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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

China manufacturers

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Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Co.,ltd - Manufacturer of power cords, plugs and outlets. From China.

Ningbo Yunli Metallic Appliances Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of musical instrument stands, sheet music stands, stools, benches, and carts. China.

Ninngo Brightech Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of high brightness white, blue, and yellow LEDs and LED displays. Ningbo, China. Site in Chinese and English.

Northern Overseas Industry Ltd. - ISO 9002 certified manufacturer and exporter of ball and roller bearings based in China.

Novolite Chemicals Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of peptide-related products and services, specializing in coupling agents, aromatic or aliphatic ketone and alcohols, isomers and their derivatives. Start-up in Wujiang and Zhangjiagang, China.

Nybelt Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of flat and tangential transmission and conveyor belts, spindle tapes, and roller coverings for the textile and nonwovens, and a wide range of additional industrial applications. English and Chinese.

Opal Industrial Co. Ltd. - China based manufacturer specializing in manufacturing solid surfaces, including artificial stone and synthetic marble.

Organic Herb Inc. - Developer, manufacturer, exporter and primary supplier of green tea, ginseng root and grape seed extracts. Includes product list, specifications and contact form, and introduction to research center in Beijing, China.

Pearl Regent, Ltd - China. Manufacturers of handbags. Also, belts for men and women.

Pearl River Light & Acoustics Industrial Ltd. - Disco lighting manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes skylight, strobe lights, and hexagon lights.

Phoenix Umbrella Factory - China. Manufacturers of a large selection of umbrellas. Also, tents and sunshades.

Physcience OE Ltd. - Manufacturer for laser and photorefractive single crystals and substrate materials. From China.

Piaoan Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of spunlace fabrics for medical, hygiene, apparel, furnishing, filtration, and artificial leather backing applications, from cotton. English and Chinese.

Pingjiang Instruments factory of China Aero-Tech Corp. - One of the largest manufacturers of door closers in mainland of China. Products cover overhead and screen door closers as well as floor hinges.

Pingxiang Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer in China supplying ceramic, metallic and plastic tower packing, tower internals, ceramic balls, molecular sieves and catalysts to the chemical industry.

Pinnacle Industrial Ltd - 18/10 stainless steel cookware, non-stick frypan, kitchenware, pot and pan, utensils and gadgets, flatware supplier in Hong Kong and manufacturer in China.

Plenty Harvest Manufacturing - Manufacturer of multi-function tools and pocket knives. Based in South China.

Po Lee Leather Company - Manufacturers of leather garments in China.

Pointer Investment (HK) Ltd. - Manufacturer of bed linen, polo shirts, underwear, and other textiles.

Polly Metal Factory Ltd. - Manufacturer of foldable camping cook sets and household utensils, based in China. Content in English and Simplified Chinese.

Polytex Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of engineered polyester polymers, and continuous meltspun, natural and solution dyed staple fibers for yarn spinning and nonwovens applications. English and Chinese.

Power Supplies - Manufacturer of external power supplies, AC/DC power supplies, Asian China Taiwan Original Equipment Manufacture & designer

PowerQuattro - Manufacturer of battery chargers. From China.

Promatic - Manufacturer of Radio-Frequency (RF) style Electronic Article Surveillance systems and accessories. Based in China PRC.

Promax Battery Industries Limited - Manufacturer of dry cell batteries and button cells including zinc chloride and alkaline, free of mercury and cadmium. Located in China and supplying OEMs.

Promotional Headwears Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of promotional caps, hats and visors. Located in Hong Kong/China.

Pronic Electronics - Manufacturers of rocker switch, push switch, toggle switch, slide switch, and inlet socket. UL, CSA,VDE recognized amongst others. Based in China and Taiwan.

Prosperous Industrial Company - Manufacturer from China of DVD player, amplifier, speakers, home theater and microphone products.

Pyroexpert - China based manufacturer and exporter of fireworks. Offer display shells, display cakes, roman candles, waterfalls, pyrotechnic firing equipment, retail and toy fireworks.

Qiaoguang Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of hand tools for electronics, electrical appliances and related wiring accessories in China. In Chinese and English.

Qidi Electric Group Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of hot and cold water dispensers and purifiers, and other small home appliances in China.

