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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China - Industry

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Nanjing Flying Swallow Piston Ring Co., Ltd - One of Chinas 500 largest machanical industry enterprises produces metallic piston rings.

Nanjing Fortune-Door Industry Corp. - Producers of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables in China.

Nantong Organic Chemicals Co., Ltd - China. Fluorescent whitening agents for the man-made fiber, printing and coating, papermaking, plastics and detergent industries. Also, silicone finishing agents for the fiber industry. Detailed product specifications. English and Chinese.

NingBo ZheDong Precision Co. Ltd.investment castings - Foundry in China producing carbon, alloy, and stainless steel parts, primarily for the construction excavator equipment industry.

Ningbo Bi Cai Industry Co., Ltd - Capacitor manufacturer. From China.

Ningbo Dingrui Industry Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of portable and vertical air compressor, portable air tank, belt driver vertical tank and parts.

Ningbo Genesis Industry Co.,Ltd - Manufacture sanitary appliances including automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers. Includes brief product overviews and photographs.

Ningbo Haide Amino Acid Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of glycine, L-isomers and cysteine derivatives, available in 20 to 50kg cartons to Halal and Kosher certification, from Zhenhai, China.

Nonwoven Fabrics Transaction and Development Center - China. State owned research, development and trading company for the local nonwovens industry, dedicated to the promotion of new products and technologies, and development of export and import markets. English and Chinese.

Norson Telecom Consulting - A Beijing-based consulting firm that provides data, analysis, and contacts for companies involved or interested in China's telecom industry.

Northern Overseas Industry Ltd. - ISO 9002 certified manufacturer and exporter of ball and roller bearings based in China.

Oceanhero Group - China. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing companies. Jacquard, circular knitted fabrics for the garment industry. Also, ready-made knitwear. and textile testing equipment. English and Chinese.

PROMY International Group - Fine chemical sourcing and custom synthesis for the chemical industry. A source of stable isotopes, specialty gases, amino acids, lithium and calcium chemicals from China.

PU China - Portal to the Chinese polyurethame industry. Marketplace. Local and international business news. Technology support and consulting services. English and Chinese.

Photochina.cc Ltd. - Specializing in photography of China. Categories include Business & Industry, Concept, Culture, Landscape, Nature, and People. Secure online ordering.

Pingxiang Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer in China supplying ceramic, metallic and plastic tower packing, tower internals, ceramic balls, molecular sieves and catalysts to the chemical industry.

SPCL - China. Manufacturer of patented plastic circular loom for the weaving industry.

Sanli Plumbing Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of bathroom accessories. Products include shelves, rails, faucets, and shower heads. Includes product catalogue. China.

Santai Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of polyester staple fiber for the nonwovens industry. Custom coloring services.

Schonhuber Franchi - Tableware wholesale for restaurant and hotel supplies, that is fine bone china and porcelain items, glass goblets, cutleries for the hospitality industry. Smart introduction to lines.

Shanghai Baorun Industry Co., Ltd. - Produces iron oxide pigment in China with an annual prodution of 15000 tons.

Shanghai Hengda Industry Company - Manufacturer and sales of china bird, dog, parrot, and mouse cages. Products and contact information.

Shanghai Light Industry Machinery Co. - Producer of light industrial machinery including plastic extruders, plastic injection molders, rubber, food and beverage machinery.

Shanxian Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufactures chemical accelerators and antioxidants for the rubber industry. China.

Shaoxing Dyestuffs and Chemicals - China. Manufacturer of disperse and vat dyestuffs for the textile industry.

ShenZhen ABO Industry - Manufacturer of digital camera, portable DVD, car audio, DVD player and home theatre from China.

Shenzhen Baoan Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. - A manufacturer of intelligent long-distance centralized meter reading network system and compound network auto system for utilities. From China.

Shenzhen Huibo Industry Trading Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of sport stopwatch series products.

