD325/MT FOB China port
STPP--USD370/MT FOB China port
The above offer is available for shipment in Sep.

Description: We specialize in organic synthesis in the
pharmaceutical chemicals field. We not only research and manufacture
intermediates and API by ourselves, but also we have distribution
channels to supply at your requirements.
The following intermediates have been recently developed and
01. 2-Bromo-4-fluoroacetophenone [403-29-2] C8H6BrFO 99% FW:
02. (+) -(1R, 4S) -Camphanic Acid Chloride [39637-74-6]
C10H13ClO3 98%
03. 4'-N, N-Dimethylamino Acetophenone [2124-31-4] C10H13ON
99% FW: 163.22
04. Dutasteride
05. 2, 4, 6-Triaminopyrimidine [1004-38-2] C4H7N5 99%
06. 5-Nitroso-2, 4, 6-triaminopyrimidine [1006-23-1] 99%
07. 2, 4, 5, 6-tetraaminopyrimidine [5392-28-9] 99%
08. 3-Benzoyl Propionic Acid [2051-95-8] C10H10O3 99% FW:
09. 3-(4-Methylbenzoyl) Propionic Acid [4619-20-9] C11H12O3 99%
FW: 192.2
10. 2', 5'-Dimethoxy Acetophenone [1201-38-3] C10H12O3 99%
FW: 180.2
11. 1-Tetralone [529-34-0] C10H10O 99% FW: 146.19
12. 5-Amino-1, 2, 3-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid 98%
13. 2-(3-bromophenoxy) tetrahydro -2H-Pyran [57999-49-2]
C11H13BrO2 98%
14. 1, 3-Diamino-2-propanol [616-29-5] C3H10N2O 99% FW: 90.12
15. Indole-2-Carboxylic Acid [1477-50-5] C9H7NO2 98%
FW: 161.2
16. Piperazine-2-Carboxylic Acid Dihydrochloride [3022-15-9]
17. Alibendol [26750-81-2] C13H17NO4 98% FW: 251.30
18. 4-(3, 4-Dichlorophenyl) -1-tetralone [79560-19-3]
C16H12Cl2O 99%
19. 2-Indanol [4254-29-9] C9H10O 99% FW:134.2
20. Phytosterol
21. 2'-Deoxyadenosine-5'-triphosphate disodium salt(dATP, 2Na)
C10H14N5O12P3Na2 22. 2'-Deoxyguanosine-5'-
triphosphate trisodium salt(dGTP, 3Na) C10H13N5O13P3Na3
23. 2'-Deoxycytidine-5'-monophosphate(DCMP)
24. Cytidine-5'-monophosphoric acid (5'-CMP)
25 1, 2, 3-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid [569-51-7] C9H6O6 98%
26 2, 2'-bis-(diphenylphosphino) -1, 1'-binaphthyl [98327-
27 (S) -BINAP [76189-56-5] 99%
28 Niflumic Acid [4394-00-7] C13H9F3N2O2 99%
29 (R) -BINAP [76189-55-4] 96%
30 Anastrazole C17H19N5 Enterprise Standard
31 Drotaverine HCL [14009-24-6] C24H31NO4
Enterprise Standard
32 Mitotane [53-19-0] USP24
If you are interested in our products, please contact us with email.

Description: We are supplier in China, specializing in rubber
products. Our main products include: rubber granules, rubber
fenders, rubber mats, rubber sheets, etc.

Description: We are the leading manufacture of inorganic and organic
chemical products, such calcium chloride (the largest manufacture in
China even in Asia), magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium
bromide, calcium bromide, ammonium bicarbonate and other chemical
In addition, we can supply anti-freezing agent, if you have some
need or interest with the above products, please feel free to
contact us, we will give you our wholehearted support.

Description: We are one of the leading business houses in India
producing toilet soaps and detergents.
We can offer various types of toilet soaps, laundry soaps and
detergent powders in custom made and tailor-made packs. All export
enquiries are welcome.
Meet us in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 9 to 12th of sep 03

Description: We introduce ourselves as one of the leading
manufacturer & exporter of cosmetics & toiletries items like
toothpaste, shaving cream, detergent powder, shampoo from India.
We are offering all above mention item in the privet label &
customized as per the buyer’s requirements & specifications also.
Our product quality are well accepted in the local as well in the
international market.
We are also invite importers & wholesalers, our quality products for
their privet brand label.

