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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

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Chemical manufacturers Asia

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Country: China

Description: We are a precision chemicals manufacturer, specializes in
fine chemicals series, bio-chemicals series, and pharmaceutical series
etc. such as:
1) 1, 4-Dihydroxy Anthraquinone (Quinizarine);
2) 1, 4-Dihydroxy Anthraquinone Leuco Compound;
3) 1, 4-Diamino Anthraquinone Leuco;
4)hydroquinone ;
5) Manganese Carbonate;
6) Chemical manganese dioxide.

Country: India

Description: We manufacture copper phthalocyanine blue also known as CPC
Blue Crude. It is a dyes and pigment intermediate; CAS No. 147-14-8 and
Color Index no. 74160.

Importproducts: Phthalic anhydride, copper scrap, ammonium molybedate,
solvent Hysol-P.

Country: China

Description: Our company was founded in 1986, specialized in manufacture
dichromate. Our main products are potassium dichromate (Annual output is
2, 000 MT), Chromic oxide (2, 000 MT each year) and Chromic Potassium
Sulfate (1, 000MT each year). Our products are distributed all over the
world. With strong ability of supply our Goods and services always
satisfied customers. We hope our products would meet your demand, we are
looking for making long term co-operation with you company.

Importproducts: Potassium Dichromate. Potassium dichromate(K2Cr2O7) 99.7%
min Chloride 0.05% max.
Water insoluble matter 0.02% max.
Chromic Oxide.
Chromic oxide (Cr2O3) 99.0% min.
Water soluble salts (SO4) 0.5% max.
Residue on 325 mess screen O.5% max.
Oil absorption 15-25% max.

Country: China

Description: Our company is a specialized manufacturer and
exporter company of modified plastic (plastic compound), such
as flame retardant plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic,
ABS/PC ABS/PVC plastic alloy, plastic filled with caco3 or talc
and etc. We welcome you to inquiry or be our sale agent in your
area or our long-term partner.

Country: China

Description: Main manufacturer of L-cysteine and its derivatives in China.
All the products are exported and its quality is up to AJI88 and USP23 and
EP97, BP93.
1 L-Cystine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx530mm AJI88/92
2 L-Cysteine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx530mm AJI/88/92
3 L-Cystcine Hydrochloride Monohydrate 25kgs 27.5kgs
300mmx500mm AJI88/92
4 L-Cysteine Hydrochloride Anhydrous 20kgs 27.5kgs 300mmx500mm
5 S-Carboxymethyl-L-Cysteine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx530mm AJI88/92
6 N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 20kgs 22kgs 400mmx530mm AJI97
7 L-Leucine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx530mm USP23/24
8 L-Tyrosine 20kgs 22kgs 400mmx500mm USP23/24
9 L-Isoleucine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm USP23/24
10 L-Serine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm USP23/24
11 L-Valine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm USP23/24
12 L-Arginine Monohydrochloride 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm AJI92
13 L-Arginine 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm AJI92
14 L-Lysine Monohydrochloride 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm AJI88
15 DL-CYSTINE 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm AJI88/92
16 DL-CYSTEINE 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm AJI88/92
17 DL-CYSTEINE 25kgs 27.5kgs 400mmx500mm AJI88/92.

Country: China

Description: Pearl pigment, mica powder.

Country: China

Description: Citric Acid.
A leading manufacturer of Citric Acid Mono. and Anhy.
BP93(USP23/USP24/FCCIV) based in China. The quality of ours is
best in China. Now our FOB Qingdao for Mono. is USD530/mt.
Inquiry welcome!

Country: China

Description: Large scale state owned enterprise with a focus on chemical
pesticides. It has 23 subsidiaries, including a overseas company and a R&D
center. The main products are in six categories: pesticides, chemical
intermediates, inorganic chemicals, chemical fertilizers, machinery for
chemical industry, and printed packing boxes. The Methyl Parathion
production line is the largest in the nation, and the Aldicab granule
production line is the only one in Asia. It is the nation's largest
production base of carbamate class pesticides, and a designated production
base for seed coating by National Committee on Economics. Our company
passed ISO9002 in 1997.

Country: China

Description: We are a State run company. We mainly deal with import and
export of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and hospital supplies. And we also
have several auxiliary plants, which producing chemicals and finished
medicines. We are active in commercial intercourse with the trade of
various countries and districts, and have got a very high prestige in the
world market. We hope we also can cooperate well together.

Country: China

Description: My company is a leading exporter in east China on fine
chemicals and phasrmaceuticals available in China. In our past years, we
are famous for our continuous efforts in supplying high quality goods, and
good services. We sincerely hope that you could give us a chance to prove.
Our principle is" inquiry to us, profit and satisfactions to customers".

