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Asia import and export resources and Asia company directory

Business directory - Companies A

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A & Akcon Electronic Co., Ltd [China] - Security
A & R Handicrafts [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
A - Tex Home Collection [India] - Garment
A Ceramica [China] - Construction
A J & B Corp Co., Ltd [Thailand] - Health
A One House [India] - Others
A Popular Science Apparatus Workshop [India] - Chemicals
A&B Creations [India] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
A+ Quality [Thailand] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
A-A Metal Products Co., Ltd. [China] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
A-Joo Industrial Co., Ltd. [Korea ] - Garment
A-Ningbo Tiansheng Sealing Packing Co., Ltd [China] - Industry
A-One Stainless Steel Industry [Pakistan] - Others
A-S-Khurshed Enterprices [Pakistan] - Others
A. S. Textile International [Pakistan] - Garment
A.A Corporation [Pakistan] - Food
A.H. International (Pvt.) Ltd. [Pakistan] - Others
A.H.International Traders [India] - Food
A.K Enterprises [India] - Packaging
A.K. Engg. Indts. (I) Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
A.K.Enterprises [India] - Garment
A.R.M.Exports [India] - Agriculture
A.T. International [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
A.V.Thomas & Co Ltd [India] - Agriculture
Aadi Plastic Industries [India] - Packaging
Aakash International [India] - Garment
Aakritiplastic Products Pvt Ltd [India] - Computers
Aalami Export Systems [Pakistan] - Others
Aamircorporation [Pakistan] - Others
Aaprachi International [India] - Others
Aarthi-A1-Traders [India] - Garment
Aastrid International Pvt.Ltd. [India] - Health
Abacus Softech Ltd. [India] - Security
Abatra Technology Co., Ltd [China] - Chemicals
Abc Fashion [India] - Garment
Abc Global [India] - Agriculture
Abc Merchandising Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Construction
Abhi Exports [India] - Others
Abhishek Impex [India] - Chemicals
Abm Tools [India] - Industry
Abr Organics Limited [India] - Chemicals
Access Plastics Pvt. Ltd [India] - Auto
Accord Filters Pvt Ltd [India] - Health
Accord International [India] - Food
Accurate Surgicals [India] - Health
Accurate Textile Machines [India] - Garment
Ace Craftique [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Ace Enterprises [India] - Others
Ace Overseas [India] - Garment
Ace Trading [India] - Garment
Aceinfiniti [Singapore] - Electronics
Acme Commercial Ways(Pvt) Lt D [Pakistan] - Health
Aconin Cap & Bag Mfg., Ltd. [China] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
Acrysil Limited [India] - Others
Activity Corporation [Pakistan] - Chemicals
Acumen Surgical (Pvt) Limited [Pakistan] - Health
Acumen Surgical Pvt. Ltd. [Pakistan] - Others
Adam Fabrics [Pakistan] -
Addnew Technologies Limited [China] - Electronics
Adithya Exports [India] - Consulting
Aditya Fabrics [India] - Garment
Adriaz Sports Company [Pakistan] - Sports
Adsorbent Carbons Limited [India] - Chemicals
Advance Laboratory Supplies Co [India] - Industry
Advance Metal Corporation [India] - Industry
Advanced Battery Factory [China] - Electronics
Advantech Info Inc. [India] - Computers
Adventure Sports [Pakistan] - Sports
Aeon Telectronics (P) Limited [India] - Telecom
Aero Agro Chemical Industries Ltd. [India] - Chemicals
Aerol Fromulations [India] - Others
Affreen India [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Ag Enterprise [India] - Others
Agarwal Naturals [India] - Health
Agew Steel Manufacturers Pvt Ltd [India] - Construction
Agha Trading Est. [Pakistan] - Agriculture
Agi Restorative Foundation (Herbal Products Div.) [India] - Health
Agni Associates [India] - Others
Agra Engineering Company [India] - Auto
Agrexport Hcm [Vietnam] - Agriculture
Agro Exports [Sri Lanka] - Food
Agropac [Vietnam] - Agriculture
Ags Solutions Pte Ltd [Singapore] - Computers
Ahatpe Technology Co., Ltd. [China] - Computers
Ahsan Ceramics Industries [Pakistan] - Others
Ahuja Enterprises [India] - Auto
Aico Laboratories India Ltd. [India] - Chemicals
Aide Chemical Co. Ltd., China [China] - Computers
Aijie Houseware Factory [China] - Trade
Aik Jewels [India] - Garment
Ailga Rubber Works [India] - Auto
Aim India [India] - Chemicals
Air Block Coporation Ltd. [Thailand] - Security
Aiyoob & Compnay [Pakistan] - Garment
Aiyoob Desai & Company [Pakistan] - Others
Aiztech Exports [India] - Agriculture
Aj Creative Industries Sdn Bhd [Malaysia] - Others
Ajanta Pharma Ltd. [India] - Health
Ajanta Polyplast [India] - Others
Ajax Supply Co., Ltd [Thailand] - Construction
Ajoka Corporation [China] - Security
Akash Fibres Pvt. Ltd [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Akati Impex Pte Ltd [Singapore] - Raw
