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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China manufacturers

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Shell Button - China. Manufacturer and exporter of real shell buttons, real horn buttons, toggles, accessories.

Shen Zhen Kaiser Electronic Co., Ltd. - AV products manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes home and car DVD players, VCD players, and video disc recorders.

ShenZhen ABO Industry - Manufacturer of digital camera, portable DVD, car audio, DVD player and home theatre from China.

ShenZhen Bochang Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of power transformer, drum core inductor and choke coil. From China.

ShenZhen ZhengChang Electronic Factory - Contract manufacturer from China.

Shenxin Nonwovens Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of needlepunch fabrics for filtration, medical, geotextile, apparel and artificial leather backing applications. English and Chinese.

Shenyang Medicines and Health Products I/E Corp. - Manufacturer of ginseng extract, patent medicines and medical meterial, china ginseng-herbs, herbs, pan ginseng, pharmaceuticals, chinese herbal medicals.

Shenzhen Ampron Sensitive Components Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of PTC thermistor. From China.

Shenzhen Angel Equipment & Technology Co .,Ltd. - Manufacturers and exporters of water dispenser in China.

Shenzhen BOE - Manufacturer of LED display panels. From China.

Shenzhen Baifuda Electronic Co., Ltd( China) - Manufacturer of coaxial connectors for A/V, BNC connectors, scart and USB connectors & cable. Located in China.

Shenzhen Baoan Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. - A manufacturer of intelligent long-distance centralized meter reading network system and compound network auto system for utilities. From China.

Shenzhen Baoan Electronics Ltd. - Manufacturer of intelligent long-distance centralized meter reading network system. Products, specs, and company information. China based company, site is in English and Chinese.

Shenzhen Boxinyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of dipped, smd, wet tantalum capacitors, mlcc, metallized film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, lighting capacitors and resistors in China.

Shenzhen Capacitors Industrial Co., Ltd. - manufacturer of chip tantalum capacitors, dipped tantalum capacitors and others capacitors. From China.

Shenzhen Feeling Electronics - Manufacturer and exporter of energy saving lamps and transformers. Products, pricing, and contact information. Located in China.

Shenzhen Gaoxinqi Electronic Co Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes caller ID, one and two piece phones.

Shenzhen Grepow - Manufacturer and exporter of NI-MH battery, battery pack, mobile phone battery and standard battery. From China.

Shenzhen Haoningda Electronic Meters Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. - A manufacturer of single phase and three phase electronic (static) energy meters in China

Shenzhen HengChen Electrical Co Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes DVD, VCD players, amplifiers and speaker systems.

Shenzhen Huibo Industry Trading Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of sport stopwatch series products.

Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory - Pharmaceutical manufacturer and exporter from China.

Shenzhen QiuSuo Biotech Co., Ltd. - Industrial manufacturer of sialic acid, for carbohydrate synthesis, pharmaceuticals and nutrition food. Company profile, FAQ and contacts in Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen Sanrupid Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of multimedia speakers and amplified home theatres in China.

Shenzhen Sayes Electronics Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of mini radios. Custom company logos can be printed on the radios. Based in China.

Shenzhen Sensor Technology Co. - Transducer manufacturer in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Shengxin - Manufacturer and exporter of capacitors. From China.

Shenzhen Shenhui Technology Co. Ltd. - Developer and manufacturer standard and custom liquid crystal display (LCD) flat panels and modules. Based in China. Site in Chinese and English and includes product technical drawings.

Shenzhen Sunway Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of school bags, pencils, pens and other stationery.

Shenzhen Zeitgeist Electronics Co Ltd - Electronic components manufacturer. Product range includes thermistors, capacitors, resistors and switches.

ShiDi Technology, Inc. - China based manufacturer of RF and coaxial connectors. Searchable database of parts grouped by category, with datasheets.

Shidanda Leather Industry Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of business suits, casual wear and coats for men and women, from genuine sheepskin leather.

Shijiazhuang Jinfeng Diamond Product Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of diamond circular saw bits and grindstones.

Shike - Manufacturer of computer headphone, hi-fi headphone for mp3 and cd.

Shili Hardware Lock Factory - Manufacturer of aluminum door and window accessories including bolts, locks and window hinge.

