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Trade leads chemicals

Hong Kong
Description: Hologram is the only cost effective product that cannot
be duplicated by any conventional printing, copying, or photo-
reproductive process. All labels are customized and cut to make each
label order unique. We utilize pre-mastered, tamper evident hologram
security constructions. Labels are made to your specification with a
unique size, shape, logo, symbol and/or consecutive number. The
hologram label is for company branding on the packaging or products
or certified documents, it could protect the copyright, fraud
control, products expired, help marketing and promotion.

Description: We wish to offer supply of various minerals and
chemicals like calcite, dolomite, china clay, magnesium sulphate,
aluminium sulphate, hydrated lime etc. We also manufacture
industrial and edible salt.

Description: We are one of special manufacturers of glowing pigment
in China, we offer the glowing pigment for making the glowing
masterbatch, glowing screen-printing ink, glowing paint(oil and
water), glowing sheet and tape, glowing fiber.
For more information, please visit real glow web site. thanks, look
forward to receiving your enquiry.

Description: We are a manufacture which product phosphate flame
retardant, plasticizer and antioxidant. Our products' purity is 99%
and no-toxic.
We have obtainedISO9001: 2000 international quality system amd
autonomous export and import right.

Description: Offers invited to be our channel partner/ overseas
representative for our product range of High quality powder coatings
at globally competitive rates through patented resin technology.
We are a leading manufacturer of powder Coatings in India with a
capacity of around 5000 MT. we are one of the two companies globally
who has got the unique advantage of backward integration of pure
polyester resin manufacturing.
Besides our technical director who is based at USA holds patents on
polyester resin technology. We have a state of the Art R& D lab for
constant product upgradation & innovation and customized product
development. We have two manufacturing units in Goa with
sophisticated ultra modern machinery to manufacture fine quality
powder coatings.
Our products are of high quality, meeting international
standards/specifications at globally competitive rates. We have more
than 750 products in Pure polyester / hybrid/pure epoxy/ metallic/
textures/structures/antiques etc.

Description: We are a Manufactory of Triclosan. Spec: According to

Description: High quality pure expanded PTFE joint sealant, expanded
PTFE sealing cord, PTFE thread sealing tape and other PTFE sealing

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer of precipitated
silica in India. We produce 15 grade of precipitated silica of various
grade for various industries like rubber, paint, tooth paste etc.

Description: My company products contain: tooth tungsten carbide (for
shoe-making), chemical sheet for toe puff, hot melt adhesive, UV
absorber and light stabilizer for polyurethane, adhesives in shoe
manufacture and for floor, conductive PVC flooring adhesive, the resin
for picture paper (for inkjet prints).

Description: Established in May 2001, We are trading agents of
manufacturers/suppliers here -West African countries, consultations of
manufacturers/suppliers for interested buyers.
Therefore We wish to inquire if you the above mentioned products are
available for supply, as we are looking very much eagerly to receive
your positive confirmation.
Meanwhile, we would welcome a catalogue/list of your comprehensive
fuel dispensing products to enable us have more vivid description of
the items.

Description: We are company specialize in organic synthesis in the
pharmaceutical chemicals field. Our intermediates and APIs are under
our research and manufacturing. Our distribution channels are always
ready to supply at your requirements. Our custom research and custom
manufacturing are in a consistent development under your
specifications. We are pleased to find any business relation with you
to expand your chemical technologies.

Description: I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce us as a
manufacturer of food additives. Our main product are aspartame and L-
asparagine monohydrate. We are eager to hearing from you and we are
always ready to supply the high quality products at the best prices.

Description: We are one of the biggest supplier of glass bead for road
marking and exported to more than 20 countries with high reputation.
We have our own manufacture so that we can quote the best price for
Please feel free to contact me if you want to import from China
together with your detailed specification.! Our annual output is

Description: We are manufacturers of self shining cream shoe polish
Self shining liquid shoe polish
Sprays for suede nubuck shoes
Sponge for shining leather
If you are interested in these kind of products please contact with

Description: We are a manufacture of a wide range of single, double-
sided foam tape, tissue tape, pressure-sensitive tape, etc.
D/S Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape
Model/Item No.: DSFT-1032
. Density: 67kg/m3
. Thickness: 1mm.

