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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China textile/garment manufacturers

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Cotton China - Information resource on Chinese grown cotton, the cotton textile industry, and related businesses. Market and pricing information. Business news. English and Chinese.

DaHe Textile, Ltd - China. Design and custom manufacturing of bed linens, towels and robes for the hospitality industry. Some technical information. English and Chinese.

DaZhong Decorations Textile Co - China. Printed and embroidered, and yarn dyed jacquard knitted, solid and mesh fabrics for curtains, home furnishing and upholstery. Also, made-ups and furnishing accessories. On-line ordering. English and Chinese.

Dagmar Jelinkova - Textile and china design, painting, sculpturing, graphics and book illustration. Contains a list of personal achievements, short profile, and image galleries of selected works.

Dalian Dongli - China. Curtain accessories series, sofa accessories series, bedding accessories series, garments accessories series.

Dalton Textile Tours - Information on up and coming tours to China to discover the secrets of Chinese embroidery. Pictures and information on previous tours is provided.

Dankong Group Co., Ltd - China. Diversified group of companies, active in real estate, general trade, finance, and chemicals manufacturing. Dyestuffs and intermediates for the textile industry. English and Chinese.

Daqi Lapping and Printing Co., Ltd - China. Textile finishing company. Dyeing and printing of knitted goods and apparel. English and Chinese.

Dearmate Chemical Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of textile dyeing and finishing agents and auxiliaries. English and Chinese.

Defu Garments - Garments for men,women and children, uniforms. China.

Detai Industry Co., Ltd - China. Diversified manufacturing and trading company, active in textiles, civil engineering, fertilizers and testing instruments. Cotton growers and processors. Cotton yarn spinning, and garment manufacturing. Also, design and manufacture of cotton ginning machinery. English and Chinese.

Detaifootwear - China. Fashion shoes, leisure shoes, slippers and sandals, with more than 900 styles and series.

Devlon Accurate Electron - Manufacturer and exporter of classical amatory watch, sports watch, automatic mechanical watch, novelty watch, fashion watch, gift watch. (Shenzen, China)

Deyitai Silk Clothes Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of silk night- and underwear, garments and formal wear for men and women.

Diao Garment Group Co., Ltd - China. Group of textile manufacturing companies, specialised in garment design and manufacture. Apparel and sleepwear for men and women, from cotton, linen, ramie, silk, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends.

Dingjia Textile Co., Ltd - China. Custom printing, dyeing and finishing of textile fabrics. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Dynasty Chemicals Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dyestuffs, pigments, dye intermediates and chemicals for the textile, leather, paper, plastic, ink and paint industries. Extensive product information and technical specifications.

EQ Fashion - China. Manufacturer and exporter of fashion knitwear.

Eastern Textile Network - China. Business to business trading of fibers and textile fabrics manufactured in China. Market news, reports and analysis. Price lists, categorized by area and product. From Jing Ming Business and Trade Co., Ltd.

Eastsun Textiles Co., Ltd. - China. Suede fabrics, suede apparels, bonding fabrics, sherpa, PU, PVC leather and other fake fur.

Ei&iM Co., Ltd - China. Collections of back packs, briefcases, handbags and accessories, from textile materials.

Eurohai - China. Export of garments. Skitrs, trousers, shirts, jackets.

Everget Industrial Ltd - China. Specialize in fashion garments, sweater, knitwear, cardigan, hat, pullover, scarf

Fashion - Hangzhou, China office represents men and women and hosts international models for commercial campaigns.

Fashion Collections - China. Hand-crochet, intasia, jacquard, handknit, embroidery, automatic machine knit.

Faye's Fashions & Faces - Full-service hair salon. Store has a gift shop with items such as china, dolls and pictures.

Feather & down - China. You can find wide range of feather & down filled garments and bedding articles.

Fedtex Garment Company Ltd. - Women's PU jackets, sports wear, cotton-padded clothes and winter jackets.

Feilong Plastic Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of textile backed PVC coated artificial leathers for fashion, furnishing and footwear. Also, industrial PVC films. English and Chinese.