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturer
of solvent dyes(Sol.Yellow 33, Sol.Green 3), pigments, and synthetic
food colors(ISI Certified) in Tarapur, Mumbai. We manufacture full
range of colors and also manufacture custom made colors for various
applications. Due to our consistency in quality, we are able to
deliver our services to big companies. The quality of our products
is very well accepted in the local markets as well as in export
markets. At Unisynth we are committed to ever continuing improvement
to strive for excellence in all areas. Our goal is not product
quality but also support, services and timely deliveries. The
company is having trained staff & workers. The industrial relations
are smooth & cordial throughout.

Description: Manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients
1. Amitriptyline
2. Diazepam
3. Pitofenone HCL
4. Nortriptyline
5. Sodium valproate
6. DI-valproex sodium
7. Valproic acid
8. DI-valproex sodium
9. Silver sulphadiazene.

Description: We are manufacturer-exporter of Pesticides, Herbicides,
Insecticides etc. viz. 1) 2, 4 D Acid, 2) 2, 4 D Sodium Salt, 3) 2,
4 D Amine Salt etc. Presently we are exporitng to countries like
Australia, Turkey, Vietnam to name a few.
We have our own plant with State-of-Art Technology and a team of
qualified professionals.

Description: We are a produce CS enterprise for more than ten years.
We can supply CS in quantity of 4000mt/month. And our products have
been exported to many countries.
Specification of caustic soda
Caustic soda flakes: 96% 98% 99%
Caustic soda solid: 96% 98% 99%
Caustic soda pearls: 99%
If you are interested in our production, please contact me. We will
supply a satisfying quotation to you.

Description: We produce and export:
1) PU lether;
2) Furfural; furfuryl alcohol; chloramine; acrylamide; natrual
3) API Monogram Certified Oil well cement.
4) Xanthan gum
5) Medical Packing Materials: Aluminium Foil, plastic compound
film bags.
6) PP woven bags, for bulk materials.

Description: With pleasure to send you this letter and in the hope
that we have the chance in cooperating for our business item in
cooperating for our business item.
Specialist supplier of a variety of chemical products. Tati??s
growth areas are in organic & inorganic chemicals, pigment
chemicals, fluorine chemicals, electro-plating chemicals and feed &
During the passing days, we have build up favorable and long-time
co-operation relations with our clients located all around the world
based on the priciple of "superior products, punctual shipment,
consummate service and reasonable price" and we have regular sale's
channel and purchase's channel in market.
We can also offer customers service which include packaging,
shipping and technical support to help customers to control the
costs and reduce risks. So, if there smth. you wanted to buy, please
feel free to contact us immediately, we will reply you as soon as
hearing from you.
We believe our high quality products and comprehensive services will
not let you down, and we are looking forward to your enjoyment!

Description: We sell self-manufacture as sodium tripoly phosphate
(STPP), sodium hexameta phosphate (SHMP), sodium pyrophosphate
(SPP)and phosphoric acid and other phosphate chemical etc.
The annual outputs of our major products are:
Sodium Tripoly Phosphate 50, 000M.T
Sodium Hexameter Phosphate 26, 000M.T
Sodium Pyrophosphate 20, 000M.T
phosphoric acid 15, 000M.T
Now we are looking for foreign trade, If you are willing
to agent our produce, please answer me.

Description: Manufacturing & exports of wide range of Dyes and Dye
Intermediates & has been giving quality products to the chemical
market for last 25 years in international markets. We also have our
branch office at Houstan, Texas, U.S.A. to enable us to maintain
proper communication links.
We have come to know from reliable sources that you are importing
this Dyes on regular basis. If you have any inquiry related to it
please inform us.
Our product quality/samples have been approved & accepted by many
companies in International Market.
We have pleasure to inform you that our products are manufactured in
Ultra Modern Plant - Well equiped with advance machineries and
technology situated a Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
We are also manufacturing basic dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes as
well as vast range of dye intermediates.

Description: We are the largest manufacturer of detergent &hygienic
products in Iran. We have the capability of supplying all kind of
detergent powders-shampoos-toilet &laundry soaps-dishwashing liquids
-toothpastes in any quantity and quality.

Description: As manufacturer and exporter of acrylic sheets (2~50mm
thick) and bathtubs, we would like to assist you and wuggest you had
better visit our website for more information. Due to our unique
acrylic products, outstanding reliable quality and best service, we
are the first firm in China to have been authorized ISO-9001
certificate by BSI company of Britain for acrylic industry.