Description: We are manufacturing liquor ammonia (ammonium hydroxide)
in commercial grade as well as in pharmaceutical grade. We have the
licenses of manufacturer exporter and merchant exporter and also we
have interest to export or import any material interest in India and
any other countries.

Description: We are the largest manufacturer of detergent and hygienic
products in Iran and also a leading exporter of such a products to CIS
countries-littoral state of Persian gulf and some African & East
European countries.
We are able to produce your order of here under mentioned goods
regardless to the quantity and the formula detergent powders -toilet &
laundry soaps-toothpastes-shampoos and dishwashing liquids -fabric
softeners and also raw materials such as glycerin-LABS and fatty acid
for poultry.

Description: We manufacture and export metal complex-solvent dyes &
solvent dyes: solvent yellow 21 82, solvent orange 54 62, solvent blue
70, solvent red 8 119 122, solvent black 27 and solvent red 111,
solvent blue 35 36, solvent violet 13, etc.
The prices are competitive and the quality is excellence. And we are
also able to supply you the shipping samples and their analytical
reports every batch.
We specialize in manufacturing various dyestuffs of superior quality
and their intermediates, more than 65% of products are exported to
Europe, America and Southern Asia.

Description: We are foreign market agent of Northeast Auxiliaries
works, which is a leading manufacture of Rubber vulcanization
accelerators include: DZ(DCBS), NOBS(MBS) TMTD, DPG(D), CBS(CZ),
DM(MBTS), M(MBT), ETU(Na-22), TETD, has expanded its capacity up to
10000 Mt/year, it has been enjoying a good reputation for its reliable
quality. Products go into over 30 provinces of China. Export to
Europe, Japan, Korea and southeast Asian countries.

Description: Our company is invested by China Hunan Chemicals Imp &
Exp. Co. and many chemicals manufacture factories which the main
products as follows: cellulose ( such as HPMC. HPC.EC, etc) PVP k30,
PVP-I, phosphosates, Barium Carbonate, Thiourea, Thioure Dioxide,
Potassium Chlorate, Potassium Perchlorate, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium
Sulphate, Barium Nitrate, Barium Hydroxide, ect.
Our company are main running the import and export of chemical
The company persists the principle of quality first, honoring
and abiding by promises in doing business and established a long-term
business relationships with you, we will to provide perfect services
to customers. My partners all over the world and our company join
hands and march forwards for the greater prosperity.

Description: We specially produce pearl lustre pigments. This is a
inorganic pigments made by Mica flake coated by TiO2. It can be widely
used in many industries such as coatings, printing inks, plastic and
masterbatches, textiles, rubber, cosmetics, etc.

Description: Our company mainly engages in the import and export of
chemicals, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, fine chemicals, bio-
chemical medicines, Chinese herbs etc. We have been in business since
1984, and therefore have wide experience in all the lines we handle.
In 2002, our business export volume reached 140 million us dollars.