Feiya Textile Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing companies. Cotton processing and yarn spinning. Greige fabrics for the apparel, bedding and furnishing industries, from cotton. Also, woven and knitted ready-made apparel.

Flyer Garments Ltd. - China. Jeans manufacturer of several clothing styles

Flying Dragon Ind., Ltd - China. Fabrics for apparel and home textile applications, from linen, and linen blended with cotton, silk, wool, rayon, tencel and polyester. English and Chinese.

Fortune Impex - China. Knitwear, woven garment, outerwear, jeans wear, technical sportswear and rain gear.

Foshan Textile Machinery Factory - Manufacturer of textile machinery in China.

Fountain Set, Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Yarn and batch dyed, and printed circular knitted fabrics for apparel applications, from cotton, ramie, linen, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends. Also, dyed yarns for knitting purposes. Specialty finishing services.

Frontier Garments - China. Pants, long pants, body warmers, jackets, children denim sets, vests, men bermudas, ladies coats, knitwears.

Fu Yuan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of beach, tote and shopping bags, from straw corn husk, and textile and plastic materials.

Fu Yuan Nonwovens Co., Ltd - China. Thermally bonded waddings for filling purposes in the garment, bedding and upholstery industries. Also, needlepunch fabrics for civil engineering, filtration, floor and wall coverings, and industrial applications. English_and_Chinese.

Fuafang Ramie Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of greige, dyed and printed fabrics for apparel and furnishing, from ramie and blends. English and Chinese.

Fucheng Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Warp knitted fabrics for automotive, decorative and garment applications, from polyester, spandex and blends.

Fuyou Thin Silk Spinning mill - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Processors of mulberry silk into tops and slivers. Manufacturers of silk filled comforters, and woven silk blankets. English and Chinese.

Fuzhou Lisheng Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of household textile products including laundry bags and ironing covers.

GD Textile - China. Textile products and export development and promotion company for Southern China. Industry news and information. Quotations. Company directory. Link to message board.

Glorious Textiles Co., Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of woven, printed, dyed and finished upholstery fabrics. Also, table and kitchen linens, bedding products and home furnishings.

Golden Moring Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Weft knitted, dyed, printed and finished fabrics for apparel applications, from cotton, polyester and blends. Also, ready-made garments. English and Chinese.

Goldenhorn Leather Factory - China. Design and manufacture of collections of fashion handbags for women, from genuine leathers.

Goldenlake Nickel Screen Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of rotary nickel screen for textile printing.

Gongnongbing Textile Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing companies. Yarn spinning. Warp kniting, dyeing and finishing of fabrics for garments and furnishings, from polyester. Also, mesh fabrics. English and Chinese.

Great Concept, Ltd - China. Collections of handbags,totes and cosmetic pouches, from plastic and textile materials. Also, stationary, promotional and gift items.

Greenland Textiles Co., Ltd. - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Yarns. Rapier loom woven, bleached, dyed and printed fabrics for apparel and furnishing, from hemp and hemp rich blends. Also, ready-made bedding products, apparel and accessories. English and Chinese.

GuangDong Textiles Co., Ltd - China. Printed bedsheets and quilt covers. Also, kitchen and bathroom textiles, and household ware.

GuangZhou Minglu - China. A manufacturer of casual and fashion shoes for ladies, men and children.

Guangdong Chun Yan Textile Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of dyeing cone yarn, dyeing cotton yarn, blended yarn, polyester sewing thread, coating interlining, scatter powder interlining, and other items like cloth hangers, and plastic cones for sewing threads.

Guangzhou Golden Rhinoceros Garment Co., Ltd. - China. Jeans, sport and casual wear manufacturer.

Guangzhou Jinmei - China. Manufacturer of fashion shoes and casual shoes in Dongfangbao brand.

Guangzhou Mailang Fashion - China. Men's casual T-shirts and casual jacket.

Guangzhou Tianhe Jin Yun Industrial Trading Company - Manufactures and exports watches including watches for fashion, sports, gifts. Also, mechanical calendar watches. (Guangzhou, China)

Guilin Textiles Imp & Exp Corp. - China. Fashion accessories, textiles and light industrial products, products including various lace, elastic belts and interlining for apparel, baby care products, towels, children shoes, slippers, clothes hangers, hair accessories, key chains, and tassels.