Description: Our corporation produces bicycle tyre, motorcycle tyre,
industrial tyre and solid tyre. It has been authorised iso9001, dot,
e-mark for the quality gauranttee. Meanwhile, it quality reaches the
leading level.

Description: We manufacture primary amines(coco amine, tallow amine,
palm amine, dodecyl amine, tetradecyl, hexadecyl amine, octadecyl
amine, soybean amine, oleyl amine), quaternary ammonium salts,
glycerine, oleic acids, diamines.

Description: Sell organic and inorganic chemicals:
Manganese carbonate;
Manganese dioxide.
Our products is high in quality, competitive in price.

Description: Please quote your lowest discounted C&F Karachi price
for the following chemicals required urgently:
1. Naphthalene Flakes Refined = 1 FCL (1 container of 20') monthly
Please reply today with your rock bottom C&F Karachi price.
Await for your earliest and favourable response.

Description: We're a manufacture of chemical products from P. R.
China. Products: dodecanedioic acid (DDDA), brassylic acid,
pentadecandioic acid, dodecane diamide, dodecanediol, zirconium
dioxide, etc.

Description: Our company deals with high-grade siliconmetals all the
year around oriented to all countries. If you are interested, please
send us email for detailed information concerning siliconmetal.

Description: We are quality-oriented manufacturers of reactive/
direct/ acid dyes from India. Our products are manufactured under
strict quality assurance systems. We solicit enquiries from
prospective buyers of these products.

Description: We are a specialized Chinese producer of kappa
Carrageenan, and now we are exporting carrageenans to Canada, USA,
Europe and Southeast Asia. Carrageenan is utilized by various
companies around the world as a stabilizer, gelling, solidify for
products. Our main products are extra pure kappa carrageenan regular
mesh and fine mesh for Food trades, such as soft sweets, jelly, meat
products, dairy products, cans, fruit juice, ice cream, etc. Now,
our systematic products have been praised and approved by
international clients for our quality, stability, stock ability and
professional technique.

Description: We would like to import Phenol/soda ash /SBR5102 from
Romania kindly offer at you earliest.

Description: We are in good position to supply lead compounds,
disinfectants, pesticides, pigments, dyestuffs, more chemicals from

Description: We are specialized in chemicals produce & exportation
with 12 years' experience. In/organic, pharms, food/feed additive,
dyestuff, pigment, fertilizer, and inse/pesticide are our business
Attached behind are parts of our strong items. To support your
business, we would offer you our cost prices. Awaiting your firm
MnSO4, MnO2, MgCL2, MgSO4, ZnSO4, ZnO, ZnCL2, K2CO3, BaCL2, Ba(OH)2,
MAP, MKP, PPP, Humic Acid, Humate Salts, Chelated-EDTA, Zinc Oxy
Sulfate, NPK+TE, iron oxide, melachite green, red lead, litharge,
ultramarine, tio2, lump sugar, vanillin, tartaric acid, citric acid,
hydroquinone, gum rosin.

Description: We are the biggest choline chloride private enterprise
in China, we have self- import /export right. The main product in my
company is choline chloride, an animal feed additive, including 50%,
60% (purity) power, 70%, 75%(purity)liquid. After several years
developing, we have accumulated enough experience in this industry.
Our product has covered most provinces of China, and exported to
some other countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, and North
America, the good quality and attractive price won good reliance
among the client.
This year, we mainly put my eyes on international market, expand the
huge oversea market, especial North America, Pakistan, Syria, etc.
We look forward to cooperating with you, bringing our product into
your country's market.

Description: As one of the leading Korean importers and exporters
specialized in plastic resins and products.
We can buy and sell following items any time.
1. Virgin/prime plastic resins
2. Recycled and off grade plastic resins
3. Films & sheets: PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PET films and others.
If you are in position to sell or buy any of above products please
feel free to contact us any time.

Description: Ethyl maltol
Raspberry ketone
Citric acid mono
Citric acid anhydrous
Zinc chloride
Trisodium phosphate.

Description: We are exporter of salt which includes salt cristal,
lamps, t.light, rock sal etc. We have own mine in the Quaidabad City
Punjab Pakistan. We have send many times our products in Hong Kong,
Germany, Japan et. We offer you to export these products at the
suitable price. Please send us your requirement and we will send you
our rates.