Description: Phosphors for fluorescent lamps.
1 Calcium halo-Phosphate phosphors (Common) -----
3Ca3(PO4)2Ca(FCl)2:Mn, Sb
2 Calcium halo-Phosphate phosphors(T8) -----3Ca3(PO4)2Ca(FCl)2:Mn,
Sb Phosphors for colored fluorescent lamps and neon lamps
1 Magnesium arsenate phosphor -----Mg6As2O11: Mn
2 Zinc silicate phosphor -----Zn2SiO4: Mn
3 Calcium tungsten phosphor -----CaWO4: [W]
4 Strontium magnesium phosphate phosphor -----(SrMg)3(PO4)2
Phosphors for ultraviolet ray lamps
1 Zinc calcium phosphate phosphor -----(ZnCa)3(PO4)2: TL
2 Strontium fluoborate phosphor -----SrFB2O3.5: Eu2+
3 Barium silicate phosphor -----BaSi2O5:Pb
Phosphors for high-pressure mercury lamps
1 Yttrium phosphate vanadium phosphor -----Y(PV)O4: Eu
2 Strontium zinc phosphate phosphor -----(ZnSr)3(PO4)2: Mn
3 Strontium phosphate-Chloride phosphor -----Sr10(PO4)6Cl2: Eu2+
Phosphors of rare earth for saving energy lamps
1 Yttrium oxide: Europium -----Y2O3: Eu
2 Magnesium cerium aluminates: Terbium -----CeMgAl11O19:Tb
3 Magnesium barium aluminates: Europium -----BaMgAl10O17:Eu
Adhesive for phosphors
1 Zinc strontium calcium borate adhesive -----(ZnSrCa)3(BO3)2
2 Calcium pyroborate phosphate adhesive -----(CaBa)OB2O3P2O5
Electronic powder and paste
1 Electronic powder -----(SrBaCa)CO3: ZrO2
2 Grey dip coating powder paste
3 White dip coating powder paste  
4 White electrophoresis powder paste
Raw materials of fluorescent powder
1 Calcium hydro-Phosphate -----CaHPO4
2 Calcium carbonate -----CaCO3.

Description: We are specializing in the manufacturing of veterinary
medicines & feed additives. The products have: toltrazuril,
diclazuril, folic acid, calcium D-pantothenate, zoalene, febantel,

Description: Located at the Thane Belapur industrial belt of Navi
Mumbai in the proximity of the modern JNPT port. The company is
engaged in the manufacture of certain chemicals and auxiliaries. The
following products are manufactured:
Lauryl pyridinium chloride; foam stabiliser for rubber latex;
speciality descalent; iodohor; disinfectants for use in poultry farms
and hatcheries.
The company has facilities to carry out:
Emulsion polymerisation; Esterification; Condensation; Addition;
Blending and Formulation etc.
We also wish to undertake toll manufacturing arrangements

Description: We need Urgently Sulphur 99.7% in Lumps.
Sulphur details is given below:
1. 600, 000 MT FOB for 99.7 % sulphur.
2. 200, 000 MT CFR China for 99.7% sulphur in lumps.
Our target prices cannot exceed USD 65/MT for CFR and FOB is still
lower. We want both prices(FOB, CFR (AWSP)).
I want you to be realistic in your prices. Can you have any offer for
Sulphur Granulur? If you have a price for granulur sulphur send me
immediately On FOB & CFR (ASWP) basis.

Description: My group corp. Is one of the key enterprises in china. It
established in 1958. The main products are: PVC (100000mt per year),
caustic soda (120000mt per year), polyether polyols (PPG) bleaching
powder etc. My co. Produce polyether polyols (PPG) through the
production line works with the technology and equipment which are
imported from Japan with the international advanced technology.
If you are interested in the above goods or the other goods, please
Let me know as soon as possible.

Description: I wish to purchase bulk quantities of gamma oryzanobol.

Description: Kindly e-mail/fax your most competitive quotation both on
C&F Lahore by Airfreight and C&F Karachi by Seafreight, for the items
mentioned below, prices ex-works, FOB and C&F separately showing:-
•Approximate gross / net weight, dimension of the packing.
•Minimum delivery period and validity.
•Technical literature/catalogue/pamphlet/brochure in English
•H.S.Code (harmonized System Code) for the convenience of the Bank
/ Customs.
Kindly ensure that items being offered must 100% conforms to the given
details and specification and suitable for our use/purpose.
Details of item:
Nickle welding electrode - 141
Aws:- as.11
I) asme sfa 5.11 asme f41
class eni-1: quantity: 41 kgs.
II) din - 1736 el - ni 113
mil - e - 22200/3
type:- mil - 4n11
size:- 3.2mm x 355mm long
Our reference no.8857.
Request for submission of quotation:-
Dear Sirs,
Kindly e-mail/fax your most competitive quotation for the items
mentioned below, prices ex-works, FOB Sea freight C&F Karachi Pakistan
separately showing:-
•Approximate gross / net weight, dimension of the packing.
•Minimum delivery period and validity.
•Technical literature/catalogue/pamphlet/brochure in English
•H.S.Code (harmonized System Code) for the convenience of the Bank
/ Customs.
Kindly ensure that items being offered must 100% conforms to the given
details and specification and suitable for our use/purpose.
Details of item:
Nickle 201 sheet
Cold drawn, rolled, pickled & annealed
According to astm b - 162 uns no 2201
Supported by mill test certificate
En 10204/3.1b
1. Size:- 1m x 2m x 4mm quantity: 02 nos.
2. Size:- 1m x 2m x 2.5mm quantity: 02 nos.

