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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China - Chemical manufacturers

  Web www.asiaprofile.com

A&A Fine Chemicals Ltd - Product list and profile of manufacturer of food additives and L-isomers in Shuiguohu, China.

A.T.Chemical - A distributor of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals intermediates exporter and contract manufacturer based in China.

AchemAsia - 6th International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Beijing, Peoples Republic of China.

Aidi Chemical Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dyestuffs and pigments, and dye intermediates for the textile, printing, plastics and rubber industries. Also, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and their related intermediates.

Anqing Hexing Chemical Co., Ltd. - Succinic acid, anhydride and succinates, phthalocyanine pignments, with specifications and export from China.

Baihe Chemical - Organic pigments manufacturer in China.

Bailu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of natural and solution dyed viscose staple fiber, and continuous and semi-continuous spun yarns. Custom manufacturing services. English and Chinese.

Beiheng Corporation - Supplies chemical agent for faster carburizing and carbonitriding heat treating while reduceing critical transformation temperatures. China Based.

Beijing Glass Group - Bomex laboratory glassware, made by Beijing Glass Group, Beijing, China. Instruments and supplies for use in chemical, medical and biology laboratories. The largest lab glassware supplier in China.

Beijing Zhicheng Daye Chemical Trade Center - Manufacturer and wholesaler of miscellaneous products.

Big-Dipper Technochem Institute - Offers chemical analyzers, and meters for moisture, humidity, pH and conductivity, in China.

Biochemistry Products Co., Ltd - China. Research, development and manufacture of marine medicinal, biochemical and natural extracted products. Chitosan fiber for yarn spinning applications. Detailed information about the chemical structure of chitin and chitosan. Technical specifications of chitosan fiber. English and Chinese.

Bluwat Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Water decoloring agent, PAC, polyacylamide for wastewater treatment. China.

Boxin Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd. - The China manufacturer of oleo chemicals including fatty acids, fatty amines, glycerine and their derivatives.

CHINA WEIHUA - JIANGXI WEIHUA Industrial Porcelain Industry Co. LTD. CHINA, "CHINA WEIHUA", is a specific supplier of chemical packing and refractory products.

Changshu Yudong Chemical Factory - Taurine manufacturer producing 2-amino ethanesulfonic acid, trichlorotrifluoro-ethane, hexachloroethane, diacetonealcohol and electronic toluene.

Changzhou Hongqi Chemical Factory - Produces chemical intermediates including chlorobenzaldehyde, dichlorobenzaldehyde, chlorobenzoyl chloride, chlorobenzonitrile and fluorobenzonitrile.

Changzhou Kewei Fine Chemical Factory - Organic phosphonate, polycarboxyate series for industrial cool circulation water system. China.

ChemicalMarketplace.com - Provides the U.S and European chemical buyers an opportunity to manage their supply chain in China.

Chengdu Hangli Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Workshop for the production of biodegradable polymers, organic reagents and intermediates primarily for applications in medical fields from Chengdu, China.

China Chemical Electronic Commerce Net - B2B Trade Site where one can view and publish export, import information and business opportunities in China for free.

China Chemical Information Net - Information about products in China, such as manufacturers, price, and customs stats.

China Chemical Network - Net work of links to Chinese chemical manufacturers , some of whom make plastic additives.

China Fujian Sanming Forest Products Industry Corp. - Manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin, terpineol, pine oil, turpentine, activated carbon, forest flavour, fragrance and other chemical products.

China Greatvista Chemicals - Supplier of a wide range of chemical and biochemical products for scientific and industrial applications.

China Guangzhou Jianhong Chemical Factory - Latex paints adhesives and fluorescent brighteners.

China Hunan Liuyang Chemical Corp. - Chemical manufacturer in China, specializing in fire retardant products.

China National Aero-Technology Xiamen Corp. - Managing machinery, electronic, hardware, textile, gift, toy, handicraft, shoes, bag, clothes, food, ceramics, chemical material, medicine, native and livestock products.