Guohua Textile Co., Ltd - China. Export and import of curtains, window screens, tablecloth, cushions and bedding products. English and Chinese.

Hai Cheng Aoyuan - China. Knitting, weaving, dyeing, and conforming &. assorted garment processing.

Hainan Jasul - China. Export of garment including ladies blouse, beaded dress, beaded suit, children shirt, as also export baby shoes, baby socks, baby bibs.

Haiyan Garments Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturer of jeans and casual wear.

Handbag House - China. Crochet bags and handbags for women and girls, from polypropylene, chenille and twisted paper. Also, hats, scarves and fashion accessories.

Haoyunlai Garment - China. Neckties and scarves for men and women, from jacquard woven and printed silk fabrics. Also, fabrics and shirts. English and Chinese.

Happy House - China. Knitting, printing, embroidery and garments for the maternity.

Harbin Yongtai Linen - China. Mainly produces "Flax Flower" product series, such as linen yarn-dyed fabric, linen mat, linen garment, linen T-shirt, and linen socks, ect.

Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd - China. Development and production of soybean protein fibers for yarn spinning. Also, yarns, fabrics and ready-made garments. Detailed descriptions of properties and characteristics of soybean fibers, yarns and fabrics. On-line job offerings.

Hebei Chuangxing Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of rapier label looms for the production of silk labels and apparel accessories.

Hebei Liyou - China. Spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, and garments production.

Heng Feng - Fashion leather bags in assorted styles from China.

Hengchang Group - China. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing and trading companies. Ready-made cotton men's shirts. Yarns and fabrics. Textile dyeing and finishing services. English and Chinese.

Hengchang Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Collections of sweaters, pullovers and cardigans for men, women and children. Also, knitted fashion.

Hengda Group - China. Group of textile and nonwovens manufacturing companies. Needlepunch, thermobond and woven fabrics for filtration, geotechnical and industrial applications, from polyester and polyamide. Also, stainless steel wire cloth, yarns, and fabric dyeing and finishing services. Technical specifications.

Hengfeng Garment - China. "Deanfun" and "Keyese" brand underwear - vest and briefs.

Henghe Garment - China. manufacturer and exporter of several jeans styles.

Hengtong Household Textile Co., Ltd - China. Hand crafted mats, from cotton. Also, bedcovers, cushions and additional home furnishings. Custom manufacturing services. English and Chinese.

Hengyang Textile Machinery Plant - Manufacturer of fittings for textile machinery in China.

Heshen Leather Co., Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of collections of fashion and casual handbags, and briefcases and small goods, from genuine leathers. English and Chinese.

Hongmian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd - China. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles and footwear. International trade in processed cotton and cotton products. Also, woven fabrics. English and Chinese.

Hongyang Artwork Co., Ltd - China. Export marketing agency for traditional, silk embroidered garments and accessories.

Hongyang Group Co., Ltd - China. Garments and fashion accessories from pig, sheep and cowhide leathers. Also, artificial leather garments. English and Chinese.

Hongye Wool Spinning Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Acrylic tops and yarns. Printed and finished raschel woven blankets. English and Chinese.

Hongyuan Textile Group - China. Manufacturers of regular and fancy knitting yarns. Also, fabrics and finished garments. English and Chinese.

Hotcyw - China. Offers all kinds of fashion and garment accessories including zippers, buttons, glass beads, feather boa, hooks and loops.

HouGuan Group - China. Group of textile fabric finishing companies. Dyeing, screen and rotary printing, and custom finish processing services. English and Chinese.

Hua Tai Silk Co., Ltd - China. Jacquard woven, dyed and printed fabrics for apparel applications, from silk. Also, ready-made garment accessories. History of silk. Fabric care and classification. Fashion related news. English and Chinese.

Hua You Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Yarn and piece dyed, and printed and embroidered bathroom and kitchen towels, from cotton. English and Chinese.

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