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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

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Food companies Asia

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Country: Malaysia

Description: Business opportunities. We are a large and established
manufacturer distributing wide range of fast moving consumer goods,
pharmaceutical products, herbal health supplements and foodstuffs. We
are also appointed agents for various electrical and electronic
products. We are looking for importers to market our products and at
the same time we are willing to assist in setting up small
manufacturing plant with technology transfer to our partners.

Country: India
Description: We take this pleasure to introduce Lotus International
Trading Co. to you; we are an India (Chandigarh) based trading
company and our main areas of expertise have been in the trading of
Herbal products like- herbal medicines, single herb capsules, all
kinds of ayurvedic formulations (tablets, capsules, powders etc.),
different kinds of herbal tea (ayurvedic tea, asthma tea, blood
pressure tea, energy tea, slim tea, diab tea, memory tea and masala
tea) in loose and in tea bags, organic food, herbal cosmetics
(shampoo, face pack, hair oil, hair wash powder, body wash powder,
cleansing cream, face cream, ubtan, tooth paste etc.), herbal soaps
(neem soap, sandalwood soap, red sandalwood soap and tulsi soap),
essential oils, neem oil (industrial and medicinal use), brass
handicraft products, garments, traditional punjabi, lucknavi,
rajasthani dresses for ladies and gents, shawls (pashmina, angora,
woolen with hand made and machine made embroidery). We are in an
ever-ready position to supply and export quality products.

Country: China
Description: First of all, permit me introduce our company--Zhejiang
Haitong Food Group, a 18 years professional food processor and
exporter in Eastern China. We have 1500 employee and staff and
capital of USD30 million. We got certificate of ISO9002 and HACCP.
Our products include:
-- canned fruits: mandarin orange, yellow peach, white peach, bamboo
shoots etc.
-- frozen fruits and vegetables: noodle, soyabean, strawberry,
mandarin orange whole or segment, peach,pear, apple and
brocolli, broad bean, sword bean, cauliflower, asparagus, mixed
vegatable etc.
-- freeze dried fruits and vegetables: strawberry, peach, pork,
carrot etc.
-- fruit and vegetable juice: apple, pear, mandarin orange, peach,
strawberry, grape and carrot, onion, ginger etc.
-- dehydrated vegetable: carrot, green chive, tangerine etc.

Country: India
Description: We are associated with M/s. Royal Coffee co., a
South Indian Filter Coffee co. Manufacturing Since 1925, they are
situated in the heart of coffee producing belt, chikmangalur western
ghats. Being pioneers in the industry they offer coffee from grass
root to the ethnic tasty coffee cup.
We offer Coffee as follows:
1. 100% washed Arabica Plantation Roasted Coffee Beans.
2. Tailor made Roasted Beans blends (&Grinded) available.
3. All pack shall be made in 0.5lbs, 1lbs, 2lbs packed in edible
grade foil pack.
Fruits & vegetables: (photos attached) curry leaves, brinjals, and
drumstick & ladies finger besides all indian farm fresh vegetables.
greens (palak).
Fruits: mangoes (alphonsa, malgova), pomegranate & popeye.
Packing: 5 kg nett duly packed in cartoon box.
Dispatch: By Air
Your detailed enquiry will be appreciated and shall be promptly
replied. We have our esteemed clients spread over Asia, Australia
and other places. Please reply.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers and exporter of high quality
'dehydrated white/red onion' in all grades i.e. kibble, chopped,
minced, granulated & powder.
We are equipped to supply 100% clean & assorted product with
required microbial. For product specification, microbial
specification, samples etc., please feel free to contact us.

Country: China
Description: Company is a multiple-producing enterprise with science
and technology, industry and commerce. It is the largest producer
and also the biggest market quotient in the oligosaccharides
industry in China, which has passed ISO9002 of the International
Quality Management and Quality Certification System. The company and
Microbiology Institute of China Science Academy, have developed the
functional biological sugar source--oligosaccharides, This new
biological active sugar source integrates nutrition, healthy and
food therapeutic effects, thus becomes a new physiological active
sugar source, and has been extensively used in sector of medicine,
health, food, etc.

Country: India
Description: We are Merchant Exporter of Indian agro & engineering
products like herbs, spices, machinery parts, flours etc. We have
been exporting to countries like Tanzania, Singapore, Taiwan, UK,
all kind of Indain spices(whole/power)like dry red chilly, turmeric,
cloves, cumin, canned mango pulp(kesar/alphanzo), black/white
pepper, crushed black peper, corriender seed, dehydrated onion
(kibbled/powder), dehydrated garlic& ginger, sundried tomato (for
pizza, pasta & salad toppings). We do have whole whaet flour
(chakkiatta), super wheat flour (MAida) etc.

Country: Indonesia
Description: Producer of corn starch, glucose syrup, corn oil,
maltodextrin. Glucose Syrup can sell in bulk. Price competitive.

