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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China - electronics manufacturer

  Web www.asiaprofile.com

3C Asia Electronics Co., Ltd. - Distributor and buyer of obsolete and hard to find components, including analog, EEPROM and logic ICs, memory chips, processors, and discretes. Online line card and searchable inventory. (ShengZhen, China)

Asia Tech Corporation - Offers licensing, intellectual property agreements, liquidation, and trading of used electronics manufactuirng equipment for Asian markets, specializing in China. Lists of technology and available equipment.

AssemblySource - Manufacturer's representative of electronics outsourcing for facilities in China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Atlantic Development Co Ltd - Hong Kong and China based manufacturer and exporter of mountain bike, freestyle and children's bikes. Also, exports electronics.

Beijing Crystal Electronics Co., LTD. - Manufacture of quartz crystal devices which are used in industrial, commercial machinery and products. From China.

Changzhou Union Electronics - Manufacturers of buzzers and speakers used in computer modems, mobile phones, cordless phones and pagers.

China Beijing Century Progress Translation Center - Beijing-based multilingual translation company, offering website localization, information technology, medicine, communication, machinery, chemicals, laws and electronics translation.

China Direct Buy - Traditional arts and crafts, toys and electronics. Wholesale and retail.

China Electronics Components Information & Trading Network - An electronic component marketplace, connecting buyers, sellers, manufacturers and engineers.

China Electronics Import and Export Fujian Inc. - Manufacturer and exporter of electronics, including televisions, radios and clocks.

China Junyi Electronics Co., Ltd. - Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Video and audio cables manufacturer.

China National Electronics Import and Export Shaanxi Co. - Shaanxi, China based trader of electronic components, audio-video products, fuses and hardware. Photos of products.

China Products - Manufacturers group from China providing turn-key electronics contract manufacturing and OEM components as well as product sourcing.

China-Electronics - Supply electronics components, devices, materials, tools and appliances.

Chinamark Enterprises Ltd. - Electronics manufacturing company with factory in Hongkong, China, offering PCB assembly with SMT components, flexible PCBA, chip-on-board and BGA technologies.

Chows Industrial (China) Limited - Distributor of electronic materials including wire, resin, adhesives, and discrete and semiconductor components. Also offers small consumer electronics such as watches and calculators for retail and promotional use. Hong Kong.

Chung Nam Electronics Co. Ltd. - Radio frequency, wireless and electronic products manufacturer, OEM and ODM in South China.

Coin Electronics CO.,LTD - Manufacturer of switch mode power supplies, power transformers and filters. Compliance with ISO9001,UL,CE,GS,CCEE. Two sites. From China.

Energy Electronics Mfg. Co Ltd - Manufacturer of power transformer, toy transformer, AC adaptor, DC adaptor. From China.

Enping City Feietang Jinjue Electronics Factory - Manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones used in home, stage, club, and conference. Plastic vacuum tube (valve) microphone a specialty. China.

Enping Weite Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of wireless microphones, wire and wireless double-duty microphones, electric sounders and speakers and stage facilities. China.

GoodArk Electronics - Manufacturer of diode rectiers, bridge rectifiers, switching diodes, zener, schottky and transient voltage surpressors. From China.

Hangzhou Greenda Chemical Co., Ltd. - Produces fine chmicals from stock, made to order, or on commission, as well as supplies for electronics and pharmaceutical industries, from Puyan, China.

Heidenhain Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers linear, angular and rotary encoders. From China.

HiCOOL Electronics Corp. - Manufacture of thermoelectric, heat sinks and thermoelectric sub-assemblies. From China.

HuaBang Electronics Mfty - Manufacture of power transformers, adapters, audio transformers, ballasts, micro-motors, power supply, and motors. From China.

Hytel Group, Inc. - Electronics assembly including thick film, surface mount, chip and wire, flip chip, BGAs, CSPs and electrical test. Facilities in Chicago area and Beijing, China.

Ironmade Industrial Company - Trading company for electronics, household products, sport shoes, furniture, gifts, toys, games and general merchindise from China.

J. Combo Electronics Limited - Transformer manufacturer in China specializes in lighting transformer, toroidal transformer, power supply and ballast.

JQL Electronics - Manufacture of microwave components and power transformers. From China.

Jabo Electronics Co. Ltd. - Produces standard and custom electric doorbells in China.

Jeidar Electronics - Manufacturer of uninterrupted power system in China.

Jiangnan Optics and Electronics - Microscope manufacture in China that produces a wide range of instruments.

Kae Dar Electronics Co., LTD - China based contract manufacturer providing services in plasic injection molding, metal stampings, tooling development, assembly and painting. Products used in the manufacture of computer, communications and electronics products.

Likko Electronics - Manufacturing and exporting MP3 players and digital video recorders. From China.

Logitek Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer an electronics goods, specializing in home and car audio components and products from China.

Longer Electronics Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer and designer of universal remote control and IC, PC RF remote control and dimmable electronic ballast.

Man-Tech Electronics Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of all kinds of DVD, VCD and cassette player mechanisms.

