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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China textile/garment manufacturers

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123-Techtex, Ltd - China. Trading house and sourcing agency, specialized in woven and nonwoven technical textiles from China to EU and NAFTA countries. Glossary of terms. Calendar of events. English, Chinese and German.

2003 Chemical Fibre Forum - China. International symposium for the man-made fiber industry, focusing on bi-component splittable fibers for textile and nonwovens applications. English and Chinese. Hangzou. March 12-15, 2003.

Aidi Chemical Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dyestuffs and pigments, and dye intermediates for the textile, printing, plastics and rubber industries. Also, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and their related intermediates.

Alen Home Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of coordinated sets of printed and embroidered bedlinens. Also, comforters. English and Chinese.

Alpha Group - China. Flock fibers for apparel, garment accessories, furniture and gift items, from polyamide and viscose. Also, ready-made flocked products. English and Chinese.

Alpha Systems Ltd. - China. Manufacturers CAD/CAM equipment for precision laser cutting, marking, and engraving broad range of materials. Applications include printing plates, signs, textile graphics, and electronic components.

Anhui Mengcheng Textile Mill - China. Manufacturer of polyester carded knitted yarns and polyester sewing threads.

Anping Group Co. - China. Processors of animal hair for textile fabric and accessory manufacture. Detailed product specifications.

Apple Plus International Co - China. Distributors of woven and nonwoven, fusible and non-fusible interlining fabrics to the apparel, garment accessories and embroidery industries. Also, technical consulting services. Searchable product catalog. English and Chinese.

B.P.D. Group - China. Textile fabric finishers. Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing services for apparel, industrial and technical fabrics. Links to industry resources, and information on Chinese economy and finance. English and Chinese.

Bafang Weaving Industry Co., Ltd - China. Weaving, dyeing and finishing of cotton fabrics for the garment industry. Also, ready made jeans wear.

Baicheng Textile Co., Ltd - China. Textile and nonwovens manufacturers. Spunbond fabrics for medical, apparel and accessories, packaging, furnishing, and construction and engineering applications, from polyester and polypropylene. Also, jute fabrics and products. English and Chinese.

Baideli Leather Co., Ltd. - China. Polyurethane and PVC coated, embossed artificial leather fabrics for the upholstery, shoe, bags and garment industries.

Baiming Equipment, Ltd - China. Suppliers of testing instruments and equipment for the textile industry. Also, maintenance, repair and calibration services, and laboratory consultancy.

Baisha Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of regular and interlocking metallic and elastic card clothing for textile and nonwoven carding systems. Detailed product catalog, with technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Baleno Holding Ltd. - Fashion chain store with branches in China selling men's and ladies' casual wear, sports wear, and children's wear.

Bambro Textile Co., Ltd - China. Developers and manufacturers of patent protected bamboo fibers for yarn spinning and nonwovens processes, from regenerated cellulose obtained through hydrolysis, alkalization and multi-phase bleaching of bamboo pulp. Technical information and fiber specifications.

Beijing Embroidery Factory, Ltd - China. Standard and custom embroidery of table- and bedlinens, corporate wear and fashion. English and Chinese.

Bengbu Corduroy Group Co., Ltd - China. Weaving, dyeing and printing of corduroy fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton. Searchable product pages. English and Chinese.

Benxinli Co., Ltd - China. Dyeing, printing and finishing of textile fabrics. On-line print design catalog. English and Chinese.

Best Buy Button & Buckle - China. Cord lock, plastic buckle, snap fastener, zipper pull, gripper, grommet and plastic closure, from metal and plastic hardware for garment and luggage.

Best Textiles Co., Ltd - China. Core spun and continuous, textured yarns and sewing threads for embroidery applications, from polyester, polyamide and viscose. Also, a wide range of clothing, footwear and luggage accessories.

Bestex Jing Jiang - China.Children coats ,lady trousers, men jackets,children skirts ,infants wear.

Bestyear Trading Co., Ltd - Home textile manufacturer in China producing down quilts, pillows, sleeping bags, and comforters.

Black Peony Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Open-end and ring spun yarns. Yarn dyed and printed denim fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton, ramie, viscose, spandex and blends. English and Chinese.