Country: Thailand
Description: We are a leading Thailand's exporter of jasmine rice,
personal care products, cosmetics, non-leather bags and drinking
straw. We are looking for expanding more long-term business co-
ordination to many international markets.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are food and beverages manufactures, our product
are nata de coco, natural fiber drink, desicated coconut, coconut
powder, packing in plastic cup, standing pouch, tetra pak. We can
supply 5 "40 fcl per month. We have Lingshi cultivation at west
java and produce extract Lingshi.

Country: China
Description: China based manufacturer and exporter of dehydrated
vegetables, nut and fruits including garlic, ginger, onion, carrot,
peppers, apple rings, cabbage, peanuts, and more.

Country: China
Description: Here is Anhui Cereals Oils and Foodstuffs I/E (Group)
Corp. ( AHCOF). One of the top 500biggest foreign trade companies
in China. annual volume of import and export has made breakthrough
of USD200 million. The following is part of our items: Frozen
Cooked Crawfish Meat 1KG X 12/CTN 2 KG X 6/CTN L size
M size 100-150PCS/LB
S size 150-200PCS/LB
Whole Crawfish 5LB X 2/CTN 15 pcs/LB, 15-20pcs/LB
20-28 pcs/LB
Fresh Frozen Silver Fish 1KGX10/CTN 500G X20/CTN 3-5CM
10CM and up
Vegetarien Spring Rolls 28g x20/box x20/CTN
17g x22 x6/CTN
20g x60 x6/CTN
40g x30 x 6/CTN
Vegetarien samosa 15g x22/box x24/CTN
Vegetarien dumpling 20g x20/bag x10/CTN
Frozen Sesame ball 25g x25/bagx10/CTN
Vegetarien bun 30g x20/bag x10/CTN
Pineapple can 567g x24 /ctn, 425 x24/ctn, 3006 g x6/ctn.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the leading tea exporters based in
India. Our brand is very well renowned in some of the European
countries. We export tippy whole leaf, CTC, Darjeeling and Dust
grade. The packaging can be done in wooden chests, paper sacks,
jute bags, chestlets, cradboard boxes and tea bags.

Country: China
Description: We are the only one trehalose producer in China.
Monthly output is 50 metric tons and FOB price is Euro $4.99 per
kilo for food grade trehalose with 98% purity. The crystalline
trehalose is widely used in food additives, medicines and
cosmetics. It can be used to replace some of the sucrose in foods
which need sugar but less sweet is desired. Trehalose is also used
for food and fruit fresh keeping. It has a significant feature in
moisture keeping when applied in cosmetics.

Country: China
Description: I am glad to introduce our company to you as one of
the largest producers of Xanthan gum. Our company is specialized in
producing food Grade Xanthan gum. We know your company is a large
food company. We are not sure if you are using Xanthen gum as
stabilizer. We can offer you our food grade Xanthan with various
viscosities, and high temperature stabilities. We also supply
dispersible grade (60mesh, 80mesh) product. If you are interested
in this product Or if you need some small samples, please feel free
to contact me at any email address.

Country: China
Description: Our company exports Chinese frozen and fresh vegetable
or fruit since 1996. Major as frozen green asparagus, strawberry,
broccoli. Cauliflower, green beans, sweet corn, mix vegetable, peas
and fresh ginger, garlic, fuji apple ect.. The price as following:
fresh ginger 100-250g/p fob qingdao usd 240/mt. (packed in 30lbs
plastified ctn). Frozen broccoli 4-6 cm (I.Q.F) FOB QINGDAO USD
700/MT(1KG*10/CTN) Frozen cauliflower 4-6 cm(I.Q.F)FOB QINGDAO USD
640/MT(1KG*10/CTN)mix veg. cron 30%, peas 30%, carrot
(0.8*0.8*0.8)40% 2kg *6/ctn, FOB QINGDAO USD 730/MT, ECT.

Country: India
Description: We are India's largest manufacturer and exporters of
dehydrated onions, garlic and vegetables. Our is 100% E.O.U.

Country: Singapore
Description: Manufacture on Connectors and Cables assemblies for
Electronics Industries which have production in Taiwan and China.
We do vaule added service like: PCBA assembly, Sourcing for other
Electronics components, like capacitors, Crystals, IC Chips, Logic
etc.... YSC also do trading as well.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are exporter of rice.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturing food powders ie fruit powders,
fruit powders, vegetable powders tomato soup and fruit juices in
powder form all our products are natural and do not contain any
chemicals not even "monsodium glutamate" we have more than 30
products manufactured by spray drying system. The products are
specially made from farm fresh fruits and vegetables by encapsulating
their freshness and flavour. The shelf life is 1 YEAR. We request
your company to try our products as they are of International
Standards and very competitive rates.

Country: India
Description: We are a leading fruits growers, exporters, pulp and
bar manufacturer and exporters. Products: alphonso mango pulp,
totapuri mango pulp, guva pulp in 24x850 gm and 6x3.10 kg packing.
We exports fruits bar in defferent size and packing.