Country: China

Description: We make thermosetting powder coating and powder coating
intermediates thermosetting powder coating has 3 series of gloss type
epoxy. Hybrid and polyester powder coating, semigloss, matt type powder
coating and artistic type powder coating etc, It is also possessed of more
then one thoUSAnd formulae and available in hundreds of assortments and
Other we make pharmaceutical raw material (enalapril maleate ramipril)and
pharmaceutical intermediates(N-[1-ethoxycarbonyl)-3-phenylpropl]-L-alanine
N, N'Carbonyl Diimidazole (S, S, S)-2-azabicyclo[3, 3, 0]-0ctane-3-
carboxylic acid benzylester hydrochloride etc.

Country: China

Description: Thiourea dioxide, formamidinesulfinic acid.

Importproducts: Thiourea, hydrogen peroxide.

Country: Pakistan

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as an importer and
supplier of Aromatic chemicals and earned a good reputation in this line.
We shall be deeply honored to establish business relations with you.
We are dealing in following chemicals since last 4 decades.
- Aromatic chemicals.
- Aldehydes.
- Essential Oils.
- Flavours.
- Fragrances.

Country: Benin

Description: AU gold dust available for immediate sales.
Quantity: 550 KG.
Price: 6000$ USD.
Quality: 99, 97 + 22 Carat.
Origin: Burkina Faso.
Location: Cotonou, Rep. Of Benin.

Country: Indonesia

Description: Agrochemicals: fertilizers & pesticides; industrial
chemicals: manufactured chemicals in Indonesia / Asia for industrial used
(Raw Materials).

Importproducts: Industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals,
organic chemicals, plastic chemicals, rubber chemicals.

Country: China

Description: We are a leading company dealing in chemicals raw materials
from China, can offer the most competitive conditions for manganese /zinc
/barium/potassium/phosphote /sodium products, Such as: Nature Manganese
Dioxide 55%-80%Min.; Manganous Oxide 60% - 85% Min(Feed grade);
Electrolytic MnO2 91% Min.; Manganese Sulphate; Manganese carbonate; Zinc
sulphate; Zinc Oxide; Zinc Chloride; Xanthates; Barium Sulphate; Barium
carbonate; Caustic Sodium NaOH 96% /99% Min., Copper Sulphate;
LithoponeB301/ B311; dyestaff/pigment; Potassium Permanganate
BP93;Potassium Chlorate; Citric Acid BP; Ferrous Sulphate; PbNO3; Calsium
Hydrogen Phosphate; STPP/SHMP/Red-P/ Phosphoric Acid;
TiO2(Anatase&Rutile); Sodium Metabisulphite; CamphorDAB6/8.

Importproducts: 1) Refined Iodine 99.5% Min.

Country: China

Description: We are a big manufacturer and exporter of chondroitin
sulfate in northern China. We have our own factories and have passed
ISO9002 accreditation, so we can guarantee a high quality and reasonable

Country: China

Description: Gelatin (edible gelatin, gelatin industrial grade, gelatin
medical grade), Gelatin hydrolysate, Bone glue, Sodium Tripolyphosphate
(STPP), 4-bromophenol, Azobisisobutyronitrile 4-bromophenetole, 4-
bromoanisole, 4-chlorophonetole, Pharm chemicals.

Importproducts: Chemicals.

Country: China

Description: We are manufacture of pharmaceutical raw materials,
veterinary health medicine and animal feed additive products. We have a
production history of 10 years. Now we can supply the products as follows:
Dliclazuril, Folic Acid, Zoalene, Detro Calcium Pantothenate, Toltrazuril,
Vitamin, B series B1, B6, Drug intermediate, If you interest these
products, please contact us do not hesitate. We can supply with the best

Country: China

Description: *Matt hardener H-68.
*New type epoxy resin hardening accelerator.
*Synchronous motor.

Country: China

Description: Silicone rubber tubes: 1mm x 2mm to 15mm x 17mm.
Silicone rubber gaskets.
Silicone rubber seals.
Other silicone rubber products produced by mold toolings.
Silicone rubber.

Importproducts: Silicone rubber.

Country: China

Description: One of the largest independent tire exporter and a major
supplier of natural rubber to the tire manufacturing industry in China. We
offer a full range of tires for passenger car, light truck, truck & bus,
off-the-road, industrial and agricultural applications. The manufacturers
that we are currently representing are: Great Wall, Jinglun, G.T, Double
Happiness, Taishan, Whale, Triangle, Armour, Long March.

Country: China

Description: 1. Phosphoric acid 85%min., food grade, USD320/mt FOB Huangpu
port, China. Packing: in new plastic drums of 35kg net each.can supply
30000mt per year.
2. Phosphoric acid 85%min., technical grade, USD305/mt FOB Huangpu port,
China. Packing: in new plastic drums of 35kg net each. Can supply 30000mt
per year.
3. Tripolyphosphate (STPP), P2O5:57%min., USD380/mt FOB Huangpu port,
China. Packing: in new wovem plastic bags of 25kg net each. Can supply
20000mt per year.
4. Shipment within 30days after L/C received.
5. This offer is subject to our final confirmation.

Country: India

Description: We are one of the largest manufacturer & exporters of
Synthetic food colors, lake colors & colors for cosmetics & toiletry
industry. Our colors conform to various International specifications. We
can match any color as per customer's requirements.