Shin Meng Industry - Manufacturer of computer cables in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Shoulder Electronics Ltd. - Manufacturer specializing in crystal units, ceramic resonators, ceramic filter and SAW devices. Online product specifications, photographs and sample dimensions.

Shuibao Bedding Factory - China. Manufacturers of bed sheets, quilt and pillow covers, and mosquito nets.

Shun Chang Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of coffee makers, toasters, electric irons and mixers, and cordless kettles. Based in China.

Shun Yi Leathergoods - Over 10 years experience as a manufacturer of leather products especially watchstraps made of genuine leather, imitation leather, PU, PVC, nylon and others. (Chaozhou, Guangdong, China)

Shunde Baofeng Baby's Product Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of prams and pushchairs.

Shunde Bolong Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of blenders, soybean milk makers, juice extractors and other appliances.

Shunde Hongjian Cable-Making Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of power supply cords and wire. Technical specifications.

Shunde Huahong Electric Co., Ltd - Household appliances manufacturer and exporter in China.

Shunde Hualong Furniture - Manufacturer of wooden doors and kitchen cabinets. Pictures of the products and a description of the factory's facilities.

Shunde Huisheng Hardware Factory - Furniture hinge manufacturer and exporter in China.

Shunde Kolok Audio Company Limited - Manufacturer of headphones, earphones and microphones in China.

Shunde Mars Electric Appliance Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of home and industrial appliances including kerosene stoves, rice cookers and exhaust fans.

Shunde Mingfeng (China) Furniture Factory - Manufacturer of metal dining tables and chairs.

Shunde Weihe Electrical Appliances Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of electric fans and ovens.

Shungcheng Silk Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of habutai, crepe, satin, georgette, douppion and twill woven fabrics for apparel, bedding and furnishing, from silk. English and Chinese.

Shuntian Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of cotton yarns for knitting and weaving. English and Chinese.

Sichuan Guanghan Bio-Hitech Co., Ltd. - Profile and products of manufacturer in Guanghan, China.

Sichuan Jiangyuan Natural Products Co.,Ltd. - Company and products profile of manufacturer of berberine, chondroitin, camptothecin and derivatives, with distribution from Chengdu, China.

Sichuan Phytointl Hi-Tech Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier in the field of the nutritional bulk ingredients, specializing in herbs and extraction from botanical sources. Introduces company, lists products, quality control and contacts in China.

Sicon Rubber Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of silicone rubber keypads. From China.

Sightyet Investments Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong and China that supplies a wide variety of shoes, boots, and sandals.

Silver Right Development Limited - Manufacturers of electrical home appliances such as coffee makers, kettles, grills, and food slicers. Located in China.

Sino Optical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter for sunglasses, reading glasses and optical products produced in Mainland China and Taiwan.

SinoStar Lighting Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter for energy-saving lamp, halogen lamps and fluorescent light in China.

Sinoproduct Corporation Ltd - China manufacturer of mobile phone accessories.

Sinotextiles Group - China. Export organization for Chinese manufacturers of textile raw materials, fabrics and apparel.

Sissi Gifts International - China polyresin and resin gifts manufacturer.

Sitong Cashmere Product Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturer of cashmere raw materials and ready-made produdcts.

Smart Tra Optics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses with a factory in Mainland China. Includes company profile, products, distributor material and contact information.

Smartech Electronics and Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD - China. Manufacturer of sanitary napkin and diaper machinery.

Snowblack Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. - Specialized manufacturer of activated carbon in china.

Snowkey - Ice machine manufacturer in China. Produces a wide range of ice machines, such as flake ice makers, plate, and granulous.

Something High Electric Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers AC/DC, DC/DC swithcing power supplies, adaptors, Chargers.

Songtian Electrical Appliance Company Limited - Manufacturer of switches, power outlets, and lighting fixtures for the consumer market. Based in China.

Songye Electrical - manufacturer of table fans, wall fans, propeller exhauster, exhaust fan, and also produces casting and mould products.

Soundking Electronic Cable Co. - Manufacturer of audio mixers, amps, instruments, accessories, cables, connectors, mics, stands, and speakers. China.