Description: We are an import export house based in India having tie
up with a lot of companies in India and abroad for import and export
of goods from and to India.
We mainly deal in chemicals, raw materials, electronics, pharma, bulk
drugs, etc.
We have a good repo with many Indian companies. We are always in
search of new products and manufacturers in India and abroad. We also
act as liasoning / distributors for many companies.
We can market any product in the Indian market through our strong
marketing team. Our sister concerns are also into logistics and custom

Description: I deal on precious stones, Gold, emerald, Topaz for sale
and also deal in all kinds of chemicals, buyers are welcome to make
any inquiries.

Description: Ethionamide, prothionamide, flubendazole
4-chloro-3-nitrobenzoic acid
3-amino-4-chlorobenzoic acid
methyl 4-chloro-3-nitrobenzoate
methyl 5-chloro-2-nitrobenzoate
3-amino-4-chlorobenzoic acid methylester
3-amino-4-chlorobenzoic acid dodecylester
2-(3-amino-4-chlorobenzoyl)benzoic acid
3, 4, 5-trifluorophenol
4-chloro-3-sulfamoyl benzoic acid.

Description: We handle export of various kinds of rubber products,
including crumb rubber, rubber fender, rubber tile, rubber sheet,
rubber mat, etc, 90 percent of which are exported to oversea. We are
acclaimed by our best quality and competitive price.
If you are in need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Description: Conductive compounds
Material: PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PE
Resistivity: 10E3-10E5 ohm/sq
Application: ESD protection &EMI shielding products
Packing: 25 kgs/bag
1. PE conductive compounds for fim & bags
2. PP conductive compounds for box & container
3. PP conductive compounds for sheets
4. PS conductive compounds for sheets.

Description: Sticker mats
Material: PE
Colour: blue colour
Size: 18"*45" /30pcs
Packing: 10SETs/box.

Description: Static Dissipative table Mats
Colour: Green, Grey, Blue colour.
Size: 2mm x 100cm x 10m or 20m.
Surface Resistivity: Green-----10e6-7 ohm/sq.
Black------10e3-5 ohm/sq.
Volume Resistance: 10e6-7 ohm.
Static Decay test: 5000v to 50v less than 0.5 sec.

Description: We offer a complete range of activated carbon utilizing
wooden materials, coconut shell charcoal, coal as raw materials.
For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Description: Sweet liquid flavor for the manufactured food industry.
We have Halal certified flavors with our repertoire of over 1000
flavors. We specialize in tropical fruit flavors. Try our own
creations or should we also do matches for serious manufacturers.

Description: We are the largest manufacturer of producing
Isopropanolamine in China. the quality is up to international standard
and have exported to many countries. The production capacity will
reach 20, 000t/a next year, then our cost is lower than others. We
produce MIPA, DIPA, TIPA, content:85-99%. the application of MIPA: raw
material for surfactant and defining agent for fiber industry. Anti-
static agent, Dyeing agent, fiber moisture Making synthetic detergent,
cosmetics, lubricant, antioxidant for cutting oil, plasticizer,
emulsifier, and solution.
The application of DIPA: absorber for acid gas of CO2 and H2S in
natural gas petrol refining. Get rid of CO in synthetic gas in
processing synthetic ammonia. Annealing in metal processing.
Neutralization agent in electrophoresis paint. Fiber assistant,
tanning agent, pesticide, cutting oil. Raw material for dispersant and
emulsifier. The application of TIPA: Emulsifier, additive for zincate.
Anti-rusting agent for ferrous metal. Cooling agent for cutting,
Cement intensifier, Printing dyeing softening agent. Gas absorber.
Antioxidant, assistants for making soap, detergent and cosmetics, etc.
It also can be used as material and assistant for polyurethane and
rubber industries.

