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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China manufacturers

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Jiadian Lighting - Manufacturer and exporter in China for energy saving lamps, ballasts and transformers for halogen lamps.

Jiakang Gas Products Industrial Co., Ltd - Household electrical appliance manufacturer and exporter in China.

Jialeer Garments Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of paramatta coats, long sleeve garments, vests, night wear, underwear, bibs and shoes for babies and infants.

Jian Chen Garment Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of underwear and sleepwear for men, women and children, from cotton.

Jiangmen Battery Factory - Manufacturer of alkaline battery, mercury free battery, dry battery, Ni-CD battery. From China.

Jiangmen Fengshun Corp. - Manufacturer of various stainless steel utensils in China.

Jiangnan Electricals Factory Ltd. - Manufacturer of ceiling and table fans, stand fans and water purifiers. Company and product information.

Jiangsu Changheng Group Co., Ltd. - China based manufacturer of components for household refrigeration industry, including condensors, valves, and temperature controllers. Component descriptions and photos.

Jiangsu Corp - China. Versatile manufacturers of textile and leather products from animal by-products. Tanneries for goat, pig and cow skins and hides for footwear, garments and fashion accessories.

Jiangsu Liyang Sawtooth Sickle Factory - Manufacturer and exporter of sickles, sugarcane knives, shovels in China.

Jiangsu Nanhua Process Equipment Co. LTD - China: Manufacturer of plate-fin heat exchangers and tube-fin heat exchangers for air compressors & refrigeration.

Jiangsu Qianfeng Decorate Material Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of laminated flooring, melamine, and decorate paper.

Jiangyin Hongxing Garments Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of jeans garments and several clothing styles.

Jiangyin Jingdong Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - China manufacturer of fine yarn spinning frames, twisting frames, simultaneous spinning and twisting machines.

Jianhu Qiangsheng Soft Foundation Material Factory - Manufacturer of SPD plastic drainage board for soft foundation treatment. Includes company profile, applications, and overview of production techniques in China.

Jianzeng Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of printed and solid dyed chiffon, crepe and georgette fabrics for apparel, from polyester and polyamide blends. Also, embroidery, embossing and flocking services. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Jiaonan Cotton & Wool Auxiliary Machine Factory - Manufacturer of textile machinery and fittings for cotton, wool, hemp and chemical fibers.

Jietong Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of toggle, rocker, push button, automobile, rotary, micro, and slide switches. Most of the switches conform to TUV and CE standards. Based in China.

Jiexin Leather Trading Co - China. Manufacturers of polyurethane coated, artificial leathers for garment, footwear, and luggage and bags applications. English and Chinese.

Jin Jiang Group - China. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles and nonwovens, pharmaceutics, energy and paer. Island-in-the-sea, conjugated bicomponent fiber for the nonwovens industry, from polyester and polyamide. Also, manufacturers of artificial leather, and converters of spunlace fabrics. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Jinbian Towel Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of warp knitted and solid dyed plush cloth towelling fabrics, from cotton. Some technical information. English and Chinese.

Jinfeng Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of viscose staple fiber and filament yarns for textile and nonwovens applications. English and Chinese.

Jing Teng Wei Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of digital multimeters.

Jingaotang Oil Velveteen Processing Co., Ltd - China. Processing, distributing and storage of cotton fiber. Also, manufacturers of cotton linter and yarn, sanitary oil and machinery.

Jingcheng Computerized Embroidery Equip. Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of computerized embroidery machines.

Jingjiang Yahua Co.Ltd - Manufacturers of pressure sensitive tapes including polyester mylar and polyinmide film tape, pvc electrician tape, and psa tape . China.

Jingreat - Manufacturer in china of handbags, hats, caps, scarves, and gloves.

Jinguan Plastic Products Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of disposable cups and pots.

Jingwei Textile Instruments Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of a range of testing instruments for the textile industry. Some technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Jinhe Industry Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of high activity spherical nickel hydroxide for Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. Located in Yuyao in ZheJiang province of China.

Jinhou Group Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of leather shoes, bags, belts and china garments .Located in China.

Jinju Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of powdered metal parts using injection molding. They specialize a variety of alloys and stainless steel. Based in China.

Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of viscose staple fiber and continuous filament yarns for textile and nonwovens applications. Also, alpha pulp and toilet papers. English and Chinese.

Joyo Art Salon - Manufacturer and wholesaler of oil paintings. Located in China.

K.C. Kinson Corp Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of kitchen appliances, lamps, eletrical products, and a variety of household items produced in China and Hong Kong.

KJK International - China based manufacturer of sealed lead acid, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Lithium ion rechargeable batteries for security and industrial usage.

Ka Wah Toys - A toy manufacturer in China that produces simple plastic toys including blocks, sand toys and battery operated toys.

Kae Dar Electronics Co., LTD - China based contract manufacturer providing services in plasic injection molding, metal stampings, tooling development, assembly and painting. Products used in the manufacture of computer, communications and electronics products.

Kaibo Group Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of toaster ovens, steam irons, sandwich makers, and other small household appliances in China.

Kaidi Bio-Chemical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer specializing in the production and distribution of chondroitin sulfate from Wuxi, China.

Kaili Electrionic Factory - Manufacturers of buzzers, plug and jack, audio/video cables, fuse box. From China.

Kaiya Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of suede fabrics for apparel applications, from polyester microfiber. Technical informations. English and Chinese.

Kam Cheong Clothing Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of jeans and other casual clothing styles.

Kangjie Towel Factory - China. Manufacturers of wetwipes for baby care, cosmetics, and general cleaning purposes, from nonwoven materials. Also, nappy pads. English and Chinese.

