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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China manufacturers

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China Weifang Xucheng Industrial & Trading (Import & Export) Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers and exporters of seal material and products including: pure flexible graphite sheets and rolls, reinforced graphite plate, gaskets, "O" rings and graphite packings.

China Wellton Chemical - Manufacturer and exporter of high performance organic pigments, dyestuffs, chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals.

China Wingfull Cutlery and Hollowware Factory - Manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel products including flatware, cutlery sets and kitchen tools.

China Winmark Leather and Denim Garment - Manufacturer of leather garments, casual wear, denim clothing and textile garments.

China Winner Heater & Radiator Manufacturer - Manufacturer and exporter of halogen heaters, oil filled radiators, electric fans, water heaters and dispensers, fireplace heaters.

China Wood & Bamboo Products Co. - Manufacturer and exporter of wooden flooring & crafts, bamboo flooring, decoration boards and crafts.

China World Best Group Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of glass bottles for cosmetics and medicines.

China Wudi Yuqiang Insulation Products Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of winding slot wedges for electric motors. With pictures and product specifications.

China Xiangyu Foreign Trade - Manufacturer of garments,jogging suit,casual pants,jackets,wind coat,down wear and bags.

China Xianzhilou Bio-Science and Tech Co. - Manufacturer and exporter of Chinese bulk botanicals and herbal products. Company profile, product and contact details.

China Yongsheng Air Conditioner Group - Manufacturers of marine air conditioners and related products. Company and product information.

China Youyi Inorganic Pigment Chemical Plant - Manufacturer and exporter of inorganic pigment, mainly chrome oxide green and iron oxide.

China Yuhuan Xinlong Machinery Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of slack adjusters, s-camshafts, camshaft kits, brake lining, axle, truck brake parts, automotive and bus parts. Located in China.

China Yuxiang Teas Ind. Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and processor of Chinese black, green, Oolong and herb teas.

China Zhejiang Shengzhou Machinery Sprocket Factory - China Zhejiang Shengzhou Machinery Sprocket Factory is one of the largest machinery transmission parts factory, also the first sprocket manufacturer in China.

China Zob Bearing - Manufacturer and exporter of plain bearings, oilless self lubricating bearings, sliding bearing, bimetal bearings, wrapped bronze bushing, brass bushings from China.

China and Taiwan Exporter Directory - Full database of products, suppliers and manufacturers from Taiwan and China.

Chinasia - China. Manufacturer of T/C fabrics.

Chinese Business Directory - Contact information of all major importers, exporters, and manufacturers in China.

Chnze Electric Equipment Co.,ltd - Manufacturer of circuit breakers, ac contactors, relays, push buttons, starter, meters switches, electrical accessories, fuses, instruments. From China.

Chongqing Rongchang Hongfa Tea Co. - A leading specialized black tea manufacturer and exporter in China.

Chown China - Manufacturer of bone china mugs, plates, thimbles and tableware.

Christmas Ornament Manufacturers - Christmas Ornaments manufacturers and exporters from China and around the world.

Chuangyi Garment Company - China. Manufacturer of jeans wear

Chun Yan Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of raw white and dyed polyester spun yarns and sewing threads, and solution dyed filament yarns. Also, fusible powder coated nonwoven interlining fabrics, knitted fabrics, and plastic cones for yarns and threads. English and Chinese.

Chung Nam Electronics Co. Ltd. - Radio frequency, wireless and electronic products manufacturer, OEM and ODM in South China.

Chung Sung Lightings Craft Factory - Manufacturer of photo and picture frames. Products gallery. Based in Zhongshan, China.

Chunlong Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of carded and ring spun yarns for weaving applications, from cotton. English and Chinese.

Churchill China - Manufacturer of Vitrified Ceramic tableware for hotel, leisure and domestic users.

Cixi FeiJie Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturers in China for miniature and small ball bearings in standard and non-standard sizes.

Cixi Gongniu Electric Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of power strips, outlets, and extension cords. In Chinese and English.

Cixi Great Wall Flywheel Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of bicycle fittings from China.

Cixi Special Rivet Manufacture Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of rivets. Products include open and sealed type rivets , multigrip and grooved type rivets, peel, drive rivets, and colour plated rivets .

Coin Electronics CO.,LTD - Manufacturer of switch mode power supplies, power transformers and filters. Compliance with ISO9001,UL,CE,GS,CCEE. Two sites. From China.

Comely Lighting and Electrical Appliances Factory - Manufacturer of ceiling, wall, table and floor lamps. Products gallery. Based in Zhongshan, China.

Conda - Chinese exporter and manufacturer of art materials and stationery. Company background, product pictures and member login area.

Country Industrial Co - China. Manufacturer of collections of handbag accessories. Buckles, stoppers, castors, pullers, handles, clips, hooks and locks, from metal and plastic materials. Part of Star Enterprise, Ltd.

Crane Plumbing, L.L.C - Manufacturers and distributors of plumbing fixtures and specialty plumbing products. Products include china, steel and acrylic lavoratories, sinks, bathtubs, closets, and bidets.

Crystal Arts and Crafts - Manufacturer in China of crystal balls, crystal animals, crystal figurines, and laser carved crystals.

Dahou Wooden Box Co. - Manufacturer and wholesaler of wooden boxes and packaging in China.

Dahuachem International Economic and Trade Corporation - Chemical manufacturer, import and export conglomerate. China

Dalian Mornlight Decorations Company - Manufacturer of Galle lamps (cameo glass lamps) in China.

Dalian Second Rubber and Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. - China manufacturer of mixing and extrusion equipment for the rubber and plastics industry.

Daqing Lutong Glass Beads Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of glass beads for road marking paint and blasting use. Includes standards and specifications. China.

Darco Enterprises, Inc. - Manufacturer and importer. Factory in China.