Description: We can supply you the following products: camphor powder,
synthetic tech. Grade, DAB, BP, USP grade 25kgs /carton
Maltol FCC grade 25kg/fibre drum
Ethyl maltol FCC grade 25kg/fibre drum
L-carvone specifications:>99%
Methyl salicylate BP/USP grade 210kg/230kg/iron drum
Vanillin melting point: 81deg.c.min 50kgs fibre drum
Eborneol flakes melting point:76deg.c.25kgs fibre drum
Sandenol ternal pearl brand 50kgs iron drum
Eugenol purity: 99.9%min in 50kgs aluminum drum or 0.5kg bottles
Geraniol purity:92%min in 15kgs tin, 2tin to a case
If you have any inquiry please feel free to contact us, we will give
you the competitive price.

Description: It is pleasure to know you through Internet. We are
distributor of China, the following products are available by us. If
you are interested please feel free to contact us, we would like to
cooperate with you faithfully.
1. methyl cedryl ketone 80 50kg/iron drum
2. cedrenyl ketone 50kg/iron drum
3. b.p.g.cedarwood oil 180kg/iron drum
4. cedarwood oil 50kg/iron drum
5. cedarwood oil (extar) 180kg/iron drum
6. methyl cedryl ether 100kg/drum
7. cedrol 50kg/iron drum
8. liquid cedrol 70 180kg/iron drum
9. cedryl acetate 50kg/iron drum
10. phenyl ethyl alcohol 99
200kg/iron drum 16mt/20'fcl
12. caproic acid 180kg/iron drum
13. 2-methyl butyric acid 180kg/iron drum
14. iso valeric acid 170kg/iron drum
15. diphenyl oxide 99 200kg/iron drum 16mt/20'fcl
16. dipetene 92 175kg/iron drum 14mt/20'fcl
17. synthetic butyric acid 200kg/iron drum 15mt/20'fcl
18. natural cinnamic acid 50kg/iron drum
19. natural butyric acid 180kg/iron drum
20. natural ethyl butyrate 180kg/iron drum
21. synthetic iso amyl acetate 170kg/iron durm
22. iso amyl alcohol 99 170kg/iron durm
23. methyl cyclopentenolone (mcp) 25kg/fibre drum
24. maltol 25kg/fibre drum
25. ethyl maltol 25kg/fibre drum
26. natural maltol 25kg/fibre drum
27. methyl salcylate bp98 25kg/plastic drum 16.80mt/20'fcl
28. methyl paraben bp98 25kg/fibre drum 12mt/20'fcl
29. ethyl paraben bp98 25kg/fibre drum 12mt/20'fcl
30. propyl paraben bp98 25kg/fibre drum 12mt/20'fcl
31. oxanthic acid 99 180kg/iron drum
32. allantoin usp24 25kg/fibre drum 12mt/20'fcl
33. vitamin e acetate 96 usp24 25kg/iron drum 12mt/20'fcl
34. vitamin e acetate 96 usp24 25kg/iron drum 12mt/20'fcl
35. coumarin 50kg/fibre drum
36. aspartame fcciv 25kg/fibre drum 12mt/20'fcl
37. vanillin fcciv 50kg/fibre drum 12mt/20'fcl
38. ethyl vanillin fcciv 25kg/fibre drum
39. vitamin e acetate 93 feed grade 200kg/iron drum 16mt/20'fcl
40. vitamin e powder 50 feed grade 25kg/carton 12mt/20'fcl
41. manganese sulphate 98 25kg/woven bag 21mt/20'fcl
As a special chemical exporter and distributor, we can supply superior
chemical items for you.