Bomian Textile Co., Ltd - China. Open-end and ring spun, carded and combed yarns for weaving applications, from cotton. Custom manufacturing services. English and Chinese.

Bonding Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of sponge bonded, PVC and polyurethane coated artificial leather for apparel applications, on knitted and woven backings. Specialty finishing services. English and Chinese.

Bridal Gown - China. Manufacturer of wedding dresses, bridal gowns and evening garment.

British Michael R Dan.1962 (Hong Kong) Internation Fashion - China. Manufacturer of several denim products for men and woman.

CCCT. China Chamber of Commerce Textiles - Official site of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the textile import and export trade. Textile trade statistics, and an overview of local trade laws.

CNITA. China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association - National trade organization for the Chinese nonwovens and technical textiles industries. List of periodicals and magazines. English and Chinese.

CNTA Science and Trading Co., Ltd - China. Marketing arm of the China Nonwovens Technical Association, active in world wide trading of technical textiles and nonwoven rollgoods, converted products, man-made fibers and nonwoven machinery. English and Chinese.

Carlmey Woolen Textiles Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Design and manufacture of woven, printed and finished blankets, from wool. Also, knitted rugs. English and Chinese.

Chang Long Group - China. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in ceramics, man-made fiber and plastics recycling. Raw white and solution dyed polyester staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. Also, soybean fiber, yarns and textile fabrics. Specialty finishing treatments. Technical information. English and Chinese.

Changde Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. - China. Subsidiary of Jingwei Textile Machinery Co. Ltd., manufacturer of warp knitting machines, a cotton combing machine, and pendulum arms for textile spinning and manufacturing.

Changfeng Group - China. Diversified group of companies, active in fiber, yarn and textile manufacturing, and the hospitality industry. Raw white, optical whitened and dyed polyester staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. English and Chinese.

Changning - China. Knitting clothes, Tee shirts, Singlet, Upper garment.

Changsha Towel Group - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Design and manufacture of jacquard and plain woven, embroidered, dyed and laser printed bathroom and beach towels. Also, sleepwear. English and Chinese.

Changshu Lace - China. Modern and traditional style lace fabrics and end products for home furnishing and fashion.

Changshu Polyester, Ltd - China. High-strength polyester continuous filaments yarns for textile, geotechnical and industrial applications. English and Chinese.

Changzhou Flocking Material Factory - China. Manufacturers of flock fiber for the textile industry, from polyamide, viscose, triacetate and polyacrylic. Also, textile fabric flocking services.

Changzhou Linna - Based in China. Garments including men's, women's, and children's apparel.

Changzhou Sincere Fashion - China. Men's suits and women's fashion and others.

Changzhou Southeast Developing Zone Chengxin Textiles Co. Ltd. - Producer of corduroy and drill fabrics. With product specifications.

Charm Fashion - China.Lady's knitted wear.

Chartkar Textile Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated, multi-national group of textile manufacturing companies. Woven and Knitted, greige, yarn dyed, printed and finished fabrics for apparel and furnishing, from cotton, silk, wool, bastfiber and blends. English and Chinese.

Chenglin Textile Co.,Ltd - China. Dyeing, printing and finishing of woven fabrics. Also, custom coating and finishing services. English and Chinese.

Cheung Kong Textile, Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of woven, yarn and batch dyed,and printed bathroom and beach towels, from cotton. Also, bathroom mats. English and Chinese.

China commerce wholesaler - China. A distributor and wholesaler of garments and general surplus.

China Club - Drawing scores of A-list celebrities from music, sports, film, fashion, and Broadway. Includes photos, floor plans, history, recent sightings, menus, and events.

China Comfort Group Corp - China. Artificial leathers for garment, footwear, bags, upholstery and automotive applications, from polyurethane and PVC foam substrates. Also, cotton waddings for quilting, and flocked products.

China Direct Exports, Inc. - Links buyers with manufacturers of a variety of general merchandise including garments and accessories, stationery, gifts, housewares and outdoor recreational products.

China Golden City - Exporter of knitwears, sweaters, silk and fashion garments.

China Hiyoung Group Co. Ltd. - Engaged in textile production, printing, technical and electrical industries, food and travel services. Includes information on each constituent company.

China International Fabrics Center - Internet trading site for fibers, yarns, textile dyestuffs and chemicals, woven and knitted fabrics, and finished products and accessories. Also, software, and machinery for the textile and nonwovens industries. English and Chinese.