Micromax International Corp. - China. Company is a representative and distributor of some of the largest producers of electronics, components and software for many industrial electronic applications in industries of today.

NFTZ Parrot Electronic Co. ltd. - China. Manufacturers various types of hand held remote controls for consumer electronics. dual language site.

Ningbo Seahorse Electronics Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of LED products and 3M reflective products.

Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Co.,ltd - Manufacturer of power cords, plugs and outlets. From China.

Oukai Electronics Company, Ltd. - Power and high frequency transformers and coil winding and testing equipment for transformer manufacturing. Product photos and list of company certifications. Suzhou, China.

Peacock Pte Ltd - Deals in electronic components and consumer electronics products. Locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

Pronic Electronics - Manufacturers of rocker switch, push switch, toggle switch, slide switch, and inlet socket. UL, CSA,VDE recognized amongst others. Based in China and Taiwan.

Qiaoguang Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of hand tools for electronics, electrical appliances and related wiring accessories in China. In Chinese and English.

Selfuse Electronics (China) Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of polymer PTC thermistors applied to protect circuits and battery packs against over-current and overheating.

Seveco International Limited - Manufacturing of OEM electronics. Facilities in Hong Kong and China.

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of control systems and instruments for industrial production process, analytical instruments, automobile electronics, computers, building control systems, PLC, POS systems, household electrical appliances, and pneumatic components in China.

Shanghai Jinxin Electronics Co., Ltd. - Produces electronic TV tuners, CCD camera, RF front end system, VBI teletext receiver and other interrelated goods. From China.

Shanghai Sunrise Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of diodes, bridge rectifiers and surface mount rectifier. From China.

Shenli Group - China. State owned, diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in cotton pulp, textile finishing, beverages and electronics. Printing, dyeing and finishing of textile fabrics for apparel and furnishing. English and Chinese.

Shenzhen Baoan Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. - A manufacturer of intelligent long-distance centralized meter reading network system and compound network auto system for utilities. From China.

Shenzhen Baoan Electronics Ltd. - Manufacturer of intelligent long-distance centralized meter reading network system. Products, specs, and company information. China based company, site is in English and Chinese.

Shenzhen Feeling Electronics - Manufacturer and exporter of energy saving lamps and transformers. Products, pricing, and contact information. Located in China.

Shenzhen Godwing Electronics Co.,Ltd. - Provides TFT LCD monitors in a variety of sizes, as well as SVGA mono monitors. Based in China.

Shenzhen Meiaote Electronics Co., Ltd. - China. Distributor of ICs, transistors, relays, electrolytic condensers, linkers, switches, and other components, that are used in most industries.

Shenzhen Sanrupid Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of multimedia speakers and amplified home theatres in China.

Shenzhen Sayes Electronics Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of mini radios. Custom company logos can be printed on the radios. Based in China.

Shenzhen Zeitgeist Electronics Co Ltd - Electronic components manufacturer. Product range includes thermistors, capacitors, resistors and switches.

Shoulder Electronics Limited - Specializing in crystal units, ceramic resonators, ceramic filters and SAW devices.

Smartech Electronics and Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD - China. Manufacturer of sanitary napkin and diaper machinery.

Stadium Asia Limited - Contract electronics manufacturing services and power supply related products. Site is ISO9000 certified with 15,000 sq. m. manufacturing space in Southern China. Publicly listed in UK.

Surplus Disposal - Directory listing of stock-lots of textiles, electronics, food, and more, from importers, exporters, manufacturers, buyers, and sellers in the Middle East, India, Africa, and China.

Synometrix Outsourcing - Cost-down turnkey outsourcing of design, re-engineering and sub-contract manufacturing for industrial electronics, commercial appliances and integrated systems. Western project management in Taiwan and China.

TianBo GangLian Electronics Co.,Ltd - Manufactures power relay, signal relay and auto relay. Located in China.

Tianjin Sun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of heat, electricity, gas, water, and prepay meters. Products and contact information. From China. Site in English and Chinese.

Trancom Electronics, Inc. - Located in China, manufacturing loudspeaker drivers, and custom cabinets. OEM and small quantities are welcome.

Vs-Top Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of magnetic components located in Mainland China.

Welcome to Faarich Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitor from China

Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of engineered refractory and nonferrous metals, and metallic fibers for conductive plastics and textiles in the aerospace, aviation, chemical, electronics, and energy industries. Technical specifications and product information.

Xiamen Coin Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of magnetic products and switchmode power supplies from China. Products include transformers, inductors, line filters, current sensors, custom magnets and AC/DC & DC/DC converters.

Xihai Dyestuff Group Co., Ltd - China. Dyestuffs and dye intermediates for the textile industry. Also, rubber and electronics, packaging and engineering services.

Xindak Electronics - Manufacturer of loudspeaker, power filter, SACD player, amplifier and cables from China.

Yuanxing Electronics Co, Ltd - Founded in 1998. Main products are: Current transformers, Voltage transformers, Clamp-on current transformers.

Yuyao Baoma Electronics Co., LTD - China based manufacturer and exporter of toasters, electric grills and heaters, and blenders.

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