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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China manufacturers

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Hangzhou Dunli Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer in china for wire mesh products.

Hangzhou Lika Rigging Hardware Co., LTD - Manufacturer of certified lifting slings, safety belts, and rigging hardware. China

Hangzhou Liming - Manufacturer of Chinese garments.

Hangzhou Linan Wanli - China manufacturer of coaxial cable and electrical wire.

Hangzhou SHTECH Co., Ltd. - China-based manufacturer of tubular electric motors and awnings. Specifications and photos of developed products such as auto-controlled roller screen and blind, roller shutter, electric awning, remote controllers, and accessories.

Hangzhou Xiaoxiang Seals Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of mechanical packing and gaskets made from expanded felxible graphite, teflon, carbon and asbestos materials. China.

Hangzhou speed reducer factory - Manufacturer of worm and gear speed reducer.

Hankscraft Motors Inc (HMI) - Manufacturer of AC and DC motors including gear motors, stepper motors, synchronous motors, induction motors, brushless motors and custom assemblies. Factories located in U.S. and China.

Haomint Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer in China of vinyl zipper packing bag and suit covers.

Harbin Saide Hi-tech Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of automatic packaging machines from China.

He Tang - China. Manufacturer of CD bags, nylon/leather bags, briefcases and handbags for women. Company profile and photos of products.

He Xin Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter in China of wooden products, including toys, games, and household accessories.

Hebei Chromate Chemical Co. ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of chrome oxide green, chromic acid, sodium bichromate and basic chrome sulphate in China.

Hebei Chuangxing Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of rapier label looms for the production of silk labels and apparel accessories.

Hebei Energetic-Ox Motor Group - manufacturer of NEMA and IEC standard electric motor products,mainly three phase induction electric motors.

Hebei Jiheng Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid(TCCA), cyanuric acid, other disinfectant series and pharmaceutical material products in China.

Hebei Jingming Pigment Chemical Group Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of organic pigment and pigment intermediates products, mainly Phthalocyanine blue, lithol red, 2.3-acid, tobias acid and 2-naphthol and phenol AS and other products.

Hebei Jintong Corporation - Manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw intermediates of cytoplastic antibiotics. Company profile, product details, and contact link.

Hebei Lian-Fa Filter Element Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of filter element, disc filters, metal filtration cloth.

Hebei Shenzhou Animal Medicine Co., Ltd. - China manufacturer of zinc bacitracin series veterinary medicine and feed additive.

Hebei Wuqiang Chemical Plant - Manufacturer of indigo granular and powder dyes.

Heidenhain Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers linear, angular and rotary encoders. From China.

Heim Group, Ltd - Authorized as US broker for a large vessel and marine equipment manufacturer in China.

Henan Zhengzhou Songshan Enterprise Group Co., - Manufacturers high-temperature electric heating elements and butyl rubber pharma-stoppers in China.

Heng Feng - China.Manufacturer of fashion leather products such as leather bags.

HengChang Machinery Factory - China manufacturer high speed a computerized quilting machines.

Hengda Yarn Co - China. Manufacturers of carded and combed, natural and dyed, ring spun yarns for weaving, from cotton, ramie, hemp and blends. English and Chinese.

Henghe Garment - China. manufacturer and exporter of several jeans styles.

Hengshui Donggang Chemical Co., Ltd - Specialized manufacturer of DSD acid in China,also supply Dinito Acid and P-Nitro Toluene-Sulfonic Acid.

Hengshui Huayu Carbon Electrode Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of air arc gouging carbon electrode in round, half round and rectangular; also joint carbon electrodes for welding.

Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink Co. - China manufacturer of young barley green powder and herbal extract, young buckwheat leaves and other natural products.

Hengtong Group Corporation - Manufacturer and supplier of local telephone cables in China. Requires Flash.

Hengyang Textile Machinery Plant - Manufacturer of fittings for textile machinery in China.

Hepol Electric Enterprise - Manufacturer of circuit breakers, concators, fuses, relays, distribution boards and sockets plugs. from China.

Herbsea Economic Development Corp. - Manufacturer of food additives, herbal extracts, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates in Changsha, China.

Hermax Thread Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of natural and extrusion dyed, continuous filament threads and yarns for embroidery and sewing. from viscose. English and Chinese.

High Win Industrial Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of corrugated cartons and paper packaging products in China.

Hiress International Ltd. - China. Manufacturer sewing equipment, bicycles and home decorative products.

Hobuy Power Tools Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of electric and cordless power tools incl. cordless drill and wood planer.

Hong Kong Film Capacitor (Shun Tai) Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer film capactors. From China.

Hongment Chemicals, Ltd - China. Manufacturers of solventt and fluorescent dyes and pigments, primarily for the plastics industry. Also, suppliers of dyestuffs and organic pigments to the ink, plastics, paint and coating industries.

Hongqiang Polyester Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of texturized and functional, raw white and dyed polyester staple fibers for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. Technical information English and Chinese.

Hongs Bearings - Manufacturer of miniature and small to medium sized deep groove ball bearings in China.

Hongshi Ramie Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of industrial weaving yarns, from ramie. English and Chinese.

Hongxingerke shoes - China. Manufacturer of sports shoes.

Hongyuan Textile Group - China. Manufacturers of regular and fancy knitting yarns. Also, fabrics and finished garments. English and Chinese.

