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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China manufacturers

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Caughley Porcelain - Manufacturer of equestrian art in bone china porcelain. Information about the process, gallery of works, and history.

Ceranet - China. Caps manufacturer.

Ceright - Online catalogs on ceramic and china consumer goods and tableware. More than 700 manufacturers are listed in a buyer's guide.

Chamei Corduroy Group Co - Manufacturers of bleached, dyed, printed and finished, regular and stretch, jacquard and plain woven corduroy fabrics for apparel and furnishing. English and Chinese.

Champion Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of computer-aided glass straight line shape edging, bevelling, and, grinding machines. Site in English and Chinese.

Champion Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of attache, pilot and tool cases, and beauty sets, from aluminium. Also, rattan and polypropylene resin cases.

Chang Guann Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of cooking and edible oils for the food processing, restaurant, bakery, and retail markets. Based in Taiwan, and doing business in mainland China under the name Caradon.

Changde Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. - China. Subsidiary of Jingwei Textile Machinery Co. Ltd., manufacturer of warp knitting machines, a cotton combing machine, and pendulum arms for textile spinning and manufacturing.

Changshu Yudong Chemical Factory - Taurine manufacturer producing 2-amino ethanesulfonic acid, trichlorotrifluoro-ethane, hexachloroethane, diacetonealcohol and electronic toluene.

Changzhou Dakang Health-care Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturers a wide variety of products from the Chinese caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps militaris). Product listing and contact details.

Changzhou Flocking Material Factory - China. Manufacturers of flock fiber for the textile industry, from polyamide, viscose, triacetate and polyacrylic. Also, textile fabric flocking services.

Changzhou Union Electronics - Manufacturers of buzzers and speakers used in computer modems, mobile phones, cordless phones and pagers.

Changzhou Wujin Spike Potentiometer Factory - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of carbon potentiometers.

ChaoZhou ChuangJia Electronic Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of color TV located in China.

Chaozhou Three-circle (Group) Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of electronic components such as fixed resistors, ceramic rods for resistors fixed inductors and alumina ceramic substrate for HIC and chip resistors. With information on the company's organisation, subsidiaries and research projects.

Cheer Lord Enterprise Ltd. - Manufacturer cameras, binoculars and accessories in China.

Chengdu Aero-Instrument Corp. - Manufacturer of aviation components. Company and product information.

Chengguo Arts & Gifts Factory - Single page introduction to a manufacturer of China knots, including poly-wing knots and magic knots.

Chengmei Leather Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of leather utility cases and accessories.

Chengya - China. Manufacturers of knitwear.

Cheviot Products - Manufacturer of cast iron clawfoot bathtubs and vitreous china fixtures: toilets, pedestal lavatories, drop-in basins, vanities, plus faucets and accessories.

Chiaa Yang International Ltd. - Manufacturer of hot rolled steel, wire rod, channel cold rolled steel, pre-painted steel, and galvanized and stainless steel sheet. China.

Chienmei - Manufacturer of gas lights, stoves, patio heaters and similar items. Based in Jiangmen, China.

China Arts and Crafts - Manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of arts and crafts. Offers items for sale overseas.

China Baoerma Electrical Group - Manufacturer of household appliances. Company profile, product catalogue, contact information.

China Bap Bra and Underwear Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of women's underwear. Products gallery. [Does not work with Netscape 4.]

China Baskets Inc. - Manufacturer of willow baskets and related products.

China Bicano Mirror and Comb Co. - Manufacturer of various charming artificial lanyards, make-up mirror, comb, plastic comb, accessories, pouch for mobile.

China Building Materials Academy: Institute of Glass and Special Fibreglass - Developer and manufacturer of a range of glass and quartz items.

China Chamber of Commerce - China Exporter Net - Chambers in China and other business, export and manufacturer information.

China Chemical Network - Net work of links to Chinese chemical manufacturers , some of whom make plastic additives.

China Complee Instrument Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of panel meters,current transformers, accessories and related products.

China Daying Fur Net - China fur manufacturers directory, information on fur products and fur trade fair.

China Direct Exports, Inc. - Links buyers with manufacturers of a variety of general merchandise including garments and accessories, stationery, gifts, housewares and outdoor recreational products.

China Eastern Air (Shantou) Economic Development Co. - Manufacturer and exporter of airlines in-flight catering and amenities items.

China Eisho Co., Ltd - Chinese manufacturer exports bamboo skewers, bamboo chopsticks, and wooden clothes hangers, as well as bamboo baskets, willow baskets, ect..

China Electronics Components Information & Trading Network - An electronic component marketplace, connecting buyers, sellers, manufacturers and engineers.

China Electronics Import and Export Fujian Inc. - Manufacturer and exporter of electronics, including televisions, radios and clocks.

China Export Products - Ontario based manufacturer agent for export of small electronic products and promotional items from mainland China.

China Exporter Net - Contact information for manufacturers and exporters from China, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan.

China Foundation International Ltd - Manufacturer of cookware including sauce pans, frying pans, roasters, and steamers. Located in China.

China Fujian Sanming Forest Products Industry Corp. - Manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin, terpineol, pine oil, turpentine, activated carbon, forest flavour, fragrance and other chemical products.

China Fuzhou Launtop Power - Manufacturer and exporter of diesel and gasoline engine, generator, petrol water pump.

China Fuzhou Yongdeji Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of fluorescent lamps which conform to the european CE standards.

China Glaze Co. Ltd - Manufacturers of ceramic material for tile production and ceramic glazes.