Country: Malaysia
Description: Our main product is Concentrated Spirulina Juice. We
are a ten year old Malaysian company doing business in many
countries. Our company markets unique natural health and frozen
food products. Other services such as supplying electrical LV
switchboard and HT switchgears are also provided.

Country: Singapore
Description: We are leading producer of instant milk powder.
Our factory is located in Malaysia. Please contacts for further
details. We also can arrange for samples.

Country: India
Description: We are the exporters of spices, seed spices, spices
powders & spice mix, coir products, gold jewelry & garments from

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of canned (button)
mushrooms with the plant capacity of 300 tonnes/annum. Offers are
invited to buy Button mushrooms and intention is a long term

Country: Thailand
Description: Manufacturer of speciality ingredients for candy, ice
cream, bakery and biscuits industries

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are exporter of Nescafe and other Nestle products
located in Indonesia. Being established in 1998, Brazilian Nescafe,
Canadian Nescafe, and Indonesian Nescafe become the main products
we handle. We also export other consumer goods and home supplies,
such as: soaps, detergents, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo. Most
of them are from Cussons, Unilever, Johnson Johnson products.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading companies in China in apple
juice concentrate and fruit juice products, This year, our output
for apple juice concentrate is expected to reach more than 30000
metric tons, following is the standard specifications for your kind
1. Soluble solid(Bx) 70.0 71.0
2. Acidity(%) above 0.8
We hope the above can arouse your interest and expect to establish
long term mutually Beneficial relationship with you.
We would appreciate your earlier reply.

Country: India
Description: We are a mushroom farming and processing unit. We have
capacity to produce and process 1000 kgs Oyster mushroom
(Pleurotus). We are interested to supply fresh or dried oyster
mushroom on regular basis. Rates negotiable.

Country: Thailand
Tel: +66-2661-8889 - 98
Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter of Monosodium
Glutamate (MSG) under "Ajinotakara", mountain brand which is
accepted worldwide. Besides, we are launching our new product
Seasoning Powder for different cooking styles e.g. soup, deep fried
& grilled, etc.

Country: India
Description: We are the exporters of every type of Indian spices.
we could even take orders in bulk. We make orders only on
guaranteed LC. Our quality is approved through Agmark*.

Country: India
Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the
leading & renowned millers, processors & exporters of various type
of pulses/dal toor dal, masoor dal/red lentils, moong dal, gram dal,
urid dal and parboiled rice since 1947, having a combined production
capacity of 40000 MT per annum.

Country: China
Description: Our co. is the multi exporting group in northern China,
dealing in many items, mainly exporting 3 items:
1. Foods and all beans: red beans, green beans, red kidney beans,
white kidney beans, red speckled kidney beans, light speckled kidney
beans, peanuts, etc.
2. Minerals and raw materials, including graphite/carbon products,
such as amorphous graphite, artificial graphite powder, electrolytic
graphite, graphite electrodes, graphite blocks, coal tar pitch,
calcined petroleum coke, calcined kaolin powder, spodumene powder,
chlorite powder, feldspar, calcite, tourmaline(industrial grade),
cenospheres, etc.
3. Various packing bags, gift shopping bags, etc.

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of medicinal herbs and herbal based
food suppliments & health drinks.

Country: China
Description: May I introduce us as a supplier of egg powder? We are
in a position to offer you quality egg powder (whole, yolk, albumen
and shell) and liquid eggs.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our rice crackers products are manufactured in our
facility in northern part of Vietnam and we have been exporting our
vast varieties to our customers in Europe, the United States, Middle
East, Australia, and others. We have the ability to produce various
types of rice crackers with different flavors. We are able to
produce tailor-made crackers suitable to our clients needs and we
also suggest our own new designs to our clients. Kindly advise which
type of rice crackers you are interested in and whether you need us
to prepare samples for your evaluation. Alternatively, you can also
send us samples of rice crackers for counter sampling purposes.

Country: India
Description: We are one of a leading trade facilitator based in
India offering a host of professional services. One of our client, a
prominent player in Indian dairy industry is in a position to supply
skimmed milk powder(SMP), whole milk powder (WMP) in spray dried
form and ghee fulfilling the quality parameters and specifications
required by you.

Country: India
Description: We introduce ourselves as exporters of various spices
from India mainly red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander and
cumins powder and seeds etc. Our products meet the international
quality standards and we would be happy to forward Product
specifications, analytical reports etc on hearing from you along
with necessary samples.

Country: China
Description: As one leading supplier of peanuts in North China, our
company was built up in 1979, and by now, we have 7 processing
factories locating in Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning province.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading companies in China in apple
juice concentrate and fruit juice products, This year our output for
apple juice concentrate is expected to reach more than 30000 metric
1. Soluble solid(Bx) 70.0—71.0
2.Acidity(%) >0.8
3.Ph 3.8?0.2
We can also produce apple/peach puree/puree concentrate, cloudy
apple/peach juice concentrate, apple sauce, what’s more a
large variety of juice/nectar products can also be produced. We hope
the above can arouse your interest and expect to establish long term
mutually beneficial relationship with you.

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