Shenzhen YaWeiHua Industry Co. Ltd. - Distributes LPG and CNG handling equipment manufactured by there and from international manufacturers. Also valves, regulators, and vaporizers. Based in China.

Shenzhen Zeya Industry - Manufactures aluminum oxide in China for the abrasive and sandblasting industries. Also sells bonded abrasives, diamond blades and burnishing tools.

Shidanda Leather Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of business suits, casual wear and coats for men and women, from genuine sheepskin leather.

Shin Meng Industry - Manufacturer of computer cables in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Shuangyan Dyeing & Textile Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Jacquard woven, yarn and batch dyed, rigid and stretch fabrics for the apparel industry, from cotton. Also, collections of ready-made jeanswear. Technical specifications.

Shunjia Thread Industry Co., Ltd - China. Sewing and embroidery threads, from staple and filament viscose and polyester. Combed yarns for knitting and weaving, from wool and wool rich blends. Also, ready-made bedding products and furnishings.

Sino Agro-Chemical Industry Ltd. - Manufacturing, formulating, distributing agrochemicals in China.

Spec-Chem Industry, Inc. - ISO9002 certificated production of herbal constituents. Includes introduction to products and facilities at Nanjing, China.

Sterling China - Produces products for the food service industry.

Suki Industry And Trading Co., Ltd. - A china based manufacturer, specializes in producing drying, heating and sterilizing cabinets for dishes.

Sunhe Zipper Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of zippers for the garment industry, from metal and plastic materials.

The People's Bank of China - The central bank of the People's Republic of China. Responsible for formulating and implementing monetary policies, supervising and regulating the financial industry.

Tianjin Meitong Lumber Industry Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer producing and exporting solid wood doors, built-in doors and cupboard doors for construction and decoration. China.

Tianli Nonwoven Equipment Co., Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of a comprehensive line of machinery for the nonwovens industry. Opening, blending and carding systems. Needlepunch machines. Dryers, tentering systems and complete production lines. Some technical information. English and Chinese.

Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd - China. Flax processing company. Long and short staple flax fibers. Preboiled and bleached linen yarns. Also, linen slivers, linseed, sleeping bags and textile products. English and Chinese.

Tuton Textile Co., Ltd - China. Spun and textured sewing and embroidery threads, from cotton, polyester, polyamide and rayon. Also, metal and plastic zippers and buttons for the garment industry.

U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology - Focuses on the heritage and accomplishments of the China Lake military-civilian-industry team. Includes hours, membership application and directions.

Universal Enterprise - Distributor in China's die and wafer and packaging industry.

WPC Co., Ltd - China. Standard and custom made workwear for industry and healthcare uses, from cotton. Also, knitted gloves, and rainwear from PVC and coated textile fabrics.

Wanjiali Knitting Jacquard Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of stretch fabrics and laces for the intimate apparel industry. English and Chinese.

Weicheng Nonwoven Equipment Co., Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of machinery and complete lines for the nonwovens industry. Fiber preparation, feeding and carding systems. Needle looms. Hot-air drying and curing systems. Some technical information. English and Chinese.

Wende Thread Industry Co., Ltd - China. Core and ring spun, and continuous mono- and multi-filament, bonded, waxed, twisted, dyed and finished sewning and embroidery threads, from polyester and polyamide. Also, fishing twines.

Wheal Martyn China Clay Discovery Centre - 26 acres of Cornwall's china clay industry at Wheal Martyn in St Austell.

Widetex Chemical Co., Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer of dyestuff chemicals, including disperse, reactive and solvent dyes; as well a bio-chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Plants in Taiwan and China.

Xi'an Aircraft Industry Company Limited - Develops and manufactures large and medium-sized airplanes in China and is a major subcontractor to Boeing for aircraft components like vertical fins and access doors.

Xiamen Granite Industry - Manufacturer and exporter in China which expertise in granite and marble tiles.

Xiamen Knight Saddlery Industry Co. Ltd. - China based manufacturer of bits, stirrups, spurs, rugs, boots, bandages, grooming accessories and farrier tools.