Description: We are comprehensive company, which deals with various
kinds of rubber products and plastic products, including rubber mat,
rubber sheet, rubber tubes, rubber belts, crumb rubber, EPDM
granules, rubber sheets rubber fender, rubber mudguard, rubber tyre,
rubber tube, rubber gasket, rubber tile etc. All in excellent
quality and competitive price. We have many customers in USA,
Europe, Australia, South east Aisa, etc.
Whatever you need, we'll try our best to help you with the principle
of customer first, credit first in mind. please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Description: We are manufacturing diethyl phthalate 300 m.t./month.
We can supply it in bulk at most competitive price. We can supply
phenyl ethyl alcohol (pea)in bulk. We can supply chloral also in

Description: We are a famous import & export company in China. Our
main business is export of pharmaceuticals, chemical product, and
various intermediates, food additives etc.

Description: We are prominent manufacturers of Precipitated Silica
for all Rubber applications. Our customers profile represents for
the National and Multinational Companies like Procter and Gamble,
Wipro, Marico, Adani Wilmar, Huber, Insilco, Tata holding (T), Pee
Cee Cosma, Nirma, Weizmann, Fena, Rahul, Hipolin, Vip International,
Indofil, Modicare, East African Ethopia, National Detergents etc.,
We are supporting manufacturer for Tata International Limited,
Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited etc., We are in the manufacture of
different grades of zeolite (detergent, aquazeolite), molecular
sieve (4a, 13x), bleaching earth, precipitated silica, sodium
silicate, bentonite, attapulgite etc.

Description: We are a leading chemical company in ukey producing raw
material for paints, enamel and varnish as you will see in our
products page. We have been in manufacturing business for more than
20 years. Our yearly production is around 12, 00 tons. We have been
also exporting part of our product to our neighbor countries who are
very satisfied regarding the quality of product.
And now we want advanco our company more than now and we are looking
honest, reliable, hardworking foreign paint company for the
partnership. We will be happy to do business with you or your
company if you use our products in your work or if you are a seller
of these products or if you interest our partnership in your
We will be happy to met your needs with better price and delivery
conditions. Please let us know your interest about our prodeeucts or
partnership and we will try to serve you in the best of our ability.

Description: We are mainly devoted to the development and production
of CFCs substitute and Halon alternative in environment protection
industry for near 20 years, concerning various refrigerant, fire
extinguishing agent, foaming, cleaning, solvents, medical propellant,
etc. which are exported to over 30 countries and regions.

600a,R-502a,HCFC-141b and so on.

Description: Respectfally , we are supplier of detergent powder (
handwash & machinewash) with finest quality and competitive price . We
can deliver to any safe port. In case of interest please contact us
for any required information.

Description: Our company is the largest Cobalt products manufacturers
in China. We can supply titanium dioxide 98%min in large quantity. Our
main products are paint & pigment, includes cobalt sulfate, cobalt
oxide, cobaltous decanoate bonding agent BAC-D20, cobaltous
borocarboxylate bonding agents BAC-B23 and BAC-B16, iron oxide red 130
190 2895 129 B-second-rate, ferrous sulphate, copper sponge, etc.
Yearly ourput of 300 tons cobalt salt, 200 tons cobalt bonding
agent, 15000 tons of iron oxide red, 10000 tons ammonium sulfate and
100000 tons sulfuric acid. Please visit our homepage
to find more products and feel free to contact us for further

Description: We are one of a biggest manufacturer of disposable vinyl
and pe gloves, pe apron in north of China, our vinyl gloves have many
kinds such as powdered and powder-free;industrial grade and medical
grade;xs.s.m.l.xl size;clear,blue,green colours and so on.Our pe
gloves is LDPE gloves.If you are interested in our products,pls feel
free to contact us,we make sure to provide you best quality goods with
very competitive price.

Description: we are sodium sulphide flake 60% manufacture in IRAN at
the best standards and high quality. Our specs are: Na2s 60% wt,
Na2so3 Less Than 2% wt Na2co3 Less Than 0.5%wt, Fe Less Than 30 ppm,
Unsoluble Less Than 10 ppm Density App 1600 kg/m3, Melting point 90 c,
Colour Lightly brown
price:255 usd m/t fob bandar abbas.

Description: We are dedicating in providing the superior chemcials and
service for the customers. We sincerely hope that our service will
meet with your approval. And we are looking forward to co-operating
with you! Some of our chemicals: 1. zinc oxide., 2. soda ash., 3.
citric acid, 4. STPP ... ...

Description: We are a Chinese senior state-owned import & export
company specialized in chemicals and meanwhile we are the
representative of some big manufacturers. We have a wide and varied
experience in the trade and business management. Now we are in a
position to supply Sodium Tetraborate decahydrate 95%/99.5% min. which
is the best quality in China market. We assure you of our best service
to you. Your inquiries are welcome.

