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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China - Industry

  Web www.asiaprofile.com

ASIMCO - Manufactures foundry products, electrical products, diesel products, brake systems and engine parts for the automotive industry. From China.

ATC Batteries Industry Co Ltd - Produce both alkaline and zinc chloride, carbon zinc battery in size of D, C, AA, AAA, 9V, 3R12, R10, 4R25, 4R25-Z and BR25. Based in China.

Afro Print Industry, Ltd - China. Genuine and imitation wax, and super wax batik printing services for the apparel fabrics industry. Custom design services. English and Chinese.

B.P.D. Group - China. Textile fabric finishers. Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing services for apparel, industrial and technical fabrics. Links to industry resources, and information on Chinese economy and finance. English and Chinese.

Bafang Weaving Industry Co., Ltd - China. Weaving, dyeing and finishing of cotton fabrics for the garment industry. Also, ready made jeans wear.

Baiming Equipment, Ltd - China. Suppliers of testing instruments and equipment for the textile industry. Also, maintenance, repair and calibration services, and laboratory consultancy.

Bangda Paper Industry Co., Ltd - China. Long fiber pulp for the papermaking industry, from mulberry silkworm husks. Also, converters of tissue paper. English and Chinese.

Beijing Leigh Mardon Pacific Packaging Co. Ltd. - Provide packaging to China's cigarette manufacturing industry.

Bengbu Corduroy Group Co., Ltd - China. Weaving, dyeing and printing of corduroy fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton. Searchable product pages. English and Chinese.

BiziPoint - A vertical emarket for the electronic industry in Greater China. Five languages supported.

Black Peony Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Open-end and ring spun yarns. Yarn dyed and printed denim fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton, ramie, viscose, spandex and blends. English and Chinese.

Canada Promedia Inc. - Provides end to end solutions for broadcast in China with the best service representatives in the industry.

Champion Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of attache, pilot and tool cases, and beauty sets, from aluminium. Also, rattan and polypropylene resin cases.

Changfeng Group - China. Diversified group of companies, active in fiber, yarn and textile manufacturing, and the hospitality industry. Raw white, optical whitened and dyed polyester staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. English and Chinese.

Changzhou Flocking Material Factory - China. Manufacturers of flock fiber for the textile industry, from polyamide, viscose, triacetate and polyacrylic. Also, textile fabric flocking services.

China Auto News - Latest news, market analysis and information about the Chinese auto industry.

China Concept Consulting - Consulting services and publications for global businesses in China. Services include industry intelligence, business strategy, corporate diplomacy, risk management, and private equity.

China Fair - A large-scale products fair on the internet, including primary industry products from various parts of the country.

China Fujian Sanming Forest Products Industry Corp. - Manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin, terpineol, pine oil, turpentine, activated carbon, forest flavour, fragrance and other chemical products.

China Healthcare Market Research Service - A professional market research and business consulting agency focused on health care and pharmaceuticals industry in China.

China Internet Update - Free e-mail newsletter with brief summaries of news stories and commentary on developments in the industry.

China National Automotive Industry Import and Export Corporation - Dealer in vehicles and components.

China National Chemical Fiber Network - Information portal to the Chinese fiber industry. Market analysis, business news and statistics, and prices. Company directory. Internet trading in natural and synthetic fibers. English and Chinese.

China National Packaging Information United Net - Provides information and search engine for packaging industry and enterprises, including paper, plastic, print, metal, glassware, machinery, and design.

China National Textile Industry Council - Roof organization for Chinese textile associations, focusing on administrative issues, information exchange, training and events organization. Links to sector associations. Information on the local textile industry. English and Chinese.

China OGP - Petroleum intelligence service catering to the information needs of foreign oil firms, investment banks, governments and consulting agencies with an interest in China's petroleum industry.

China Oil Web - Portal for Chinese industry: news, directories, and prices.

China Resource Center - Established to advance academic and developmental initiatives for the university in China.ŠCoordinates the university's academic programs involved with China, forges links with Connecticut business and industry, and integrates the university's China initiatives.Š

China Silk and Textile Network - Internet marketplace for manufacturers and traders in the Asian textile industry. Searchable company directories. Link to National Silk Museum. English and Chinese.