Akhil Associates [India] - Chemicals
Akshar Chemicals [India] - Chemicals
Akshay Associate [India] - Garment
Akshini Art Gallery [India] -
Akyazi [China] - Art and crafts
Akze Enterprises [Pakistan] - Others
Al Baider [China] - Garment
Al Ghazali International [Pakistan] - Garment
Al Gohar Salt Traders [Pakistan] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Al Maalik Textiles [Pakistan] - Garment
Al Razaq International [Pakistan] - Others
Al-Hamad Textile (Pvt) Ltd [Pakistan] - Garment
Al-Haram Textiles [Pakistan] - Garment
Al-Harman Int"L [Pakistan] - Garment
Al-Nazeer Nippon Chemicals [Pakistan] - Engineering And Manufacturing Industry
Al-Safa International [Pakistan] - Others
Al-Tayyab Enterprises [Pakistan] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Alacrity Exports Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Garment
Alamdar International [Pakistan] - Health
Alaska Industries [India] - Chemicals
Alchem Specialities [India] - Industry
Alcomp (Nashik) Systems Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Agriculture
Alle Antique Furniture [Indonesia] - Art and crafts
Allgrow Fertilizers Sdn Bhd [Malaysia] - Agriculture
Allied Export [India] - Garment
Allure Fashions [India] - Others
Allworldtrade [India] - Garment
Aloft Intl Trading Co. [Pakistan] - Others
Alp Import & Export Co, China [China] - Crafts
Alpha Aromatics [India] - Health
Alpha Material & Equipment Jsc (Alphastone-Tiles) [Vietnam] - Construction
Alphonso Corporation Pvt Ltd [Pakistan] - Health
Alrasheed Trading Co [Pakistan] - Garment
Als Exports [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Alson Marketing & Services Pvt Ltd [India] - Raw
Alvel Sales [India] - Food
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd [India] - Auto
Amazeindustry Ltd (Scooter Factory Of China) [China] - Toys
Ambalika Ceramics [India] - Construction
Ambassador Importer And Expoter [India] - Food
Ambica Chemical Industries [India] - Chemicals
Ambica Exports [India] - Health
Ambience Overseas [India] - Construction
Ambika Arihant Foods Pvt Ltd [India] - Food
Ambo Exports Pvt Ltd [India] - Food
Amco International [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Amines Biotech Pvt.Ltd [India] - Agriculture
Amins Furnica [Indonesia] - Others
Amiriz Enterprises [India] - Others
Amirtham_Intl [India] - Art and crafts
Amit Woollen Ltd. [India] - Garment
Amq Sports [Pakistan] - Sports
Amreno Sdn Bhd [Malaysia] - Auto
Amrut Engineering Works [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Amrut Knit Fab India Ltd. [India] - Garment
An Nhu Son Co., Ltd. [Vietnam] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Ana International [Pakistan] - Computers
Anabond Limited [India] - Auto
Anand Art And Crafts [India] - Art and crafts
Anands Silvercraft [India] - Select category here
Anant Industries [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Ananth Oil Extractions [India] - Agriculture
Anbest Marketing [Singapore] - Electronics
Ancee International [India] - Health
Ancer Automotive [Singapore] - Electronics
Anchala Texyard [India] - Garment
Anchor Beverages Ltd. [India] - Food
Andeke (Sichuan) International Inc [China] - Chemicals
Andrew Wu's Arts & Crafts [China] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Anhui Anke Biotechnolgy Co., Ltd. [China] - Health
Anhui Baorui Trading Co., Ltd [China] - Industry
Anhui Fuyang Foreign Trade Corp. [China] - Garment
Anhui Garments Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd [China] - Raw
Anhui Horae New Technology Development Co., Ltd. [China] - Chemicals
Anhui Joy Bamboo Manufacture Co., Ltd [China] - Construction
Anhui Santex Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd [China] - Household
Anil Apporv Printers& Manufacturers P Ltd [India] - Art and crafts
Anil Grover N Company [India] - Agriculture
Anil Traders [India] - Garment
Aninda Furniture [Indonesia] - Industry
Anira Exports [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Anjushree Impex [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Ankit Creation [India] - Garment
Anmol [India] - Agriculture
Anntai Pte Ltd [Singapore] - Auto
Annukkanhena Coir Export [Sri Lanka] - Raw
Anping County Huaxing Wire Mesh Co.Ltd [China] - Others
Anping Guanghongquan Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. [China] - Trade
Anping Huilong Wiremesh Company [China] - Trade
Anping Jinshanglian Metals & Wire Meshes Co., Ltd. [China] - Trade
Anping Longxiang Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. [China] - Others
Anping Metals & Wire Mesh Co., Ltd [China] - Construction
Anping Xinzheng Woven-Welded Wire Mesh Factory [China] - Others
Ansar International [Pakistan] - Health
Anshengda Co., Ltd [China] - Telecom
Ansuya Impex [India] - Agriculture
Anti Corp [Vietnam] - Food