China National Chemical Construction - Manufacturer of agricultural, industrial, light truck, motorcycle, passenger car tyre. From China.

China National Chemical Equipment Corporation - Developer and supplier of chemical processing tools. Company profile and outline of the main products and their uses.

China National Chemical Fiber Network - Information portal to the Chinese fiber industry. Market analysis, business news and statistics, and prices. Company directory. Internet trading in natural and synthetic fibers. English and Chinese.

China North Industries Shenzhen Co. - Producer and exporter of chemical reagents, PTFE, feed additives and refrigeration chemicals.

China Pharmaceuticals, China Fine Chemicals & Drug Intermediates - China pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, drug intermediates and bulk drugs for export from China. Sincer Pharmchem is a team with more than 10 years experience in pharmaceutical international marketing.

China Sannong Chemical Import and Export - Exporter and importer of agrochemicals, intermediate chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

China Steel Chemical Corp. - Manufacturer of petroleum-derived chemicals including refined naphthalene, benzene, toluene, creosote oil, coke and dye intermediates.

China Suyu Foreign Trade Corporation - Exporter of pharmaceutical intermediates, bulk pharmaceuticals and other chemicals.

China Wellton Chemical - Manufacturer and exporter of high performance organic pigments, dyestuffs, chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals.

China Youyi Inorganic Pigment Chemical Plant - Manufacturer and exporter of inorganic pigment, mainly chrome oxide green and iron oxide.

China chemical leak sickens 130 - [CNN]

China chemical spill kills 13 - [CNN]

China, Japan begin weapons salvage - [CNN]

ChinaChemNet.com - Provides free access to a database of chemicals and companies of China and other Asian countries, with a trading message board and newsletter.

Chongqing Southern Chemicals Co., LTD. - Manufacturing and marketing of inorganic fine chemicals: Strontium, Barium, Manganese, Lead, Cupric, Nickel, Zin, Potassium, Sodium, and Chromic. Located near Strontium mineral reserves in China.

Christine's Home - Chemical engineer from Zhongshan. Pictures and personal details, with sections on the country's various ethnic groups and brief information on travel in China and classical poetry.

Dahuachem International Economic and Trade Corporation - Chemical manufacturer, import and export conglomerate. China

Dankong Group Co., Ltd - China. Diversified group of companies, active in real estate, general trade, finance, and chemicals manufacturing. Dyestuffs and intermediates for the textile industry. English and Chinese.

Dearmate Chemical Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of textile dyeing and finishing agents and auxiliaries. English and Chinese.

Donghong Chemical Fibers Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of natural and solution dyed polypropylene monofilaments for weaving applications, in a range from 450 to 1000 denier. English and Chinese.

Dynasty Chemicals Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dyestuffs, pigments, dye intermediates and chemicals for the textile, leather, paper, plastic, ink and paint industries. Extensive product information and technical specifications.

EPC China - China portal provides professional information for civil engineering, transportation, oil and gas, environment, chemical and power industries.

Engineering Chemistry Databases - The largest numeric database system in China for chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical industries. Provides experimental data, reference information. Can also perform data estimation.

Esource Chemical Industries Group - Chemical group established in 1989 in Eastern China. One of its seven factories produces insecticides such as acetamiprid, amitraz, buprofezin, chlorpyrifos, cypermethrin and imidacloprid.

Essenchem Chemical Co. Ltd. - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticide intermediates.

Essenchem Chemical Co., Ltd. - China pesticides manufacturer and exporter of insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, intermediate chemical, pesticide.

FOB-China.com - China specific chemical and telecommunications product portal with information on investment projects, trade fairs, holidays, news.

FuLing Chemical Machinery - China. Manufactures equipment for grinding, stirring, emulsifying, and color toning raw materials. Examples include cosmetics and foodstuffs; pulverized leather, plastic, and rubber; and paint and printing inks.