Description: Very glad to know you, and we can supply you the
Essential Oils
Natural Menthol Crystals
Peppermint Oil, Dementholized
Peppermint Oil, Refined
Piperita Oil
Peppermint Oil without Terpene
Peppermint Oil Rect. Terpene
Spearmint Oil
Spearmint Oil Terpene
Citronella Oil
Citronella Oil Terpene
Garlic Oil
Geranium Oil
Cassia Oil
Star Aniseed Oil
Star Aniseed Oil, Rectified
Anethol Natural
Lemongrass Oil
Patchouli Oil
Eucalyptus Oil, Globulous
Litsea Cubeba Oil
Ginger Oil
Eucalyptus Oil, Citriodora
Cedarwood Oil
Osmanthus Concrete
Rose Oil
Orange Oil
Lemon Oil
Lavender Oil
Aromatic Chemicals
Ethyl Maltol
Methyl Salicylate
Ethyl Vanillin
Borneol Flakes
Camphor Powder, Synthetic
Musk Ambrette
Musk Ketone
Musk Xylol
If you have any inquiry please feel free to contact us, we give you
the competitive price. your early reply will be appreciated.

Description: We manufacture ethyl alcohol, acetic acid, acetic
anhydride, ethyl acetate, monochloroacetic acid, sodium monochlro,
carboxyl methyl cellulose, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin,
chlorine and many other chemicals and solvent base on ethyl alcohol
and chlroalkalies. We also offer Pharmaceuticals Raw material at most
competitive rates.
We have over 800 clients in India and abroad to which we are supplying
above chemicals, the industries includes Pharmaceuticals, Paints,
Paper, Pesticide, Petrochemical and many other industries. We
regularly export our products to more than 32 countries. Our products
enjoy premium position in overseas market because of quality product
at right time and regular supplies.

Description: The unique features of the CL advance anticorrosive
-- abreast of the times in the world. It is a highly developed deep
anticorrosion paint used in anywhere you want to deal with, such as
anticorruption, decoration, bridge, ship and so on, it is a paint
compromises the highest technology of modern copolymer and surface
The paint anticorrosion life after mopping can be lasted at least for
15 years in the adverse circumstances.
The price we quote will be more reasonable and workable to you,
We can assure you that it will be as 3-10 times lower as the prices
you have got anywhere with the same and high quality.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer of FRP, PP, PVC,
HDPE, PVDF chemical process equipment & vessels, scrubbers, industrial
ventilation systems, pollution control equipment, linings. Our company
has over 25 years' experience, CAD / CAE facilities & documented QA
procedures to ensure quality.

Description: Biggest manufacturer of roxithromycin and the sole
nystatin in China, following products can be offered:
Roxithromycin eur. ph netilmicin sulfate eur. ph/usp
nystatin eur. ph/usp clarithromycin usp lornoxicam
sisomicin sulfate/base.

Description: Business Scope:
1. Custom Synthesis or Manufacturing, Contract Research
2. Process or Product Development and Scale UP
3. International Business
4. Consultancy service and technical of products
1. 2-Chloro-3, 4-dimethoxybenzaldehyde
2. N-[2-hydroxy-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl]-2-(2-chloro-3, 4-
3. 3-acetylmercapto-2-benzylpropionic acid
4. 2-benzylacrylic acid
5. Glycine benzyl ester toluene-p-sulfonate
6. 6-Bromomethyl-3, 4-dihydro-2-methyl-quinazolin-4-one
7. Diethyl, N-(5-methylamino-2-thenoyl)- L-glutamate
8. N-3-[3-(1-Piperidinylmethyl)phenoxy]propylamine
9. 4'-[1, 4'-Dimethyl-2'-propyl[2, 6'-bi-1H-benzimidazol]-1'-yl]-
methyl]-1, 1'-biphenyl-2-carboxylic acid, dimethylethyl ester
10. Tert-butyl-glycinate.

