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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China travel

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  Web www.asiaprofile.com

China to Italy by Motorbike in 1997 - Motorbike travel through China, Pakistan, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and Greece. In English and Italian.

China-on-site - Covering culture, food, literature, art, music, gardens and travel.

ChinaTravel.com - China Travel Guide and Service - ChinaTravel.com provides travelers with discounted hotels and flights in China, Asia and all around the world, as well as China Travel Guides and Resources for independent and business travelers to and from China.

ChinaUnique - Travel and cultural information on China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Chinarom: Guangzhou - Local travel information. By Muzi.net.

Chinarom: Shenzhen - Local travel information. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Baotou - Travel information about Baotou. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Changchun - Travel information about Changchun. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Chongqing - Travel information about Chongqing. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Dalian - Travel information about Dalian. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Guilin - Travel information about Guilin. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Guiyang - Travel information about Guiyang. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Haikou - Travel information about Haikou. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Hailar - Travel information about Hailar. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Harbin - Travel information about Harbin. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Hefei - Travel information about Hefei. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Hohhot - Travel information about Hohhot. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Jinan - Travel information about Jinan. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Kunming - Travel information about Kunming. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Lanzhou - Travel information about Lanzhou. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Lhasa - Travel information about Lhasa. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Lianyungang - Travel information about Lianyungang. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Nanchang - Travel information about Nanchang. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Nanning - Travel information about Nanning. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Shenyang - Travel information about Shenyang. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Shijiazhuang - Travel information about Shijiazhuang. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Taiyuan - Travel information about Taiyuan. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Xining - Travel information about Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province.

Chinaroma - Xinjiang - Brief introduction with links to the major cities, from Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Yinchuan - Travel information about Yinchuan. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Yingkou - Travel information about Yingkou. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Zhanjiang - Travel information about Zhanjiang. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma - Zhengzhou - Travel information about Zhengzhou. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Xi'an - Travel information about the city. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Xiamen - Travel information about the city. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Changsha - Travel information about the city. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Chengdu - Travel information about the city. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Fuzhou - Travel information.

Chinaroma: Hangzhou - Travel information about the city. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Nanjing - Travel information about the city. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Qingdao - Travel information about the city. By Muzi.net.

Chinaroma: Wuhan - Travel information from Muzi.net.

Chinatown Online - A guide to the Chinese in the UK and Greater China. Covers culture, travel, food and business.

Chongqing - Travel information from the Travel China Guide.

Christine's Home - Chemical engineer from Zhongshan. Pictures and personal details, with sections on the country's various ethnic groups and brief information on travel in China and classical poetry.

Conquering China - An unedited journal of travels across China. Site designed for Netscape 4.6 or higher, viewable in IEx.

Country Road US Ltd., Co. - Texas based company providing business consulting, travel services, international trading, telecommunication development. China offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing.

Cox, Dennis - Travel images from around the world. Specializing in photographs of China.

Dunhuang: The Silk Road Trip: China Tour - A tour of silk-road era Dunhuang with information including lots of dates about the Moago Grottoes and other sights.

East Grees West China Travel - Florida, USA based China travel service offering China group tour packages, visa and various reservations services.

East Tours - Travel agent specializing in trips to China. Contains tips, FAQs, and details of seasonal packages.

Easy Trip Luggage & Bags Co. Ltd. - Exports various travel goods. Products including trolley case, suitcase, beauty case, computer bag, cooler bag, carmera bag.

Ego China Travel - Offering destination guides, attractions and tour programs of China and Greater Mekong Subregion.

Eric Hedstrom's Travel - Personal homepage with pictures from recent travels: Cebu and Boracay, Philippines; Hong Kong, China; Germany.

Esprit Travel - Offers small group walking tours to Japan and China.

FETI Travel - 136-21 Roosevelt Avenue, Room 409, Flushing. Specialize in China and the Orient.

Far East Gateways - Travel package highlights and information on sightseeing tours to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

FlyChina Infotek, Inc - Registered travel agency provides low fare flights between the United States and China. Flight schedules, customer service information and an online booking form are available.

Four Winds Travel - Low priced airfares to China. Business and coach to Bejing-Shanghai from US West Coast.

Fuzhou - Travel information by Travel China Guide.

G3 Visas and Passports - Assisting American travelers to obtain United States passports, foreign visas and document authentications. Specializing in travel to China, Russia and Vietnam. Based in Chicago.

Gansu - Travel China Guide - Offering full travel information of the history of the ancient Silk Road and some major cities in Gansu province.

Gendai Travel - Specializes in trips to countries such as Japan, Korea and China.

George and Paula's Travel Photos - Photographs from Tibet, The Galapagos, Peru, Mynannmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iceland, China, Cuba, Tobago, and Uzbekistan.

Global Tours, Inc. - Travel agency specializing in tours for individuals and groups to Africa, Asia, the Bible Lands, China and the South Pacific, as well as customized tours in conjunction with special events and conferences.

GrandCity Tour - Chinese travel agency based in Melbourne offers both Australian domestic tours and international travel to China and Southeast Asia.

Gray Line Tour of Hong Kong Limited - A travel company offering sightseeing, tour packages, and hotel reservation service to Hong Kong, China and Macau.

Guangzhou - Travel information by Travel China Guide.

Guilin - Travel information from Travel China Guide.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan - China.Specialized in ticket clamps, boob ends, bags for gentlemen and ladies and travel-bags made from leather of cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, nylon, PU and PVC.

High Asia Exploratory Mountain Travel Company - Offers mountaineering, trekking, rafting, biking, and cultural tours in western China, Tibet, Bhutan and the Himalayan regions of India. Includes trip details and costs.

Hilster, Raymond de - Photographs from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, France, and China.

Himalayan International Tours - Independent and group travel to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Singapore, Indonesia, China and the rest of Asia.

Hocker, William - Portraits of the local people, landscapes, and cityscapes from his travels around the world. Locations include Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, Spain, England, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand, and China.

Hong Kong Tourist Association - Travel and visitor information on China especially Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Kumming, Guilin and Chengdu.

Hoppe, Martin - Photographs taken during travels in Europe, Japan, China, South Africa, and the US. Also, a section with poetry accompanied by images. [English and German]

Hotels in Weihai, Shandong - Hotels listing and discount booking for business and leisure travel.

Hui Zhi Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers suitcases, soft luggage and travel bags.

Hunter Manufacturing Co., Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of collections of travel and school bags, and back packs, from textile materials. Also, promotional accessories and pouches.

Hutongs In Beijing - Travel China Guide provides an illustrated introduction to the streets and alleys of Beijing including: history, culture and architecture.

Images of China - Photographs of the country and its people arranged by location, plus sections on food and travel by train. By Bryan Chan.

Imperial Tours - Offers luxury travel and package tour to China and Tibet.

Index China Travel - Containas art, air flight, visa, currency, health, food and weather forecast.

Irene Reisen GmbH - Reisespezialist f├╝r China

Irkutsk Baikal Travel Inc. - Reisen nach Russland, China, Japan, in die Mongolei, die GUS-Staaten, Visumunterst├╝tzung,sowie Erholung am Baikalsee

J and B's Life and Travel in Asia - Pictures and commentary about our life and travel in Japan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian destinations.

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