Qifa Textile Group - China. Manufacturers of dyed and finished hand knitting yarns, from wool. Searchable product catalog, with technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.

Qing Dao Helida Electric Co.,Ltd - China. Manufacturer of motors, electric control equipment and carding machines, which include somewhat 30 series and 500 kinds.

Qingdao Haiyi Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of straw products. Includes sandals, hats and bags.

Qingdao Jinghua Diamond and Jewellery Co., Ltd. - Diamond and jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter in China.

Qingdao Madison Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of marine hardware, rigging, chain accessories, wire rope fittings, hooks, and shackles . China.

Queenbee Diamond Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturers and suppliers in China for synthetic industrial diamonds, cubic boron nitride and diamond tools.

Quick Way Plastic - Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of FIBC's, bulk bags, jumbo bags, PE woven bags and outdoor furniture covers in China.

Recky-Eastern Exhibition & Display Co., LTD. - Manufacturer of pop-up display system, banner stand, flag system, modular display systems, lightboxs. China.

Redleaf - Manufacturers of projection screens and audio visual equipment located in China.

Resistors - Token Passive Components - Manufacturer of passive components in power, surface mount, precision, high voltage, wirewound, resistors. From China.

Richstar Stone China - Manufacturer and exporter in China specializing in granite countertops, vanity tops, and tiles.

River Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of flat bed and circular knitted fancy fabrics for apparel applications. Also, fancy yarns, and scarves. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Rixing Lighting Facilities Plant - Manufacturer of free standing and ceiling and wall-mounted lamps for domestic or business use. Profile and products gallery.

Rongze Paper Company, Ltd - China. Manufacturers of latex coated paperboard for footwear, and briefcase and luggage lining applications. English and Chinese.

Roofer Commerce Company Ltd - Designer and manufacturer of custom battery packs for cellular phones, digital cameras and camcorders, and other portable devices. Shenzhen City, China. Product list including photos and specifications.

Roofer Technology Co.,ltd - China-based manufacturer of batteries and custom battery packages and test equipment.

Ruian daqiao - Export and manufacturer of canvas rubber shoes from China.

Rundebao Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of tie died habutai, oxford and taffeta silk fabrics for apparel applications. English and Chinese.

Runfeng Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of plain, twill and satin fine woven, printed and finished fabrics for bedding, furnishing and apparel, from cotton. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Runtu Chemical Group - China. Manufacturers of disperse, reactive, cationic and acid dyestuffs. Also, optical brighteners and textile auxiliaries. Technical information. English and Chinese.

Runyan Knitting Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of single and double jersey, interlock, rib, stretch and jacquard knitted fabrics for lining and apparel applications, from cotton, viscose, spandex and blends. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.

S and D Ningbo - China. Manufacturer and exporter of haberdashery, creative products, clothing and fashion accessories.

SPCL - China. Manufacturer of patented plastic circular loom for the weaving industry.

SPL Ltd. - Manufacturer of buzzers, transducers, speakers, receivers, microphones, ultrasonic sensors, connectors, cable assemblies, wire harness. Factories are located in China.

SUPPO Battery - Manufacturer of rechargeable Ni-MH battery and battery packs, China National NiMH battery industrial base.

Sam Camping Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of camping tents with factories in China and Taiwan.

Sang Young and Co., Ltd. - Wig manufacturer and exporter. Operates two factories in China and Korea.

Sanli Plumbing Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of bathroom accessories. Products include shelves, rails, faucets, and shower heads. Includes product catalogue. China.

Sanqiang Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of greige, open-end spun, worsted, carded and twisted yarns for weaving, from cotton. Detailed product catalog, with technical specifications. English and Chinese.

Sansan Battery Industrial Corp. - Manufacturer of rechargeable NiCad, NiMH, Li-ion batteries with lead-acid, lithium. From China.

Santai Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of polyester staple fiber for the nonwovens industry. Custom coloring services.

Sassin International Electric Group Corp - Manufacturer of low voltage electrical equipment, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, instruments and meters. From China.

Satow Electronic Co.,Ltd of Zhuhai - China manufacturer of B/W&color TV and monitor series, camera, quad processor, LCD video door phone, LCD TV and monitor, digital camera and other surveillance series.