China Leather - Trading site for Chinese hides, skins and furs. Also, leather chemicals, small leather goods, garments and footwear. Categorised company and products directories. Business news and discussion board. Access upon registration. English and Chinese.

China National Aero-Technology Xiamen Corp. - Managing machinery, electronic, hardware, textile, gift, toy, handicraft, shoes, bag, clothes, food, ceramics, chemical material, medicine, native and livestock products.

China National Textile Industry Council - Roof organization for Chinese textile associations, focusing on administrative issues, information exchange, training and events organization. Links to sector associations. Information on the local textile industry. English and Chinese.

China Ningbo Cixi Import and Export Corporation - Dealer in fabrics and garments including T-shirts, pajamas and sportswear.

China Riversuny Waterproof Garments Mfg., Ltd. - Manufactures and exports waterproof and windproof garments including rainwear, workwear, winter parka, raincoat, fishing vest, poncho, anorak and protective clothing.

China San-Li Shoes and Footwear - Supplying Chinese shoes and footwear, men's and ladies' fashion shoes, sandals and moccasins.

China Silk and Textile Network - Internet marketplace for manufacturers and traders in the Asian textile industry. Searchable company directories. Link to National Silk Museum. English and Chinese.

China Textile Business Network - Portal of the Chinese textile and related industries. Directory of raw materials, machinery and textile manufacturers, service providers and traders. Marketplace, news and message board. Free company listing. English and Chinese.

China Textile Economic Information - Information on the industry, trading opportunities and services offered.

China Textile Industrial Engineering Institute - Engineering contractorand consultants for various industries. Provides background, organization, R & D, and project information.

China Textile Machinery Co., Ltd - China. Design, development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the textile and nonwovens industries. English, Chinese and Spanish.

China Textile Net - Portal to the Chinese and Taiwanese textile, apparel, footwear and accessories industries. Categorised directories for companies, products and services, and organizations and educational institutes. Trade leads and business news.

China Textile Network - Directory of garment manufacturers organised by type of product, with forum for members to trade offers.

China Textile and Apparel - Internet marketplace for textiles, machinery and equipment, dyestuffs and chemicals, and yarns and sewing threads. Free registration.

China Textile and Apparel Online - Internet marketplace for textile raw materials, finished products, and services. Company directory. Store fronts, and web design and hosting services. Calendar of events. Links to internet trading sites.

China Textile and Garment Information - Portal to the Chinese textile and apparel industries. Marketplace. Business news. Calendar of events. Technical resource. Access upon registration. English and Chinese.

China Textile and Garment Net - Internet marketplace for manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, apparel, garment accessories, and machinery and services. Searchable company and trade directories. English and Chinese.

China Winmark Leather and Denim Garment - Manufacturer of leather garments, casual wear, denim clothing and textile garments.

Chinese Glove - China. String knit gloves, leather work gloves, dress gloves, fashion gloves, socks, scarves, ski gloves, and golf gloves.

Chinese Leading Ggarments - China. An export web site. You can find all chinese garments suppliers.

Chinese Tailor - Custom-made Chinese garments (Mandarin gown, dress, qipao, cheongsam, kungfu jacket, wedding suit) by our tailors in China.

Chuangyi Garment Company - China. Manufacturer of jeans wear

Chun Yan Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of raw white and dyed polyester spun yarns and sewing threads, and solution dyed filament yarns. Also, fusible powder coated nonwoven interlining fabrics, knitted fabrics, and plastic cones for yarns and threads. English and Chinese.

Chung Nam Fty., Ltd - China. Bleaching, printing, dyeing and finishing of textile fabrics. English and Chinese.

Corum Knitting - China. Hand and machine knitted fashion for men, women and children, from wool, polyamide and blends. Also, embroidered, crocheted and beaded items, and accessories.

Coruwat garment - China. Topnotch products made of cashmere, silk-cashmere, wool, spun silk, cotton, silk yarns, knit tops, blouses, jeans, pants, skirts and lingerie.

Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Ltd. - China. Company with diversified distributing, exporting, and manufacturing interests. Includes supply of industrial consumables, plastic and electronic products, and plastic, textile, and metalworking machinery.

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