Xihai Dyestuff Group Co., Ltd - China. Dyestuffs and dye intermediates for the textile industry. Also, rubber and electronics, packaging and engineering services.

Ximei Printing & Dyeing Factory - China. Printing, dyeing and finishing services for the apparel fabrics industry. English and Chinese.

Ximeng Co. Ltd. - Manufacturers of artificial lamb and mink furs for the garment industry. English and Chinese.

Xin'ao Group - China. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles and cement production. Woollen and wool rich yarns for the knit fabrics industry. English and Chinese.

Xinhong Zipper Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of zippers, sliders and pullers for the apparel industry, from metal and polyamide. Also, monofilaments and sewing threads.

Xinmian Textiles Co., Ltd - China. Marketing arm of Chinese cotton growing and processing company. Wholesale of cotton fibers and yarns to the textile industry. Also, woven fabrics and ready-made apparel to custom order. On-line ordering. English and Chinese.

Xinqili Paper Machinery Co., Ltd - China. Manufactures wide range of machinery for the tissue industry. Product line includes rewinding, slitting, folding, embossing, cutting, packaging, and specialized printing equipment.

Xinsheng Hardware Plant - China. Produces broad selection of products, primarily for the construction industry. Includes adjustable supports, industrial type wheels, and variety of yard container fittings and attachments.

Yancheng Huayou Biochemistry Industry Co., Ltd. - Producer of food additives, including lactic acid, calcium lactate, ethyl lactate, ethyl caproate, caproic acid, and alcohol spice in Yanshan, China.

YangZe Textile Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Indigo and black dyed, ring spun yarns. Plain and jacquard woven and finished denim fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton, and cotton rich blends.

Ye Wei Cheng Machinery - China. Design and manufacture of hot-air heat sealing equipment for the garment industry. Also, double sided polishers for metal zippers. Site can be viewed in English and Chinese.

Yichang Textile Co., Ltd - China. Yarn and batch dyed, circular knitted jacquard, double rib and single plain jersey fabrics for the apparel industry. English and Chinese.

Yingda Needle Mfg. Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of felting needles for the nonwoven needlepunch industry. Detailed information on international needle codes, and technical product specifications. Custum manufacturing services. English and Chinese.

Yolk Shing Industry Co, LTD - China manufacturer of baby walkers, strollers, joggers, and high chairs. Online cart for wholesale purchases.

Yong Feng Industry Co., Ltd - China. Leather garments, coats, shoes, hats, gloves and childrens wear.

Yongsheng Printing Works - China. Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing services for the textile fabrics industry. Part of the Yongtong Group. English and Chinese.

Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Open-end and ring spun yarns. Woven, dyed and finished denim fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton. History of jeans. English and Chinese.

Yuansheng Textile Co., Ltd - China. Air-jet loom woven, yarn dyed, printed and finished, regular and stretch fabrics for the apparel industry, from polyester, polyamide, viscose, spandex and blends. English and Chinese.

Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co.,Ltd - China manufacturer of machinery for the mattress industry.

Yueqing City Success Industry Company - Manufacture of concentric socket series, out-wiring sockets and wiring -post socket series, switches and power-supply socket. From China.

Yueyang Chemical Fiber Works - China. Diversified manufacturers of plastic and textile materials. Polymer chips for yarn extrusion and the plastics processing industry. Polyamide staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens applications. Polyamide and polyester filament yarns for weaving and knitting.

Zhangjiajie Maoyuan Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. - Offers purified gallotannic, gallic and pyrogallic acids, with other analogues derived from gallnut, primarily for food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Includes specifications and profile of manufacturer in Yong Ding, China.

Zhongcheng Dyestuff Chemical Plant. - China. Manufacturers of cationic liquid and disperse dyes for the textile industry. Also, alkali and soluble vat dyes, and dye intermediates. English and Chinese.

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