Hongyun Woollen Spinning Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of natural and dyed yarns for hand and machine knitting applications, from wool and wool rich blends. English and Chinese.

Hongzing Products Co.Ltd. - Manufacturer of rubber and nylon rings for castor wheels. China .

Housely Industries Ltd. - Household appliance manufacturer located in China, specializes in electric fans, heaters, ovens, vacuum cleaners and air cleaners.

HuNan HighTech Special Metals - Manufacturer and exporter of tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium and indium metal products from China.

Hua Rong Houseware Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and dealer in household items such as kitchenware, furniture, and gifts.

HuaLong Oxford Weaving Factory - Manufacturers of PVC coated, woven and finished oxford fabrics for apparel, from cotton, polyester and blends.

Huafu Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of polypropylene and mylar capacitors.

Huaguan Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of rapier and air-jet knitted, yarn and batch dyed, printed and finished fabrics for apparel, from viscose, polyester, spandex and blends. Detailed product catalogs, with some technical information. English and Chinese.

Huaguang - Manufacturer of steam iron, water dispenser, and other small appliances in China.

Huaibei Xinxing Industrial Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of aspartate and other amino acids and sugars. Includes product specifications, order and contact information, in Xiangshan, China.

Huake Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of semiconductor laser products and instruments. From China.

Hualing Electronic Components Factory - Manufacturer of a range of connectors, plugs, sockets, and audio and video connectors. Based in China.

Hualing Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dyed and finished raschel lace fabric for intimate apparel, from polyamide, polyester, spandex and blends. Also, tricot knitted fabrics for apparel, footwear and sports equipment. On-line ordering. English and Chinese.

Hualun Non-wovens Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of paste dot bonded and needlepunch fabrics for apparel, footwear and decoration applications, from natural or dyed polyester and acrylic. Some technical information. English and Chinese.

Huanyu Polymers Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of waterbased polyurethane resins and adhesives for natural and artificial leather, textile fabric treatment and finishing, and paper coating. English and Chinese.

Huasheng Warp Knitted Light Cloth Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of warp knitted velvet fabrics for the apparel, footwear, decoration and toy industries. English and Chinese.

Huasu Building Materials Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of extruded and warp knitted geogrids, mats and blankets, from polypropylene and glass fiber. English and Chinese.

Huaxing Leather Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturers of leather gloves for men, women and children.

Huaxing zipper Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of zippers and related accessories, from metal and plastic materials.

Hubei Baofeng Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer, primarily of amino acids by fermentation and extraction, but includes sales of disposables. Lists quality standards, products and contacts in Wuhan, China.

Hubei Machinery & Equipment Imp. & Exp. Corp. - Manufacturers of material handling equipment, forklifts and pallett trucks.

Hui Li Electrical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of small home appliances such as electric kettles and coffee makers. Located in China.

Hui Zhi Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers suitcases, soft luggage and travel bags.

Huitong Polyester Technique Co, Ltd - China. Designers, manufacturers and contractors of turn-key polyester spinning lines. English and Chinese.

Hunan Liuyang Southern Fireworks Manufacture Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of Class B and Class C fireworks of various kinds. Located in China.

Hunan Weiheng Biotech Co., Ltd - Profile, history and products of manufacturer of zinc metallothionein, now offering polymerases and growth factors from Changsha, China.

Hung Yip Development Company - DVD box and CD jewel case manufacturer and exporter located in China.

Hunting Horse Leather Garments Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturers of leather garmenst for men and women in China.

Hydro Magnesium - Manufacturer of pure and alloyed magnesium, and associated services. Plants in Canada, Norway and China

Hynergy Power Company - Manufacturers batteries including Ni-MH, Li-ion battery, camcorder battery, laptop battery, two-ways radio battery and battery packs. From China.

Hyper Power Co. Ltd - Manufacturer and sales of nicad, nimh, li-ion, lithium polymer, gel, SLA batteries and packs. From China.

IWuhan Intepower Co.,Ltd Large-scale VRLA battery manufacturer - China-based firm specializing in research, development, manufacture and sales of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries.

Ideal Building Material Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of shower enclosures.

Imperial Connector Systems - Manufacturer of specified electronic connectors with manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan.

Inhesion Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of ceramic tableware from China.

Int'l Florist Industrial Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of cornices, chair rails, corbels, columns, ceiling medallions, and panel mouldings. China.

Intex International, Ltd - China. Manufacturers of terry woven cosmetic, bathroom and kitchen textiles for airline, hospitality and retail trade markets, from cotton. Also, baby products and gift boxes.

Introtech, Ltd - China. Distributors and manufacturer's representatives of testing instruments and equipment for the textile industry. Also, maintenance, repair and calibration services, and laboratory consultancy. English and Chinese.

J. Combo Electronics Limited - Transformer manufacturer in China specializes in lighting transformer, toroidal transformer, power supply and ballast.

Jade Electric Manufactory Limited - Manufacturers of a variety of electric steam irons. Located in China.

Janbo Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. - China based manufacturer of rice cookers. Located in Xinhui City.

Janifast Limited - Manufacturer specializing in assembling RF and microwave products that require in-line tuning, testing, precision magnetic winding components, cable assemblies, CNC machine tooling and customized packaging. Facilities in China offering just-in-time manufacturing and distribution.

Jeidar Electronics - Manufacturer of uninterrupted power system in China.

JiaLun Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of computerized embroidery machines.

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