Description: We are a Chinese senior state-owned import & export
company specialized in chemicals and meanwhile we are the
representative of some big manufacturers. We have a wide and varied
experience in the trade and business management. Now we are in a
position to supply Boric Acid 99%. which is the best quality in China
market. We assure you of our best service. Your inquiries are

Description: We are a Chinese senior state-owned import & export
company specialized in chemicals and meanwhile we are the
representative of some big manufacturers. We have a wide and varied
experience in the trade and business management. Now we are in a
position to supply Furfural 98.5% min. We assure you of our best
service to you. Your inquiries are welcome.

Description: We are a Chinese senior state-owned import & export
company specialized in chemicals and meanwhile we are the
representative of some big manufacturers. We have a wide and varied
experience in the trade and business management. Now we are in a
position to supply Acesulfame K FCC IV. We assure you of our best
service to you. Your inquiries are welcome.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporters of Textile Screen
Engraving chemicals, Optical Brightening agents for cotton fabrics,
binders fro dyeing, printing and others printing and dyeing specialty
chemicals manufactured by textile technocrats having a 35 years of
We are actually looking for a agent, who can initiate our products in
their region. Please mail us if u are interested in agency business,
we will work together on mutual beneficiary terms.

Description: We're looking for the chemicals and pharmaceuticals
importers, we are one of the lead company for exporting chemical and
pharmaceutical raw materials in China.

Description: We are manufacturer exporter of extruded acrylic,
polycarbonate and PVC free foam sheets. We are looking for agents,
distributors in all countries who are in the business. Please
email/contact us with your specific requirements only.

Description: Ammonium bifluoride
Sodium bifluoride
Potassium bifluoride
Magnesium fluosilicate
Ammonium fluosilicate
Sodium fluosilicate
Ammonium fluoride
Sodium fluoride
Potassium fluoroborate
Potassium fluozirconate.

Description: Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
Hydrofluoric acid
Fluoroboric Acid
Fluorosilicic Acid
Fluozirconic Acid
Fluotitanic Acid.

Description: R22 Chlorodifluoromethane
R32 Difluoromethane
R152a Difluoroethane
R142b Chlorodifluoroethane
R600a Isobutane
R415b Green refrigerant replace R12 and R134a.
R418a Green refrigerant replace R22.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of chemical random
packings - ceramic balls & rings & metal rings & plastic random
packings in China. And we engaged in this field over 20 years.
My products are comprehensively used in petrochemical industry
(especially crude oil refining), natural gas, gas, fertilizer
industry, metallurgical industry (iron & steel works), acid chemical
industry, fine chemical industry, aqueous cleaning industry, water
treatment industry, environment protection industry, pharmaceutical
Industry, etc.
In above industries, they are widely used in the towers of drying,
filter, absorbing, cooling, washing, support, recovering, and hot
blast stoves, etc.

Description: Interested in Export of ABS Resin, manufactured by us in
India, under technical collaboration from Sumitomo of Japan, mainly
specialized in specialty grades of abs resin with precoloured

Description: Manufacturers of aromatic chemicals including perfumery
oils, food & flavors, cosmetics and beauty products. We are based in
India, We supply to many reputed perfumery, food & flavor, cosmetics,
personal care and detergent companies. Some of our products to list
are: - clove oil rectified, jasmine oil, rose oxide, tube rose
concrete, jasmine sambac, cardamom oil, davana oil, geranium oil, nut
meg oil, lemon grass oil, eucalyptus citriodora oil and many more.

Description: Our leading products: hydroxylamine hydrochloride,
nitromethane, calcium formate, formic acid, dimethyl sulfate.

Description: Our company produce and export zinc powder from 60-7000
meshes and zinc oxide includes 99.7/99.5/99% and so on, welcome to
inquiry for them at any time.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves and recommend our
products to you. We produce good quality of active carbon granular and
powder made by coconut shell and palm shell charcoal which is suitable
for water treatment, purification, food & brewery, pharmaceutical, gas
mask and many other chemical industries use.

Description: We can offer you all types of chemicals from India.
Please contact us for more details.

Description: Our company was set up in 1985 manufacturing rubber
insulated products. For 15 years, all of us are persisting the concept
of high quality, responsibility, creation and good reputation. The
technique in our factory is advanced without stopping. We are
researching and developing excellent products continuously.

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