Fujian Fuqing Dongge Overseas Chinese Chemical Factory - Specialized in researching and producing steroids, and related intermediates for pharmaceuticals, mainly pregnenolone and saponins from sisal. Includes introduction to prodicts and company in Fujian Province, China.

Genky Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of nano-grade transparent iron oxide pigments and dispersions. Products are divided into two categories, solvent-borne and water-borne with a color range of yellow, red, green, black and brown. [Zhejiang, China]

Great Earth Chemical, Inc. - Provides chemical procurement programs, sources food additives, agricultural and industrial chemicals from China to serve North America and international markets.

Haikou Huabang Chemical Co Ltd - Offers import and export of chemical products for industry and agriculture, plus a range of consumer ceramics. Located in Haikou, China.

Hangzhou Greenda Chemical Co., Ltd. - Produces fine chmicals from stock, made to order, or on commission, as well as supplies for electronics and pharmaceutical industries, from Puyan, China.

Hangzhou Thomas Chemical Co., Ltd. - Supplier of organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biologic compounds, inorganic chemicals based in China.

Hangzhou Xinyuan Filter Press Co. Ltd. - China. Manufactures range of filter presses for solid-liquid separation. Applications include coal, chemical, environmental, food, metallurgy, non metal, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Hebei Chromate Chemical Co. ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of chrome oxide green, chromic acid, sodium bichromate and basic chrome sulphate in China.

Hebei Jiheng Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid(TCCA), cyanuric acid, other disinfectant series and pharmaceutical material products in China.

Hebei Jingming Pigment Chemical Group Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of organic pigment and pigment intermediates products, mainly Phthalocyanine blue, lithol red, 2.3-acid, tobias acid and 2-naphthol and phenol AS and other products.

Hebei Wuqiang Chemical Plant - Manufacturer of indigo granular and powder dyes.

Hengshui Donggang Chemical Co., Ltd - Specialized manufacturer of DSD acid in China,also supply Dinito Acid and P-Nitro Toluene-Sulfonic Acid.

Hongda Chemical Industry - China. Disperse, reactive and cationic dyestuffs. Also, dye intermediates. Color cards and technical specification. English and Chinese.

Huayuan Fine Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd - China. Azoic dyes, organic pigments and dye intermediates for the textile, leather, paint, plastics, ink and pharmaceutical industries.

Hubei Baofeng Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer, primarily of amino acids by fermentation and extraction, but includes sales of disposables. Lists quality standards, products and contacts in Wuhan, China.

Hubei Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd - China. Natural and solution dyed staple fiber and filament yarns for weaving, sewing and embroidery applications, from viscose. Also, industrial yarns and tyre cord fabrics, from polyester, polypropylene and polyamide, cellophane film and cotton pulp.

Hunan Provincial Native Produce and Animal By-Products Import and Export Corp. - China-made inorganic chemical materials, and a searchable database for specification details, physical and chemical properties and producers.

Intertrade Exim - Competitive sourcing of pharmaceutical bulk drugs and intermediates, chemicals and agrochemicals from India and China.

Jiaonan Cotton & Wool Auxiliary Machine Factory - Manufacturer of textile machinery and fittings for cotton, wool, hemp and chemical fibers.

Jing Jiang Industrial Co., Ltd - Specializing in aluminium ladders, automobile locks, steering wheel locks, motorcycle locks, and chemical products in China.

Jinhu Chemical Textile Group - China. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in man-made fibers and knitted textiles. Natural and dyed polypropylene continuous filament fibers and yarns for weaving and knitting applications. Also, ready-made apparel. Technical information and specifications.

Jintan Aide Pharmaceutical Raw Material and Chemicals Plant - Halide APIs and intermediates, which are mainly sold to Europe and Southeast Asia, from Baita, China.

Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of viscose staple fiber and continuous filament yarns for textile and nonwovens applications. Also, alpha pulp and toilet papers. English and Chinese.

Kaidi Bio-Chemical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer specializing in the production and distribution of chondroitin sulfate from Wuxi, China.

Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd - China. Developers of CAD/CAM systems for textile dyeing and printing processes. Design and color separation software. Computerised sampling, digital printing and chemicals feeding systems. On-line downloading of program updates. Technical discussion forum.

Kelamayii Xinkeao Group., Ltd. - Fifty oilfield chemical products including surfactants, demulsifiers, polyester and polyurethane. Also oilfield chemical engineering services. Based in Xinjiang, China.

Kingway Chemicals Trading Co., Ltd. - Importer and exporter located in China supplying inorganic and organic chemicals.

LanGene Co.,Ltd . - Catalog of resins, peptides reagents, FMOC amino acid, peptide and their derivatives from manufacturer in Xi'an, China.

Langfang Triple Well Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of levulinic acid, butyl levulinate, diphenolic acid, dimethyl disulfide and methane sulfonic acid.

Liaoyang Fuqiang Food Chemical Co., Ltd. - Company specialized in producing zinc gluconate, magnesium gkycibatem, manganese gluconate, and potassium gluconate.

Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. - China-based manufacturer of fungicides including mancozeb, chlorothalonil, cymoxanil and propineb series.

Linan Euro-China Co. - Exporter of diversified products including clothing, chemical, electronic, tools, plumbing etc.

Linhai Liaoyuan Chemicals Company - Pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Zhejiang China.

Mega Textile Chemical, Inc - China. Silicon based fabric softeners, reagents, resins and catalists for garment and fabric finishing processes. Also, batch curing oven for heatsetting and drying purposes.

Nanjing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd - China. Viscose staple fiber and continuous filaments for the nonwovens and textile industries. Also, yarns for weaving applications. Custom finishing services. Price list.

Nanjing Tiancheng Biochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd - Offers amino acids and their derivatives produced by enzymatic process, as well as chemical synthesis. Also membrane sterilization and purification products available from Jiangsu, China.

Nantong Organic Chemicals Co., Ltd - China. Fluorescent whitening agents for the man-made fiber, printing and coating, papermaking, plastics and detergent industries. Also, silicone finishing agents for the fiber industry. Detailed product specifications. English and Chinese.

Nantong Yangzijiang Graphite Equipment Co. Ltd. - China. Manufactures ranger of corrosion resistant chemical process equipment. Includes heat exchangers, synthesis furnaces, graphite falling-film aborbers, graphite sulphuric diluting coolers, and non corrosive pipelines.

New Tianjin Technology and Development Corp. Ltd. - China. Manufactures range of separation equipment for chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, and associated industries. Includes packings, trays, mist eliminators, and column internals.

Nicechem Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of chitosan for food, textile, medical, tabacco and agricultural applications. Detailed descriptions of chemical structure, and technical specifications.

Ningbo Free Trade Zone/Thinker Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of many pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials, such as norgestimate, estriol, estrodial, and cyclodextrins, from China at competitive prices.

Ningbo Mingxin Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. - China. Manufactures broad range of equipment for the chemical and allied industries. Includes pressure vessels, glass-lined reactors, storage tanks, and vaporisers.

Novolite Chemicals Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of peptide-related products and services, specializing in coupling agents, aromatic or aliphatic ketone and alcohols, isomers and their derivatives. Start-up in Wujiang and Zhangjiagang, China.

PROMY International Group - Fine chemical sourcing and custom synthesis for the chemical industry. A source of stable isotopes, specialty gases, amino acids, lithium and calcium chemicals from China.

Pingxiang Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer in China supplying ceramic, metallic and plastic tower packing, tower internals, ceramic balls, molecular sieves and catalysts to the chemical industry.

Polytex Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of engineered polyester polymers, and continuous meltspun, natural and solution dyed staple fibers for yarn spinning and nonwovens applications. English and Chinese.

Power Chemical Silicone - PC Silicone supplies silane fluids, coupling and crosslinking agents, from China.

Qingdao Haihua Chemicals Co.,Ltd. - Producing alginate, iodine and mannitol to ISO9002 standard, with fuel as by-products, and engages in sea farming, from Wanggezhuang, China.