Description: We supply steel chemical tanks that give years of service
due to durable PE lining inside. Our inexpensive PE lining provides
1) Excellent water resistance
2) Excellent chemical resistance even against acids, alkalies and most
organic solvents
3) Good thermal stability
4) Excellent environmental (sunlight & moisture) stress resistance
Our tanks can be custom made to your required sizes and

Description: Guar Gum 200 mesh 5000 -5500 cps for Food and Industrial
Hydroxypropyl guar gum for oil field application
Modified guar gum, tamarind gum & starch for textile printing
Borated guar for carpet printing
Depolymerized guar for food application.

Description: We specialize in organic synthesis in the
pharmaceutical chemicals field. We not only research and manufacture
intermediates and API by ourselves, but also we have distribution
channels to supply at your requirements.
The following intermediates have been recently developed and
01. 2-Bromo-4-fluoroacetophenone
02. (+)-(1R, 4S)-Camphanic Acid Chloride
03. 4'-N, N-Dimethylamino Acetophenone
04. Dutasteride
05. 2, 4, 6-Triaminopyrimidine
06. 5-Nitroso-2, 4, 6-triaminopyrimidine
07. 2, 4, 5, 6-tetraaminopyrimidine
08. 3-Benzoyl Propionic Acid
09. 3-(4-Methylbenzoyl) Propionic Acid
10. 2', 5'-Dimethoxy Acetophenone
11. 1-Tetralone
12. 5-Amino-1, 2, 3-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid
13. 2-(3-bromophenoxy) tetrahydro –2H-Pyran
14. 1, 3-Diamino-2-propanol
15. Indole-2-Carboxylic Acid
16. Piperazine-2-Carboxylic Acid Dihydrochloride
17. Alibendol
18. 4-(3, 4-Dichlorophenyl)-1-tetralone
19. 2-Indanol
20. Phytosterol
21. 2’-Deoxyadenosine-5’-triphosphate disodium salt(dATP, 2Na)
22. 2’-Deoxyguanosine-5’-triphosphate trisodium salt(dGTP, 3Na)
23. 2’-Deoxycytidine-5’-monophosphate(DCMP)
24. Cytidine-5’-monophosphoric acid (5’-CMP)
25 1, 2, 3-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid
26 2, 2’-bis-(diphenylphosphino)-1, 1’-binaphthyl
27 (S)-BINAP
28 Niflumic Acid
29 (R)-BINAP
30 Anastrazole
31 Drotaverine HCL
For detailed product information, please check our homepage.

Description: Supply: hydroquinone, manganese carbonate, manganese

Description: Glorisa guperba seed rich in colchine available in
tons. Already booked hurry now.

Description: We have motor oil, 40, 50 and 20W50 in these standards
SB\CB, SC\CC, SE\CC and SF\CC; Gear Oil and Oil Treatment.
Quantity: 40000 ton per month.
Packing: quart, us gallon, 20lit pail, drum.
Price: Reasonable price (fix price).
We can send to you specification and price for your requisition.

Description: We have acid sulfuric, industrial and pure grade for
laboratory (only 98%).
a) Industrial grade in PE gallon 120, 220, 1000, 4000 and 6000Liter
or bulk in tanker.
b) Pure grade be packed in PE gallon / 2.5 lit, each 4 gallons into
cardboard with Diminution, 270 x 270 x 300 mm.
We can send to you specification and price, if you interested please
contact us.

Description: Special enterprise which manufacture reflective glass
bead for road marking.
High strength glass bead of jet ball mainly used in: clear all kinds
of models such as pound forging, forging glass, rubber, plastic,
metol casting and extruding etc. Get rid fo pulling force, increase
using life.
Glass Bead for Grinding.

Description: Our company specializes in APIs (analgin dab10, l-
glutamine fcc4, sucralfate usp24 jp12, amikzcin usp 24, paroxetine
enterprise standard. We are pleased to offer the competitive price
to the friends all over the world.

Description: We are the manufacture of veterinary drug in China.
We can product the products as follows:
Toltrazuril 98 percent min. Made baycox 2.5% Bayer Company,
Febantel 98 percent min )
Folic acid
D-calcium pantothenate BP98/USP24
Zoalene 98 percent min
Hope your early reply.

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