Importproducts: We are importing raw materials like pyrene, quinaldine,
resorcinol, iodine etc.

Country: China

Description: We offer for Polyethylene oxide, MW: 4-6 millions, Usage:
Polyethylene oxide can be used as long fibre dispersing agent in the
manufacture of paper, an adhesive, friction reduction agent, flocculating
agent, thickening agent and lubricant and so on.

Importproducts: Polyethylene oxide

Country: China

Description: We are manufacturer of photo luminescent powder in
?hina. The core product photo luminescent powder can be added
into paint printing oil plastics pigment which is widely use in
fire protection traffic advertisement plates. That can improve
the product applications -make them self-glow in the dark
without electricity for more than 12 hours.

Importproducts: We want so relevant machines.

Country: China

Description: Our company was founded in 1986, specialized in manufacture
dichromate. Our main products are potassium dichromate (annual output is
2, 000 mt), chromic oxide (2, 000 mt each year) and chromic potassium
sulfate( 1, 000mt each year). Our products are distributed all over the
world. With strong ability of supply our Goods and services always
satisfied customers. We hope our products would meet your demand, we are
looking for making long term co-operation with you company.

Country: Bangladesh

Description: We are interested to import textile chemicals to Bangladesh.
Interested exporters contact us with details product information and price
list. We shall work as your agent and market your product in Bangladesh.

Country: China

Description: I take the liberty to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer
of zinc sulphate heptahydrate 21%, 22% and monohydrate 35% of Zn for
fertilizer uses, zinc oxide feed grade 74% for animal feed additive uses,
zinc oxide technical grade 95%, 98%, 99% and 99.5% for rubber and
ceramic uses, ferrous sulphate, etc. I wonder whether you are interested
in our products and willing to cooperate with us. If you have any
requirement, kindly please don't hesitate to contact us. Sincerely hope
that we can establish a good business in this line.

Country: India

Description: We are leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical bulk drugs
like niacin, niacinamide, albendazole, ricobendazole, isoniazid etc. All
our products are Star K-Kosher certified. We also have our sales office in
United States of America.

Country: Hong Kong

Description: We are Chinese based chemical company, which produces Nature
Guaiacol, nature 4-methylguaiacol, nature 4-ethylguaiacol and nature 4-
methylcatehol. We have our own factory; we are granted the national patent
for above products. These products are usually applied in aromatic
purposes, like for producing soap, shampoo, cosmetics and essences. For
other purposes, these products are used in medicine, animal feed and
foodstuff flavouring. We responsible for paying transportation costs to
all harbours and airports in China. Our price is reasonable, but it is
also negotiable.

Country: India

Description: Bitumen. Grade: 60-70. Origin: Iran. Steam coal, origin:

Country: India

Description: Experienced and customer oriented organization. We are a
leading importer/exporter and distributor, of pharmaceutical, cosmetic,
and industrial raw materials.
Our efforts are constantly dedicated to supplying your company with
quality products at competitive prices consistent with service that meets
your needs. We can provide the best quality material, packaging, and
pricing sources from India, China, Europe, and U.S.A. We have been
supplying bulk quantities to several U.S. exporters, distributors, and
manufacturers for many years. In addition to our extensive product line,
we have the experience and ability to respond to your changing needs.
When product problems arise, just give us a call and we will do our utmost
to help you. We can offer you all range of industrail chemicals, pigments,
intermediates, desperse dyes, etc.

Country: China

Description: Our company can offer following products:
Calcium formate: min 98.5% 95 percent through 80 mesh.
Potassium formate: min 95%.
N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF): min 98%.
Calcium bromide min99%.
Sodium bromide: min99%.
Potassium bromide: min99%.
Methyl formate: min97%.
Formic acid min85%.
Decanedioic acid bis (2, 2, 6, 6-tetramethyl-4-diperidinyl) ester.

Country: China

Description: Leading manufacturer and exporter in China, specializing in
supplying the international markets with the following product ranges:
Phosphorus derivatives:
Phosphoric acid and phosphates (both technical and food grade);
Phosphorous acid, hypophosphorous acid, sodium hypophosphite.
Molybdenum products:
Molybdenum trioxide, sodium molybdate, ammonium molybdate.
Inorganic bromine products:
Ammonium bromide, potassium bromide, sodium bromide;
Potassium bromate, sodium bromate.
Inorganic fluoride products.

Country: India

Description: We are exporters and export agents from India. We can offer:
1.Caustic soda flakes.
2.Aluminum sulphate.
3.Potassium hydroxide.
4.Paraffin wax.
5.Citric acid.
6.Sodium citrate.
7.Acetic acid.
8.Phosphoric acid.
9.Salicylic acid.
10.Ammonium nitrate.
We are suppliers of acids, heavy industrial chemicals and solvents.

Importproducts: We are importers of:
1.Soda ash.
2.Citric acid.
3.Sodium citrate.
4.Paraffin wax.

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