Antique Export House [India] - Garment
Antrix [India] - Chemicals
Antz Packaging [India] - Art and crafts
Anupansh International [India] - Others
Anusmathi Exports India [India] - Garment
Aone Trading House [India] - Packaging
Apex Exports [India] - Agriculture
Apex International Industrial Ltd [Hong Kong] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
Apexstone Amoy Marble & Granite [China] - Construction
Aplus Foodstuff Company [Hong Kong] - Food
Apm Promotional Items And Corporate Gifts Factory [China] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Aquabuster Ind. [Korea ] - Others
Ar.Textile [Pakistan] - Garment
Arasi Fabrics [India] - Others
Arb Overseas [India] - Garment
Arc Medical Supplies (Beijing) Co., Ltd [China] - Health
Archana Natural Stones Pvt Ltd [India] - Construction
Arcom International [Pakistan] - Agriculture
Arcon International [India] - Garment
Argos International Marketing Private Limited [India] - Health
Aria Industrial Co., Ltd [China] - Electronics
Arifcotex International [Pakistan] - Garment
Arihant Ceramic Industries [India] - Others
Arihant Enterprise [India] - Construction
Arihant International [India] - Electronics
Arihant Solvex Pvt. Ltd [India] - Food
Ariya Gems & Jewelry [Thailand] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Arjan Impex Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Others
Arjun Overseas [India] - Gift And Handcraft Industry
Arjuna Impexs [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Arosol Chemicals Pvt. Ltd [India] - Health
Arpex Private Limited [Pakistan] - Garment
Arpit International Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Construction
Arrv Crafts [India] - Art And Crafts
Art N Craft International [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Artfair Enterprise Ltd. [China] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Arthur Frank [India] - Garment
Artifak [Indonesia] - Art and crafts
Artsmith International [India] - Toys
Arunoday Trading Co. [India] - Garment
Aryah Granite Traders [India] - Select category here
Aryan Bioplast [India] - Association
Aryan Exports [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
As Slates & Stones [India] - Construction
Asa Sundry Services [Pakistan] - Others
Asba Products [India] - Health
Asha Overseas [India] - Trade
Ashianherbex Limited [India] - Chemicals
Ashirwad Chemicals [India] - Chemicals
Ashis International [India] - Industry
Ashok Silk Exports [India] - Garment
Ashraf Match (Pvt) Ltd [Pakistan] - Others
Ashutosh & Company [India] - Food
Asia Business Center [China] - Garment
Asian Checmicals [Pakistan] - Chemicals
Asian Enterprises [India] - Trade
Asian Food Industries [Pakistan] - Food
Asian Joint (Seven) Import & Export [Singapore] - Finance
Asian Power Cyclopes [India] - Industry
Asian Products Corporation [Pakistan] - Garment
Asian Teas International (Pvt) Ltd [Sri Lanka] - Food
Asianext Global Alliance Ltd [Hong Kong] - Industry
Asim Enterprises [Pakistan] - Garment
Asim Plast Pvt.Ltd. [India] - Others
Ask Global Enterprises Ltd. [China] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Aspen Management [Malaysia] - Consulting
Associated Business Confederation [India] - Services
Associated Macro Consultants [India] - Food
Association For Empowerment Support And Sustainable Development [India] - Food
Astic Plastindo [Indonesia] - Industry
Aston Bathroom Appliances Co., Ltd [China] - Construction
Ataari [India] - Garment
Atbar Khan & Sons [Pakistan] - Trade
Athentic Surgical Co. [Pakistan] - Others
Atlantic [India] - Food
Atlas Fasteners [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Attitudes [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Auraca Wireless [China] - Telecom
Aurora Furniture Co., Ltd. Shanghai [China] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Aurora International [Hong Kong] - Electronics
Automat Industries [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry
Av International [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Avalon Pharma Pvt. Ltd. [India] - Health
Avgandco [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Avillon Industries [Pakistan] - Garment
Avm Exports [India] - Agriculture
Avocado Industries (Leather Garments) [Pakistan] - Garment
Awadha India Trading Groups [India] - Construction
Awais Azeem Steel [Pakistan] - Raw
Axiom Trade Links Pvt. Ltd [India] - Construction
Axon International [India] - Packaging
Ayeshaexports [India] - Gift and Handcraft Industry
Ayh Handschuhe Industries [Pakistan] - Sports
Azar Cotton And Cotton Exports [Pakistan] - Garment
Azhar Trading & Co [Pakistan] - Crafts
Aziz Carpet Industries [Pakistan]
Aztech Systems Hk Ltd [Hong Kong] - Electronics
Azure Manufacturers [India] - Engineering and Manufacturing Industry

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