China Steel - Provides steel fabrication solutions for the steel industry. Included is information on their mechanical machining, mechanical fabrication, structural fabrication and pipe and plate processing.

China Suppliers Resources - Database of more than 1000 China and Hong Kong suppliers, producers, manufacturers, listed by industry. B2B web site services.

China Trade International Holding Co., Ltd - China. Global traders in newsprint and technical papers, industrial and specialty papers, and pulp and raw materials for the papermaking industry.

China Tungsten Industry Association - Tungsten industry news and prices.

China Wine Online - Provides information about China's vinous history and its current industry, along with links to producers.

China import & export - Tradeboard authored by China State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Chinese Yellow Pages and Business Guide - A comprehensive Yellow Page directory and business resource for the greater China region with the latest business and industry news, reference information, and economic data.

Chunson Technology, Inc - China. Design and manufacture of converting and packaging machinery for the paper products industry. Detailed technical information. English and Chinese.

Component User Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacture Ultra ATA66/100/133 and SCSI I/II/III flat/round cable in Taiwan and China for 12 years.

DaHe Textile, Ltd - China. Design and custom manufacturing of bed linens, towels and robes for the hospitality industry. Some technical information. English and Chinese.

Dalian New Ship Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. - A modern shipbuilding yard under China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and an export base for shipbuilding granted by the state.

Dalian Second Rubber and Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. - China manufacturer of mixing and extrusion equipment for the rubber and plastics industry.

Dankong Group Co., Ltd - China. Diversified group of companies, active in real estate, general trade, finance, and chemicals manufacturing. Dyestuffs and intermediates for the textile industry. English and Chinese.

Dearmate Chemical Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of textile dyeing and finishing agents and auxiliaries. English and Chinese.

Detai Industry Co., Ltd - China. Diversified manufacturing and trading company, active in textiles, civil engineering, fertilizers and testing instruments. Cotton growers and processors. Cotton yarn spinning, and garment manufacturing. Also, design and manufacture of cotton ginning machinery. English and Chinese.

Dianxing Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. - AC voltage regulator manufacturer and exporter in China that supplies AC voltage regulators.

DigiTimes - Daily IT industry news from Asia, focusing on Taiwan and China.

Dongguan Guanghua Industry Co.,ltd - Manufactures transformers. From China.

Easy Metals and Tools Co., Ltd - China. Diamond cutting discs, tools and drills for the metalworking industry. Also, circular saw blades and grinders.

Enze Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of nonwoven, water soluble backing fabrics for the embroidery industry, from polyvynilacrylate. Some technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Epoch Communication Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacture of telephone products including product information and contacts. From China.

FactsChina Cosmetics & Toiletries - Newsletter covering China's cosmetic industry, featuring market analysis, statistics, trends, and news items.

Fortron/Source Corporation - Manufacturer of power supplies for commercial and industrial applications. ISO9001 certified facilities in China produce industry standard and custom made power supplies for use worldwide.

Fuhang Linings Co., Ltd - China. Woven, resin and powder coated, fusible interlining fabrics for the apparel industry, from cotton, polyester, polyamide and blends. Also, nonwoven interlining fabrics. English and Chinese.

Fujian Gexin Machinery Plant - China. Manufactures dial linking machines and knitting machines for the clothing industry, and terminal crimping, stripping, and cutting equipment for wire processing companies.

GD Textile - China. Textile products and export development and promotion company for Southern China. Industry news and information. Quotations. Company directory. Link to message board.

Guangdong Xinhui Tengfei Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of coffee makers, water coolers, and water filtration systems. China.

Guangzhou Weiao Industry Co Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of aquarium accessories including background screen, fish food, cleaner, underwater ornaments and scrapers. Guangdong, China.

Hafei Aviation Industry Co. Ltd - Airframe manufacturer of helicopter and general aviation aircraft in China shows company profile, news and product info.

Haikou Huabang Chemical Co Ltd - Offers import and export of chemical products for industry and agriculture, plus a range of consumer ceramics. Located in Haikou, China.

Hangzhou Dunli Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer in china for wire mesh products.

Hebei Xinlin Auto Die Making Group Co. - Manufacture of stampings for the automotive industry for export to US, Thailand, Honda. From China.