Selfuse Electronics (China) Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of polymer PTC thermistors applied to protect circuits and battery packs against over-current and overheating.

Senord Nonwoven Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of natural and colored spunbond fabrics for civil engineering, apparel, medical and hygiene, and a wide range of industrial applications, from polypropylene. Custom manufacturing services. English and Chinese.

Seven Universe Industrial Co., Ltd - Experienced gas ignition manufacturer/exporter in Taiwan. Manufacturing in Taiwan and China. Supplies Taiwan-made stoves and water heaters.

Shaan Honq International Cosmetics - Manufacturer and exporter of hair care and styling products located in China.

Shaanxi Tianwei Biological Products Co.,Ltd. - Company overview, production and specifications of vitamin E, phytosterols, plant and herb extracts, from manufacturer in Jinghe, China.

Shamas Battery Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of valve-controlled lead-acid battery and electrode plates for lead-acid battery. Based in China.

Shandong Huifeng Machinery Group Corp - Manufacturers of vacuum pumps and blowers in China.

Shandong Refractories Corp. - Refractory manufacturer provides con-casting refractories, fused silica products, refractory bricks, hard firclay chamotte and magesite-dolomite clinker.

Shandong Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of animal drugs, feed additive and pharmaceutical intermediates, such as folic acid, calcium pantothenate, dinitolmide and toltrazuril, in Jinan, China.

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of control systems and instruments for industrial production process, analytical instruments, automobile electronics, computers, building control systems, PLC, POS systems, household electrical appliances, and pneumatic components in China.

Shanghai Beiyu Sewing Machine&Equipment Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and dealer of various sewing machine parts and components.

Shanghai Fast-fix Rivet Corp. - Supplier and manufacturer of blind rivets, rivets, riveting tools, and nuts . Includes detailed drawings of individual products.

Shanghai Guohao Machinery Manufacturer Co. Ltd. - China. Produces diecast aluminum and zinc alloy components for motorcycle, automotive, appliance, furniture, and hardware industries. Site includes extensive account of diecasting in comparison with other manufacturing processes.

Shanghai Hengda Industry Company - Manufacturer and sales of china bird, dog, parrot, and mouse cages. Products and contact information.

Shanghai Hualing Tool Works - China. Manufacturer of woodworking tools, power tool accessories, boring and drilling tools, forstner bits,and carbide tipped forstner bits.

Shanghai Jinhe Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer offering taxanes, paclitaxel, reserpine and Jiaogulan extract. Includes details of QC, licensing, develpment, trading, importing and exporting from China.

Shanghai JiuAn Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of collections of luggage, bags and back packs. Also, promotion and gift items.

Shanghai Meeting Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of rechargable alkaline batteries, located in China.

Shanghai Sunrise Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of diodes, bridge rectifiers and surface mount rectifier. From China.

Shanghai United Decoration Lamp Co Ltd - Manufacturer of lamp, china lighting, tiffany, stained-glass, and interior decoration items.

Shanghai Y&L Lighting Co. LTD - Manufacturer from China with a prestigious factory specialized in producing energy efficient metal halide lighting products.

Shanghai Yimin Chemical Co Ltd. - Photographic chemical and drug intermediate products, with profile of manufacturer in Pudong, China.

Shanghaitex 2001 - China. International trade fair and symposium for manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment for the textile and nonwovens industries. Shanghai. May 29-June 2, 2001.

Shangyu Dongda Knit Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of knitted gloves from China.

Shangyu Tianwaitian Fallow Umbrella - Umbrella manufacturer makes standard and beach umbrellas plus storefront canopies. Has three branches in East China. Includes photos of their products and a company history. Content in English and Simplified Chinese.

Shaoxing County Wantong Dyestuff & Chemical Co., Ltd. - Specialized manufacturer of disperse dyes in China.

Shaoxing Dyestuffs and Chemicals - China. Manufacturer of disperse and vat dyestuffs for the textile industry.

Shaoxing Sanlux Rubber Group - China manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts and v-belt for automotive, industrial and agricultural uses.

Shekou Jewel Electronic Co Ltd - Manufacturer of winding inductive components including flyback transformer and HF transformer. From China.

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