China Golddragon Rosin Group Corp. - Manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin, gum terpentine and their derivatives.

China Greatvista Chemicals - Chemical manufacturer and supplier of biochemicals, agrochemicals, amino acids, pharmaceutical intermediates, herb extracts, dyes and pigments, and industrial chemicals.

China Guofa Hammocks Products Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of hammock products. Taizhou City, China.

China Hailin Machinery Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of air-cooled diesel engines, diesel-electric sets, generators and water pumps.

China Haoqiang Hardware Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of garden tools including sprinklers, outdoor showers, tap adaptors, porcelain lampholders, hose connectors.

China Hengfeng Sewing Machine Parts Manufacturer - Manufacturer and exporter of sewing machine parts such as rotary hooks, bobbin cases, needle plates, pressure feet, knives, loopers and accessories.

China Hong Kong Manufacturers Company - Manufacturer and exporter of artificial plants.

China Hongli Drawnwork Group - Manufacturer and exporter of various drawnwork and embroideried table cloths, cushion covers, doilies and other household fabrics.

China Huamao Arts and Crafts Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of handicrafts including bamboo baskets, candleholders, photo frames and straw toys.

China Hubei Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co. - Supplies steel wire ropes from a Chinese wire rope manufacturer.

China Hunan Liuyang Chemical Corp. - Chemical manufacturer in China, specializing in fire retardant products.

China Jingdo Fabrics - China.Clothing and fabrics manufacturer.

China Jinsheng Fireworks Group Co., Ltd - Manufacturer and direct selling of fireworks. Site contains detailed products catalog, company and contact information.

China Junyi Electronics Co., Ltd. - Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Video and audio cables manufacturer.

China Lock manufacturer - Main products include sliding lock, cam lock, brass padlock, handle, iron padlock, handle panel, drawer lock, tubular lock sets, nigh latch, rim lock, mortise lock sets.

China Memorials - manufacturer and exporter for memorials,monuments,sculpture s,slabs and blocks from China

China Nat' l Scientific & Materials Corp - A manufacturer of piezoelectric quartz, quartz products and single crystal optical products for use in the telecommunications and general time and frequency industries.

China National Aero-Technology Imp. & Exp. Guangzhou Corp - Fitness equipment manufacturers and exporter in China that supplies quality various pieces of fitness equipment.

China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation - Manufacturer and exporter of auto and motorcycle parts, electric and electroninc appliances, instruments and tools.

China National Chemical Construction - Manufacturer of agricultural, industrial, light truck, motorcycle, passenger car tyre. From China.

China National Complete Plant I/E Guangzhou Co., Ltd - manufacturer and exporter of gas mask.

China National South Aeroengine Co. - Manufacturers of motorcycle and aero-engines and related machine parts.

China Ningbo Cixi - Manufacturer of braided pump packings. Standard materials include kevlar, ptfe, graphite and carbons.

China Ninngbo Aimei Water Meter - Manufacturer and exporter of water meters;. Based in China.

China North Industries Guangzhou Corporation - Electrical appliance manufacturer and exporter in China that supplies quality electric iron, sewing machine, vacuum cleaner, and toasters.

China PengCheng Magnet Manufacturer - Produce magnetic materials including NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo and permanent magnets.

China Products - Manufacturers group from China providing turn-key electronics contract manufacturing and OEM components as well as product sourcing.

China Prosewer Export Co., Ltd. - China. Manufacturer of industrial sewing machines.

China Qingcao Jinsheng Fireworks Mfg. Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of display shells and consumer fireworks.

China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Ltd. - Manufacturer of rare-earth permanent magnets.

China Redwing - Manufacturer and exporter of washing machines, water dispensers, fireplace and halogen heaters.

China Riwei - Manufacturer and exporter of hair dryers and steam irons.

China Silk and Textile Network - Internet marketplace for manufacturers and traders in the Asian textile industry. Searchable company directories. Link to National Silk Museum. English and Chinese.

China Sources Online - Directory of Chinese products, manufacturers & suppliers.

China Steel Chemical Corp. - Manufacturer of petroleum-derived chemicals including refined naphthalene, benzene, toluene, creosote oil, coke and dye intermediates.

China Stone Marble - Manufacturer of natural stone water garden fountain, paver, ornaments, and vases.

China Sunbay Straw Hats Manufacturer - Manufacturer and exporter of straw, crochet, knitted, toyo paper, braid hats, caps, bags and beach mats.

China Sunshine Bearings Group - China based manufacturer of ball and roller bearings, automotive bearings and parts.

China Suppliers - Listing of manufacturers and trade companies.

China Tea and Herbalworld Co., Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer of assorted tea products. Company profile, products and news.

China Textile Network - Directory of garment manufacturers organised by type of product, with forum for members to trade offers.

China Textile and Garment Net - Internet marketplace for manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, apparel, garment accessories, and machinery and services. Searchable company and trade directories. English and Chinese.

China Tianjin Damei Bicycle Co.,Ltd. - Chinese bicycle manufacturer including electrical bicycles and parts.

China Trade (H.K.) Manufacturer - Manufacturer of organisers and calculators.

China Trading Agents - Agents assisting manufacturers, importers and wholesalers in their search for a reliable and qualified manufacturer in mainland China.

China Tungsten - Specialist tungsten and tungsten carbide manufacturer and supplier in the Chinese Mainland.

China Valve Manufacturers Inc. - Manufactures and exports ball, check and solenoid valves; gas regulators, cylinders, stoves and lantern.

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