Runtu Chemical Group - China. Manufacturers of disperse, reactive, cationic and acid dyestuffs. Also, optical brighteners and textile auxiliaries. Technical information. English and Chinese.

Saibo Chemical Co., Ltd. - China. Textile dyeing, finishing, and specialty treatment services for ready-made apparel. Detailed catalogs of processes and materials in use, with technical information. English and Chinese.

Samlong Chemical - Supplier of fine chemicals based in Changzhou, China.

Santai Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of polyester staple fiber for the nonwovens industry. Custom coloring services.

Sanyou Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd - China. Viscose staple fiber for textile and nonwoven manufacturing processes. English and Chinese.

Shangdong Ping Yuan Yongheng Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd. - Located in Shandong province, China; a chemical factory mainly producing dye intermediates.

Shanghai LIRI Technologies Co., Ltd. - Pioneering in China in water and wastewater treatment,adhesives,lamp making machines,cosmetics specialty chemicals and cosmetics manufacturing equipment since 1958.

Shanghai Yimin Chemical Co Ltd. - Photographic chemical and drug intermediate products, with profile of manufacturer in Pudong, China.

Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. - Der Hersteller von Peroxiden wie Natriumperkarbonat, Natriumperborat und Magnesiumperoxid stellt die Anwendungen als Bleichmittel und für Reinigungszwecke vor. [China, Zhejiang]

Shanxian Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufactures chemical accelerators and antioxidants for the rubber industry. China.

Shaoxing County Wantong Dyestuff & Chemical Co., Ltd. - Specialized manufacturer of disperse dyes in China.

Shell China - Engaged in core areas: exploration and production, gas and power, oil products, chemicals and renewable energy.

Shenzhen Konsaichem Industrial Co. Ltd. - Provides list of raw materials, intermediates and bioactive compounds for sale to pharmaceutical and chemical industries from Shenzhen, China.

Shihua Matellaic Yarn Co., Ltd - China. Metallized yarns for garment and textile accessories, cleaning, industrial and decorative applications, from coated ,micro-slit polyester film. Chemical properties. Color chart. Detailed explanation of manufacturing process.

Sino Agro-Chemical Industry Ltd. - Manufacturing, formulating, distributing agrochemicals in China.

Sinochem Hebei Imp & Exp. Corp - China-based exporter of agrochemicals, food additives, water treatment chemicals and industrial chemicals.

Sinochem Hebei Qinhuangdao Import And Export Corp. - Supplier and exporter of chemical products from China.

Suzhou Tianpu Chemical Co., Ltd - Company offering cellulose ethers, and related services to consumer markets, from Fenghuang, China.

Suzhou Xinlong Chemical Co Ltd - China-based manufacturer of pesticides and other chemical products.

Taizhou Baida Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd - Corporate inflormation on steroid hormone manufacturer specializing in methylprednisolone, based in Zhejiang, China.

Taizhou Xingye Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of nutraceutical supplements and pharmaceutical raw matrials. Lists products for order from Linhai, China.

Terracotta Army Saved From Crack-up - From Nature, a chemical treatment could prevent China's Terracotta Army from cracking up.

Trustchem Co., Ltd. - A supplier of chemical intermediates located in China.

U.S. praises China for stopping chemical transfer to Iran - [CNN]

WWII chemical bombs add to Japan damages call - [CNN]

Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of engineered refractory and nonferrous metals, and metallic fibers for conductive plastics and textiles in the aerospace, aviation, chemical, electronics, and energy industries. Technical specifications and product information.

Widetex Chemical Co., Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer of dyestuff chemicals, including disperse, reactive and solvent dyes; as well a bio-chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Plants in Taiwan and China.

Wuhan Kaidi Fine Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. - Offers vitamin E, vegetable sterols, fragrance and flavouring from Hongshan, China.