Dasheng Hardware Factory - Manufacturer of screws, nuts and rivets. Product diagrams.

Daxinglong - China. Manufacturer of knitted, woven and braided elastic webbing.

Dearmate Chemical Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of textile dyeing and finishing agents and auxiliaries. English and Chinese.

Deqing Povidone Nanometer Material Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of N-vinylpyrrolidone and polyvinylpyrrolidone with two facilities in Zhejiang, China.

Devlon Accurate Electron - Manufacturer and exporter of classical amatory watch, sports watch, automatic mechanical watch, novelty watch, fashion watch, gift watch. (Shenzen, China)

Deyitai Silk Clothes Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of silk night- and underwear, garments and formal wear for men and women.

Dianxing Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. - AC voltage regulator manufacturer and exporter in China that supplies AC voltage regulators.

Digiwork Instruments - North American representative for manufacturers of scientific instruments in China of hardness tester, surface roughness tester as well as ultrasonic thickness tester.

Dingjie Electrical Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of mini VCD, mini HiFi, DVD, and mp3 players. Based in China.

Donboo Amino Acid Co., Ltd. - Offers D, L and racemic mixtures, as well as BOC-, CBZ- and FMOC-protected reagents, and related products. Includes specifications and profile manufacturer in Nantong, China.

Dongbao Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. - Conglomerate industrial group, with more than 20 subsidiaries, engaged in the field of pharmaceutical production and manufacturers of recombinants, especially human insulin in Shanghai, China.

Dongfang Warp Knitting Mill - China. Manufacturers of warp knitted velvet, velveteen, corduroy and mesh fabrics for apparel, furnishing, toys and decorative applications. English and Chinese.

Dongguan Shunfa Plastic Co., Ltd - A brush manufacturer in China.

Dongguan Wanjia Relay Company Limited - Manufacturer of miniature electromechanical relays, and power relays. ISO-14001 certified and based in China.

Donghong Chemical Fibers Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of natural and solution dyed polypropylene monofilaments for weaving applications, in a range from 450 to 1000 denier. English and Chinese.

DonglongTextile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of printed and dyed, warp knitted, jacquard and stretch fabrics for intimate apparel, from polyamide and spandex. Detailed product catalog with some technical information. English and Chinese.

Dongshan Pump Co. Ltd - Manufacturer of submersible pumps and electric motors. Based in China.

Dongxing Purse - China. Manufacturer and exporter of purses and all kinds bags include cowboy, knitting, straw crochets, dermic , PU, PVC series.

Dongya Weaving Factory - China. Manufacturer of Tumi brand bras, panties and lady's underwear.

Dongyang Magnet Factory - An ISO9002 certified permanent magnet manufacturer in China.

Double 'S' Homes - Manufacturer of prefabricated and panelized cedar post & beam homes. Exports to China, Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

Dragon Abrasives - A manufacturer and exporter of coated and bonded abrasives. Based in China.

Dragon Pet Products - Manufacturer of cable tieouts, trolleys, stakes, check chain collars and nylon leashes. Includes illustrated catalog with product specifications. China and United States.

Dynasty Chemicals Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dyestuffs, pigments, dye intermediates and chemicals for the textile, leather, paper, plastic, ink and paint industries. Extensive product information and technical specifications.

EQ Fashion - China. Manufacturer and exporter of fashion knitwear.

ESL Bearings - Manufacturer of ESL brand ball and tapered roller bearings in China.

East Dragon Zipper (China) Co., Ltd. - A manufacturer supplying full range of zippers.

Eastern Tape Measure - Manufacturer of steel measuring tape, fibre glass tape, aluminum spirit level, laser measuring tape, laser level and oil tape.

Eastern Tape Measure Manufacturer Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of steel measuring tapes, fiber glass tape measures, and folding rulers.

Eastex Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of spunlace fabrics for hygiene, medical and apparel applications, and artificial leather backing purposes. English and Chinese.

Elcomm Accessories - Manufacturer and exporter of cellular phone accessories in China.

Electronic Transformers & Dimmers For Lighting - Manufacturer of transformer and dimmer for the lighting fixtures in Taiwan and China.

Elite Industrial Group - High volume turnkey manufacturer of telecommunications, wireless communications, office products and personal electronic appliances. Located in southern China. with engineering teams in New Jersey, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai.

Emperor China Ind. ltd. - Manufacturer of lights, lamps and fittings.

Energy Electronics Mfg. Co Ltd - Manufacturer of power transformer, toy transformer, AC adaptor, DC adaptor. From China.

Enping Charm Electronic Co. - Microphone manufacturer based in China.

Enping City Feietang Jinjue Electronics Factory - Manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones used in home, stage, club, and conference. Plastic vacuum tube (valve) microphone a specialty. China.

Enping Weite Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of wireless microphones, wire and wireless double-duty microphones, electric sounders and speakers and stage facilities. China.

Enze Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of nonwoven, water soluble backing fabrics for the embroidery industry, from polyvynilacrylate. Some technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Eping Electro-Optic Instruments - Manufacturer and exporter of surveying instruments from China, supplying automatic level, electronic theodolite, laser level, tripods, levelling staff, prism system, prism pole, prisms and other accessories.

Essenchem Chemical Co. Ltd. - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticide intermediates.

Essenchem Chemical Co., Ltd. - China pesticides manufacturer and exporter of insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, intermediate chemical, pesticide.

Eureka Bio-Chemicals - Manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients; urokinase, human chorionic and menopausal gonadotrophin, thrombin, with others products available. Facilities in Nanjing Jiangning, China, and HQ in Melbourne, Australia.

Everfair Ltd - China based manufacturer of baby care products, mobiles, snow globes, rubber hot water bottles, and skip ropes.

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