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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

Business directory - Companies M

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M'rath International [India] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
M-Come Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd [Malaysia] - Trade
M-Plus [Malaysia] - Electronics
M.D.International [India] - Others
M.Farooq Enterprises [Pakistan] - Others
M.G.Polyblends [India] - Chemicals
M.K Impex [India] - Industry
M.L. Sharma & Co. [India] - Art and crafts
M.N.Enterprises [Pakistan] - Health
M.S. Iyengar & Associates (P) Ltd [India] - Others
M.S.R. International Company [India] - Trade
M.S.S & Brothers [Pakistan] - Others
M.S.S. Asan Exports [India] - Health
M.Thenappan [India] - Garment
M.Toseef Woodcrafts [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
M.V.Impex.India [India] - Others
M/S Bansal Exporters [India] - Construction
M/S C. Dass Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Chemicals
M/S Dhanda Enterprises [India] - Garment
M/S Electrofones [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
M/S Ganesh International [India] - Garment
M/S Husnain International Pvt Ltd., [Pakistan] - Garment
M/S Jay Krishan Khaitan [India] - Others
M/S Kalsparsh [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
M/S Lard Exim Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
M/S Majestic Metalics Limited [India] - Industry
M/S Manohar Lal Sethi & Sons [India] - Agriculture
M/S Omar Group Of Companies. [Pakistan] - Others
M/S Rohit Automats [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
M/S Roopa Enterprises [India] - Agriculture
M/S Shriman Exports [India] - Art and crafts
M/S Super Star Inmdustry [India] - Agriculture
M/S Vishnu Prakash R. Punglia [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
M/S. Bhartiya Enterprises [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
M/S. Hyphen Resources [India] - Garment
M/S. Jamals Sons [Pakistan] - Garment
M/S. Jogiya Brothers [India] - Raw
M/S. Martina Project Services [India] - Consulting
M/S. Mrm Tex [India] - Garment
M/S. Parimal Exports [India] - Construction
M/S. Robinson & Co. [Pakistan] - Toys
M/S. Saha International [India] - Food
M/S. Sarkar Jewellers [India] - Others
M/S. Shahmunir Enterprises [Pakistan] - Garment
M/S. Sharmeen Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. [Pakistan] - Sports
M/S. Subhajit Leather Works [India] - Others
M/S. Trade On [Pakistan] - Health
M/S.A.R.M.Exports [India] - Agriculture
M/S.Alliance Int'l India Freight Forwarders [India] - Others
M/S.J.D.M.Trading Company [Pakistan] - Trade
M/S.Jupiter Impex [India] - Others
M/S.Robinson & Co. [Pakistan] - Construction
M/S.Ruchika International [India] - Auto
Ma Gaytri [India] - Packaging
Maarufa (Pvt) Ltd [Pakistan] - Industry
Mac-Jewelry Co., Ltd [Thailand] - Others
Machines & Engineering Company [India] - Construction
Macmill Furniture Ltd. [China] - Trade
Madhya Kalikata Shilpangan [India] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
Mae Mae Trading Co., Ltd. [Hong Kong] - Others
Magic [China] - Trade
Magical Moment Creation [Malaysia] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Magical Threads Overseas [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Magna India [India] - Construction
Magna Infotech Pvt. Ltd [India] - Computers
Magna Sanitary Fittings [Pakistan] - Construction
Magnetone Singapore Pte Ltd [Singapore] -
Magnets Manufacturing Company [India] - Toys
Magnum Business Combines [India] - Trade
Magnum Exports [India] - Raw
Magnum International [India] - Others
Mahalakshmi color Company [India] - Chemicals
Maharaj Agro Tech [India] - Agriculture
Maharashtra Plastic And Industries [India] - Packaging
Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Centre For Rheumatic Diseases [India] - Health
Mahaveer Exports [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Mahavir Clothing [India] - Garment
Mahesh Bhaiya [India] - Food
Mahesh International [India] - Chemicals
Mahima Herbals [India] - aw
Mahindra Minerals [India] - Industry
Mahmud Traders [Pakistan] - Others
Maiam Trading Company [India] - Food
Maiden Industries [India] - Industry
Maikaite [China] - Garment
Mailam India Limited [India] - Others
Mainhouse (Xiamen) Electronic Co., Ltd. [China] - Electronics
Maithan International [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Majumdar Tea Export [India] - Food
Makin Mulia Sdn Bhd [Malaysia] - Engineering And Manufacturing Industry
Malik Farm Houses [Pakistan] - Food
Malik Saleem Enterprises [Pakistan] - Health
Maltaitech Corporation Sdn Bhd [Malaysia] - Security
Mamta Surgical Cotton Industries [India] - Health
Manar Group Of Companies [India] - Agriculture
Mande [Indonesia] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Manford India [India] - Food
Mangal Jyoti [India] - Garment
Manifest International [Pakistan] - Health
Manisha Inc [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Manohar Chemicals [India] - Chemicals
Manoj Sharma [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Manpasand Impex Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Food
Mansarovar Impex [India] - Construction
Mao Yuan Stone Co., Ltd [China] - Construction
Mapa Enterprises [India] - Food
Mapco Industries [India] - Engineering And Manufacturing Industry
Mapp India Ltd. [India] - Food
Maqsood & Mehmood Surgical Co [Pakistan] - Others
Marathon Supply [Singapore] - Art and crafts
Marble Krafts [India] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
Marge Metalcrafts [Philippines] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Maria Aquacon P Ltd [India] - Seafood
Marinah Enterpreses [Pakistan] - Health