Wujin Nuitang Chemical Plant - Products cover aspartame, folic acid, L-asparagine, triglycidyl isocyanurate and p-hydroxy phenyl acetamide. Changzhou, China.

Wuxi Hong Sheng Heat Exchanger Factory - China. Manufactures aluminum finned tube heat exchangers, air and oil compressors, and evaporator and condensor units. Main markets are petroleum, chemical, construction, and transportation industries.

Wuzhou international Co., Ltd - Based in Zhejiang, China, exporter of inorganic chemicals, water treatment chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Product list, contact information.

Xiamen Forever Green Source Biochem Co.,Ltd - Profile, research and quality control of botanical extracts, food additives and chemical intermediates for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, from company with facilities in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, China.

Xiamen Per & Pro - Provides industrial valves and pumps. Product range includes centrifugal pumps for industrial water, chemical process and sludge applications as well as metering pumps. Based in China.

Xiamen Pine Chemicals Importer and Exporter CO., LTD. - Pine chemicals, forest products, essential oils and aromatic chemicals supplier. Importer and Exporter from China.

Yangzhou Baosheng Bio-Chemical Co. Ltd - Offers N-acetyl-, BOC-, FMOC-, z- and native isomers, as well as specialist derivatives produced at Tianshan, China.

Yangzhou Sanyou Synthesis Chemical Co Ltd. - Developer of chlorinated hydrocarbons, lists products available from Lingtang, China.

Yichang Municipal Pacific Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Supplier of rock phosphate fertilizer in China.

Yiming Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. - Offer transglutaminase, cyclodextrins, maltols, Ginkgo biloba and grape seed extract. Details of products and manufacturer in Jiangsu, China.

Yixing Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd. - Carboxy methyl and polyanionic cellulose related research, development and production in Fenshui, China.

Yongdeli Chemical Fibre Products Co., Ltd. - China. Needlepunch and spunbond fabrics for industrial, medical, packaging and agricultural applications, from polypropylene. Custom coloring and specialty treatments. English and Chinese.

Yongnian Yanwei Chemical Co., Ltd. - Cyanuric acid and trichloro-isocyanuric acid for oxidation, disinfection and bleaching. China.

Yongxin Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd - China. Manufacturers of polyurethane elastic yarns and threads. English and Chinese.

Yueyang Chemical Fiber Works - China. Diversified manufacturers of plastic and textile materials. Polymer chips for yarn extrusion and the plastics processing industry. Polyamide staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens applications. Polyamide and polyester filament yarns for weaving and knitting.

Yuncheng Sanxing Chemical Co., Ltd. - Dedicated to the development and manufacture of bromide chemicals.

Zhangjiajie Maoyuan Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. - Offers purified gallotannic, gallic and pyrogallic acids, with other analogues derived from gallnut, primarily for food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Includes specifications and profile of manufacturer in Yong Ding, China.

Zhejiang Dongyang Lide Medical and Chemical Co. Ltd. - Overview and product details including 1-amino-cyclopropyl cyanic hydrochloride, substituted thiadiazoles and flouride compounds manufactured at Geshan and Quzhou, China.

Zhejiang Golden Roc Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of cyanoacrylate adhesives and anaerobic threadlocker in China.

Zhejiang Ouhua Chemical Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. - Imports and exports chemicals. Located in Zhejiang province, China.

Zhejiang Xinyi Chemical Factory - Manufacturer, primarily focusing on steroids, for pharmaceutical intermediates in Xianju, China.

Zhenjiang Inter-China Import and Export Co., Ltd. - Chinese importer and exporter of chemical intermediates, fine chemicals and food additives. Includes company profile, product catalogue, and contact information.

Zhongcheng Dyestuff Chemical Plant. - China. Manufacturers of cationic liquid and disperse dyes for the textile industry. Also, alkali and soluble vat dyes, and dye intermediates. English and Chinese.

Zibo Chemical Equipment Plant - China. Specializes in supply of corrosion-resistant equipment for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Includes glass lined, impervious graphite, and titanium varieties.

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