Kentway Industrial Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of spray bonded waddings for filling and quilting applcations, from silk and polyester. Als, foam impregnated waddings. English and Chinese.

Kin-Cheng Felt Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of pressed felt fabrics for industrial applications and consumer goods converting. Custom fire retardent finishing services.

King Sang (Far East) Ltd - Cast Stone Travertine and Sandstone manufacturer in Hong Kong, China. Tile, Border, Listellos, Molding, Fireplace, Wall Mirror, Column, Gardening, Planter, Gift, Antique Home Accent Decoration.

KingKang Battery - Manufacturer of alkaline batteries, zinc manganese batteries and button cells in China.

Kinhoi Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of furniture, home accessories and lighting decorations.

Kunnex Incorporated - Manufacturer located in Taiwan and China of electric toothbrushes, hair clippers, trimmers and shavers.

Kwan Tat Gloves Factory, Ltd - China. Manufacturers of gloves for professional, sports and leisure uses.

Kwong Ming - China.Metal products manufacturer for fashion, garments, handbags, shoes, metal accessories, buckles, turn locks, hinges, lasps, hains, fittings, toys, gift products.

Kwong Tai Glasses Wholesale Company - Manufacturer and exporter of optical frames based in China.

L&Y Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of shopping bags, cosmetic pouches and computer cases. Also, kitchen textiles and a variety of home furnishings. English and Chinese.

LCT-China Ltd. - Manufacturer of computer peripherals such as speakers, keyboards and mice. Product specifications.

LPO Industries Co., Ltd - China. Versatile manufacturers of fibers, textiles and industrial products. High-temperature resistant ceramic, long and short staple fiber for textile and nonwoven processes. Also, needlepunch blankets and mats for thermal insulation and sound control. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

LanGene Co.,Ltd . - Catalog of resins, peptides reagents, FMOC amino acid, peptide and their derivatives from manufacturer in Xi'an, China.

Landway USA - OEM ODM manufacturer of sports goods specializing in inline skates, skateboards and protective equipment with factories in Taiwan and China.

Langfang Triple Well Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of levulinic acid, butyl levulinate, diphenolic acid, dimethyl disulfide and methane sulfonic acid.

Lanhua Dyestuffs Factory, Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dyestuff intermediates. Beta naphtol, gamma acid, refined naphthalene, sodium sulphate and g- and r-salts. English and Chinese.

Laoling Pangu Tools Co.,Ltd - Manufacturers of axes, hatchets, splitting maules, hammers, steel picks, crow and wrecking bars. China .

Lark Studios - Designers and manufacturers of quality Giftware for the China & Glass sector.

LeadWay Permanent Magnet Material Co.Ltd - Manufacturer of permanent magnet material NdFeB in China.

Leifong - Sportwear manufacturer in China, knit wear.

Leifong Knitting Factory Co.,Ltd. - China. Sports wear and knitting wear manufacturer and distributor.

Lenox , Inc. - Lawrenceville, NJ manufacturer of fine china dinnerware, stemware, accessories and gifts.

Lenox Inc. - Manufacturer of fine china, porcelain and glass, offering a company history, product galleries, store locators, a FAQ, entertainment and gift giving tips, replacements for discontinued lines, and ordering information.

Leoch - China based manufacturer of custom lead acid batteries from 2 volts to 24 volts and .25 ampere-hour to 4000 ampere-hour. Sales office in Garden Grove, California.

Lesen Power Technology Co., Ltd. - China-based manufacturer and exporter of rechargeable battery packs for portable electronic devices.

Lexel Battery (Shenzhen) Co Ltd - Manufacturer of Ni-MH, Ni-CD, Li-ion rechargeable battery, telephone, racing car and walkie-talkie batteries. From China.

Lian Hua Fibre Corp - China. Manufacturers of polyester filament yarns, and woven polyester fabrics for apparel, decoration, bags, tents and table covers. Detailed technical specifications.

Liaoyang Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery in China, with more than fifty years in production.

Lida Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of greige, dyed and finished, flat bed, circular and jacquard knitted fabrics and accessories for the apparel industry. Also, knitted garments. English and Chinese.

Lida Silk Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of woven, yarn dyed and printed habutai, taffeta, oxford, twill and chiffon fabrics for apparel and furnishing, from man-made fibers. English and Chinese.

Ligao Electrical Appliance Co Ltd - Manufacturer of TV antenna, wireless digital doorbell, car equalizer, automatic voltage regulator, power inverter and TV antenna booster.

Light Industry Cutting Tools Mill China - Manufacturer and exporter of HSS milling cutters,solid carbide and TCT(carbide-tipped)saw plates,diamond saw plate matrix and various of industry cutters.

Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. - China-based manufacturer of fungicides including mancozeb, chlorothalonil, cymoxanil and propineb series.

Lingtong - Manufacturer of electronic security series products made in the China. The famouse product is "Armour Bodyguard" thief-against and alarm intelligent systems.

Linhai Liaoyuan Chemicals Company - Pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Zhejiang China.

Lintex Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of chopped glassfiber strands and rovings. Also, mesh fabrics, texturized yarns and adhesive tapes for construction, composite products and insulation. English and Chinese.

Lisheng - Manufacturer and exporter of oil paintings. Includes gallery of available works and contact information. Located in China.

Logic Wheel Industry and Trade Inc - China. Manufacturer of caster wheels specializing in cast iron, ductile steel, moldons and polyurethane. Product specifications.

Logitek Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer an electronics goods, specializing in home and car audio components and products from China.

Longer Electronics Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer and designer of universal remote control and IC, PC RF remote control and dimmable electronic ballast.

Longkou Taihang Pigment Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of China pigments.

Longzhu - Manufacturer of rice milling machinery and oil processing equipment. Located in China.

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