Hongan Fur & Leather Industry Co., Ltd - China. Tanners and finishers of sheep skins for automotive seating and carpeting, bedding, footwear and gloves. English and Chinese.

Hongda Chemical Industry - China. Disperse, reactive and cationic dyestuffs. Also, dye intermediates. Color cards and technical specification. English and Chinese.

Hongmian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd - China. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles and footwear. International trade in processed cotton and cotton products. Also, woven fabrics. English and Chinese.

Hongshi Ramie Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of industrial weaving yarns, from ramie. English and Chinese.

Huajin Industry Co., Ltd - China. Corduroy and plain woven, printed, dyed and finished fabrics for apparel and furnishing, from cotton. English and Chinese.

Huayang Cotton Industry Co., Ltd - China. Cotton ginners and processors. Carded and combed, open end and ring spun yarns for weaving, from cotton. Also, cotton linters and seed. English and Chinese.

Huayuan Fine Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd - China. Azoic dyes, organic pigments and dye intermediates for the textile, leather, paint, plastics, ink and pharmaceutical industries.

Introtech, Ltd - China. Distributors and manufacturer's representatives of testing instruments and equipment for the textile industry. Also, maintenance, repair and calibration services, and laboratory consultancy. English and Chinese.

Jianchang Industry and Commercial Co. Ltd. - Manufactures cookware in China.

JiangXi HeLong Automobile Accessory Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacture automobile alternators and starters. From China.

Jiangsu Changheng Group Co., Ltd. - China based manufacturer of components for household refrigeration industry, including condensors, valves, and temperature controllers. Component descriptions and photos.

Jin Jiang Group - China. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles and nonwovens, pharmaceutics, energy and paer. Island-in-the-sea, conjugated bicomponent fiber for the nonwovens industry, from polyester and polyamide. Also, manufacturers of artificial leather, and converters of spunlace fabrics. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Jingjiang Pharmaceutical Machine Factory - China. Manufactures selection of centrifugal solid/liquid separators, fluid bed dryers, and tablet pulverizing machines for the pharmaceutical industry. Site provides detailed product information.

Jingwei Textile Instruments Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of a range of testing instruments for the textile industry. Some technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Jinhe Industry Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of high activity spherical nickel hydroxide for Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. Located in Yuyao in ZheJiang province of China.

Laosan Group - China. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing companies. Circular knitted fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton, polyester, acrylic and blends. Dyeing, printing and finishing capabilities. Also, ready-made garments.

LiYong Corp - China. Woven and knitted, grey, dyed and printed fabrics for the garment industry, from cotton. Also, cotton yarns and ready made knitwear. English and Chinese.

Lida Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of greige, dyed and finished, flat bed, circular and jacquard knitted fabrics and accessories for the apparel industry. Also, knitted garments. English and Chinese.

Light Industry Cutting Tools Mill China - Manufacturer and exporter of HSS milling cutters,solid carbide and TCT(carbide-tipped)saw plates,diamond saw plate matrix and various of industry cutters.

Liu Jie Industry - Manufactures and exports panels, garden lights, streetlights, and fans. China.

Logic Wheel Industry and Trade Inc - China. Manufacturer of caster wheels specializing in cast iron, ductile steel, moldons and polyurethane. Product specifications.

Lulisi Towel Co., Ltd - China.Rapier loom woven terry towels for the hospitality industry, from silk and cotton. English and Chinese.

Mason Far East, Ltd - China. Fabric and materials sourcing services for the garment industry.

Maxson China Ltd. - Marine and offshore consultants based in Hong Kong that provide specialist services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Meitu Sanitary Ware Industry Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of bathroom fittings such as toilet seat covers, basins and shower sets. Products gallery.

Mengshi Garden Furniture - Cast aluminum and iron garden furniture manufacturer in china.

Mizuda Printing and Dyeing Group Co.,Ltd - China. Printing and dyeing services for the textile fabrics industry. English and Chinese.

Mundipharma AG. - Industry news, licensing, overview of analgesics, antiseptics, respiratory treatments and cardiovascular drugs, manufactured at facilities in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, China, India and Cyprus, with base in Basel, Switzerland.

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