Marinex Marine Services [India] - Services
Mark Associates [India] - Food
Mark Clothing Company [India] - Garment
Mark International Co. [Pakistan] - Garment
Mars Export Co.Ltd [China] - Agriculture
Marudaka (Taicang) Leisure Goods Co., Ltd [China] - Sports
Marvel Exports [India] - Construction
Marvel Proteins [India] - Industry
Marvellous Overseas Corp. [Pakistan] - Health
Marwa Corporation [Pakistan] - Garment
Mas Impex [India] - Industry
Masan Trading Corporation [Vietnam] - Agriculture
Mastermind Trading Company [Pakistan] - Trade
Mataram Tenun [Indonesia] - Art and crafts
Matchall Special Bearing Co., Ltd. [China] - Industry
Mateen International [Pakistan] - Services
Matha Agencies [India] - Packaging
Mathewsons Exports &Imports (P) Ltd [India] - Food
Maxtend Industrial Corporation [China] - Art and crafts
Maxview Display Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd [China] - Computers
Maxwell Inc [India] - Food
Maya Golden [India] - Garment
Maya Textile Mills [Pakistan] - Garment
Maydiang Leather Goods Co. Ltd. [China] - Others
Mbm Korea [Korea ] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Mdidea Exporting Division [China] - Food
Mealagarments [India] - Garment
Mech. Tech. Engineers [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Med-Mat Medical Trade [China] - Health
Medex Beijing Limited [China] - Health
Medical Instruments Sales & Service [India] - Health
Medisure Laboratories [Pakistan] - Health
Mediterranean Industry [Pakistan] - Health
Meera Enterprises [India] - Construction
Mega Impex [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Mega Industries [India] - Chemicals
Mehrish Industries [Pakistan] - Health
Mehta Enterprises [India] - Auto
Mehta Surgicare Pvt Ltd [India] - Health
Meijie Commodity Co, .Ltd. [China] - Garment
Meijie Comodity Company Ltd [China] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Meilianxun Enterprise Co., Ltd [China] - Computers
Mekong Export Pvt Ltd [India] - Garment
Melbrow Engg Works P. Ltd [India] - Garment
Melzer Specialities [India] - Agriculture
Melzer [India] - Chemicals
Meraapnaweb.Com Pvt. Ltd [India] - Computers
Mercantile Teas & Produce [Sri Lanka] - Food
Meridian Chem Bond Ltd [India] - Select category here
Meridian Impex [India] - Others
Mesec [Pakistan] - Auto
Metal Cut Associates [India] - Engineering And Manufacturing Industry
Metals Engineering Resources Corporation [Philippines] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Metatek Corporation [India] - Chemicals
Metro Agrotech [India] - Agriculture
Mgpro-Galvanize [Thailand] - Chemicals
Micos Ornamental Chain Mfg.Co., Ltd [China] - Engineering And Manufacturing Industry
Microfine [India] - Chemicals
Microflash Technology Co. Ltd. [China] - Computers
Midland Construction Corporation (Cosevco) [Vietnam] - Construction
Mikigalleryfurniture [Indonesia] - Trade
Mikko Writing Instruments [India] - Others
Milan Gold Inc. [India] - Others
Milky Way Traders [Pakistan] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Millanium Impex [India] - Food
Millennium Art Style [Romania] - Art and crafts
Millennium Group [India] - Seafood
Millennium Industries (Pvt) Ltd. [Pakistan] - Packaging
Millennium Laminates Pvt.Ltd. [India] - Construction
Mineral Udyog [India] - Chemicals
Minerals Link [Pakistan] - Others
Mirae International Marketing [Korea ] - Auto
Mitocon Biotech [India] - Health
Mjr Export's [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Mmsb [Malaysia] - Aerospace
Mnix Co., Ltd. [Korea ] - Health
Mnj Foods [Pakistan] - Food
Mobei Garment Factory [Hong Kong] - Garment
Modakk Overseas [India] - Garment
Modek [India] - Garment
Modern Badge Works. [Pakistan] - Garment
Modern Trading Development Co., Ltd [China] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Modi Herbals [India] - Health
Modi Textile Calendering Works [India] - Others
Mofat-G Stationeries [India] - Others
Mohit Timber Industries [India] - Others
Mohsin Brothers. [Pakistan] - Others
Mona Exports [India] - Garment
Monarch Exports [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Monchida Aquarium Co., Ltd [Thailand] - Agriculture
Mondial Exports Pvt Ltd [India] - Stationery
Monica Art & Handicraft [India] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
Monter Internacional De Mexico [China] - Consulting
Moonfox Exim (P) Ltd. [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Moriel Finance [China] - Consulting
Mornhill Trading Co. [Hong Kong] - Computers
Morsef Pharmaceuticals Private Limited [India] - Health
Moutain Great Aluminium Mfy Ltd [China] - Industry
Mridani Exports [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Mrm Tex [India] - Garment
Msi Connections Private Limited [Singapore] - Food
Msi Connections [Singapore] - Food
Msytique Exports [India] - Garment
Mudassar Leather Works [Pakistan] - Garment
Mughal & Rajput Enterprises [Pakistan] - Art and crafts
Mukherjee Enterprises [India] - Trade
Muldar Homecare And Research Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Others
Mulkusha Natural Oiltek [India] - Food
Multi Square Sdn Bhd [Malaysia] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Multiline Overseas [Pakistan] - Sports
Multimode Marine Containers Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Food
Mulya Abadi [Indonesia] - Industry
Munish International [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Murali Tiles [India] - Others
Murarka Exports Private Limited [India] - Food
Musclenet Sports Science [India] - Health
Mushroom House [India] - Food
Mushroom Utpadak Sahakjari Samiti Korba [C.G.] India [India] - Food
Muslim Rice Traders [Pakistan] - Food
Mutualbiznet [China] - Construction
My International [Pakistan] - Garment

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