Sparkle Power Inc. - Switching power supply manufacturer. From China.

Staffordshire Fine Bone China UK - English Bone China - UK based manufacturers of English bone china crockery, cups and giftware in a variety of designs including bespoke and art deco designs.

Standard Transformers Works Limited - Manufacturer of transformers including neon transformers, core transformers, coil transformers, and ignition transformers. from China.

Star Lake Bioscience Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of intermediates and raw pharmaceuticals, including inosine, L-proline, ribavirin, guanosine, tetra-acetylribose, adenosine, and related products in Zhaoqing, China.

Stone Trading Development Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of artificial polythene, silk and optical fiber flowers and imitation water. Located in China and trading internationally.

Suki Industry And Trading Co., Ltd. - A china based manufacturer, specializes in producing drying, heating and sterilizing cabinets for dishes.

Sunfashion Garment Co., Ltd. - Garment manufacturer and designer with a range of knitted garments and underwear. Product show with images and descriptions.

Sunhe Zipper Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of zippers for the garment industry, from metal and plastic materials.

Sunox Technology Limited - Manufacturer of digital camera, digital voice recorder, MP3 player and USD Hard Disks. Based in Hong Kong and China.

Sunrise Electric & Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of transformers in China.

Sunrise Sealing Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers and distributors of high-temperature insulation fabrics and textile products, from glass and ceramic fiber. Also, packings and gaskets.

Super Electrical Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer based in China, exporting circuit breakers and low-voltage electrical items.

Suzhou Angu - ISO9002 certified manufacturer of commutators in China.

Suzhou Beita Electronic Appliance Factory - Manufacturer of transformers and inductors near Suzhou, China.

Suzhou Colour-way Enterprise Development Co.Ltd - Manufacturer of latex products in China including latex surgical gloves, examination gloves, tubes for blood transfusion, colour latex balloons and a range of oil paint and emulsion paint.

Suzhou Hesan - Manufacturer of antistatic gloves, static dissipative gloves and nylon/polyester gloves for static free and cleanroom environments. Factory in China.

Suzhou Nova Elecrtonic Company - Manufacturer of a wide range of push button, rocker, keyboard, slide, rotary, micro, and miniature switches. Based in China.

Suzhou Ruijia Printing Paper Factory - China. Manufacturer of heat transfer rotary printing paper using sublimation transfer inks for pre-printing of fabric designs.

Suzhou Xinlong Chemical Co Ltd - China-based manufacturer of pesticides and other chemical products.

TMK Power Industries Ltd. - Manufacturer of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in China

TWD Battery Co., Ltd. - A manufacturer specializing cylindrical Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, located in Guangdong, P.R. China.

TagMaster China Ltd - Manufacturer of RFID equipment and components used for identification of cars, trucks, buses, trains, containers and other large, moving items. China

Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. - China based manufacturer of food machinery and whole plant equipment.

Tai'an Experimental Equipment Factory China - Manufacturer of new test bench equipment for fuel pumps, nozzles and related items. Company profile and technical data.

Taicheng Textile Co., Ltd - Manufacturers of regular and stretch denim fabrics for apparel applications, from cotton, polyester, spandex and blends. English and Chinese.

Taida Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of warp knitted face fabrics for apparel, furnishing and industrial applications, from blends of natural and man-made fibers. English and Chinese.

Taiwan Machinery Manufacturers and Suppliers - Comprehensive and searchable database of industrial equipment, tools, and machine parts manufactured in China and Taiwan. Incorporates links to company profiles, product details, and contact information.

Taiwan Products Online - B2B portal which includes online manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan and China.

Taiwan Special Wire Netting Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of wire netting,stainless steel, brass and copper in Taiwan, China.

Taixing Environmental Protection Equipment Factory - Manufacturer of ozonisers and sewage treatment products. With descriptions and technical data.

Taixing Zeid Electric Co., Ltd. China - Manufacturer and exporter of fluorescent lamp starters and PTFE tapes.

Taiyue Textile Products Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of quilts, pillows and sleeping bags, filled with feather and down, or man-made fiber. Also, commercial processors of feather and down, and manufacturers of coordinated collections of bed linens. English and Chinese.

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